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from when i have spoken to people at Albany state they are very nice and made sure all my questions were answered, only problem is that it takes forever to get into contact with them.
Albany State University is an okay college. I have had some good professors, but the school needs some improvements. For example, the financial aid department is not the best and it's a headache to register for classes.
When I first stepped on Albany campus its was so much excitement. The way they greet people and help is so wonderful. The dorms are nice and clean.
Review Albany State University
I love ASU! Even though I am a former student of Darton State College I have adapted well to the merger and I really enjoy the new faces and new teaching styles. Great school with an even better mission.
Can find fun and entertainment on and off campus. Much help provided for classes. Various study sessions and library opportunities that are easy to locate and attend.
I love going to this school. I'm always eager to get back during breaks and I never want to leave. Events are great and the people here stick together
Albany State University is more than just a university, its home. ASU just recently merged with another local college, Darton, and the population has grown tremendously. The student population is a huge family that supports one another. This university has taught me responsiblity and proactiveness. I love my HBCU!
Well I'm a rising freshmen at Albany State , so I really don't have any experience their except for having freshmen orientation . The things that I would like too change about the school is keeping the bugs at the dinning hall area , more sanitize area , and also adding more extra clubs that the students may like too have .
Albany State University is centered around our students, supporting and making sure resources are available to those in need.
I really loved the excitement there at ASU, I would like for the cafeteria food to change because the food was not that delicious, but overall i ate it because I was very hungry. Another thing is I would like for them to be more organize some stuff I didnt understand and was looking for people to explain what it is or how to do, but overall I like the school and I’m really hoping and excited to spend my four college years at the great ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY!!!
Albany State University is a great HBCU! From freshman orientation to move-in day, I've always felt as if I were in good hands. The housing staff, professors, and school staff are all very helpful, friendly, and family oriented! Professors are very thorough with lectures, learning material, and what is expected. Study groups are a plus! With the awesome interaction between peers and countless ways of communication, study groups are highly encouraged at ASU, and proven effective! Also, there are many tutoring sessions. There is no reason students should fail. Parties are awesome and anything to imagine! Campus life is amazing; however, some greek organizations are not on the yard. I love my HBCU and will definitely recommend to anyone to attend.
I'll be a junior this fall and this was the first time I was away from home. And some of my friends from my high school are there too. We were welcome by the resident assistant in the dorms. Everyone helped us with the transition. The main thing that we had to adjust to was the hot weather.
My experience at ASU has been very fun and beneficial. I've been able to network with many people that's in my field of choice towards my career.
ASU has its ups and downs such as many other universities. I believe that Albany is a good university . The ratio of professors to students and very great in my eyes. The professors actually care about theirs students and want to see us succeed.
This is a great college to go to because the teacher will try and work with you on what you are trying to do in life
The unsinkable Albany State University is overall a good school. They have great hospitality and the campus is beautiful. The students are friendly for the most part and I have never felt unwelcome. If I had to change anything about the school it would be the food. It is very rare that I go to the cafe and eat a full meal because it doesn't taste that good.
The atmosphere is great, the classes are manageable and the overall feel of the campus make you not want to leave.
Review Albany State University
I enjoy the environment, values, academic excellence, and opportunities. I am currently on the cheer leading team at ASU, and enjoy being apart of the squad. However, I would like to see a greater variety of food offered in the school caf and more social events where ALL students can get involved.
My work experience at ASU afforded me the opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world; students and co-workers. Co-workers that are now friends and students who have become family.

I wish the best for the New ASU and certainly pray that leadership earnestly focus on investing in the employees who are the oil of the institution. Likewise, employees support leadership so that the mission of educating our "future" is not compromised.
Currently Enjoying the school as a freshman. I got to have a personal relationship with some of my professors, I met a lot of outgoing people, and I was overall pleasantly surprised with my experience.
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