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What I love about Allegheny College is the community that it creates, it thrives off of diversity making each section of campus different. The professors show genuine care when it comes to the students, willing to stay up with them past midnight to simply help them understand the concept in the class.
I personally don't like online classes, I tend to struggle with concepts when I am not able to physically see what is happening in the class. I am a visual learner, so it made it twice as difficult for me. Additionally, it felt like the workload increased then we switched to being online.
Allegheny College is the heart of the community of Meadville, Pa. This college has created a special relationship between Meadville residents and college students. The professors at Allegheny do their best to value and push their students to reach their academic potential. Allegheny has recently undergone a change in presidential leadership which will hopefully allow the administration to better relate to the students. Our new president seems to be more in touch with our students' needs and desires. I believe that this change will allow the administration and students to strengthen their relationship and overall help students have the best college experience they can have.
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Given how fast students were forced to convert from on-campus learning online I believe that the professors at Allegheny did their best. Most students had a positive experience of learning online. Professors used tools like zoom, PowerPoint, and Google Duo to help students with the transition. The professors' adaptability and flexibility allowed the transition to have very few bumps. Many students like myself have decided to continue online learning for the Fall semester.
While Allegheny provides a quality education, it proves to be a challenging environment for students of color. As a black woman, I have not felt as supported as I would hope from an college that promotes how their student body is racially diverse .
I was able to take a few classes online during this pandemic. I did have one professor that was not understanding of circumstances of students but the rest of my teachers were very understanding and gave quality instruction.
Among the covid outbreak the online classes were prompt and to the point. Honestly, I couldn't tell if the professors were freaking out or not. Regardless, they did their job in the best way they knew how and that is what mattered to me. The academics are tiresome but they are always accompanied by someone willing to show you the way.
Allegheny is not for those with low drive, or reduced standards. In my experience, the classes are rigorous and take the full year to understand why you did what you did to understand where you are now. Allegheny is not for the close minded, stubborn or judgemental. It has been a space for me to explore and collaborate with a litany of resources I never would have been able to use.
The online experience was okay, but it definitely takes away certain things from an in-person learning experience.
I loved Allegheny College for its many opportunities that are present. It also has room for everyone to express themselves.
I took my fall semester classes online after we left campus. None of my classes had set Zoom meeting times, rather video lectures, homework, and assignments were given. I feel that my classes continued with a fairly smooth transition to online classes.
Allegheny College is an amazing school for anyone looking for a small community of good people. It is easy to know a lot of your fellow classmates, and all the teachers remember your name. There are many resources on campus that help with academics, mental health, physical health, etc. There is also a wide array of clubs and activities to join in on, and the Student Government initiates many fun activities for students to do. Most Allegheny students are deeply devoted to their academics, but at the same time enjoy having fun. Allegheny isn't the busiest of campuses, but if you know you want to feel a connection with your school and your people at it, Allegheny is the school for you. I've personally experienced great times held with my teammates, my friends, my classmates, my fraternity, and more.
I really enjoy Allegheny College. The faculty is always willing to work with you and truly want you to succeed in every possible way. The professors are understanding and the small class sizes promote a positive learning environment.
I have not taken online classes however some of the online portals we use for assignments are very easy to use and submit assignments
There was very poor communication and the professors didn’t put a lot of work into teaching theirs students after we left campus.
They completely disregarded their students and any communication after they left campus and started online. They disregarded a petition and completely ignored what the students wanted. They only care about their money and not their students.
The atmosphere at Allegheny is very welcoming and there are a lot of resources for students and events that promote a sense of community and with other students. So far, with all the classes I've taken, the professors are all willing to help you if you ask and show that you've been actively participating In their class.
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Ah Hellegheny. The worst turned best decision of my life. If you are bullied and threatened by your assigned roommate, they will make YOU move to another room. In the process you may be assigned to a temporary “safe” room that doesn’t even have a lock. Administration LOVES bullies. Thankful that I withdrew after five weeks and got most of my money back. Now the same money I would’ve lost on a no-name Hellegheny education has paid for undergrad and graduate school at top state universities. Steer clear if you value your safety, mental health and money.
It is definitely a great school, but sometimes the environment sucks. I don't like the way they are handling the current cover-19 situation but it is definitely a good place for an education. The small class size is really nice and I have good bonds with my professors. The food is ehh, sometimes the chicken isn't cooked but sometimes the burritos are amazing. It's 50/50. Campus is beautiful though, and they are super open to support animals!
Allegheny College has been one of my favorite experiences so far. Not only is the campus diverse but it is also very inclusive of everyone that attends. The college has plenty of resources on campus to help the students with any need. I was only on campus for one year, but you can feel that the professors and staff that work there want you to succeed in every way possible.
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