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All-State Career School - Baltimore Reviews

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What I like about All-State Career School is you go directly into your career, you don't have to take the core classes, it's hands on and you're only in attendance for several months.
everyone and everything is inviting! it is a trade school and it the best of any I have seen
Academic Flexibility – Being here has really opened up some good opputinties with certain jobs like johns hopkins when i finish i hope to work at a good job that will help me on the way to accomplishing my life goal
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Career Service – When you start the school you have 3 courses to complete after your first course you go into work study where you can apply for part time jobs while you are in class when you complete they place you into a job that you trained at the school
everyone gets along with the students and teachers if someone needs help in class we exchange numbers so we can help and tutor each other to bring our grades up
Medical Assistant – Im doing good in my class this week is my final week before i move to my next class
Do Not Go To All State For Medical Asssitant Training!!! I just finished all my classes at All State Career in Baltimore, Maryland thinking I do my best come to school all the time I would get a good Ex-tern site and find an employer. Well I thought wrong, They told us in the beginning that the students with the best attendance would get their ex-tern site first, i can tell you this nope not true.I have better attendance and grades then most of my other class mates and here they are on a ex-tern site and me at home mad as hell with no site I have to complete 160 hours by July 16 2010. I paid for this experience. Also the school has not even called me to check up and tell me what is going on.
Also the instructors their have favorites and do things for them and not the other students. If I was you I would go to a community college and get a degree and not go All State Career. I was hoping to better my life as a single mom and get a job to support my children and here I am stuck with loans to worry about and no career.
My All State Experience – The personnel make me feel like they really care. I was upset that my books were not available on the 1st class as promised and the uniforms took about 5 weeks to get to the school. I felt as if I'm paying for these items they should have been there as promsed.
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