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I really didn't have an online learning experience. I attended on campus and had in-person classes.
I didn't feel I received enough preparation from Advisors or my teachers. I definitely don't remember a whole lot from the program I was involved in.
My online experience was great. I could email my professors when I needed to get help with assignments. I could also message my peers to ask questions about assignments too.
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Alcorn State University is overall a great school. The students and faculty there are one big family.
A family atmosphere where you learn more than academics.
You create life long friends and learn about life's ups and downs and how to cope.
Beautiful campus and amazing people who truly care about each other.
I didn't take classes online. But others have had good experiences with online/ distance learning.
I can't give a true rating on this category but based on others and the little I know I would say 3 stars.
I am originally from California and my father is a born and raised Mississippi boy. I attended Alcorn for a new life changing experience and to be experience my fathers home state. It was a culture shock at first, Mississippi has a totally different economy and scenery. It was definitely a challenge since I went back to on campus living at the age of 25. Although, has changed my life forever. Alcorn taught me patience, peace, grace, discipline, how to save money, etc. It taught me grace because I got to experience living in a low class town of poverty, but it was probably the most humble experience I've had. The people were lovely, we started off as friends and now I consider them family. The Southern life is full of people that are open to embrace others and teach outsiders their history. Even though I experienced some hardship on my journey, it was all well worth it. I am a better person than when I left California & I have Alcorn to thank for that!
I took most in person/hybrid classes. A few online classes I attended and online is probably a little harder than in person classes due to the fact that you have to be disciplined to stay on track of everything. Teachers were very attentive with their students and I couldn't be more grateful. I worked a part time job 20-30 hrs a week while in school full time each semester. I could have easily slipped up on my studies, but I didn't. Teachers were also always willing to meet up with me if I had any extra concerns or questions regarding coursework. I am grateful!
My online experience was good. The teachers were active and responding to emails. The students were helpful and good classmates, sometimes. Overall I wouldn’t say I recommend it for my reasons but go ahead.
Alcorn was straight, I really didn’t have any problems besides cellphone connection on certain days. The food has gotten better and the drink selection expanded. I would like to see a change in attitude towards the athletes, especially the football team.
Teachers make sure students have everything they need. Teachers filfull every lesson in a proper manner. The communication skills are good.
The teachers are always readily available. They understand when people are having problems, and they try to use their resources to resolve the issue. The communication skills are up to par.
I enjoyed attending Alcorn State University, the campus was spacious, beautiful scenery and the students and professors were friendly. I would recommend Alcorn to others to attend.
I only
Moved on campus to to avoid the online aspect but after the pandemic of COVID 19, I had no choice but to move back home and complete all 3 courses online. It worked out well, I completed wi th all A’s in my courses.
Online classes could’ve been better. Teachers need to explain things more and respond to students in a timely manner. Some professors didn’t even really give work to bring up grades or anything.
I had a fun freshman year, I wish I could’ve experienced the Spring part of it. This pandemic crushed everything. I went home for spring break. I never knew that I was going to stay home for the remainder of the year. Everything was just getting started in the spring. Fall showed me we all care for each other as family and in a matter of time, we all became closer even with some sad tragedies. Cafe is great, and the parties are fun. It was a great experience and I pray that Fall 2020 is even better.
I love my HBCU! It has been an awesome experience thus far! It has been an honor to be a part of a great institution of higher learning!
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First I would like to say, I love Alcorn State University. It's the perfect school for me. It closes to home and has all the sources I need. I love the biology and chemistry department because we have a lot of organizations and activities to help bring us together as a family. The professor are very nice and helpful. They work very hard to help us learn. Alcorn has a lot of places to go to if you need any help and/or resources. The school had different labs such as the writing center and math where you can get help for English classes and math classes. There are multiple computer labs to go to if you are in need of the internet and a computer. There are many organizations to join. There are different events that occur that promote diversity. Alcorn has many sports for all students. Alcorn also have many jobs for all students to apply for. Alcorn is a really great school and I'm so happy to be there.
I love Alcorn State University! It was the best experience I ever had on a college It’s very relaxing and motivating
Best school to attend. I stopped going but I’m trying to get back in so I can finish my degree.
The type of person that should attend this school is any person that is dedicated and motivated to get a great, quality education, but most importantly it is the family environment Alcorn State University has to offer that should attract a person to attend my college. We have a warm community-based environment and can count on one another through every day. I believe as a student attending college that is the most important thing to have as one makes the transition from high school or a community college to a four year university. Choose Alcorn u can’t go wrong.
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