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The college is in the middle of nowhere with very little to do, although the college and other individuals are revitalizing the area so people will stay in town post-business days.
Albion College is a wonderful institution with many great resources. Would be perfect if there were be more acceptance of minority students on campus.
I absolutely love it. The campus is beautiful and gives off a historical/comfort vibe. It is really small, with around 20:1 student professor ratio which makes it rather easy to build a relationship with both professors and peers bettering the overall experience. There are clubs on campus for just about everything, and you can even create your own. It's easy to get a job on campus and with the size it is easy to stay involved. The faculty for the most part is amazing, they are the reason I'm there. However, the college does lack in diversity. In just my first year there has been multiple racial/cultural conflicts between both students and staff; however, it seems that administration is working to better educate people on the cultural differences and how to better handle situations.
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I had an amazing experience at Albion College. I was an athlete and part of a Greek community. This school had a nice small feel, wave to several friends on your walk to class, establish relationships with your professors and be viewed as a person not a number as you tend to be at larger schools. Albion makes you feel welcome always.
I believe my experience at Albion College will stick with me forever. I've never been more involved in the community and more excited about my life until I came to this college.
Albion College has challenged me to become a stronger, well-rounded individual. Between countless clubs on campus, Varsity sports teams as well as Greek life, there is never a reason to be bored. I'm challenged everyday in maintaining four classes, baseball, fraternity life, and doing everything in a timely manner. Every day allows me the opportunity to grow, and see the man I wish to become. I've been inspired through Albion's ambitions. Not only does the college see a great future, but so do its students. The environment is filled with hard-working individuals who have all too real of dreams of becoming anything they want to become and it's at your fingertips. The beauty of the campus creates imagination, and with this we can only see success. I'm receiving a next level education that is enlightening me on how to be successful. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity that Albion College, its Alumni, and its students has offered me.
The professors at Albion truly care about their students which makes the education here extraordinary. The school is small so it is easy to make friends. You see somebody you know everywhere you go.
Albion is a great school, but there is not anything to do in downtown Albion. If i could change anything about this school, it would be the location it is in.
I went to Albion for a visit and was amazed by the way I was treated. I was treated like a queen, there was no detail they forgot to add. Albion is definitely worth the investment.
Albion is a great institution for those who don't like the bigger universities. The professors are always around to help with questions and to make your experience as best as it can be.
Albion College is a great place to go if you are very studious, or like house parties, because that is the only thing to do around campus. There are no restaurants or bars, or even any kind of other nightlife or entertainment within 20 miles of the college. I've had a lot of great professors, but the science department is absolutely terrible. The professors don't care about teaching at all. The campus is entirely too liberal. If you're pre-med, want to go into a STEM field, are even the slightest conservative, or like to have an average social life, do not go to Albion College.
I am only in my second semester at Albion College but I absolutely love it. There is a wide variety of majors and programs offered through the college which makes for an extremely diverse campus. The staff are all very friendly and approachable and being a smaller school, students receive a lot of one on one time with their professors. There are also hundreds of clubs and activities to be involved in on campus which makes for a very friendly welcoming environment since everyone knows everyone. Albion College is great and I am excited to see what the next couple years here bring for me!
I love this College. I have been so impressed with my decision to attend Albion. Professors are excellent and have knowledge and expertise in their fields. It is not a huge university, but the college doesn’t pretend to offer the campus life of that of one. The school offers so many opportunities for advancement through leadership, clubs, organizations, etc. if you put yourself out there!
Albion is a unique experience that only Albion students would ever understand. There is a giant network of successful alumni that you feel a personal connection with just for the sake of having the Albion experience that no other college can replicate. I will forever cherish my time at Albion and hope that if you choose to go here you will cherish it as much as me and our network.
Albion College is a tight-knit community with excellent academics and professors who help you succeed.
Everyone you'll meet is very nice and ready and willing to help. The campus might be small, but students are offered huge opportunities. I'm very excited to see where my next few years here will take me
It is a great college. They have been great with assisting me and my family from the moment I applied. I have enjoyed my freshman year so far and look forward to the next three years.
I truly love Albion College, but there are some things that could change. I love the atmosphere, as well as the people. Everyone is very kind in their own way. The professors are nice, as well as caring. Professors want to get to know their students. I love how small the school is. This way, students can know others, not being just a number. I'm not a fan, however, of the roommate choices. The school's process doesn't work very well. I am not a fan of how long the school takes to fix a problem, a lot of the times one has to do something to get things moving.
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I like that the classes are small and you can interact with professors outside of the classroom (in the halls or in their offices during office hours) I also like that a lot of professors will go out of their way for you as long as they see that you are trying and putting in the effort. Also the staff and other students are very helpful.
To me, Greeks seem to be more seen than heard. They are noticeable around campus for their houses and small parties but fail to seem like a significant factor compared to the Greek life of other main stream universities.
I have not been a major advocate for sports during my time at Albion College, but I have noticed that football is a main part of campus life. Britton spirit fly's through the air during the fall when the season starts. Students are often seen hanging up supporting banners all over campus encouraging student attendance for the Albion College football team. The whole landscape of Albion is impacted by sports.
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