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To me, Alfred University is a wonderful school. I am an art and design student who focuses a lot on ceramics, so with all the resources around that that Alfred holds makes me excited to wake up early every morning to get started on my work. I have made a lot of new friends through my classes. Also an additional bonus I never thought I would appreciate is the hills the campus is on the classes are at almost the lowest points and my dorm room is at a higher point so I have never been in better shape than at Alfred! The professors are understanding and are will to work with students as well, you really get the feeling someone has your back at Alfred University! Go Saxons!
A lot of what makes Alfred so great is the experience at Alfred, so I was upset that I had to spend some time online at home I am an Art and Design student so I was very limited on what I can actually do for my curriculum and a lot of it went from my studios to read and online quizzes, so all in all. It was not all that great my grades went down as did my motivation.
I personally loved my Alfred experience and it seems like it was all a dream now! (2017 alum- SoAD). However, I was ultimately left with little job opportunities, even after ALSO pursuing my MBA at Alfred, and the school really never helped me find a way out of living with my parents after school. I'm now hoping to go back to school with hopes to never return home.
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Pretty straightforward and an easy way to rack up credits during winter/summertime. I also ended up taking a lot of community college credit hours that were really easy to transfer over back to Alfred. I highly recommend making your semesters lighter by taking online classes during winter/summer.
Great community, friendly people, invested professors, safe and Cozy Campus. Love it there. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
I didn’t sign up to take any classes online, but because of the coronavirus outbreak, we had to move everything online. I understand it all happened very fast, and no one was really ready for it, but they did not handle it well. I’m an art student so I lost out on all my hands on experience and in the few classes that weren’t art related, such as intro to religion, I got loaded with so many pages of textbooks to read. I personally don’t learn very well this way and I can confidently say that my grade was negatively impacted by losing out on the love lectures. I just wish we had more video classes.
A few professors just gave up. There was only one class where we met over Zoom, most other professors just assigned work without actually teaching. I'm glad I was taking mostly Gen Eds at the time, because although doing well in the classes was fairly easy for me, I didn't really learn all that much.
Personally loved it. I walked onto an athletic team and found a wonderful, supportive community that helped make the college adjustment period a lot easier. The food is also not as bad as everyone says it is, just a little repetitive sometimes. The winter weather can be brutal though.
All of teachers either forgot about teaching or gave you way too much work to do during a pandemic. Most art classes became a joke, and any liberal arts class became a waste of time and money. Some teachers were really understanding but most didn't care. On the bright side, the university never communicates, so most students have absolutely no idea whats going on.
During this COVID-19 crisis, Alfred University and moreover, President Zupan have been absolutely terrible at communicating properly and professionally with students. President Zupan decided it would be more valuable of his time to make tiktoks, I am not kidding, instead of helping his students, or even letting more than the Art school what is going on.

Admissions and everyone they pay, screams about how diverse the campus population is when in reality, it is not diverse at all. The campus is majority white, and a sprinkle of culture here and there. Most of the teachers are a bit racist, and fail to help students of color with their needs. This is true for all of the schools, I am a liberal arts student and have friends in each school, and none of them feel properly supported as a POC. Diversity is an absolute fat lie, it doesn't exist here.
The online experience was not as productive and enjoyable compared to attending school on-campus. The professors were able to help but they cannot explain the concepts clearly.
Alfred University is an enjoyable and memorable college experience. I liked how the faculty and staff are open to help students succeed in life. The quality of food and the different food options is what I would like to see a change in the future.
I truly do enjoy my experience at Alfred University. everyone is very nice here, the dorms are great and the professors are able to be more than just detached professors.
I took the online class, it was very good. The professors try their best to make it as painless as possible.
I would overall say that I enjoy going to Alfred University and that it is a good school. There are a lot of great professors and interesting class options. I love the individualized small school feel. If I could give half stars the school would receive 3.5 as the administration is pretty terrible to work with and the food is also pretty bad. Another big issue is there is a major shortage on parking. All in all though as far as small schools go it is pretty nice.
You won't find a closer knit community than Alfred University. All the people are friendly, most of the professors are amazing and truly care about your education. I transferred to a larger school (UB) after 2 years, mainly due to the isolation and having to drive half an hour to get anything from the stores, but I honestly regret it. It's a great school, close-nit community, with breathtaking scenery.
I love Alfred. The flexibility of your education allows you to easily double major, or add minors between the schools. The campus is tucked away, allowing for beautiful studying views and the ability to take in nature. Class sizes are small and the teachers know you by name. Almost every professor is willing to take time outside of class to really help you understand the material. They also provide the ability for real world experiences during your education, putting you above the competition upon graduation. I'm lucky I went to Alfred University.
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I'm a senior at Alfred University and I am ready to move to a new location. This place is exceptional if you want to be an artist. We have extensive facilities, especially in ceramics and very friendly and knowledgeable faculty. The area is beautiful in summer and winter but gets very very cold in the winter months. Theres not much to do on campus, I usually have to drive and hour to 1hr and 1/2 to do anything really fun. Dorms need to be upgraded, which they are starting to do to the really bad buildings. They really need some pet friendly dorms to keep the moral up... the isolation is really rough. The meal plans are extremely expensive for the crappy food you get and now you have to pay extra for salads... like what? Overall the art department is great but dorms and food could be improved.
Alfred University fosters a very welcoming and community based environment. The professors are welcoming and have so much amazing life experience to share with students. The downside is that it is a small town and you will need a car or know someone with a car if you want to escape for an hour or two. Residence life is not helpful and they drag their feet on every decision they make and every issue you may have.
I like how invested my professors are in my education, and I think it's really easy to fit in and feel comfortable at Alfred. I think there can be a lot of miscommunication from the university towards the student, and sometimes understanding what is needed of students can be very confusing.
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