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The experience of this college is more of how terrible it was for me. This college is the most law breaking colleges in the country and literally true. This campus testing system is the worst before attending they give you questions that isn't understandable at all. The Financial Aid Department is the worst My bad experience with that department was the fact I decided to drop my financial aid and one employee decided to come at my face about having it reinstated. The courses were a joke where I wanted to drop a course and was not allowed too drop a course. The one day I decided to finally leave was not only the factors mentioned but I looked at the wages for the field. So I dropped out in September 2007. If you want to go to a college where your prospects would best suit you then please avoid this one.
I LOVE the college I attend! The teachers are all so nice and so involved with your studies. The campus is beautiful and so easy to navigate. The fellow students are so great and I have made so many new friends!
I have been very impressed with Allegany's commitment to academic excellence. They hold a very high standard for academics to ensure their courses transfer to other schools and their students are well equipped.
I was happy to hear that nursing graduates from ACM are very highly esteemed and hired quickly. The school also has an extremely high NCLEX-RN passing rate.
I wish the office staff was a little friendlier and I haven't had good luck with financial aid which has been frustrating. However, all in all, I have been very happy with the school.
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It's not a diverse area & the cafe closes at 2:30 p.m. everyday & closed on weekends making it hard for the ones who live on campus to get meals
I will be starting my second semester in the fall. Its a small campus but that is to be expected because it is a community college. The dorms are four bedroom apartments which are very roomy and convenient. Thee food is great. The area is pretty rural and boring and it can be hard to get around without a car. But my overall experience so far has been great.
Allegany College of Maryland is located in rural Western Maryland offering many different unique opportunities in it's surrounding area. The classes are not over crowded allowing for more interaction between the professors and students and the professors really seem to care about your education. The professors I have had want students to succeed and offer their assistance whenever asked. If you are not doing well in a class they will offer on their own after class. If eligible for their Pathways to Success program, I highly recommend that. It involves one on one tutoring and the people are genuinely interested in how you are doing and if there is anything they can do to help you.
Good community college. Small classes, so you can build a good relationship with classmates and professors. Many chances to get tutoring with tutoring labs and one on one with professors. Very nice, well kept campus. Only giving four stars because it could use some minor improvements, but overall its a great college.
I just started back to college after having my position terminated, so my time is open.
I haven't gotten that far yet.
I have just completed two summer courses with the same instructor. Class sizes were small enough that everyone was able to participate.
Nursing is in the Workforce Shortage Act in Maryland and ACM has a very good nursing program to prepare you for a new career.
I have been accepted into the Pathways for Success program, which has helped be prepare for going back to school.
ACM is a small community college and living in the area, the instructors will share information about the area that everyone can relate to.
They help you with job placement and will let you know if there are job oppurtunities.
Credits are easy to transfer and they have articulation agreements with many schools.
Don't feel very engaged with other students or the professor.
The classes are smaller which gives proffesors the oppurtunity to help every student.
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Very affordable and the programs that they have can get you a very promising job.
Teachers work with you and know their subjects very well.
School sometimes can become boring very quickly if you are a person who likes to participate in hands on things.
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