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My experience at Albany State University has been good as far as the classes go. The campus life is really nice, and the athletics are good as well. The music department is very good.
I like the environment. the students and instructors are very friendly and helpful. but one thing I would like for them to change at the school is the acceptance rate. they accept way too many people that there isn't enough space in the housing provided.
Overall Albany State University is a great school ! The student to professor ratio is amazing ! The people here are great its like a big family. The campus isn't too big so that's great because you will not get lost. We have a variety of degree programs and certification programs. Lost of activities on campus and room for more to grow . We just merged with Darton State College so we have 2 campuses (East and West). I would recommend anyone to come to ASU for a great college
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It's a good college overall but they can do better with admissions and financial aid process they are very slow when it comes to helping you.
Albany State University gave me the foundation for my success. Everything I have accomplished I owe to Albany State University. Not only did I depart ASU with a college degree but a Commission in the US Army as well. ASU gave me the foundation to earn both a master's degree and a doctoral degree. After teaching for 24 years as a college professor I am now doing postdoctoral work at Princeton (PTS). I have traveled the world and enjoyed occupying spaces that otherwise would have been unimaginable had it not been for the foundation laid at Albany State University! I am and will forever be indebted to ASU.
Dr. Larry Covin, Jr.
I had a great experience at ASU, peiple there are so nice and friendly, there inviting and theres always things going on around campus. It has a gorgeous campus with some of the best campus police officers in the world. The Unsinkable Albany State University isnt perfect but shes my alma mater and I would recommend her to anyone looking to acheive excellence
I LOVE my HBCU I will rep the school until death do us apart! This university has allowed me to find myself with myself if that make sense! This university allowed you to be free and get to know others and network and brand yourself so that you can be the best you possible!
I think Albany state is a great school to further my career and education experiences. In August I will be attending this university as a upcoming freshman majoring in mass media/communications. I just really excited to attend this school and meet new people. Also because this school allows students to realize their potential. Student are able to gains many qualities, skills, and techniques that can use once they move from college to the real world. Also ASU is a small campus where students are able to get tutoring session, quality time with professors, and network on the campus.
When it comes to students and campus living I give this school a 5. You meet very enthusiastic students and there is a very positive aura within the environment. Classes and faculty get a 3. Having two campuses to get to in one day for classes can quickly become a hassle. If a “one campus for classes” system was put into place I think it would make the campus better.
I love the environment ASU provides for every student and how they care for anyone that steps foot into their university.Every course applies to your major one way or another you learn about things you'll need to succeed in your career. You feel as if you're at home once you get into all the different aspects Albany state has to offer so that you can enjoy yourself.
As a junior, I am enjoying my experience at Albany State University so far. the class sizes are small, just enough to connect with each other as well as the professors. Student life is fun. I am apart the school spirit committee.
This college is a well family and friendly college full of opportunities and great teachers willing to help
My experience at Albany State has been amazing freshman year opened my eyes to a lot such as being able to live on my own. Learning how to budget my expenses just learning the ways of adulthood. Albany State has provided a loving and caring environment that has given me the chance to mature and flourish as a person. The people at Albany State showed me nothing but care and always was around when you needed them. The only thing I would change is a better bus route and knowing when the bus comes but the app that would tell us sometimes don't be working so I would miss the bus and be late to class.
Albany is an awesome University to attend. As a freshman I love the fact that the support from both professors and upperclassmen were there when I needed them the most. Campus security is a plus as well.
Albany State University is an amazing University. This HBCU has many organizations to choose from that helps the community greatly. The campus is a very nice size, the dorms are very comfortable, and the students are amazing.
The Academic part of the school was pretty decent. I really enjoyed my classes and first time learning experience. The diversity was poor but of course it is a HBCU. The campus is nice kept well cut and clean. The athletic part and party scenes were A1. My professors were okay, some were hard to understand but that happens in college there are people from all over the world teaching. The dorms are decent depending on how you dress them up. The food is good it just gets old after a while. Campus is open nothing serious ever happened so I guess the safety was decent.
I love that the academic advisers are so helpful and want to see you succeed. The housing is very great, but just make sure when you are applying you get everything turned in ahead of time because admissions office and financial aid office moves so slow.
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What I enjoy about ALbany State University is the wide range of diversity. I like how each student of every background is included in different events held on campus. I like how each faculty and staff member is knowledgeable on the happenings of the campus.
So far I’ve loved going to asu everything has been great it’s a big change from High school they don’t be on you like in high they make you do things on your own it was hard for my my first year but i made it through but i just need some extra help with this scholarship
This University is a very well put open school that deeply cares about each and every student. This school cares deeply about it's academics and athletics. My experience thus far has been very pleasant. All professors work very well to help you understand, no student is left behind. The campus is updated and very clean and well groomed.
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