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I really like the school overall. I do feel that many of the professors only care about their pay check instead of the students. The communication is horrible and they do not respond within a timely manner. They're not very informative or make you feel that they are there to help you succeed.
I had to change my schedule but every thing worked out.
Online classes are convient but can be challenging due to the lack of communication among the students.
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The courses are good and the professors do what they know and can. I only socilize with professors if one makes me feel comfortable to converse with. It would be a wonderful thing if education was free and offered other courses or combined classes such as diesel and auto mechanic or welding.
The student career prospects are almost always posting help wanted or hiring information. They also help students with their resumes, cover letters and portfolio's.
The class overall is okay. However, the school should provide any and all things in relations to diesel technology mechanics in the shop. This would provide the hands on training needed. Also upon completion the school.
The school does not provide adequate hands on in some majors. The students actually are paying for an education that does not provide all students with rightful skills to prepare us for the workforce. Also some teachers and facualty staff do not accepts being challenged mentally.
I have not had to transfer credits, and Albany Tech has the best times for everything most of the time your class periods are no longer than 2 hours.
These where some the easiest courses i have ever had in my life, they where simple.
career services where like my family anything i needed help with they helped me in the best way they can .
I really respect my instructor he has taught me so many things and have took the time out to help with anything that troubled me.
The students here really want to graduate and show the skills they have learned from attending Albany Technical College.
The good thing about my program is that there are tests but not too many, most of your grades comes from your lab work and team work.
My favorite course of the carpentry program here at Albany Technical College was the Floor and wall framing course. My instuctor really taught me how to build an actual floor frame and wall frame for an house.
SO far i have had no problems and its a pretty good school
It is best to go up there when applying to these college rather then do it online.
It is just hard to get in touchwith someone.
Review Albany Technical College
there are no hassles when I transferred my credits. everything is smooth sailing at Albany Tech
Student body was great when I was attending the campus
the professors are awesome. very helpful
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