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The professors at Allegheny truly care about helping their students. Class sizes are small, so it is easy to ask for help and get the attention that you need.
Allegheny is a prestigious college. The people are welcoming. The professors want to help students succeed and are available during weekly regular office hours. Overall, it has been a great three years so far. I am heading into my Senior year and anticipate being very sad come graduation because this place has felt like home.
I am an incoming freshman student for Allegheny College. With me only living about an hour away from the school, I have already visited the school quite a few times and have gone to the summer orientation before classes start in August. Every time I have gone up to visit or ask questions, I am met with only kind and helpful people. They all seemed like they really enjoy their job or had an amazing experience at the school that it makes me only more excited and hopeful about my future at this school.
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With a few exceptions, I really loved my professors at Allegheny College. Plus, the campus is beautiful and very green and picturesque. The only downside besides the frustrating administration (though that is probably most bureaucracies) is that the surrounding town of Meadville doesn't really leave the students with any kind of pressure valve to relieve the stress of a demanding school.
I just graduated Allegheny and it was an amazing four years. I learned so much while I was there, both inside and outside of the classroom. The profs really care about the student's success and well-being. It's such a tight-knit community that you really get to know all your classmates and professors.
Allegheny is good school to come to if you want challenge yourself. The academics can be very rigorous, but the school offers you many resources such as private tutors, group study sessions and every professor has required office hours for their students. The school itself is very lovely, it is on a hill and is surrounded by nature which makes the walk to class very scenic. The school has a lot of history to it so there are a lot of historical building here such as Bentley Hall. Academic and Dorm Halls may need upgrading though as some buildings do not have air conditioning which can make the fall heat unbearable at times. The people here a very friendly and willing to help you as well and make the school atmosphere much more lively. Overall the school is a great school.
Allegheny College is nestled in the small, rural town of Meadville. This encourages more interaction among students within the campus since there are limited activities to do elsewhere in town. The bonds created among students is unlike any other. Allegheny has taught me how to be a leader, a friendly peer, and helping hand.
I personally love Allegheny. I feel as though it has so much to offer. The social scene is perfect as everyone is accepting of whatever you are comfortable with. Everyone is so nice and caring. The professors truly care about you. The academia is rigorous but it is preparing the students for life post graduation.
Over all very good. Small classes and professors that really care. Not much to do around campus though.
Allegheny set me on a path to reach my goals! I met people who challenged me and broadened my perspective. I was able to participate in a variety of activities that fostered my own interests and leadership skills. The academic rigor, focus on service to others and community spirit set Allegheny apart. The faculty are true scholars and are they are truly committed to students. The small town environment makes Allegheny feel like home. The campus activities, international students, and diversity make it feel a little bigger.
Allegheny is a family first private college that puts the students first rather than the money. Although, something that they love to do is give away money, they have a system where when you apply and take the tour. You qualify to a $10,000 dollar scholarship. Where I come from, every penny counts, and that is a pretty penny to account for.
It's a good college depending on what you're here for. If you don't like being confined to a town where everything is closed by 4:30 pm and on sundays, I wouldn't recommend Allegheny. But it's a nice community where you can get to know many people including staff. Great school for Environmental Science majors.
I had a wonderful time on my visit to Allegheny College. The students were warm and welcoming regardless of whether or not they work for admissions or were just passing by. The professors I met are very passionate about the classes they teach. Coming from a bigger city, Meadville is not the ideal place to be, but the college makes the experience ten times better.
Allegheny College is a great place to learn and pursue interests. Although I did not enjoy the cold weather, I made great friendships and felt that I was surrounded by intelligent students.
I love the people at Allegheny and how good the faculty takes care of their students. They have such a great environmental science program too.
School is small but can be made to feel big. Teachers are very personable and willing to work with you during and outside of their office hours.
Allegheny is really what you make it. The academics are very rigorous so if you expect to get a 4.0 on your first try good luck. You do get help from career services with resumes and internships. I do feel like they help certain majors more than others ( like political science and economics majors ). Most professors are understanding and helpful, but they expect perfection. Since I came there I have seen a rise of POC populations, but how they handle issues like sexual assault and racism they still have a long way to go. Meadville is okay but don’t have a lot options for things to do unless they have events. Some students on campus are fake and not the most welcoming people in the world. It’s a beautiful campus. The food is okay but not the best. For how much money we pay the dorms should be better.
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Best 4 years of my life. That set me up for life in the best way possible. If you take advantage of your opportunities, you'll thrive.
I love Allegheny's natural scene and the way that the current president, Jim Mullen genuinely cares about the students at the college and their well-being. There is a great freedom in going to Allegheny College because you are in charge of what you want your life to be, and how to find interests.
I love my experience at Allegheny. Allegheny has taught me to make connections in my community as well as keeping myself busy and involved on campus. If I could change anything, I would improve the area around Allegheny. I love the school, but the surrounding area is the most detrimental aspect of the college.
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