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Albright is wonderful place to be if you want a small college atmosphere. The professors are really nice and they are willing to help. The academics are challenging and I was hoping for that. Albright Albright doesn't have a lot to desire on scenery or college party life. The cafeteria food is just ok and has a lot to be desired.
If I could go back in time and stop myself from attending Albright College I would. Housing is absolutely horrid and they are now require that everyone lives on campus all four years. They care about nothing but the money that they can shake out of you and in return no improvements are made to housing or other facilities on campus besides some cosmetic upgrades so it could look nice on tours. Teel and Masters still only uses desks from the 1950's. The food is horrible and sometimes they're dead flies in the Deli section and they only have food at certain times and if you go in between those times to eat there is only the deli, bagels and sometimes fries. I was one of the lucky ones to transfer early, the place is a trap, they get you with the large scholarship but when you see Albright for what it really is it's sometimes too late. I made some nice friends though. But still DON'T GO!!!!
I'm going to Albright in a couple days, and the people have been so helpful. I'm the first person in my family to go to college so everything is foreign. The students and teachers have been very helpful.
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Albright College is a decent sized school and class sizes are great. The dorms are alright and the classrooms are okay. The thing I would like to see changed is the café food. Other than that it is a pretty okay place to be.
Most of the classes are great and the professors generally work with you to ensure you succeed. Make sure you find a good advisor and you should not have any trouble graduating on time in your preferred path. However, the administration does not communicate between departments and that makes a lot of things very difficult. The food is overpriced and not very good (but it is Aramark, so it is the same food you will find at most colleges) and the dorms are not cleaned thoroughly. There are mice in almost every building. No matter what kind of person you are, there is a group, club, or activity for you.
Albright College was a great fit for me, but there were somethings I believe needs to change with school. I would like the cafeteria to have more of a variety of foods that you can choose from instead of limiting the amount of food to just grill foods and pasta everyday. Sure you have special days were the food is experimented on . I would suggest changing the the quality of food that is served. For example, you can switch the usual penne pasta with a simple lasagna from time to time. Also the classrooms need a change, the classroom models are very old and desks could use an upgrade in the Masters and Teel hall respectfully.

The positive takeaways that sold me was the help and assistance the many professors had and how much the academics really challenged me. I think it's hard to find schools that offer these standards and I am truly impressed on how the school dedicates there time to these standards.
Albright has been lovely so far, and I'm so grateful for my time there already. I do, however, wish something could be done about food selections. What is served isn't horrible, I just wish there were more options and healthier options. I also had an issue with the cleanliness of dorms (bugs, hair in the showers, etc).
The overall feel on campus is really nice. There lots of trees and open fields. The Fashion department is great and the teachers are very helpful.
I grew up on Albright's campus, so it was always very special to me. Unfortunately, over the past decade, the administration has been pouring a great deal of money into campus beautification. And while that seems nice, it has come at the expense of the faculty, as they often go unappreciated and have not received pay raises for several years, and the quality of the students admitted into various programs. Furthermore, housing is no longer equipped to handle the number of students now being admitted to the college, which means tight living quarters. I loved my teachers, but I have no respect for the current management of the institution.
So far, everything about Albright College has superseded my expectations. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The staff is kind and courteous. The professors actually care about their students. The diversity on campus is amazing. There are always events going on.
Albright College's small class sizes gives each student the ability to have a more personal connection with the professor. Without the struggle of being in giant lecture halls, Albright is able to give the one-on-one attention to of their students.
The teachers are all super friendly and amazing at teaching their individual subjects. everything on the campus and online is easily accessible. If you like a small campus this is the place to go.
Albright College is a very welcoming institution, it is equally ethnically diverse, the professors are accommodating and helpful. The student life is very active, there being several organizations can join casually or committed. The nearby area is convenient and peaceful.
I would Love to see a bit more diversity at Albright college, but the academics are phenomenal. The classes are very personal and every professor I had knew me and was concerned with how every student performed in their class.
Albright College, wasn't my top college for a long time while I was in high school. I already lived in Reading and wanted to part away from the city and go to a big state school. It wasn't til a few phone calls and a real visit to Albright that I grasped how great it is there. The moment you get on campus you're embraced by many smiling faces, friendly personalities and you're treated as family. The campus itself is beautifully with their signature red Adirondack chairs spread around the campus. Since being so small of college you actually get to know your teacher and they know you, it has it's perks in the long run(Recommendations). I wouldn't really change anything so far at Albright, it's great school with great people, and I fit in just well.
Professors are very intelligent and very knowledgeable. They are always willing to give more time to their students if needed.
The alumni network is great. I believe the career center could be a little better, but my job prospects after graduation should be pretty good.
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I feel safe on campus. Campus security can always be seen and they provide services for travel on campus if needed.
I enjoy living on campus. This year I am in a large triple room and it has really been a good experience.
I have not joined a fraternity but I have participated in some of their events. Greeks are friendly to non-Greeks and vice versa.
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