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Allegheny is a great school for academics, but there are definitely some things that could be improved. Underclassman student housing, general amenities, and the surrounding area are definitely downsides.
The school has rigor and a variety of classes, but is in a small town that doesn't have much to offer.
I recently went on a visit to Allegheny and I really loved their unique combinations requirement for majors. I would like to seem them be a little more selective in admittance.
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Allegheny is a hidden gem to American private liberal arts colleges. It has truly changed the ways that I interact with academics, people, and view the world. You'll build connections across disciplines while adding new, challenging, and diverse experiences from faculty, clubs, sports, music, the outdoors, art, and finding your own path. It's easy to run with a passion that you hold and just as easy to tap into the passions of others with more than 120 clubs represented on a campus of ~2000 students. Prepare to be amazed and changed!
Allegheny College is a small liberal arts school in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 'liberal arts' meaning that students much study multiple fields of study. I find that through doing this, I am able to make connections across disciplines and it has been an eye opening experience. Allegheny is academically rigorous but truly rewarding, and I have been able to develop meaningful relationships with many of my professors. There are opportunities for students to join greek life, however there are also over 100 student run clubs and organizations to participate in. There is even an equestrian team, which I am apart of. Allegheny does not have the best dining halls and some of the academic buildings and dorms are outdated, however the experience as whole is life-changing.
As a small liberal arts college relatively few people have heard of Allegheny, but this does nothing to diminish the value of the education or experiences I've gained from it. The professors here are enthusiastic about their subjects and it shows in their teaching. Because Allegheny's small size classes are not over packed and you actually get one on one time with professors. They care more for their students than professors at large universities do. There's a ton of clubs and sports teams to join and your dorm mates can become fantastic friends. However it's not all perfect of course. The party scene is pretty weak though and housing can be a huge pain in the ass. There is also a large sticker price but Allegheny gives a lot away in financial aid, everyone I know here has some kind of financial aid. Also the main dining hall isn't the most appetizing. Still, Allegheny College is a fine institution that is worth at the least visiting.
fantastic school, great professors, good party scene for school of its size , only minor defect is the Meadville area is very sub par.
I love Allegheny College! However, the courses here are rigorous and challenging. If you are planning to come here, be ready for the overload of work given.
Having a great time so far. Classes are tough, but teachers encourage the use of office hours. Athletic teams aren't the best, but we all support each other. Greek life is pretty big on campus, but it doesn't control everything.
Sexual assault will unfortunately be a problem on every college campus. Allegheny mains, students, and offices supported students who were victims of sexual assault through informing the community of safe practices, helping victims, and taking appropriate action in cases of sexual assault.
Allegheny isn't as well-known as it ought to be. However, you're able to see how valuable your education was only after you've left campus. Despite the lack of a prestigious name, once internships and employers see your Allegheny work-ethic and how diverse your interests are you are help in high-regard.
If you're looking for marble staircases and oak bed-frames then SERIOUSLY reconsider why you want to go to college. Allegheny does a great job at bringing together students fro diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. As such, money that might otherwise be spent on the latest and greatest drops/amenities will be bypassed to ensure a quality education where diverse opinions, experiences, and interests intersect in the Allegheny community. As such, the dorms here are average, sometimes a little under-par. But, the college-owned apartments are FANTASTIC and the houses are a lot of fun. There's a place for everyone.
Greek life here is big. But, it doesn't fit the typical "Animal House" stereotype. I personally felt indifferent to the greek life merely because of the imprint Greek Life has left on American higher Education. However, that being said, many of my closest friends were greek. They were a fun bunch o hangout with but didn't dominate the social scene. You're able to find the comradely that comes with the Greek system on other avenues of community (club sports teams, ensembles, from halls, etc.).
Fantastic, state-of-the-art gym that is open to varsity and non-varsity athletes. There is never any judgement in the gym--regardless of whether you are a pro body builder or are simply trying out this new "working out" thing. Having visited many similar DIII gyms, Allegheny's is one of the best in the NCAC conference and certainly one of the best among similar schools across the country.
Allegheny College isn't for everyone. Everyone has broad, diverse interests that one wouldn't expect to naturally go together (rugby, poli-sci major, drummer, volleyball, ASG consultant, etc.). But, these interests are honed with enthusiastic admins who want to see their students succeed. You can truly take an idea and run with it knowing that faculty/staff are in your corner.
I love attending Allegheny College. The people make it a home and the classes make it rigorous and stimulating.
Professors email regularly about internship and job opportunities and usually post them on their office doors. It's hard to miss.
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You're never far from where you need to go, whether it's for food or classes. Each building has their own community and everyone mixes. It's comfortable.
There's no hazing and I've only had good experiences, even as a non-Greek. I would try and join if it weren't so expensive.
I just wish Womens' Rugby was more than a Club Sport, since we put in just as much effort and have better results than our Football team.
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