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Albion is a good school. but there are some changes that should be made in it. I feel as if we should be more diverse. I say that we should be more active with Greek life too.
My experience at Albion College was fantastic. It is a small school which makes it very easy to meet new people and join different clubs. It also makes it easy to meet with your professors. The faculty at Albion College really care about your success, they love when students come to their office hours seeking help or just to talk. The town is very small but the college has been working with the community and more small businesses are opening up.
So far, I've gotten the chance to learn about the community and integrate into the small college town setting. The teachers are eager to help and the administration is willing to listen.
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I love Albion college despite the town that it is in. The professors are awesome they provide good insight and often form a personal relation with the students. This college will not let you struggle, it has resources to help you in every which way and the students are down to earth. The food may be lackluster but there are substitutes outside in the town.
The experience I have had so far at Albion is excellent. Of all my college choices I am glad that my choice was here. The size of the college allows for you to choose how you want to go about your day to day in college, whether its hanging out with friends or being alone and doing your own thing. The town that the college is in has been on the come up from my past few years living there and experiencing the town. If you want a small town feel Albion is the place to go, it also goes to say that the location of the school allows for a short drive to bigger towns and cities for more activities outside of the school grounds.
The math professors are absolutely outstanding and really made my time at Albion a treasure. The atmosphere on campus is extremely liberal and dating a cop made me very uncomfortable on Albion's campus. There is not "religious" orientation on campus either, and you really need to work on your faith life if it is something that means a lot to you.
The education is priceless, but you need to be willing to sacrifice. My first two years there were not many problems. My junior and senior year were when politics made the campus crazy.
Albion is a great college! There is a strong sense of community and lots of support from everyone. Strong alumni connection and really helps you with your future.
My experience at Albion college so far is somewhat excellent. I love how the school has different activities for the students to do. I also love how the professors are engage to helping each individual student. What I would change is they should have more ways for students without cars to get around the city like to Walmart, etc.
Pretty good school, Good Education, Good Opportunities, Expensive but they will work with you. Everyone is here to help you at Albion
It's a very small liberal arts college in Michigan. I like it because it is only 3 hours away from Chicago and about an hour away from Detroit. The community is pretty welcoming and seems to want to get the students involved.
Albion College is a small liberal arts located in Michigan. Albion provides small classroom sizes making learning more intimate, and gives each student an opportunity to interact with their professor and classmates. Albion also has great sports programs and supports student-athletes on campus. Albion will ultimately prepare you for life after college.
Good school but expensive, however the student body is very close among all grades and the campus is nice, they also have some nice reservations going on at the moment to the atheltic buildings and science centers.
I like the small college feel. You get to know people in your classes and your professors. They want to help you succeed.
They are not worth all the money they charge. They continue to raise prices by thousands every year without any return on investment.
The college has a homey feel to it. It is a small college but the students and professors are mostly all warm and welcoming.
Albion does a great job with combining all parts of a typical college experience and making them fun and accessible for everyone. I am enjoying my time here but the housing and facilities could use some updating and the tuition is ridiculous. Especially when you don't qualify for finical aid, this school adds up and doesn't offer to help with students in my situation.
I would give it zero stars. The adminstration likes to get away with a lot of crap. Including taking external scholarship money away from students, putting students into moldy rooms with furniture stuck to the floor, and not giving those with disabilities with the accommodations with were approved of through the college. Professors are great, the work it's challenging and worth the money. Living situations suck, food sucks.
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I love everything about this school. I had a friend enter the mental health institution and they handled it very well. The teachers truly want you to succeed as much as a parent or student would want. It is very easy to become involved.
The college is in the middle of nowhere with very little to do, although the college and other individuals are revitalizing the area so people will stay in town post-business days.
Albion College is a wonderful institution with many great resources. Would be perfect if there were be more acceptance of minority students on campus.
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