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Choosing to transfer to Albertus Magnus College after earning my prerequisites at a local community college was one of the best financial decisions I've made thus far in life. It was also one of the most beneficial. Albertus Magnus College is a small private Catholic college where professors take personal interest in there students and want to see them excel. To this day, I stay in touch with my professors at Albertus and seek them out for advice as I continue to navigate academic and professional realms outside of the institution. Attending Albertus Magnus College, to me, was a great decision.
I visited an Albertus Magnus College Volleyball game a year ago and the energy of the college was amazing. They are a very supporting school towards their team and the campus has a great environment.
Really enjoy the amazing communication you can have with your professors but I would like to see more diversity
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This was an absolute blast my first semester my freshman year. All of the professors were kind and helpful. Be prepared for a lot of work but it’s definately worth it.
Albertus Magnus College is an excellent school that assist in bringing the potential out of the student. The more involved you are the more you will feel connected and comfortable.
I completed a business Communications course as a senior in high school and really enjoyed it. Albertus Magnus College is a great opportunity for those who want to pursue business. After the course ended, I felt more confident about business etiquette and leadership. My experience at Albertus Magnus helped me understand and develop significant skills that apply to professions I will pursue.
I love the teachers, they are super relatable and love to see you get involved. There is always something to do on campus.
I really like Albertus and because it’s a small school I was really able to connect with people. Most people think that small schools are lame, but they are actually great, especially with academics. I have one on one with my professors, they know me by my name and not by a number. They care about how I’m doing. Also within a small school I was able to still play sports which is a huge part of my life. The location of Albertus is also great because it’s in New Haven which is such a great city and college town. Albertus has given me friendships that will last a lifetime.
I’m a commuter so I am not involved in campus life but I love all of my professors. The classes are small so that you can focus, they have little events to try to get everyone involved and raise awareness
Albertus has a startlingly family-like community and is full of professors who genuinely want to help! Definitely a wonderful change from high school, and Albertus is more like a home than anywhere else.
Albertus Magnus is a student-friendly college and all my concerns were met quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. The professors were knowledgeable and helpful and made my educational experience enjoyable.
Albertus Magnus College is a very connected school. Although Albertus is on the smaller size, this however allows for many of the professors to get to know their students on a more personal level, instead of just being a number in a class room. When a person comes to Albertus I hope that feel the scene of family and community that I have come to know.
What I liked the most about Albertus Magnus College is how helpful and supportive the staff and professors are no matter what is going on in your life at the time. They always demonstrated that they enjoyed their job and were there for you. Nothing can beat that.
I am a transfer student here at Albertus Magnus College. This school made the transition from one college institute to another, so much easier than I could have expected. I love this school because the professors are great; They are here to teach you and they want you to succeed. If you were to go to a bigger institution, that is not what you would be getting. I enjoy living on campus and my on campus job. I am currently training to become a Writing Associate, which is pretty much a writing tutor. There are on campus jobs everywhere and there is a work study, which means some of your money goes towards your tuition. The atmosphere is great and their are so many people to get to know.
I love everything about albertus Magnus college. Amazing professors, caring staff, small class sizes, and great people overall
We don't really have a Greek life at my school.
Teams and staff are very friendly.
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I love the small school setting. Professors are very helpful.
I had an absolutely amazing first year at college, my dorm was conveniently close to the buildings that my classes were in. I did amazing in every single class that I took. I made so many amazing friendships with people and had just so much fun that trying to explain it here would not even do it justice.
Our alumni program is great, we have a specific club that's just designated to connecting to alumni in the same major and field as you.
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