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Allan Hancock is a great place to start your education and get an idea of what career you want. Hancock is giving me a step in the right direction.
I experience a lot of helpful people that help me with a lot of things that I didn’t know the answer to. The campus is very organized and easy to remember where your classes. What I hope for the community college to change is that to let all student to have two year free to be in college.
Allan Hanock College is a wonderful place to earn your degree. It's locally established and easily accessible to many restaurants and plazas, but they do have an on campus cafeteria with various options. The tuition is extremely reasonable. The campus is well situated and classes are easy to find. There are many resources for those in need, including a weekly free food giveaway to anyone in need. They offer many clubs including nutrition, dream club, vitaculture/Enolgy club and many more, as well as numerous sports events. staff is always welcoming and are willing to help in any way. The professors are helpful and accommodating and want to see thier students succeed. I am a junior and have had a amazing experience so far.
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In my opinion I feel that Alan Hancock College is one most helpful community colleges there Is in the area. To start, the counselors there are very attentive to students needs, whether you go knowing your major or not, they will help guide you into the right path. If you go in to AHC with the intent to transfer they offer a University Transfer center where students can go in and get guidance on their schedules from counselors that specialize in getting students into universities. They even have university trip that students can sign up to and visit some university campuses. The college also offers tutoring in nearly all subjects. Today I am happy to say I am an Alan Hancock alum and now a future Gaucho. Thanks to all their help and guidance I was able to transfer within my 2 year goal
This is by far a great campus where you can meet a lot of great people. This year is currently my second year. I am a sophomore and have met a lot of great professors who really know their subjects and have made friends in each class lecture. This is a campus where you can be yourself amd no one will judge you.
I highly recommend Allan Hancock college. The professors are always ready to help and the classes don’t include giant lectures. The classes are very hands on and educational. I highly recommend taking the EMS 101 class. Very good to learn than knowledge. Besides that campus life is calm but fun. The library is a very good place to get help on your research and the librarians are always there and ready to help. The food is A+ and the coffee shop is right next door. The athletics building can use some work but besides that it’s pretty great.
I absolutely love this college! The professors and students are all such awesome people!! Academic aspect is also great! I have learned so much from this college and would highly recommend to others for a 2 year college.
It's a very nice college to start out of to transfer out to a university. I choose to go here instead of a four year right away since in my area with this college we get our first year free. We just need to pay for books and other necessities for school, like for many of us we want a laptop for school or need gas to get to school. After talking to some people I knew that went to Hancock they said it was a great school to start your career at.
Allan Hancock College staff and professors care about their students and their education. This college has many great professors that you actually learn something in class. AHC has an excellent business program that provides many classes and professors with PhDs. A lot of student involvement opportunities with clubs, groups, and sports. Parking is okay and the party is very poor.
I enjoy this campus. The staff is always helpful, and the resources here are a whole lot better than I expected. The administration really has done a great job with keeping all the classes up to date with the materials being taught and the equipment related to the majors. All the professors that I have been fortunate to have were all so passionate with the subject and class they taught. A lot of them are hands on, and do not have a superiority complex.
I love the location of the campus and how to classes are easy to find. All the instructors I’ve had have been very supportive and encouraging.
Allan Hancock is filled with great staff and students. I have learned that if anything is needed, the faculty will be right there by your side to help walk you through.
My experience at Allan Hancock College has been very positive. I have obtained two Associate Degrees and now I am pursuing a third Associate in Substance Use and Co-occurring disorders that I will complete in December 2019. What I would like to see a change at Allan Hancock College is for it to become a four-year University that will be able to issue degrees in all subjects taught at this academic institution.
I am at the end of my sophomore year and have overall been happy with teachers. The school offers many programs and is now offering a free first year of school.
First time back in school after 13 years and I'm doing just fine. This college makes it easy. No complaints so far.
Get you associates in nursing at Allan Hancock college. They offer an excellent two year nursing program that has a 99 % pass rate and everyone is accepted via lottery.
Allan Hancock College is a well established college located in the city of Santa Maria. The college is a great resource and place to start a four year plan. The transfer rate to a four-year college is high and professors are wise.
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Great class choices and availability. But some of the teachers are very narcissistic and can make the classes very hard to stay in. Overall, a good launching off school.
My experience at Allan Hancock College has been awesome. Everyone I’ve met and came in contact with while being there have become great friends. The staff is amazing! Every department is super kind and helpful. I am absolutely proud to have called this college my home.
Allan Hancock Classes had a lot of classes available for both high school and college students at a low price.
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