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I'm a freshman art major, the professors are mostly good, I really recommend the Writing II class, it helped me improve my writing to a more advanced level. Food is meh, be prepared to hike up hills all day.
The community environment and the amount of attention that the professors are able to give to each student.
Alfred University is a beautiful, small, safe and welcoming campus where students are treated as individuals, professors know their students, and there is plenty of support offered to help students succeed. It is a small university which makes for a less hectic atmosphere, more personal attention, and easier access to academic facilities and resources. Financial aid is generous. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations. I'm really happy I chose Alfred Univ.
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I love Alfred it was always my top pick in colleges. I love the close knit atmosphere of the college and town. It allows you to get to know your professors and fellow students more. If you like party schools this college isn't really for you. It's quiet and friendly. I actually met my two best friends here.
My first year was a blast. Just the atmosphere of the place is phenomenal and the people are great. There are always fun event at the school from I've cream on hot days to comedians visiting the school and putting on a show. And the dorms never take you too fast away for your friends. Everything is just a walk away. You really get to work your muscles, especially up there hills.
An experience like no other. Alfred University has given me a new and positive outlook on my life and future.
Alfred University is surrounded by rolling country side hills and friendly smiles. I love the atmosphere there. It can be underwhelming at times, but I have found that being active and participating helps.
Alfred University is an amazing college. They have a very diverse set of majors and very successful athletic sports teams. The campus is small which is very nice for having all your classes in the same area (Academic Alley), getting to know people from all different majors, and having a small town around us makes it feel as if we are in our own little world. Although our main street may not be big, there are still some pretty delicious places to eat.
I loved that the students for the most part at alfred university are kind and full of energy and so are the professors. I love the quiet environment and how safe I feel at the school. If I could change one thing about the school it would be the transportation for students who need to go to the airport and don't have their own car. There should be more buses and cab access to and from the school.
Over all Alfred University is a pretty good school. It's very secluded and there isn't much to do if u don't have a car, so joining clubs is a must. It's a fairly small campus so it isn't much of a hassle getting to classes other than the hills, if you live in openhym like I do. The food is ok at one of the dinning halls and the other is pretty good. But the food is very repetitive and isn't worth the amount of money we pay for our meal plans. The weather is beautiful in the fall but miserable in the winter. Openhym is a very nice dorm but is on the other side of campus, about half mile from the regular dinning Hall. It also has a weird wooden divider in the room which helps give roommates some privacy that the other dorms don't have.
Alfred U is a very very mediocre school. The teachers have biases and there is nothing to do since some of the clubs are too small to be enjoyable. For example club soccer got cancelled because there weren't enough people. Party scene is trash, ITS blows, and the dorms are gross.
The professors are absolutely incredible. Many of them are most obviously have genius level intelligence.
The CDC does a phenomenal job providing prospects to students and graduates alike.
Alfred is a very very safe campus. You'll encounter your drunk and drugged out idiots from time to time but it is always dealt with quickly.
The housing could use some upgrades
As a D3 athletic school, it would be what you expect it to be.
Alfred University is a great school, it is small and you get a lot of personalized attention from the professors.
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Our CDC works closely with graduated students to help them find jobs in their area of study and where they live.
If you don't feel safe at night, you can call public safety and they will transport you safely from on location to the other.
I love where I live on campus, and have lived in several different dorms and living spaces. I have also lived off campus, and can say that there is a lot of places available, but they are more expensive than staying on campus.
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