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My years at Albion were some of the happiest of my life. I made so many friends and had such wonderful experiences of growth and maturation. I recently found some of my old papers from college at my parents' house, and I kept thinking, wow - what wonderful classes I took. I wish I could go back and retake them as an adult, because I didn't even realize how rich the learning environment was - and I'm now a college teacher myself! Wonderful experience.
I took no classes online. This was the early 00s so online classes weren't really a thing. I didn't even have my own computer until sophomore year.
Never took online classes, so cannot say one way or the other. I do know that all classrooms have been updated and are ready in case COVID gets worse.
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My daughter was all set to start next month. Literally 2.5 weeks prior to move-in, the new president held a zoom conference call and announced a comprehensive COVID policy where no student could have outside visitors OR leave campus for any reason at all, including off-campus jobs, visiting family, seeing a boyfriend or girlfriend, socialize, OR even run to a store for an errand. The students were to be quarantined on campus from Aug 19 until just prior to Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that this is NOT written in any of their documentation. I would suggest that you ask your admissions counselor to see a recorded version of that Meeting, which they will be making available next week. Needless to say, we are making other arrangements for our daughter. It is evident that their new president, who started July 1st, is going to fundamentally change and ruin Albion.
Really good haven’t had any problems and hope this was the right decision to attend here and also run track.
Very easy, teachers were always there to help me when needed. Easy to navigate through the black board.
Albion College is an incredible school with incredible opportunities. The staff, faculty and all the students are so friendly and helpful. Campus truly feels like a home! Best decision of my life.
I did not take any classes online at Albion College! When I was a student there was no online options for courses! Previously, this has changed at Albion and I've heard great things.
I heavily enjoyed my time at Albion. The faculty were personable and really cared about me. Before I heard of Albion, I was choosing between Grand Valley and NMU, but neither of them fully clicked with me. Though, when I visited Albion's campus, I knew I was at home. Hopefully you can find your new home at Albion too!
I didn't take any courses online, but I know some of my friends did this past semester. While it was a weird transition for everyone, the professors and staff were really committed to the students and their learning.
Albion is a place that makes you feel at home. Faculty and staff care about students and their success. They work individually with students to provide career counseling, mentor, and advising to insure students have what they need to reach their goals.
Albion is primarily a residential four year liberal arts institution with very few online courses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, courses did switch to online, I did not take any online courses.
Albion College has provided me consistent, positive momentum in my career and personal growth. I am grateful to be part of the Albion College community. Thanks, Albion College.
Did not have online classes during my years (91-95) at the college.

Therefore, I am unable to rate the online experience at this time.
I did not take any online courses at Albion, but I loved my in person experience! Proud to be a Brit!
I had a wonderful experience at Albion - best choice I ever made! The students, staff, and faculty at Albion set it apart from all other schools.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Albion College. The professors were top notch and really cared about the growth and education of their students. I met lifelong friends that I'm still close with. It provided me a well-rounded experience and wonderful entry into the world on my own. I highly recommend it.
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online courses weren't an option when I attended. I'm unable to submit without 100 characters so I keep typing.
My experience was personal and catered to my interests. Professors were very interested in helping me create an individually designed major and the process was easy. The school is small, but I never felt like I missed out on any opportunities that my friends had a larger schools. Albion really had everything the big schools had, just in a smaller package. Highly recommend!
I did not take any classes online. Not many were offered and they were specific to certain departments.
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