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School is small but can be made to feel big. Teachers are very personable and willing to work with you during and outside of their office hours.
Allegheny is really what you make it. The academics are very rigorous so if you expect to get a 4.0 on your first try good luck. You do get help from career services with resumes and internships. I do feel like they help certain majors more than others ( like political science and economics majors ). Most professors are understanding and helpful, but they expect perfection. Since I came there I have seen a rise of POC populations, but how they handle issues like sexual assault and racism they still have a long way to go. Meadville is okay but don’t have a lot options for things to do unless they have events. Some students on campus are fake and not the most welcoming people in the world. It’s a beautiful campus. The food is okay but not the best. For how much money we pay the dorms should be better.
Best 4 years of my life. That set me up for life in the best way possible. If you take advantage of your opportunities, you'll thrive.
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I love Allegheny's natural scene and the way that the current president, Jim Mullen genuinely cares about the students at the college and their well-being. There is a great freedom in going to Allegheny College because you are in charge of what you want your life to be, and how to find interests.
I love my experience at Allegheny. Allegheny has taught me to make connections in my community as well as keeping myself busy and involved on campus. If I could change anything, I would improve the area around Allegheny. I love the school, but the surrounding area is the most detrimental aspect of the college.
My experience at Allegheny is incredible. I have been open to such a diverse and amazing environment. I have met people and professors who will do nothing but help me excel. Allegheny has opened me to world of opprotunities in my field of study and as a college student in general.
I like that in Allegheny College the professors are always available to help you. The campus is very nice and quiet. I would like it if Allegheny were to invest a little more on lights throughout the campus. The administrative office is always there to help and are very polite. When you have any questions or problems with your financial package they make sure to help you to the best of their ability.
The academics at Allegheny College is definitely a five star. The campus environment is pleasant. However, since it is an old historical college most of the dorm need to be heavily renovated. The town that Allegheny College is located in, Meadville, is predominately white. As a minority, I have had racist encounters.
Overall, Allegheny College is an above average college. It has a strong faculty with professors who engage and connect with their students. Like all schools, there are some professors that are lacking but the good far outweigh the bad. The campus is beautiful and the attractive. The biggest issue on campus is sexual assault. The school fails to be open about such a large issue and Title IX does not protect or fight for the women who trust it.
I love campus and the faculty are super nice and really dedicated to helping, however there are issues, particularly with class scheduling, housing, and public safety.
Allegheny College transformed my life -- dedicated professors and coaches, opportunity for every student to perform high-level research, and administrators that care deeply about the liberal arts experience.
Allegheny is an incredible school with a surprisingly long list of majors and minors, and all the Professors here have PhD's. Classes are rigorous but not meaninglessly so, and no matter what you want to do the faculty and staff will work with you to make it happen. The Social scene here is actually surprisingly good-unless its almost finals you can expect there to be a party every weekend, and if parties aren't your thing, many clubs activities you can participate in instead. I don't think you'll find a better education!
Academically, I am very pleased with Allegheny College. Most professors are great at what they do and genuinely care for their students. Additionally, the resources for students are vast in terms of career education, international education, community involvement, and student organizations. The idea of the statement of community is inspiring, but there are occasions when I wish the administration would enforce this more.
At Allegheny College, there is a strong sense of connection with your peers from the moment that you step on the campus! it feels like home.
Allegheny teaches young people to think creatively, express themselves effectively, and engage constructively in multi cultural diverse environments. It’s the Swiss Army knife of undergraduate educations.
The longer I stay on campus the more I am disillusioned and dismayed. Allegheny is presented as a liberal, progressive leader, but it doesn't uphold those values. There have been many instances of racial harassment, sexual assault happens often and the administration is horrible at handling it. There is not adequate access for those with disabilities. Professors are sometimes helpful with student complaints on that front, but there is only so much they can do and they're busy. Students try to take necessary steps, but there's only so much they can do. Administration is just not helpful.
I am very happy with my decision of choosing Allegheny College this is my first year and I really enjoy and love the stay here. Th campus is rich in history and the academics are hard but the professors and staff are always there. The private college was a great fit for me as all of my classes are very small and personal. I am excited and can’t wait to go back this spring 2018.
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Allegheny offers such a high level of education! There are so many things to be involved in and so many opportunities.
The academics are good. Rigorous, but good. I wish we had more accountability for both staff and students. Staff often get away with disrespecting students, especially minorities, and students get away with a lot of disciplinary problems that they shouldn’t (ESPECIALLY sexual assault/harassment)
This school was the best choice I have ever made. It prepared me for life while providing me with an excellent education and fantastic research experience. The school does truly provide an advantage for all future endeavors.
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