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The professors here at the school, work their hardest to make their classes the best they can with what they are given.
Allegany College of Maryland is like a big family. Your professors know you by name and not a number.
My overall experience with ACM so far is good. I haven't had too many misfortunes and the staff and professors are able to help with problems you may have. Some classes are flex classes so you can have the option of taking the class at home or coming in for face to face classes.
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The online learning experience was good and I recommend it for people who learn easier online rather than in class. I learn better face to face but the teachers who made the online-only courses did a fantastic job of making the course easy to navigate.
I was able to take several online classes this summer. The online interface, Brightspace, was easy to use and made the classes flow.
ACM is an accessible choice for individuals looking to begin their education in Allegany County Maryland. ACM also offers career programs and certificate options. Classes are relatively cheap, scholarships are available, and instructors are kind and knowledgeable, in my experience. I would recommend this college to new and returning students.
I was terrified to start college, but I couldn't imagine my life any differently now. Our campus is fairly small and easy to get around. Majoring in Multimedia Technology, I'm usually in classes with the same 20 or so people. It's easy to make friends since we share a lot of the same interests! There is such a variety of clubs to join! I'm in the choir, Creative Club, a christian fellowship group, and Phi Theta Kappa. PTK is the community college national honor society. That community in itself is a blessing. We go out and serve the school and community in so many different ways. Meeting tons of new people has been amazing! The professors are so involved in every class and make learning a real experience. They want us to succeed and find jobs we love!
Allegany College of Maryland has a really nice campus. Everyone is so nice there. They have the best food and everything there is just amazing. Every time you pass someone, they are always very inviting and very pleasant. It’s very rare to run into anyone who would be mean. They have a lovely cafe, they even have a grill where you can get burgers or other items. Then they have another section where you can get wraps and plenty of other items. I just love Allegany so much and I’m sure you will too!
The overall experience I have had at Allegany College of Maryland is positive. During my first two semesters taking the general education courses I experienced a mix of professors. It was only in two of my five classes that I truly learned anything, primarily because of the instructors level of involvement . Once I entered into my degree classes the level of true learning increased. I am in the Culinary Arts program and the instructors are hands-on and available. This college offers a unique opportunity for it's Culinary students, the students in the program operate a full service restaurant while school is in session and the whole summer. The hours worked in the restaurant are counted for lab hours and offer experience building that will impress future employers. The program is intended to prepare chefs to immediately join the work force with experience and no student debit.
I like that they have a lot of resources to help students as far as study rooms , the RAWC , the Mathlab .
I have taken online classes at ACM to help me finish college at a fastest pace. Every time I go to sign up for a class everyone has treated me as though I am a full time student.
There are no distractions because we are in such a peaceful quiet environment, and that makes it easy to focus so you can get your degree! Plus the housing is extremely close to the school so you will never be late to class.
Very good school with a lot of learning opportunities. Most of the professors really care about the students and want them to succeed.
I haven't went to the college, yet. However, taking the campus tour gave me a sense of peace and serenity. It's what a college student needs in order to study and juggle assignments while keeping sane. The only negative thing about it is that there is no Uber or Lyft to take you to Downtown Cumberland. You will need a car for transportation, other than that this school is great!
Everybody there is so nice and so welcoming. It's so easy to make friends here! Overall the experience with Allegany College of Maryland is more than I had ever expected it to be.
I don't see anything that needs changed at this time. I will starting my first semester in May. The online experience I had so far has been great. Any emails sent to the nursing program I got fast relies back with everything explained clearly to me.
Most of the teachers are great, but there are a select few that aren’t very good at their job in helping students understand things. Also the cafe has great food.
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The people are very help full. The pathways program is amazing and the staff are so understanding and care about you and will help you get through a rough patch in my life. The resources they have on campus is very useful
Allegany is for students who are focused and ready to exel in college. Allegany pushes you to be better and you will leave very confident in what you are pursuing.
If you are looking for a college with great Professors. Willing to help and have plenty of patience. Tutoring available for any subject. Then Allegany College of Maryland is the college for you.
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