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Alderson Broaddus College Reviews

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There is a lot of disorganization at this school. The campus is quite and inviting. the structures could use some updating. The teachers are nice. The campus is clean and small.
I have only spent one year at Alderson Broaddus. I really like it here. They classes are challenging but the professors care about your success. The student body here is diverse and friendly. Dorm life is good. And after talking to students at other colleges, the food is very good.
Very friendly environment, although there is not a significant amount of diversity. University is getting better, but they are very close minded on liberal points of view. New president (Berry) is excellent in making changes in the university. Is on probation for accreditation, but not due to academics. Nursing and pre-medical programs are beyond excellent.
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Education was very unorganized. Some teachers do not care. Facilities on campus not always available. Not enough parking. Not enough student activities available to students. On campus weight rooms not available enough. No cameras anywhere on campus. Students are disrespectful to campus. BGU is a great dorm. Other dorms are very old and need updated. Food is awful. Campus is located in the middle of nowhere. 40 minute drive to Walmart.
AB defaulted on $36 million of college bonds in 2015. After the default the then current president resigned. Since then the college finances have worsened. The accreditation for the college was put on probation in June 2017 because of this issue. If the college loses its accreditation you will not have a valid degree when you "graduate." Also, if you need a professional license to practice (for example a nurse) you will not be eligible if your degree is from an unaccredited college. Colleges do go out of business for financial reasons and the trend is expected to worsen. Buyer beware and consider the financial outlook for this school before committing your time and money.
My overall experience at Alderson Broaddus University has been very good. I have taken several classes here throughout the three years that I have been enrolled here and have learned so much in all of them. The atmosphere is great, the teachers are very helpful, and the students are for the most part very friendly.
Great School with fantastic athletics looking to boost the food in the cafe just a little but other than that great overall school.
Alderson Broaddus University is a small, private 4-year christian university. I enjoy the small classroom sizes. The professors here truly work hard to see that we succeed. Unlike a larger university, here at ABU, when we fall behind a little bit, If you truly tried your hardest the professors here will take time out of their day to help you learn the information one on one.
Here at ABU, there are something I would like to see change for example the food selection on campus, the library could stay open a little later than midnight. And there should be a few more campus security gaurds walking around in my opinion.
Every college/university could use some improvements. Overall if you are looking for a small classroom-sized, home stlye university. Alderson Broaddus is a great choice. Also, we are in the center of mountainy West Virginia. In the fall the leaves and surrounding mountains are absolutely beautiful!
I love the campus and faculty here! I really hope they do not lose the accreditation because it feels like home to me.
Alderson Broaddus is a small school on the mountain top that makes you feel like you have the world at your hand. The school over all was a great school but I feel like the resources that were available especially in the science department, that's where the majority of my time was spent, need to be upgraded tremendously. The school is really trying to satisfy the needs of the incoming students and I appreciate that fact. I met some of my closest friends at AB and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
I love everything about this school. There isn't anything you could expect from this school that they don't give you on the first day. The athletes and non-athletes are all students alike. The young men and women work hard to get through the rough days.
Small but get to know everyone. Good for making and keeping friends. The sports teams are fun to watch and its an overall great experience.
It's a small college and I love that everyone is involved there. The athletic programs are amazing also.
Pros - AB does offer some generous athletic and academic scholarships. Small class sizes. Has a few brand new buildings and athletic facilities.

Cons - Limited selection of majors. A lot of the dorms are complete crap. Filthy. Run down. Check the bathrooms in the chapel and admin buildings. Seems the university has no money for basic things such as these. School defaulted on large debt in 2015, but this may now be resolved. No new public info on the bond default.
Alderson Broaddus is a beautiful school located in the mountains. The interaction with students is typically a high level considering most students here are athletes, we all know one another or support sporting events. The professors understand that student athletes miss a lot of class so they work well with them one on one.
My older brother went to ABU and it was lovely for him. The only problem that needs fixed is they need cameras outside in the parking lots because students tend to get beat up of mugged and its wrong.
This college is pathetic and should be shut down. It is a waste of time and money. I transferred after my first year because both of my majors only had two professors on staff.
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Attending a smaller school did have its advantages. For example, interaction and feedback between the professor and student was a lot easier. When you attend a small school, you have a chance to build a relationship with your professors and really get your full education experience, versus going to a big university and just being another body in the classroom. Smaller class sizes, in my opinion, allow you to learn more efficiently. On the other hand, this school does not offer many things to do outside of the classroom. It can get extremely boring at times. As long as education is your number one focus, it is okay. Another thing that was not too good is the food. There is not very many options in the town of the university and the food choices on campus are not the greatest.
Many students are hired in the area right out of school.
There is rarely a time when you do not see security on campus walking around or driving by.
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