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its okay but many students are racists and the school itself "used to be" racist so it makes me uncomfortable but other than that its okay
Albright College is a four year college that helps you advance into who you were meant to be. There are a lot of options that you get to choose from and if you are not sure, you get the chance to explore your options. The diversity here is really superior because you are able to connect with different cultures and meet different people socially, physically, and economically. There is always events going on around campus that you can always experience as well as events going on in your dorms.
The professors at Albright college are very helpful, plus the class sizes are small. The campus is a very small environment surround by beautiful hills.
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The one off putting thing about Albright is its required internship to graduate. This is assuming the average student can afford or maintain one in addition to studies.
Overall, I did not like attending this school. At first, I liked it, but then everything seemed to go downhill. My professors were not really helpful, I didn’t feel like they were engaged with the classes. I played a sport there, and my coach never took the time to get to know me or the other freshmen, and was only focused on the starters and winning and not including the newcomers. Not a fan of the city scene and felt unsafe at times. Overall, I was very unhappy here.
Albright has a beautiful campus scenery, which it what attracts many people. The diversity at Albright has increased, which allows people to be able to find a group of people where they feel like they belong. The food is not the best and that is something that I would like see improve.
Albright College is a private school with a lot of potentials to educate its students and offer them a great college experience, however, the debt of the school and lack of funding is reflected in every aspect of the college. The dorms are old and decaying, new dorms are fire hazards and set off fire alarms frequently, the dining hall supplies very few options and undercooked proteins, the classrooms lack markers and desks and the administration is never aware of how much the students dislike the school. The school promises to be the safest campus in Pennslyvania, however, they do not apply an action to this statement. Several incidents have plagued the school since 2015 and the administration never handles them in the desires of the students.
Albright lures people in with huge financial aid packages, but many people have their financial aid decreased after their freshman year and many scholarships have high GPA requirements (3.5 for mine) that they don't tell you about. Since you are required to live on campus Albright isn't worth the money if that's the deciding factor in choosing this school.

You have to transfer ASAP if you don't like it here because a lot (half of mine) of the credits don't transfer to other schools, which they do on purpose because they have a high transfer rate.

The food is terrible. I lost 10 pounds within the first two months of school because there are limited options and sometimes they run out of food.

The dorms are depressing and my neighbor dosen't have a working lock that still hasn't been fixed (there have been multiple robberies this month)

Most of the "resources" Albright claims to have just lead to dead ends.
The atmosphere of the campus and student community is incredible at Albright. However, many of the facilities and residence halls are outdated and damaged, and there has been quite a bit of administrative turnover recently.
I wanted to transfer after 3 days. It felt like high school part two. Facilities, resources, networking/internship opportunities are poor. I genuinely feel as if I was not getting anything out of my time there. There was nothing to do on campus and it did not feel safe. All the doors unlocked to a specific code and people would just walk into my dorm. Associated houses and the bank across the street were robbed while I was there. It was just not worth how expensive the tuition is.
I am currently a Junior at Albright College. My experience has been great so far. The campus is beautiful and small so you see a lot of the same faces daily and get very familiar with people. Even though, I have only been here for two years, all of the Professors I've had have been great and extremely helpful. A lot of the professors I go to for help, happen to be outside of my majors department, which is nice because everyone there is willing to help and just wants to see you succeed. One thing I would like to see more of is hands on experiences within the departments. I am a Fashion Merchandising Major, and an increase in hands on experiences will be beneficial because you will gain experience first hand from the school prior to getting an internship.
The professors are very good, however there needs to be significant updates to the campus and living accommodations.
I love Albright because of how nice most of the students a faculty are. The academics are also pretty good (I'm an English, Psychology comajor, I can't really speak for the other departments).
Albright College is a Division III College in Reading PA. The school is very diverse. I enjoy my professors and find them to be very helpful and make themselves available for any concerns or issues associated with their respective course. The main cafeteria is average at best. I feel Albright should update and reach out to a Dunkin Doughnuts, Papa Johns or some type of chain restaurant to provide better choices for the student. Could also lease school space to these businesses and take the profits to fund school projects such as new facilities or fund atheletic programs. Albright, I feel, Needs to do a better job promoting all atheletic programs. Promote all teams equal and bring awareness to the entire student body on what and how teams are doing and promote going out to all games and getting behind All Albright College teams. Thank you for reading my review.
Before coming to Albright College I was very hesitant and it was definitely was not my first choice, but I can say now that I am enjoying my time at Albright. I am making the most of my college experience and enjoy the positive energy that Albright brings.
Im going to be an incoming freshman and have done shadow days and tours, as well as accepted students day and feel in love with the campus, the teachers, and the students. everyone is so nice and open to helping you with anything you need.
Albright College tries very hard to make their students feel comfortable while they're on campus. From the moment you get there, fellow students and staff members are trying to make sure your transition into college is as easy as possible. There is always something happening on campus and there is something for everyone. The dining hall food, I think, is usually pretty ok but it lacks sometimes on the weekends or during certain times of the day.
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The sense of community is great! However, the cost to attended continues to increase and the new 4-year on-campus residency policy does not help the financial stress that I am taking on. Additionally, many buildings on campus need to be renovated and the food served in the dining hall is often undercooked. I have hope that the new President will be able to make improvements, but, as of now, the only redeeming qualities of the school are the quality of education I feel I am receiving and my own involvement on campus.
Albright is a pretty good school but is very small and not around much. The food is average and could be better. For athletics we could be better but we are a division III school.
with small class sizes and knowledgeable professors, I received a very good education at Albright that has prepared me to succeed.
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