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So far, everything about Albright College has superseded my expectations. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The staff is kind and courteous. The professors actually care about their students. The diversity on campus is amazing. There are always events going on.
Albright College's small class sizes gives each student the ability to have a more personal connection with the professor. Without the struggle of being in giant lecture halls, Albright is able to give the one-on-one attention to of their students.
The teachers are all super friendly and amazing at teaching their individual subjects. everything on the campus and online is easily accessible. If you like a small campus this is the place to go.
Albright College is a very welcoming institution, it is equally ethnically diverse, the professors are accommodating and helpful. The student life is very active, there being several organizations can join casually or committed. The nearby area is convenient and peaceful.
I would Love to see a bit more diversity at Albright college, but the academics are phenomenal. The classes are very personal and every professor I had knew me and was concerned with how every student performed in their class.
Albright College, wasn't my top college for a long time while I was in high school. I already lived in Reading and wanted to part away from the city and go to a big state school. It wasn't til a few phone calls and a real visit to Albright that I grasped how great it is there. The moment you get on campus you're embraced by many smiling faces, friendly personalities and you're treated as family. The campus itself is beautifully with their signature red Adirondack chairs spread around the campus. Since being so small of college you actually get to know your teacher and they know you, it has it's perks in the long run(Recommendations). I wouldn't really change anything so far at Albright, it's great school with great people, and I fit in just well.
The alumni network is great. I believe the career center could be a little better, but my job prospects after graduation should be pretty good.
  • College Sophomore
  • 5 months ago
  • Value
Professors are very intelligent and very knowledgeable. They are always willing to give more time to their students if needed.
I feel safe on campus. Campus security can always be seen and they provide services for travel on campus if needed.
I enjoy living on campus. This year I am in a large triple room and it has really been a good experience.
  • College Sophomore
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
I have not joined a fraternity but I have participated in some of their events. Greeks are friendly to non-Greeks and vice versa.
I do not participate on a sports team, but I have attended a lot of sporting events and students on campus support the teams.
Albright is a great school. The professors are very knowledgeable and are very helpful. Professors take the time to reach out to students and they are always willing to meet with students one on one during their office hours. Campus life is great. People are really friendly and there are so many clubs and activities to get involved with, as well as Greek life. Albright is a small school but it feels like a large family. It is a really good school and I am glad I am an Albrightian.
The career center constantly sends updates about internship and job opportunities. Professors also connect students to contacts, making it easier to get experience in a specific field. When I began working in the library, my boss listened to my career goals and helped me get transferred into the appropriate department. I highly recommend applying for an Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) as well, since you will be able to work more closely with professors on a specific topic that interesrs you.
  • College Junior
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
This is a wonderful college for those looking for a liberal arts experience. I enjoy working with my professors and feel that every student is treated individually. Though I have issues with the inefficiency of the administration, the poor conditions of housing, and the price of the meal plans, it does appear that the college is currently working to fix at least some of these problems and future students will likely have an even better experience than I did.
I feel very safe on campus and generally do not have an issue walking around by myself. The campus is open to the community though, and there are local kids and teenagers who will steal things or damage property. Nothing significant has been done to stop these delinquents, even after they broke into a building and stole costumes the week of the play. The strip mall a block from the campus is the site of several crimes, including shootings, and I do not suggest going there at night. There have also been some fights and intruders on campus, but these are handled fairly quickly. Campus Safety is always easy to reach and there is a van that will drive students to certain locations at night so they do not have to walk alone.
Honestly, I am not fond of cinder blocks and peeling paint or broken tiles. Even if the rooms were not ugly, I could not rate housing very highly. The pipes often break or leak and it takes weeks to fix it. Their solution to one leaking pipe was to remove the ceiling tile it was leading through so that instead it just dripped directly onto students' heads. The buildings will constantly look dirty, no matter how much the cleaning crew works because of the years of grime caked into the carpet. There are mice in almost every single building and the window units break frequently. The lighting in some rooms only reaches half the room. If you live in Albright Court, be prepared for fire alarms going off at all hours because the detectors can be set off by hairspray, singed hair, and steam. This is the one part of Albright I dislike strongly. I suggest looking at one of the apartment complexes behind the school, like Autumn Park or Oak Forest because you will save money and live in a nice building.
My primary interaction with the Geeks is looking at the t-shirts they make every year because they use interesting fabric. Ask of our Geeks do charity events, like sitting in the pond for twenty-four hours to raise money for the children's hospital. I know some of their parties are classy, prom-style affairs, but most are your standard college party. The Greeks are all friendly to non-Greeks and there is no pressure to join any fraternities or sororities.
Most people pay attention to men's football, basketball, and baseball and not much else. There is a lot of team spirit, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything when I choose not to attend a game. Our fields are used by the local high school as week, which can be annoying when trying to find a place to park on a game night.
Albright College has wonderful professors who try to create mentoring relationships with students. The students themselves are typically friendly and represent a wide variety of types. There are activities for every kind of person: artistic, musical, geeky, social, athletic, socially conscious, etc. I love the school and have had mostly positive experiences. The only time I had a professor (who was an adjunct) who seemed disinterested in his classes and failed to uphold the standards of the school, it was taken care of and he was not invited back the next semester. My biggest complaint would have to be that the administration is disorganized. Departments do not communicate with one another and trying to do anything outside the norm (like take extra classes every semester out skip a year) is a hassle that will have you alternatively running to the deans, president, and registrar or waiting months for a response. This inefficiency also means that buildings are not improved quickly. I moved off campus so that mice and broken plumbing would stop being an issue. However, Albright recently hired new people, including a new president, so the school is trying to ameliorate these conditions.
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