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The Professors and Staff here really seem to care for students. The environment is like a big family which means a lot when you are far from home.
When the Pandemic came during the month of March, all classes were implemented to online and it was seamless. I was able to maintain my grades and the Professors were always prompt with getting back with you of you needed assistance.
Online experience was challenging but not impossible. Hopefully the online stuff doesn’t last much longer.
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Culture is like no other. Teachers and staff are very supportive. School pride is great. Food is good.
This a very easy school with great professors. Everyone is very understanding. You will always have someone that understands you.
This is a great school. There will always be someone that makes you feel welcomed away from home. The staff is very understanding.
Personally, I dislike online classes. Professors and students don't have reliable communication when having class online.
I really love attending Albany State University. The college has a very fun atmosphere and a fun environment. No, Albany State is not perfect , but I don't expect it to be.
This is my first year attending Albany State University and I can say it has a good experience. Although, Covid-19 has impacted and interrupted my full experience at the school, I will say for the two months that i was on campus it was really fun. The campus was nice and everyone is friendly, they have good food and it is overall a very nice school. There are always student events going on and this school is heavy on student engagement.
I did not have any online classes until the school had closed for the rest of the semester. The online classes were a little more difficult than the actual in person classes. That was expected though, but it was nothing that I couldn't handle
Although the Covid-19 had came around and mess up my tour on visiting Albany State University. I have meet people that that will be attending the same time as me and I think Albany was a great choice. Everyone that will be attending their in the fall are very out going and full of adventure. I don't believe choosing Albany was a mistake. This is probably the best choice for me.
Albany State is a great HBCU. The professors and leaders at the school truly want the beat for you. The student leaders are always engaging and have something planned for everyone. The city may be small but you can always find something to do. It’s overall a great school.
Albany State is a great HBCU. The professors and and leaders at the school want the best for you. The student leaders are always engaging with everyone and always have something planned for everyone. The only thing is that you have to pay attention to the classes that you need and not depend on your advisor to plan everything out for you. Look at your degreeworks and tell them which classes you want to take in the upcoming semester because some of them will try and make you stay longer than needed.
Love the family atmosphere. The professors really care and train you like a budding professional they’d be more than welcome in their fields.
I will be attending Albany in fall, but however when I went for a visit I felt welcome and the energy was amazing. A lot of people there are really nice and friendly and I can't wait to attend the unsinkable Albany state!!
Albany is to be told a great school with an awesome learning environment. There are many activities and programs you can be in, so there will never be a dull moment.
I will be attending the school in the fall however on my visit I enjoyed how welcoming the students were. Albany has a wonderful environment with a lot of history. The class sizes are similar to high school classes.
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Your real true self may be hiding so in order to find yourself you have to look within. In order to figure out what you want to do with your life, you may have to go through some things to figure it out. It's going to be difficult but it will be worth it in the long

On this occasion, I had to look within myself back to my beginning years to find out who I am. I have went through a lot of things that made me a better person in and out of school. The person I am today has aided me throughout this whole school year. Being myself and staying positive has helped me achieve a lot.
professors are great, the financial aid office is less than lacking. terrible experience with them - they will tell you one thing and turn around and say it is something different.
This school is a hbcu! The instructors here are very helpful and teach well! I advise you to go on rate my before Registering for a course to review teacher ratings
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