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The computer lab is very helpful in several ways. Students have access to the internet anytime during school hours. Students are highly recommended to complete job applications in computer lab so if any assistance is needed staff members are there for support.
All State is 30% books & 70% hands on which is great for students who learn in particularly with their hands and that includes myself. I like the fact that the skills we're learning upon graduating can be put to work immediately.
All state school is very understanding with lifestyle adjustments. Meaning if you keep them in the loop of the changes they'll do their best to keep students in school. For example if a person has a new job during the week switching to weekend classes isn't a problem at all. Although the credits aren't transferable school wise they're transferable to student hire jobs
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Onsite all state has a student center available for any needs including homework assistance, updating resume, as well as assistance in prehires.
During my high school years I was around teachers who seemed less the qualified to teach the material they were teaching. Going into college I expected to have excellent professors who were good at what they did. Some of them were very good at what they did, but most just seemed to make my learning experience more difficult.
Stay Away – Due to crappy lead instructor, don't waste your money or financial aid here.
Online Course – Well I picked my class on line then came to the school to meet my Rep. Suzanne very nice person. i AM GLAD i CHOSE THIS SCHOOL.
Classes Are Very Interesting – These classes are really not what I expected but there is a reason we need them I guess. The teachers are amazing and very helpful.
Unique Things About This School – Ok my 1st class was amazing Anatomy the Instructor was awesome, I learned alot in 6 weeks. Wonderful. The Instructor I have now which is Computer class now she is very nice and I learned alot. I am here until May 10th I can't wait to graduate! The Instructors are GREAT!!!!! They are very helpful. The staff is very wonderful and understanding. I live what 10 minutes from this school nice location.
My Experience – My experience here at All State is interesting. The teachers and staff are very friendly they treat you like a real person here, they help and answer all questions. I am here until May 2012. I am so excied about the career I chose and can't wait to get out and work with people. Thank you
Proffessors Are So Invovled – Going to this school here is amazing. All of teh teachers are very smart and know their martial. Everyone here is so willing to help and they all tell you one thing " to remember wjhy you are here.
My Experience in Allstate Career – The people here are very helpful, and understanding. I never have had a problem with anything here at all. The finical aide process was very easy they took car of it all for me. The showed me different websites to try to get some scholarships, and grants. I have been in school for three months and i have learned so much being here. I have to say the only down fall i am having is the situation with my mother being ill, and trying to make all ends meet. Easpecailly with trying to get into school with my car and all. I have explained to several of the teachers and staff here about what is going on in my home life and they all cared and showed me so much sympathny. Also had told me if I need anything to just give them a call or an email. I would recommend this school to anyone that needs someone to push them all the way.
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