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ASU has its ups and downs such as many other universities. I believe that Albany is a good university . The ratio of professors to students and very great in my eyes. The professors actually care about theirs students and want to see us succeed.
This is a great college to go to because the teacher will try and work with you on what you are trying to do in life
The unsinkable Albany State University is overall a good school. They have great hospitality and the campus is beautiful. The students are friendly for the most part and I have never felt unwelcome. If I had to change anything about the school it would be the food. It is very rare that I go to the cafe and eat a full meal because it doesn't taste that good.
Review Albany State University
The atmosphere is great, the classes are manageable and the overall feel of the campus make you not want to leave.
I enjoy the environment, values, academic excellence, and opportunities. I am currently on the cheer leading team at ASU, and enjoy being apart of the squad. However, I would like to see a greater variety of food offered in the school caf and more social events where ALL students can get involved.
My work experience at ASU afforded me the opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world; students and co-workers. Co-workers that are now friends and students who have become family.

I wish the best for the New ASU and certainly pray that leadership earnestly focus on investing in the employees who are the oil of the institution. Likewise, employees support leadership so that the mission of educating our "future" is not compromised.
Currently Enjoying the school as a freshman. I got to have a personal relationship with some of my professors, I met a lot of outgoing people, and I was overall pleasantly surprised with my experience.
I love the atmosphere of this small Historically Black University. Anyone can find their niche there because it is something for everybody to do. The only thing I would change is the community that ASU is in. The community isn't very supportive and mislabel the University. Any student who attends know how much of a hidden gem ASU is
This is a perfect HBCU! I love this school and I get along with the people on campus very well. The staff and professors are very helpful also.
I literally have nightmares about being at this school. It has been a horrible experience. cccccccccccccccccc ffffffffffffffffff rffffffffffffffffff
Albany State Univeristy is a wonderful school. It has a very calming atmosphere, and although it is in the country there is never a dull moment as long as you stay involved. It is small enough that it isn't overwellming but big enough that you can find something to do at all times.
great way to apply. quick easy way to find scholarships and get the money you need for college no matter if you are undergrad or post-grad.
The experience was actually pretty good, I wouldn't change anything at all. The website is very organized very helpful tips that pops up. The website is very easy to understand.
My overall experience here at Albany State University has been phenomenal. With the campus not being very big makes campus life better as well. You can actually walk around and remember people's names and feel like a family. The best part that I like about Albany State is the classroom sizes. The largest classes I've been in was roughly forty students. That's a perfect size. The classroom isn't very crowded, and you can actually form a relationship with your teacher. Compared to your bigger schools like the University of Georgia, where you mat have one hundred students in an auditorium with one teacher. It's nearly impossible for that one teacher to remember every student name, or if you're like me, it'll be very hard to learn in an environment like that.
I like Albany State, but one of the primary reasons I came here was because it's my aunts Alma Matter. It is nothing like is used to be, but for what it is worth, most of the professors really care about their student's success.
My experience at Albany State University has been great so far. The classes are not too big and it gets you more comfortable and is easier for you to engage with the professors to get a better understanding of the work. Also, campus life is good they have so much going on and extra curicular activities for all the students to participate in that makes the campus feel more like home.
The campus is lovely and public transportation makes it easier to get around. I only wish that the faculty was improved, especially for starting 100/200 level courses.
Review Albany State University
At the unsinkable Albany State University there is always something to do whether you are relaxing in the student center, taking a stroll around campus or at a hosted event. There is a party going on every weekend so if you're a party person then you will definitely be occupied. The food on campus is pretty good. The lunch staff really make it there job to make sure you are fed just as if you were at home. The classes are like a high school size so there will be no more than 30 people in the class. The teachers will make sure that you pass their class but it is your main responsibility to make sure you are organized and keep up with your class work.
My experience at Albany State has been enjoyable, some days are boring, other days the food in the cafe isn't like that you once enjoyed at home, but overall the school is nice. I enjoy the college life and being on my own and being independent.
With Albany state being an HBCU I love the positive environment it gives. The professors interact with the kids very well. With albany state being a semi small college, the classes are small and you can have a personal relationship with the teachers and most of the students. Albany state makes you feel like family.
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