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Albright College is a Division III College in Reading PA. The school is very diverse. I enjoy my professors and find them to be very helpful and make themselves available for any concerns or issues associated with their respective course. The main cafeteria is average at best. I feel Albright should update and reach out to a Dunkin Doughnuts, Papa Johns or some type of chain restaurant to provide better choices for the student. Could also lease school space to these businesses and take the profits to fund school projects such as new facilities or fund atheletic programs. Albright, I feel, Needs to do a better job promoting all atheletic programs. Promote all teams equal and bring awareness to the entire student body on what and how teams are doing and promote going out to all games and getting behind All Albright College teams. Thank you for reading my review.
Before coming to Albright College I was very hesitant and it was definitely was not my first choice, but I can say now that I am enjoying my time at Albright. I am making the most of my college experience and enjoy the positive energy that Albright brings.
Im going to be an incoming freshman and have done shadow days and tours, as well as accepted students day and feel in love with the campus, the teachers, and the students. everyone is so nice and open to helping you with anything you need.
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Albright College tries very hard to make their students feel comfortable while they're on campus. From the moment you get there, fellow students and staff members are trying to make sure your transition into college is as easy as possible. There is always something happening on campus and there is something for everyone. The dining hall food, I think, is usually pretty ok but it lacks sometimes on the weekends or during certain times of the day.
The sense of community is great! However, the cost to attended continues to increase and the new 4-year on-campus residency policy does not help the financial stress that I am taking on. Additionally, many buildings on campus need to be renovated and the food served in the dining hall is often undercooked. I have hope that the new President will be able to make improvements, but, as of now, the only redeeming qualities of the school are the quality of education I feel I am receiving and my own involvement on campus.
Albright is a pretty good school but is very small and not around much. The food is average and could be better. For athletics we could be better but we are a division III school.
with small class sizes and knowledgeable professors, I received a very good education at Albright that has prepared me to succeed.
Albright College has a nice campus and the students are very friendly. I went to visit the college and my tour was very good. I liked the tour guides and thought they did a great job presenting the facilities and were not afraid to answer any questions.
Good facilities and great professors. The school is too expensive and it does not have many opportunities.
i loved albright's campus and the way everyone there just vibes with each other. it is an atmosphere where anyone can succeed and have fun if they allow themselves to do so.
The community is great, professors are very good with communication. I came here to get a better education as a first generation student, and so far I have gotten more than that. The people here are lovely and friendly, giving you a hand when you need it, and helpful with their own insight.
Albright College is a place of community. The small school atmosphere is amazing, all of the professors know who you are opposed to big state schools. The professors care about your learning abilities and the college offers many amenities at no extra cost to the student. Its a win win!
The education at Albright College is excellent. Albright College has a wonderful science program that prepares them for graduate school or their future career. However; the campus and area of Reading itself is not that great. The campus in general needs to be updated.
Albright College is a home away from home. With this school, I am able to fully thrive and be around people who are not detrimental to my health. I love my job, and I love my professors. My professors challenge me, but in the best possible way.
Good class selection. I love that everything is included with tuition. No need to worry about buying your books, etc.
As an international student, I must say the cultural shock was so real but through it all, Albright made it a comfortable place for me to adapt through the International students association. Albright helped me to be outspoken and take leadership positions. I got the chance to be a resident assistant as well and I’ve learned to understand and help people all different mentalities. I would love for Albright to make more African dishes at the cafeteria.
I got the chance to meet some great people on campus. There's always something going on, so that's good. We are also required to complete things called experience events where you go watch a certain group perform and it is usually very boring. The food is awful but the teachers know their course work very well.
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Albright is an excellent school for academics, athletics and student life. The teachers really care how you do in your classes and take a lot of time to ensure you are successful. As a current athlete I have a coach that treats the team as family and supports all of us. He stresses academics and encourages all of the team to have their priorities in order. Albright is the best decision I could have made for a college.
Albright is wonderful place to be if you want a small college atmosphere. The professors are really nice and they are willing to help. The academics are challenging and I was hoping for that. Albright Albright doesn't have a lot to desire on scenery or college party life. The cafeteria food is just ok and has a lot to be desired.
If I could go back in time and stop myself from attending Albright College I would. Housing is absolutely horrid and they are now require that everyone lives on campus all four years. They care about nothing but the money that they can shake out of you and in return no improvements are made to housing or other facilities on campus besides some cosmetic upgrades so it could look nice on tours. Teel and Masters still only uses desks from the 1950's. The food is horrible and sometimes they're dead flies in the Deli section and they only have food at certain times and if you go in between those times to eat there is only the deli, bagels and sometimes fries. I was one of the lucky ones to transfer early, the place is a trap, they get you with the large scholarship but when you see Albright for what it really is it's sometimes too late. I made some nice friends though. But still DON'T GO!!!!
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