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Unfortunately I do have a couple classes that are online. One of my classes is completely on your own which I do not like at all. I signed up for the classes with the understanding that I would be getting the in person experience as I am a student who is more successful when I am able to have that in person experience. My other class that is online is not as bad as we do have class calls where the professor goes over a PowerPoint which I enjoy. I wish that I had the knowledge of how exactly the classes were conducted before I signed up other wise I would have chosen very different courses.
In the first year, the financial aid department did absolutely everything they could to make sure you were all set for your first year but after that they really left me high and dry struggling to figure out how to pay for school. That was my biggest issue with the school. The faculty and staff all have been pretty great when it came to communicating and such. They were especially awesome during the pandemic with assisting student in trying to maneuver any issues that I have run into while transitioning into fully remote so abruptly. The school has really taken as much action as they could to ensure all students, faculty, and staff remain safe during the pandemic. Although, I hate the fact that some professors were given the choice to conduct their classes remote even though I chose to take the in person route to part take in my classes. I have a hard time learning remote and wish that I would because to have the in person experience that I have signed up for.
The staff is very helpful. The dorms are a bit dated but still nice. The campus is beautiful. It's close enough to Downtown New Haven so that students can enjoy themselves away from campus.
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So far the online experience has been good. The courses offered online have been solid. The work has been presented and accessible.
Albertus Magnus College has great faculty and staff. The Academic classes are good and relatively easy to do well in. Albertus' negative, for me, was the size. Albertus had a smaller number of students than my high school.
I did have to take online courses because of the COVID-19 pandemic. My experience during those online courses was excellent. All of my professors made it evident that they worked hard to get the students great academic criteria. I finished with a higher GPA than my in class semester.
I am proud to attend Albertus Magnus College. I personally feed that I belong in this school and the professor are beyond amazing. I feel that the staff and faculty are extremely helpful and are available outside of classroom hours. I believe that this campus goes above and beyond and stop at nothing to excel excellence.
I absolutely love my online classes. I am in charge of my own schedule and I am able to get the work done within a reasonable time frame. I feel like I have a bit more freedom to do my own work and I am not constantly being reminded to submit assignments. I can access my e-learning portal from work, home or at the park. What better way to attend classes than at the tip of your fingers?
The admissions staff made the process of enrollment a very informative and seamless process. As an adult student, return to college can be intimidating. The options Albertus provides allow for a working adult to have a successful academic career.
I'm glad that there's a program with blended learning - it's great for a full-time working parent. I love going to the campus, but I also like having the flexibility of online classwork.
The things that I like about Abertus College is that the profession are always willing to help their student out.
I really like how diverse the college is and how everyone is so friendly and able to get along with each other
The community at Albertus Magnus College is very involved, tightly-knit, and familiar. The majority of the professors are phenomenal, insightful, and very human as you get to know them, but there are always bad apples that cause discontent among the student body.
Albertus is a pretty decent school. Tuition is ridiculous, but the classes are really interesting. The teachers are really dedicated, and the class sizes small, so you get a lot of one on one interacting.
I'm attending Albertus Magnus College as a Graduate Students. Pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. The program at Albertus is amazing. The classes are small. The professors are very accommodating too. The school is located centrally so it's very easy to get to, right off the highway.
Albertus Magnus College really cares for its students. Every single person that works there has a genuine interest in the students and is going to do everything to help you! I am honored to call myself a Fearless Falcon!
Thus far, I have had a great experience with Albertus Magnus College. I am currently enrolled in the accelerated degree program which I will receive my Bachelors in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. I love that I have been able to continue to work my full time job and also fulfill my lifelong goal in receiving a college degree.
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I think Albertus is a well put school and I enjoying my time here. I do think there should be more of a fair treatment when it comes to athletes vs all students. I think my experience there so far has been very welcoming and fun and educational.
Choosing to transfer to Albertus Magnus College after earning my prerequisites at a local community college was one of the best financial decisions I've made thus far in life. It was also one of the most beneficial. Albertus Magnus College is a small private Catholic college where professors take personal interest in there students and want to see them excel. To this day, I stay in touch with my professors at Albertus and seek them out for advice as I continue to navigate academic and professional realms outside of the institution. Attending Albertus Magnus College, to me, was a great decision.
I visited an Albertus Magnus College Volleyball game a year ago and the energy of the college was amazing. They are a very supporting school towards their team and the campus has a great environment.
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