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I’m a commuter so I am not involved in campus life but I love all of my professors. The classes are small so that you can focus, they have little events to try to get everyone involved and raise awareness
Albertus has a startlingly family-like community and is full of professors who genuinely want to help! Definitely a wonderful change from high school, and Albertus is more like a home than anywhere else.
Albertus Magnus is a student-friendly college and all my concerns were met quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. The professors were knowledgeable and helpful and made my educational experience enjoyable.
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Albertus Magnus College is a very connected school. Although Albertus is on the smaller size, this however allows for many of the professors to get to know their students on a more personal level, instead of just being a number in a class room. When a person comes to Albertus I hope that feel the scene of family and community that I have come to know.
What I liked the most about Albertus Magnus College is how helpful and supportive the staff and professors are no matter what is going on in your life at the time. They always demonstrated that they enjoyed their job and were there for you. Nothing can beat that.
I am a transfer student here at Albertus Magnus College. This school made the transition from one college institute to another, so much easier than I could have expected. I love this school because the professors are great; They are here to teach you and they want you to succeed. If you were to go to a bigger institution, that is not what you would be getting. I enjoy living on campus and my on campus job. I am currently training to become a Writing Associate, which is pretty much a writing tutor. There are on campus jobs everywhere and there is a work study, which means some of your money goes towards your tuition. The atmosphere is great and their are so many people to get to know.
I love everything about albertus Magnus college. Amazing professors, caring staff, small class sizes, and great people overall
We don't really have a Greek life at my school.
Teams and staff are very friendly.
I love the small school setting. Professors are very helpful.
I had an absolutely amazing first year at college, my dorm was conveniently close to the buildings that my classes were in. I did amazing in every single class that I took. I made so many amazing friendships with people and had just so much fun that trying to explain it here would not even do it justice.
Our alumni program is great, we have a specific club that's just designated to connecting to alumni in the same major and field as you.
They are very strict about making sure everyone knows all the health and safety issues
Our campus is a very small campus so the need to make it a dry campus is not necessary. The residential life staff could be a lot better than it is when it comes to making critical decisions. Our room draw system is absolutely terrible, last year I ended up having to go dead last and the college ran out of rooms for me and 20 other people. They had decided to make one of the huge dorms for graduate students and seniors only and no one picked to live there because it is the least favorite dorm for upperclass men, all sophomores and a few juniors live there but no seniors
Albertus is just starting to become a college that has sports. We have a bunch of teams like soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, softball and lacrosse. We will not be officially adding a swim team this year which excites me because I swam all of high school and now I can swim in college!
I love Albertus Magnus College. The reason I chose Albertus is because it has the best program for my major in the state of CT, Sports Communications Broadcasting /Public Relations. Now yes, the school is indeed really small but coming from a small high school it makes me feel more comfortable. The residential life staff is okay, they could be better, but the campus life is one to experience. I have made more friends and have had more fun living on campus than I have had in years. The classes are small which makes it easier to learn and succeed. The food at Albertus isn't the greatest, some days it's actually terrible but our school is in down town New Haven! The food places around New Haven are amazing and delicious!! Not to mention the night life which always a must there!!
I love all of the classes and courses Ive taken at Albertus so far! All the class subjects you can choose from is really diverse. The professors really want to help you and really want to see you succeeded. The small class sizes really help the students focus more and engage in class work because you get more one on one attention and help.
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I personally haven't experienced anything in the job/internship field yet, but the other services we have such as the writing center, the academic advisor center and financial aid center have all been very helpful and accommodating.
So far, during my time at Albertus Magnus, there hasn't been one case of sexual assault. I feel very safe on campus because the campus security is always around if you need anything. Also, you need you to have your student ID's to get into any building, so I am not worried about someone who's not supposed to be on campus getting into buildings.
I personally don't live on campus, but all my friends who live on campus have nothing but great things to say about it
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