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I am a first time college student at Allan Hancock College. Though I am unable to experience the life of a college student on campus I still get the overall feel of the college. I often receive messages from the school helping me stay in the loop of the things going on in and out of the school, which I love dearly! The staff members at the college really helped me every step of the way when entering the college.
Due to covid-19 I am currently taking all my classes online. As a first time college student and full-time student it wasn't something I necessarily wanted. Especially since I'm more of a hands on learner. But nonetheless I am really able to adjust to this online learning because of my professors. I can tell that they are struggling just as much as we do and are staying strong. Which really helps me stay positive during this time.
What a great school, you're really getting value over money at this college. Lots of pathways are available with courses being both informative and enjoyable.
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I took some online courses during the COVID break, and I was surprised to see how prepared the instructors were and I never skipped a beat.
The college has done everything it can to meet the needs of the students during the recent pandemic. Their emergency remote teaching has been great.
The faculty truly care about the students. They do everything possible to help them succeed and you can really feel that support. My experience as a music major within the school's music department has been phenomenal. Time and time again my professors have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of the students and enrich them through their teaching.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at Allan Hancock college as a first year student at this school. thank you for being extremely helpful and attentive to your students!
I did not apply for college at Allan Hancock College until Covid19 happened, so i have only had online interactions with the staff (vs. in person/face-to-face). I have also been to college in the past, in another city, and i can honestly say that i have not experienced a more interactive staff/administration like i have at Allan Hancock College. They are extremely interactive, and they always reply next day (2 days at most).
The online experience I had for my summer classes was exceptional. The shift to online seemed effortless for my professor and made the transition for her students very easy.
The professors give excellent lectures that are easy to follow and include interesting information for the students to engage in. The course work is not overloading but keeps you challenged to engage the students to learn and research.
Hancock is a small community college, however doesn’t feel like it. Everyone is busy in their personal life’s, and it’s hard to make new friends. Staff is helpful if you know to who to talk to it.
Professors have been trying to do their best with online classes and it shows their interest for students to learn. They are open to suggest from students to improve their courses.
The online classes are either super easy or very difficult. There is not a lot of variety for the online classes.
The campus is very well taken care of. The instructors are very willing to help you succeed. There are a lot of clubs but they do not really promote themselves. There is a lot of tutoring and resources to help the students succeed.
The planned online classes are exceptional. Due to COVID-19, the transition to online class was difficult, since we were not prepared to use the technology. Overall though, it is very good due to the availability the professors present.
They have really made an effort to make this school amazing. There are many resources available to students, and the instructors are knowledgeable. It is also pretty affordable in comparison to surrounding colleges.
Well it my first year and it a quiet place. I like how helpful it is with the resources they provide and try to inform their students, it really makes you feel like you getting help. One thing i like is the food drive, for those who need a little help, they do it every week!
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I already had an online class before being quarantine, but for the rest of my classes, it was an adjustment but for sure my professor tried its best but i had this one professor where there wasn't a zoom call to meet online but just pictures of the lesson which wasn't that helpful. When it came to submitting assignments and having quiet is hard when at time you don't have WiFi or a place at home to study.
Thankful for my online teachers.
As many other students, this was my first time going full-time online. I have to say my teachers made online learning manageable and interactive.
Best teachers and staff.
Friendly community college. Beautiful campus and great variety of courses.
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