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Alexandria Technical & Community College Reviews

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I love attending Alex Tech online. It's convenient, affordable and accommodating. The courses are challenging and I am learning a lot!
Average college atmosphere with great student life activities. However, some student and teachers seem to lack motivation. This college is super cheap, which provides great opportunities to get generals done before transferring somewhere a little more serious.
The college staff are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. My advisor always had my back and knew what I needed to do next.
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I liked the college overall, the program I am taking is pretty new, it is on its 3rd year and there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. The Advisor was pretty good at responding to my questions, she could be a little faster. The college in general is nice.
The program is very deep with information. It's a pretty stressful program. You learn alot and get to go on trips.
Great food, great professors, the professors respond quickly to students and really care about their students. I love my advisor and she sets me up to be successful.
The area is very pretty. They college will work well with transferring and offering PSEO. I currently PSEO there and so far the professors I work with and the people I have met are super helpful and friendly. I could go up to anyone of them and talk to them about something. Its a small college so you get to know people better and connect overall. They don't have dorms cause its only a two year college, but they work very closely with the apartment buildings in the area.
This school is in a very nice, clean, and safe area. The school itself is kept pretty nice. The teachers are all very invested in their students and want to help them succeed. You learn a lot but it's not overpowering to the point where you are super stressed all the time. The people are friendly and welcoming. Overall, it's a great school.
Alexandria Technical College has amazing staff who have so much knowledge and passion for their field and their students. My only 2 wishes that were different were more parking and cheaper housing options near or on campus!
I am currently a PSEO student at Alexandria Technical College and cannot imagine attending as a college student unless I was specifically interested in law enforcement or nursing. The math and (most of) the science professors are excellent, but I do not feel challenged in my other classes.
I didn't have any credits to transfer so I didn't have to worry about that. I was done with my classes at a good time each day so that I had time to work. I haven't had many troubles or problems and the ones I've had have been taken care of quickly and in the right way.
I took four different online courses at my school and I had a great experience with each one of them. The system was very easy to use. I didn't have any trouble finding my assignments or turning them in. There were spots where I could ask my instructor and classmates questions. There was also a spot for everyone to discuss homework topics. My instructors were great about answering my questions quickly.
There is a student employment service at my school. It is able to send me emails about new job openings in the area. My program advisor also sends me emails when a job in my career field has opened up. I know that once I graduate I will have no problem finding a job in my field.
All of the professors here are great and very helpful. The class sizes are small so that not only do the professors get to know all the students but all the students get to know each other. I love all of my classes. They are challenging and I learn things that I have never learned or thought I would learn before.
There are a lot of great student services at my school. If I ever have a question I know that there is someone around to help me no matter what my question is. My school website has job listings and my professor was a great with helping me get my internship materials together.
I am majoring in medical technology. There are a lot of job openings for my career. All of my professors have been in the same career field as myself so they are very equipped to answer any questions that I have. They give me lots of notes so that I have a better understanding of each of my courses. My courses are challenging but that is one part that makes them fun; the other part is my professors.
I have liked everyone of the professors that I have had. They are all supporting and they want to make sure that their students succeed. My classmates are great and we help each other with homework. I would definitely choose this school again if I had to do it over. It has a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
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There are some online classes that do not have a certain time. This was nice so I could do my work when I had time.
Peer interaction is hard because the only relationship we have is through a computer screen. Other points of doing online class is great.
Class sizes are good, teachers are helpful, the layout of the class is in a way that is organized and not too confusing.
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