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All-State Career School - Pittsburgh Reviews

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Time to take classes are all week long. Being open for all time frames.
In my course there was was not much on-line expect to apply for jobs in the career center. Other courses may be different. The registration process was not difficult or time consuming.
The pros to this course and field of work are great benefits, high wages, flexible scheduling, and so much more. The career center allows you to secure a job by the time you finish the course.
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Class sizes are small and personal which it great for me. I need to be able to make a connection with the people to network and build each other up. Teachers are not afraid to accept and answer questions. Staff is always helpful from financial aide to the front desk.
More than 20 employers looking for working at our school. There are frequent job fairs, career center for apply to employers, and a great amount of support in helping find a job. After graduating they still help you to find work. These things are not always afford to students so I am thankful for this help.
Even though I have not started I have been giving a rough outline. Weekends only for 10 weeks from morning to night you will be in a class room working and learning for your permit. To me this might be a tough part if you do not want to work for it. After getting past that part you should proceed to BTW training for an addition 14 weeks.
So far I love my experience. I was afforded the opportunity to meet with Sarah, she made my application process extremely understandable and approachable. I was about to release some of my fears about trying something so different. However I was assured and comforted that I was on the right path and doing the right thing.
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