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Going to ATCC really helped me step out of my comfort zone. I was convinced to join DECA, BPA, and PTK! My confidence in my knowledge and my self grew. I know that going into the workforce I have the skills employers want. I was able to not only get my accounting degree but also a business management degree and retail management certificate.
The online classes are well organized and packed with great information. The instructors are always available and willing to answer any questions.
Since I am an incoming freshman, I did not take courses online at Alex Tech. I did hear that people did not like not having more face to face time in classroom settings therefore there grades plummeted. Also having to turn to dropping courses.
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I am an incoming student for the next semester. I had to go through an interview process with my professor showing him my designs and my art skills since I am going to major in graphic design and I felt so welcome and comfortable at the campus! Everyone was very nice and answered every single question I had.
Having an online class allows for more time for homework. The deadlines aren't soo crazy like some in class classes. With it being online having communication with teachers are important.
The school is very clean. The teachers are very nice and willing to work the students even with allowing extra time for assignments.
I have never had a question that wasn't quickly answered by any staff on campus. I've also never had a teacher that didn't care deeply about their subject.

It's a community college, so you don't get all the bells and whistles that you would from a university, but that also means you don't have to pay for whistles you don't blow (if you know what I mean).
I love everything about this school, everyone cares about your individual success. If you are in need of help there is plenty of staff and students there that can help. I like the one on one you get during classes if you just don't understand. Lastly there are tutoring and counseling rooms for students that need the extra help or just help in general.
The expectations are high, but that's what I liked about it because it encourages students to actually work hard and be the best. It is very rewarding.
I went to school here for the Communication Art and Design Program. This college has transfer programs, and amazing financial aid. I went here, and only had to pay for supplies out of pocket. Otherwise my entire debt was covered. There are many jobs surrounding the college dorms/apartment buildings, so you can easily pay off your loans/rent. I had amazing teachers that were more then patient with me, and their focus was to get me to succeed. I'm a better person because of this place, and I'd recommend it to anyone that would like to do a 2 plus 2 tranfer program.
My experience at the Alexandria Technical and Community College was my last resort for a college but I’m so glad that I chose it. The teachers are so helpful and understanding when something comes up. They are always available to answer questions which is very helpful. The students that you meet are so nice and you never feel left out. There is always someone to talk to whether it’s someone you know or not. I’m so glad to have chosen ATCC, it’s made me want to learn and participate in class. They are accepting to all students and everyone is so nice.
I went to ATCC from 2011-2013. I started at ATCC to get my GenEd classes done before I made the next step, as I wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I ended up finishing my AA degree in Liberal Arts and completing my Welding Technology at the same time. While I chose to join the Navy upon graduation, ATCC gave me the knowledge and skill set needed to succeed. If anyone chooses to take one of their vocational programs, make sure you join SkillsUSA!
I've only been attending since January 2019 and will be graduating this spring with my Associate's Degree. This has been a very nice transition point for me between high school and transferring to a 4-year college.
I really enjoy the campus at Alex Tech. There are two buildings so there's not much of a walk outside on the very cold days. I just wish it wasn't right next to the garbage plant. Sometimes, it smells outside. The insides of each building are each very nice. They have different vibes. The one is more modern and the other is very artsy and nice.
I love attending Alex Tech online. It's convenient, affordable and accommodating. The courses are challenging and I am learning a lot!
Average college atmosphere with great student life activities. However, some student and teachers seem to lack motivation. This college is super cheap, which provides great opportunities to get generals done before transferring somewhere a little more serious.
The college staff are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. My advisor always had my back and knew what I needed to do next.
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I liked the college overall, the program I am taking is pretty new, it is on its 3rd year and there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. The Advisor was pretty good at responding to my questions, she could be a little faster. The college in general is nice.
The program is very deep with information. It's a pretty stressful program. You learn alot and get to go on trips.
Great food, great professors, the professors respond quickly to students and really care about their students. I love my advisor and she sets me up to be successful.
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