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Get you associates in nursing at Allan Hancock college. They offer an excellent two year nursing program that has a 99 % pass rate and everyone is accepted via lottery.
Allan Hancock College is a well established college located in the city of Santa Maria. The college is a great resource and place to start a four year plan. The transfer rate to a four-year college is high and professors are wise.
Great class choices and availability. But some of the teachers are very narcissistic and can make the classes very hard to stay in. Overall, a good launching off school.
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My experience at Allan Hancock College has been awesome. Everyone I’ve met and came in contact with while being there have become great friends. The staff is amazing! Every department is super kind and helpful. I am absolutely proud to have called this college my home.
Allan Hancock Classes had a lot of classes available for both high school and college students at a low price.
I was able to submit my application online before I moved from Montana. The moat difficult thing has been financial aid
Through out these past few years at AHC I’ve been through one of the nursing programs (CNA) that I️ happen to really enjoy. The CNA program was probably one of my AHC highlights. The over all school has some really great professors who truly care for their students education.
I am pleased to have to opportunity to take online courses due to my work schedule. The courses are very informative on the class work, teacher correspondence, and book rentals.
Overall, I had a good experience with Allan Hancock College. It is a little difficult to navigate the Santa Maria campus if you are in a rush, and the parking permit machines only take cash which would have been good to know ahead of time. All of the professors are nice and very welcoming. The students are very nice as well.
I went to Allan Hancock College while in my Senior year of High School. I went for a few years, then stopped. 15 years later, I am now returning. SO much has changed. Technology has helped. They are more present and accessible online, their campus (which I grew up next to, and played in when I was little), has grown from little dirt patches, to 2-story, beautiful buildings. I, literally, have watched this campus grow. I have yet to see how instruction is, since I have not had classes yet, but in the past, it was excellent!
Overall, I love attending Hancock and I have never had any real problems with the teachers or safety. It gives very clear directions to new students who have never applied to a community college, and it offers a lot to those like me who may need help with paying for college.
I like how small a lot of the class sizes were. Makes the connection between the professor and student strong.
Allan Hancock college was able to teach me more in two years than high school taught me in four. It encouraged me to meet new people and join activities I did not think I would continue from high school. I was also able to get my first A in math since junior high, thanks to the amazing teachers at this college. Most of the professors are willing to use their own time to listen to their students and learn how to help them. They make their office hours clear and will notify if they are running late. The counselors also make you feel hopeful that you will accomplish your desires no matter the goal.
My experience here has been great and I'd definitely recommend anyone attend here. However, the store and bookstore should open at an earlier time than 8 AM. Classes begin at 7:300AM and students often need to print or go buy scantrons but cannot. During finals some classes demand them be in their seats before class starts and opening at 8 AM, thirty minutes afterward can be an issue. Besides that, the professors are the best! Very welcoming and friendly!
Almost every teacher I have had at AHC has been absolutely amazing. They serve a quality education and create a positive atmosphere. There are a few things that could use improvement however. One of those things being the counseling department. I have had multiple meetings with all sorts of counselors and they are just horrible at their jobs. Students have to take matters into their own hands and use DegreeWorks to try and make their own educational plan. Also, the food is quite horrible tasting and is very expensive! College students like myself are usually broke and the prices are absurd! Some of the buildings on campus could also use some major improvements as they are outdated and unkempt.
I'm transferring this year and i couldn't have done it without this college's help. On campus, this place a lot of support for students. Ranging from tutoring to scholarships, this little campus is a hidden gem in California. Yeah, the campus looks outdated but don't be fooled. Pay a visit to the campus and see for yourself what the school has to offer.
Allan Hancock is a wonderful community college. The campus food is a bit overpriced but it's clear the teachers really care about their students. I am a student in the technical theatre program and this has been truly a joy to be a part of. Although the hours are long, the amount of professional theatrical experience I am getting at PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre is unparalleled to other programs in the states.
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Hancock is great. There are some great teachers and coaches here that will really help you out and make sure you are doing the best you possibly can. The environment is very friendly. I highly recommend this school for academics and even athletic. START HERE. GO ANYWHERE.
When I arrived at Allan Hancock College it was after not being in a class room for almost 15 years. My counselor immediately made me feel at home, and I have since excelled. The motto is start here go anywhere, and I believe that accurately reflects the mindset of students and faculty. The teachers are wonderful, the campus is beautiful, and the education is phenomenal.
Allan Hancock College is a very good community college in my local area. The vast majority of the teachers I have had have been wonderful and are obviously passionate about what they do. I am currently a student at the Pacific Conservatory Theatre - PCPA, part of Allan Hancock College and my experience in this program has been truly wonderful. One thing that I hope changes is the state of the counselors at Allan Hancock College. I have been misinformed about various things including what classes are transferable or not on more that one occasion which has actually prevented me from transferring to University on the original timeline I had planned. I was offered admission at a school only to no longer have it as a result of a required class that was not transferrable from my current school. However, the campus is beautiful and the theatre that I am currently a student at is wonderful.
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