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A lot of the administration is very helpful. While applying for admission , FAFSA, and trying to get through everyday college life.
This college is really great. I really enjoy how the professors offer office hours and are willing to help. This makes any course easier to take and understand. If something could change, I think it be the amount of parking spaces available. Overall great school.
My experience with Allan Hancock has been a good one. The professors I have had here are very dedicated to helping students succeed and are extremely friendly. I would like to see the college maybe revamp or build a new workout room.
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Allan Hancock has compassionate faculty members that help out students. They have various clubs and programs that are resourceful to students. It is a welcoming College to any student. Best of all it is a diverse college!
My experience at Allan Hancock is amazing, I really like the campus varieties. I would hope for it to soon be a university.
Hancock is lovely. The professors are some of the best educators that I've ever had and the campus is (simple but) beautiful. The education that I am receiving at Hancock is excellent and comparable to that that one would receive at nearby universities (such as Cal Poly and UCSB) because a large amount of the college's instructors also teach at said universities. The local area is... urban. There are no dorms/housing offered. There really isn't much to complain about--overall, AHC is a great junior college.
Inexpensive and easy application process. I am involved in a dual-enrollment program at my high school. I have been involved through a music class and a history class. I have never had any problems with the school and the website is easy to use. I know many people who also attend and I have never heard any complaints from them either. There is a wide variety of subjects to study and it is a good place to go if you're not sure what type of career you want yet or if you just need to take a few classes. There are online and on-campus classes, but not all of the online classes are offered on-campus and not all of the on-campus classes are offered online.
The experience at my school has been amazing! I love it here. The staff, athletic and non-athletic, are super helpful and try and satisfy your needs and try and make every situation work.
I am not in an online course at the moment but some of my college classmates are and they don't mind it. The work load is not that overbearing and the professors try and help you along with it if you are ever in need of assistance.
This is a Junior College, the school works exceptionally hard to try and transfer you to the school you want to go. The staff goes the extra mile to try and get you all the requirements for you to transfer.
The class sizes are like a normal high school size, not to big but not too small. The professors care about your education but don't care at the same time. They want you to succeed, but if your not showing up to class and are not doing any of the work then they are going to fail you. The class styles are pretty laid back and not overwhelmingly stressful.
There is always something going on almost everyday. Whether that is something to get involved in, jobs/internships, voting, food! There is almost always free food or little markets that go on everyday for college students to access.
The academic program is great, the workload depends on how many classes your wanting to take; but it's like any school work it's due the next time you come to class or at the end of the week. Facilities are very nice and are new/old; meaning they are old is a way that they are fixing them to becoming new. Internship/job opportunities are easy to find and they help you to find a job that you want.
This school is a great starting point to get your general education done. It's not a big university, but what's unique about this school is the academic/professor field. They are helpful and willing to get your on the right track for a good education, also they help you get ready and prepared for the next level.
My major courses are online and they have been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is disciplined enough to maintain their school schedule. Great experience overall
The alumni network consists of people that I have grew up around in my community. The majority of people who attend AHC are very supportive of their community which leads to increasing enrollment year after year. The job prospects vary based on field of study and logistics but the career center helps with everything.
I believe I explained this well in the first module.
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The value of a degree from anywhere is valuable but a degree from AHC affords me many opportunities to transfer or jump into the workforce if I would like to. However, I plan on transferring which requires a AA but AHC offers an AA-T which has more rigorous course work and bumps a students GPA by .2 points. The career center works closely with students to help them with their application and find jobs if needed.
I only rate the school as such because a lot of the English course load is online due to the lack of English majors at the school. It makes sense that the professors would like to avoid courses with six students in their classes. But this only applies to the major course work which doesn't include the 101's and 102's. The faculty takes interests in their students and one will develop a great relationship with their professors due to their flexibility with the courses they teach.
My school is the best in my opinion because it is right in my hometown. It is easily accessible and very convenient for everybody who lives in town. The courses are very good but can be challenging as one gets into their major course work. The professors are well educated in their fields with many degrees and/or credentials to their names. The school's faculty is very courteous and will not shy away from going above and beyond their calls of duty. For these reason and more, I believe that my school is well deserving of this rating.
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