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My experience at here has been great so far. The campus has is filled with so many talented and amazing students. The professors really do make sure that the students are successful and they are willing to work with you. The dorms are great and the housing staff is wonderful, they are extremely welcoming. The students at Albany state are very involved on campus, you barley see anybody just hanging out in there room all the time. On campus there are a number of things to do and plenty of clubs that you can become a part of. At Albany state, they do take safety here very seriously and whenever something is happening on campus that is out of line, ASUPD is very quick to respond but usually you don't have to worry about anything because overall this is a safe campus.
This was my first college experience. I wanted to attend an HBCU for my own personal reasons, Albany State is a good school in certain areas such as parties,diversity and the food. The housing wasn't that great unless you wanted to pay a greater sum of money than before. The academics were average and the professors were alright. The school is what you make of it honestly, a lot of people have their own opinions about life at Albany State. Mine was average and Ok.
At Albany State University, I can say my overall experience is just okay. The campus food is just alright. We don't get good food every day. The professors I have had have been really good. I heard differently about other professors on our campuses. Albany State University is just an okay school to go to.
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I like Albany State University because first of all it was close to home . They need to be more organized though it’s a big problem if though they have a lot of traffic.people are gonna stop liking the school and then no one would want to come . It’s a great school and all Really is chill environment just get your work done and it should be a piece of cake. Don’t forget about tour financial aid either that’s real important. I would like to see a Healthier Environment. With obesity rates rising, we've all heard calls to make the school environment healthier and More Life Skills Classes
Here at Albany State University, there are many ways to connect with and meet new people. My experience so far at the University has been great!
My overall experience at this school has been very good. I just entered into my OTA program and I love it so far. The instructors are very thorough and hands on. This program will teach me to be a better person not just an Occupational Therapy Assistant. There will be growing pains I'm sure but I am ready.
I really enjoy going to Albany State, the students that go here are friendly and straight forward. The dorms are comfortable on both the east and west sides. My first year was nothing but great . I started my college life in a great hotel the school put me in because i was on the waiting list. The classes i started with were a great start to college life, spaced out a very good degree so i can socialize and get my bearings. My overall experience at Albany has been pretty good.
Albany State University is a excellent HBCU college to attend. It offers many opportunities for higher education learning. Best school to attend!!
They should be a little more organized but overall good school. Campus is exciting for students many different activities to do. Student life is fun and overall you can get a good learning experience
I am a dual enrollment student at Albany State and I have had really good professors. I enjoy taking classes here, especially online because everything is really organize. The west campus has many good areas that benefit me such as the soccer field where I play soccer at least two times a week. Albany State is a diverse school so that is something that I like. The professors really help you out when you do not understand the lesson and to me that is probably the best thing about this university. If I did not live in Albany, I would consider attending Albany State University. A lot of the people in Albany just want to leave the city or else we would attend this school.
It was amazing, I actually wasnt 100 percent sure i wanted to attend this school but they really care about their students.
Both my parents attended Albany State University and I have always wanted to ASU as well. So far I have made new friends that I believe will be lifelong friends. The campus is beautiful and well kept. I would not trade my experiences at ASU for any other college or university. ASU is my HBCU.
I haven’t started yet but I’ve been too orientation and also a tour around the campus and everything is great .
Albany State University is an AWESOME school and the environment is great and the dorms are very nice
Well I have yet to experience Albany state but just from going to a couple of assemblies.And football games and basketball games. Albany state is a good caring school that really cares about their student education and their safety and making them happy. Albany state is a very diverse school i really don’t have nothing to change about the school .
The set up for housing is terrible. In order to be sure you're going to get a room, you have to apply for housing early the day of the housing portal open. The professors sometimes don't really help you with your work. The financial aid help is terrible. Be sure to have all of your money for the school in order or you will have an issue every other day.
My first time on Albany States campus was not only an Amazing experience but also a cultural experience for me. Getting to see students who were just Like me and not ashamed to be themselves was such a heart warming feeling. My Advisor was not helpful but she genuinely cared about my success and comfort at the school. Everyone on Campus for the most part are very hospitable and will go out their way to help you around campus. In all the school is a great school.
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I liked the vibrant campus life. It truly encouraged every student to get involved regardless of interests.
Albany State is a very diverse University that appeals to any and everyones athletic ability, social skills, talents, and even their interests.
I love this school's spirit and how the administration pushing the students to work hard and to be the best they can be. This school is a safe environment and I trust this school with my education.
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