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Albright is a very small school with little opportunity for student life. If you come in with friends, the school will reward you with a small population and easy ways to grow your friend group. Although, if you come in without knowing anyone, you will be pushed to the outside and have no way of finding a friend group. The academics are alright but some of the organization is missing.
I am an adult learner. I am part of an accelerated cohort and able to take the courses I need to finish my degree with Albright at a local community college near my home.
The professors are great - willing to help, respectful of their students - but the facilities could be much better.
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I transferred out of Albright during my sophomore year in 2018 and it was a nightmare, at least 35% of my class had transferred out so I was wary of my prospects, it was a convoluted messy process, the Bursar staff, as well as the housing department and financial aid department, were of no help at all, I was stressed out and overwhelmed and I had no support from the school aside from professors who personally helped me through the process.

The most supported majors are Fashion and Design, Biology, environmental science, pre-Med/Vet tracks, and Business Studies

Sidenote: although they are not as well supported as other departments the art department and the theatre department are phenomenal and the Language department has the best study abroad options. the psych department is a mess so be careful about the classes you pick
Albright is a very welcoming & friendly college community. There are always staff & students ready to help one another. Albright is very inclusive and there’s always an opportunity to a join a club/sport or go to an event!
I loved the atmosphere at Albright from the very beginning. Everyone, staff and students, are welcoming and ready to help. However, my major which was computer science, was not as beneficial as it could have been because there was only one professor.
I just finished my sophomore year here. Transferring out for my remaining two years. There is so much potential but they do so little. Do not go here for fashion. They do not provide much opportunities in that major which is sad, money is going for the wrong things, not just fashion everything is outdated, Dorms terrible. Food is premade and undercooked. Public Safety does not care at all and needs will not be addressed. greek life has no historically black ones which is sad. dont go here if you want a real college experience. If you like High School prefect place.
Wow, this school is absolutely terrible. I am currently a freshman and I am apart of the fashion program. The professors are very backwards and have no sense of creativity at all. If you are any type of art ESPECIALLY if you are a fashion major do NOT attend this school. While I did love the culture I was able to enrich myself in, the education you are paying so much money for is NOT worth it. This school lures students in with humongous scholarships but when they have the I currently live in Krause hall in the basement and it is absolutely disgusting, when the janitors clean the restrooms they do not actually clean they rub the dirt around and call it cleaning. The showers are also disgusting FLIES COME UP FROM THE DRAINS......FLIES!!!! While the dorm halls are absolutely disgusting the academics are just as terrible.
I am glad I chose Albright and if given the opportunity to go back in time, I would still choose Albright. Students there are reasonably friendly and the friends I made there made it the best 3.5 years of my education. I feel exponentially grateful towards all the professors that I had and that were so willing to help me out. Overall, Albright is an average college, but my personal experience is something I greatly enjoyed and will vary from person to person.
I thoroughly enjoy Albright. The professors are kind individuals and willing to help you work through issues. There are a variety of courses with interesting topics, such as a vampire course, that are available to take as either gen. eds. or electives. Also, there are numerous events that take place so there is almost always something to do on campus.
I really enjoy going here! Some parts of the system could be fixed, and sure the cafeteria food isn't great, but the program I am in works in my ideal environment, being this campus.
Liked the small number of people in classes, which made me feel in touch with the professors. Met really good people all over campus, there were some incidents were the college changed things without a warning which created some turmoil on campus. But the reasoning behind the change was good
My overall experience with Albright College has been a good one so far. The professors are very committed to making sure their students receive exactly what they need so that they can flourish in classroom settings. The college has plenty of resources that give students the opportunity to strengthen themselves academically. The freshman dorms are as expected, typical dorm styles with a shared bathroom for the entire floor. The cafe food is not that great, but it has it's good days. Albright has plenty of different ways for students to excel. The only downfall about this school is it is extremely expensive for out of state students. It is very hard for students to find grants and scholarships, if the school was more affordable then it would be so much better.
Albright is a great school but there are a few things that need to be worked on. I love the professors and other administrators they have such as the counselors because they care for all of the students and they make sure they let the students know that they are there for them whenever they need it.
Albright is a great College to attend if you want a school that you feel at home while there. Everyone knows everyone cause it is small. It will definitely become your home away from home.
its okay but many students are racists and the school itself "used to be" racist so it makes me uncomfortable but other than that its okay
Albright College is a four year college that helps you advance into who you were meant to be. There are a lot of options that you get to choose from and if you are not sure, you get the chance to explore your options. The diversity here is really superior because you are able to connect with different cultures and meet different people socially, physically, and economically. There is always events going on around campus that you can always experience as well as events going on in your dorms.
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The professors at Albright college are very helpful, plus the class sizes are small. The campus is a very small environment surround by beautiful hills.
The one off putting thing about Albright is its required internship to graduate. This is assuming the average student can afford or maintain one in addition to studies.
Overall, I did not like attending this school. At first, I liked it, but then everything seemed to go downhill. My professors were not really helpful, I didn’t feel like they were engaged with the classes. I played a sport there, and my coach never took the time to get to know me or the other freshmen, and was only focused on the starters and winning and not including the newcomers. Not a fan of the city scene and felt unsafe at times. Overall, I was very unhappy here.
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