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I am only in my second semester at Albion College but I absolutely love it. There is a wide variety of majors and programs offered through the college which makes for an extremely diverse campus. The staff are all very friendly and approachable and being a smaller school, students receive a lot of one on one time with their professors. There are also hundreds of clubs and activities to be involved in on campus which makes for a very friendly welcoming environment since everyone knows everyone. Albion College is great and I am excited to see what the next couple years here bring for me!
I love this College. I have been so impressed with my decision to attend Albion. Professors are excellent and have knowledge and expertise in their fields. It is not a huge university, but the college doesn’t pretend to offer the campus life of that of one. The school offers so many opportunities for advancement through leadership, clubs, organizations, etc. if you put yourself out there!
Albion is a unique experience that only Albion students would ever understand. There is a giant network of successful alumni that you feel a personal connection with just for the sake of having the Albion experience that no other college can replicate. I will forever cherish my time at Albion and hope that if you choose to go here you will cherish it as much as me and our network.
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Albion College is a tight-knit community with excellent academics and professors who help you succeed.
Everyone you'll meet is very nice and ready and willing to help. The campus might be small, but students are offered huge opportunities. I'm very excited to see where my next few years here will take me
It is a great college. They have been great with assisting me and my family from the moment I applied. I have enjoyed my freshman year so far and look forward to the next three years.
I truly love Albion College, but there are some things that could change. I love the atmosphere, as well as the people. Everyone is very kind in their own way. The professors are nice, as well as caring. Professors want to get to know their students. I love how small the school is. This way, students can know others, not being just a number. I'm not a fan, however, of the roommate choices. The school's process doesn't work very well. I am not a fan of how long the school takes to fix a problem, a lot of the times one has to do something to get things moving.
I like that the classes are small and you can interact with professors outside of the classroom (in the halls or in their offices during office hours) I also like that a lot of professors will go out of their way for you as long as they see that you are trying and putting in the effort. Also the staff and other students are very helpful.
To me, Greeks seem to be more seen than heard. They are noticeable around campus for their houses and small parties but fail to seem like a significant factor compared to the Greek life of other main stream universities.
I have not been a major advocate for sports during my time at Albion College, but I have noticed that football is a main part of campus life. Britton spirit fly's through the air during the fall when the season starts. Students are often seen hanging up supporting banners all over campus encouraging student attendance for the Albion College football team. The whole landscape of Albion is impacted by sports.
Meeting all the staff and faculty at Albion College and getting to know them was hands down the best experience I have had here. From on the phone, to email, to in-person, Albion College staff for there admissions process have been nothing but helpful and want to see you succeed in every way they can. They helped me with scheduling classes in a way that set me up for my major and had awesome health programs that guarantees a future of higher education. I have nothing but nice things to say about Albion College and I look forward to spending my next three years at this outstanding college.
Best thing I've ever done. The professors are knowledgable and I like the small class sizes for a more personal feel.
I feel safe and the health services are nice. Sometimes campo can be slow when you call them to get a ride, but they are normally really nice
I loved my room in Wesley. It was great and the cleaning ladies where wonderful
Greek life does good things around campus and hosts the parties on the weekends. I just have no desire to go Greek
I only went to one football game, but I've never been a sports person.
Going to Albion College was the best decision I ever made.
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As far as I have experienced, dorm life is very plain. Although, I could not say I was not content with my situation. I had good neighbors and a roommate, everyone was amicable and only occasionally rowdy. The dorm building itself was only a five to ten minute walk away from any class that I had.
Anyone in a fraternity or sorority are usually end up doing charity work or putting together events for the school. Apart from where they live and how they decorate their room, people in fraternities or sororities are not much different from any other student on campus.
My School has two building dedicated for our athletes. The bigger of the two buildings has all the facilities it needs in order to cater to all types of athletes. As far as school spirit goes, before every game the entire campus is decked out in our school colors with students and teachers wishing luck onto our players.
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