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I love the atmosphere at the unsinkable Albany State University. I've learned so much from everyone and everything in my first semester. Getting to know the campus, professors and students will help you a long way here. Since I've been here, I have learned the importance of time and how valuable it is. Time management and responsibility are the main lessons you learn in college that will last you a lifetime. I love my HBCU!
I like the family and friendly feeling that the school has. I felt very welcomed when I first came here.
Amazing Campus!! I recently just got accepted here and I took a lovely tour around the campuses It is really a site to see!!
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Financial Aid lacks quality costumer service, the campus is too open, food is not good. They need to work on renovating the dorms as well as the older buildings. The professors are either a hit or miss, you could get a great professor or a professor that doesn't care about your education.
Albany has a wide range of academic courses to choose from along with athletics. The walk around campus was warm and friendly and the diversity blew me away! The only change I want to experience at Albany would be to see me attending classes in the Fall of 2018!
i like how the campus is and like the people around. they are really friendly and all of them get along with each other
I have had a lot of trouble with this school. They lost my social security number costing me two sets of class credit and a lot a stress. As well they rarely are able to answer questions in a timely manor.
As a dual enrollment student taking a hybrid class I spent little time on Darton's campus, however the experience I had at Darton was a great experience.
I am a freshman at Albany state university ! I am enjoying my time so far! The school is work friendly , and I also feel really Safe while traveling from class to class! Albany state is a great learning place and has amazing academics choice for students such as myself ! I a looking forward to fragyating from Albany state in 2021 , with my bachelors degree! The only thing that could be better is the timing for the transportation bus. I have overheard students complaining about how late the bus can be sometimes ; which causes them to be a bit late to class.
I love that Albany state is so big and open. You can literally make friends with anyone because most people are so nice. The housing is great and so it the food.
from when i have spoken to people at Albany state they are very nice and made sure all my questions were answered, only problem is that it takes forever to get into contact with them.
Albany State University is an okay college. I have had some good professors, but the school needs some improvements. For example, the financial aid department is not the best and it's a headache to register for classes.
When I first stepped on Albany campus its was so much excitement. The way they greet people and help is so wonderful. The dorms are nice and clean.
I love ASU! Even though I am a former student of Darton State College I have adapted well to the merger and I really enjoy the new faces and new teaching styles. Great school with an even better mission.
I loved my time at Darton State College. I do hate that it was consolidated with Albany State University. I liked having a smaller school to enroll to instead of a large university at home.
Can find fun and entertainment on and off campus. Much help provided for classes. Various study sessions and library opportunities that are easy to locate and attend.
I love going to this school. I'm always eager to get back during breaks and I never want to leave. Events are great and the people here stick together
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Albany State University is more than just a university, its home. ASU just recently merged with another local college, Darton, and the population has grown tremendously. The student population is a huge family that supports one another. This university has taught me responsiblity and proactiveness. I love my HBCU!
Well I'm a rising freshmen at Albany State , so I really don't have any experience their except for having freshmen orientation . The things that I would like too change about the school is keeping the bugs at the dinning hall area , more sanitize area , and also adding more extra clubs that the students may like too have .
Albany State University is centered around our students, supporting and making sure resources are available to those in need.
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