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When I first visited the campus it was the Annual High School Day, so it was a great time for me to see the student life and school spirit that the University has to offer. The only con about this visit is that I wasn’t able to also see the educational benefits that are available. Then, I decided to schedule another visit to get a better look at the academic programs. This personalized tour gave me the opportunity to see that this is a college I can see myself at and still feel at home.
Well, the first thing I liked was how big it was. What I didn't like was the fact that its back in the woods it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. They didn't have any stores like I'm used to but the scenery made up for it. It was so peaceful and the air smelled so clean if they would turn down how much they partied then my Saturday nights would be also peaceful. The food is ok but I wish they didn't serve pork because I'm allergic to any type of pig the mere smell of it and I get sick. I like the fact that you have to walk everywhere it keeps me in shape that's for sure. All in all my Alcorn experience was good and bad I would definitely recommend it to anybody.
I enjoy being in college because I can make my own decisions without anyone’s opinion or comments. I can effectively manage my time and responsibilities. And also, having responsibilities to achieve everyday. I spend time with my friends and do my work at the same time. We find ways to keep ourselves entertained and busy but we enjoy having a little fun every once in a while. I would like for us to have more activities and associations on campus as well such as movies, swimming, and bowling but HBCU’s doesn’t contain the most profits. I wish people will give back more to HBCU’s because black excellence is going in style.
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Alcorn State University has a great family environment and inclusive atmosphere. The Alcorn Braves are very school spirited and have a variety of on-campus activities for students to be involved in. The sports program is phenomenal and the HBCU atmosphere is amazing. Students will love seeing all different typed of organizations including SGA, fraternities,sororities, and other student success oriented clubs. Alcorn is a great choice for any student wanting to have a great academic experience
I have never attened ASU but i have heard that the academics are very succesful. I have also heard they they have a great nursing and agriculture program.
Since transferring over from Hinds Community College, the transition has been mediocre at best. Alcorn has a lot of pros don't get me wrong, but has just as many cons if not more. Lets's start with the pros first; the classroom settings aren't like your traditional universities.
Another pro would be the campus food. I come from New Orleans, LA and I know good when I see it and taste it. Of course, on some days there are some hiccups, but overall the food is pretty decent.
Now on to what makes this school terrible. For starters, some of the faculty members are the rudest people I've ever met. Now granted There are some people here that actually do their job, however, they are over shadowed by the other's laziness. And Lets talk about the damn wifi here. How are you a university in 2018, but your still running on bell south speeds? The wifi works when it wants to which makes it a lot more difficult to perform task for the school.
My experience at Alcorn State University has been pretty fair. At the moment, I rated it three starts because the people at the financial aid office won’t even allow me to register this semester! I have to have the money that I owe first! And because of this I am at a loss for words. I’m not sure what I should do or how to go about enrolling in school for this semester.
Alcorn is a family oriented school that makes you feel at home the minute you step on campus. Fresh and friendly faces, beautiful dormitories, mouth watering cafe with high end foods.. Although the school is in the country, it definitely has that Southern hospitality vibe to it. Alcorn has the number one nursing program along with other top ranking programs in the South.
I have had a fairly easy time getting my schedule and things that i need for Alcorn they are very efficient with teminders and information. Thrn campus is very beautiful and the student life is amazing.
Alcorn is a great school. My goal is to complete my undergrad and graduate degrees at Alcorn State University.
The campus is isolated which is good to keep students where they belong. However, the basic needs have tobe met and the nearest resources os 15-25 miles away. There is a need for shuttle service for outside providers in mental and physical health. Shuttle service for basic neccessities and toiletries required to survice college life.
Alcorn State University is a school that motivates a person to become better. I love Alcorn with all of my heart because the student and faculty to members here are always there to help even when you are struggling and the teachers make learning very fun.
The teaching staff really cares. All of my professors have been knowledgeable and work well with students. It’s a small friendly campus. Beautiful scenery!
My experience with Alcorn State has gotten better since attending. I've gained a lot and learned a lot the time that have been attending but the good always outweighs the bad. The students are nice some of the staff can come off as rude or lazy and the student population is vastly growing there isn't enough space for everyone and their cars. However, I love that I chose to go Alcorn.
I love every single thing about Alcorn State University. I been apart of this institution for 3 years now. But I will say that during my time here I've learned to make the absolute best if what I have and it has paid off so far. A change is like to see at AUS is student parking.
I like that it is a HBCU that really does alot with the students and encourages us but what can really change is the financial aid going up for low income students who cant afford college. I dont want to pay loans back all my life
Being a student at Alcorn is no walk in the park but it is definitely a place that builds character and if you are open, it can help you grow.
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My experience was excellent everything I expected at a HBCU school. This is the best college to attend. The only thing I would change is bring more restaurants on campus.
If you are black then this is the school for you! If you are white, don't even entertain the thought! Very prejudiced and you will fail, my niece failed her last test and missed graduation by 1/2 point!! Horrible place, run run run!!
Alcorn has been a great experience because the environment is like home. It feels like family because of the small campus size. The faculty and staff are always ready to help and guide you.
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