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Pros - AB does offer some generous athletic and academic scholarships. Small class sizes. Has a few brand new buildings and athletic facilities.

Cons - Limited selection of majors. A lot of the dorms are complete crap. Filthy. Run down. Check the bathrooms in the chapel and admin buildings. Seems the university has no money for basic things such as these. School defaulted on large debt in 2015, but this may now be resolved. No new public info on the bond default.
Alderson Broaddus is a beautiful school located in the mountains. The interaction with students is typically a high level considering most students here are athletes, we all know one another or support sporting events. The professors understand that student athletes miss a lot of class so they work well with them one on one.
My older brother went to ABU and it was lovely for him. The only problem that needs fixed is they need cameras outside in the parking lots because students tend to get beat up of mugged and its wrong.
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This college is pathetic and should be shut down. It is a waste of time and money. I transferred after my first year because both of my majors only had two professors on staff.
Attending a smaller school did have its advantages. For example, interaction and feedback between the professor and student was a lot easier. When you attend a small school, you have a chance to build a relationship with your professors and really get your full education experience, versus going to a big university and just being another body in the classroom. Smaller class sizes, in my opinion, allow you to learn more efficiently. On the other hand, this school does not offer many things to do outside of the classroom. It can get extremely boring at times. As long as education is your number one focus, it is okay. Another thing that was not too good is the food. There is not very many options in the town of the university and the food choices on campus are not the greatest.
Many students are hired in the area right out of school.
There is rarely a time when you do not see security on campus walking around or driving by.
I live in Kincaid which is an older dorm and it is pretty nice.
We only have local greek clubs and only 8 on campus, so Greek life is limited and not very popular.
Our school is very small and nearly every student plays a sport, so our school revolves around athletics.
The only complaint about my school is that it is so small only certain amount of classes are offered, but all the classes I need for my major are offered at the same time.
Courses overall are great at AB. You can always go to a professor for extra help
I think its okay when comes to these things
Health & safety is seriously taken into effect
There is a different style for housing for every type of person on campus which is very important.
Greek life can always be seen doing active things on campus that doesn't involve just partying.
Athletics on campus is a big part of what brings everyone together. It is very family oriented.
Review Alderson Broaddus College
Experience has been a once in a journey. Most professors teach the class effectively and the area of the school has beautiful scenery.
I have been very happy with my overall experience.
Good quality sports progams, soccer program stands out!
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