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They have an online program that benefits adults who work for a living. I will be able to finish my degree in a very short time. The had transfer agreements that allowed for all of my community college credits to transfer seemlessly.
I haven't started yet, but I'm sure it will be a great learning experience. The admissions process has been quite simple, and the admission guidance staff have been extremely helpful.
I did not take classes on-line at Albright College, but I have heard that they deliver online classes well.
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I loved my time at Albright College. The classes are challenging but the faculty are always there for the students if they need help. Albright is a fun school where you will meet friends that you will have for a lifetime. I am so glad that I picked Albright!
I did not take any online class in Albright College but due to COVID-19. All the classes have turned into remote. I think that is fine but some professors might give extra work.
It is a rural area that you may need to take uber all the time as there are limited public transportation, it is so expensive for college student to go there without corresponding professionalism and qualities of education. I only appreciate the biology and chemistry department as there are nice and efficient professors there. However, the other departments like Computer Science and Physics only have one to two professors in a faculty is not enough and lead to most major classes in Computer Science are always cut out. It does not worth your single penny if you want to focus on your academics except for chemistry or biology. Campus is not safe as the surrounding neighborhood have gangs. Public safety on campus is not very useful and the facilities are old. In my freshman year, my lock of the door was broken so I submitted an request to my RA to send someone to fix it. They did not send someone to fix my door lock until my laptop was stolen. I did not recommend anyone to come.
even though i haven't started school yet with the world in pandemic I've felt nothing but warmth and happiness from the school and i know without a douth I'm getting ready to experience the best 4 years of my life. they have encourage us to mingle with other incoming freshmen students and as a result ive meet an amazing community.
i immediatley fell in love with the campus the moment i saw pictures and i knew it would be a good fir for me personally, it was beautiful and small which meant great one on one time with professors and a beautiful site for walks
Unfortunately my opinion is slightly biased in regards to the experience with my college, while I have been enjoying the experience itself, there were some features of the college that were missing due to construction, the library was not accessible for the entirety of my first semester, which means its resources weren't readily accessible for me. There were alternatives that were useful such as computer labs and etc. Besides the lack of library access the professors at this university are all pleasant to be taught under, and the introduction to college life was smooth, I wasn't overwhelmed immediately and any time I felt like I was getting close to being overwhelmed I had easy access to help that would support me and show me what I can do to improve my situation. The small campus was also a bonus, it allowed me to make deeper connections and everything felt more personal, I felt like a person instead of a number. There were some issues with papers and scholarships that got resolved.
Due to the virus near the end of my second semester at the college all of my classes were forced to be online, as a result this I had to go from normal classes to online classes suddenly which resulted in some professors being completely unprepared for the switch. This resulted in a rocky start but eventually as everything got figured out the classes smoothed out and were not impossible to do. Some professors were more welcoming and calm about the situation which helped keep many of my friends anxiety low. The schedules for assignments were clear and laid out before us allowing for very little confusion and when there were issues my professors were more than happy to lend a hand and would often go out of their way to email you first asking if you needed help.
My professors were so helpful with the switch to online learning and helped us succeed. I was fortunate to have classes that did not require studio hours but the professors' work with all classes was great. Everyone stepped up and made sure we would graduate and held programs virtually for all students to continue learning.
Some of my best experiences were at Albright College. The professors are fantastic and I enjoyed being given a well-rounded education that encompassed subjects outside of my majors. I also had opportunities like studying abroad and conducting my own research as well as creating some of the strongest relationships and friendships I have ever had. Albright is a home away from home.
Unfortunately i did not have the chance to work online with Albright. Nevertheless, being in the classroom was amazing. Professors tried their hardest to not only help you succeed but they wanted you to excel to be the best you can be.
Albright college was a community. At Albright you not only made friends but you made new additions to your family. This small college holding a class of 30 students per room, was created on creating close bonds between your pears as well as your professors. This led to gaining a personal relationship to be able to have study partners and tutors as classmates not only sharping your skills but theirs as well. Along with this Albright students spent quaultity time with one another through different events the school would hold such as dances, arcades and movie nights. Albright was more than a learning institute but a foundation to make a new family.
Albright has a very warm and welcoming community. It's so easy to find your place here. The only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is that, like any other institution, there is room for improvement. The food could have more variety and the aid could be better.
Albright is a very welcoming college as I just have transferred there this year. It is a very open campus with beautiful landscape. The classrooms are small groups of students which allows you to really connect with your teachers and peers. They also have a lot of services to help you succeed. Also, all the professors I have had so far really seem to want to help every student to make sure they pass and succeed.
The student professional studies program is a blessing. The professors are great at providing all the information you need to learn and are flexible.
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I am continually impressed with the sense of community and strong relationships that people can make while at Albright. At Albright the community matters and it is shown through both its small campus size and, in turn, small class sizes.
Albright is a good and affordable college to attend. There are different arrangements of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The professors are great and easy to work with. The campus is small so It's simple and easy to get to class. The dorms are nice and comfortable. Everyone is friendly and welcoming towards everyone. You will have a great time here at Albright.
Albright is a nice private school located in Reading, Pa. This school has it pros and cons. A pro is the location of the school, the area has a lot of food and shopping options. A con would be the school is a little dated.
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