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When I arrived at Allan Hancock College it was after not being in a class room for almost 15 years. My counselor immediately made me feel at home, and I have since excelled. The motto is start here go anywhere, and I believe that accurately reflects the mindset of students and faculty. The teachers are wonderful, the campus is beautiful, and the education is phenomenal.
Allan Hancock College is a very good community college in my local area. The vast majority of the teachers I have had have been wonderful and are obviously passionate about what they do. I am currently a student at the Pacific Conservatory Theatre - PCPA, part of Allan Hancock College and my experience in this program has been truly wonderful. One thing that I hope changes is the state of the counselors at Allan Hancock College. I have been misinformed about various things including what classes are transferable or not on more that one occasion which has actually prevented me from transferring to University on the original timeline I had planned. I was offered admission at a school only to no longer have it as a result of a required class that was not transferrable from my current school. However, the campus is beautiful and the theatre that I am currently a student at is wonderful.
Allan Hancock is a great school to be used as a transfer option for those who did not get accepted straight out of high school or could not afford a university. The staff is eager to teach and accessible to their students throughout the semester. The atmosphere is friendly around campus and there is always students hanging around the patio and cafeteria. very clean and easily accessible campus.
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Allan Hancock College is a great community college. the student diversity is excellent, the campus makes a student feel safe and the professors take their time to get to know their students and push them to be the best that they are.
I'm currently enrolled at Allan Hancock College as an English major for transfer in pursuit of my PhD as well as a private tutor/peer facilitator for the English department. Every single professor I have encountered has been extremely well qualified and skilled, the campus population is incredibly diverse and the programs offered here are endless.
I like how a lot of the teachers are willing to help you, and it is close to my home. The EMT program was great, and prepared me very well for the NREMT test after the class.
My experience at Allan Hancock College started off very uncomfortable. For the reason being, I moved after high school to Waco, Texas to go to a community college with hopes to getting into Baylor University. I only lived in Waco for six months before I moved back home to Arroyo Grande. I registered for classes at Hancock College and had to be in class the same day. My first semester went very well and I made Dean's list. The second semester, I was unexpectedly asked to join the Athletic Training internship. My overall experience at Allan Hancock College has been wonderful and I recommend this two-year college to anyone who is interested in furthering their education after high school. I would not change anything about the college.
new buildings, great teachers, lots of programs, beautiful campus, convenient travel, excellent transfer options
My experience at Allan Hancock College is very positive. Everyone helps one another on campus. For example, there is always something happening on campus. Most often it is teachers and volunteers coming from different colleges or jobs to help aid the students in a field of their choice. This really shows how the college and staff truly care for the well being of the students that attend Allan Hancock College. Overall, I believe Allan Hancock College should spend more one on one opportunities like this to help direct students in the right direction of furthering their education to be successful.
I really like the campus life. Everyday isn't the same and we are a diverse crowd. Classes are pretty fun to go to. The prices for many of the things there are a bit too high so that one thing that should change.
A lot of the administration is very helpful. While applying for admission , FAFSA, and trying to get through everyday college life.
This college is really great. I really enjoy how the professors offer office hours and are willing to help. This makes any course easier to take and understand. If something could change, I think it be the amount of parking spaces available. Overall great school.
My experience with Allan Hancock has been a good one. The professors I have had here are very dedicated to helping students succeed and are extremely friendly. I would like to see the college maybe revamp or build a new workout room.
Allan Hancock has compassionate faculty members that help out students. They have various clubs and programs that are resourceful to students. It is a welcoming College to any student. Best of all it is a diverse college!
My experience at Allan Hancock is amazing, I really like the campus varieties. I would hope for it to soon be a university.
Hancock is lovely. The professors are some of the best educators that I've ever had and the campus is (simple but) beautiful. The education that I am receiving at Hancock is excellent and comparable to that that one would receive at nearby universities (such as Cal Poly and UCSB) because a large amount of the college's instructors also teach at said universities. The local area is... urban. There are no dorms/housing offered. There really isn't much to complain about--overall, AHC is a great junior college.
Inexpensive and easy application process. I am involved in a dual-enrollment program at my high school. I have been involved through a music class and a history class. I have never had any problems with the school and the website is easy to use. I know many people who also attend and I have never heard any complaints from them either. There is a wide variety of subjects to study and it is a good place to go if you're not sure what type of career you want yet or if you just need to take a few classes. There are online and on-campus classes, but not all of the online classes are offered on-campus and not all of the on-campus classes are offered online.
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The experience at my school has been amazing! I love it here. The staff, athletic and non-athletic, are super helpful and try and satisfy your needs and try and make every situation work.
I am not in an online course at the moment but some of my college classmates are and they don't mind it. The work load is not that overbearing and the professors try and help you along with it if you are ever in need of assistance.
This is a Junior College, the school works exceptionally hard to try and transfer you to the school you want to go. The staff goes the extra mile to try and get you all the requirements for you to transfer.
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