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Albany State University has the ability to be a great school if they would listen to the needs and concerns of their students. The one thing that I love about ASU is that it feels like a family because it is a small university and most professors will work with you. Unfortunately the Greek life is basically non-existent. The only reason I am still at ASU is because I am from Albany, Ga.
I like that there are a lot of people to the point where you are not singled out at anytime. Something that needs to change at Albany is some of the dorms. Two of them have community showers and they should re-model them.
Overall, Albany State University is a great college. We have two campuses and bus transportation that takes us back and forth. The two campuses are not the same. Whatever help anyone needs, can go to either campus to receive assistance. Although the cafe food is terrible, there are other spots on campus students can get food from.
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Albany State is a great school to attend. I have grew up a lot mentally since attending and learned a lot through different experiences. One of the things that I would like to see change in Albany State is the campus life for the students. I think there isn't enough school pride and student activities going on around campus to get students involved. I would also like to see a change in the eating facilities. Many of the cafeteria workers does not seem to be advanced into cooking simple dishes such as stir fry and different salads that are put together. I would also like to see a bigger cafeteria made. The high school that I attended had a bigger cafeteria than Albany State cafeteria.
My experience at Albany State University has been very rocky. My first semester of freshman year here was stressful due to financial aid and admissions office, they’re very unorganized and last minute with everything and it puts a lot of pressure on the students. As far as academics I would rate it a 4 star. Since I’ve been here my professors have been good so far
The professors there are organized and answer their emails in a timely manner. The campus is easily accessible because there is a east and a west campus. Overall the school is pretty good especially for nursing.
Albany State University is a great HBCU! From freshman orientation to move-in day, I've always felt as if I were in good hands. The housing staff, professors, and school staff are all very helpful, friendly, and family oriented! Professors are very thorough with lectures, learning material, and what is expected. Study groups are a plus! With the awesome interaction between peers and countless ways of communication, study groups are highly encouraged at ASU, and proven effective! Also, there are many tutoring sessions. There is no reason students should fail. Parties are awesome and anything to imagine! Campus life is amazing; however, some greek organizations are not on the yard. I love my HBCU and will definitely recommend to anyone to attend.
The financial aid office is a sad excuse, they don’t care. The instructors are ok, but really didn’t want to spend the extra money to go through 2 separate programs.
Albany state University is a college that encourages students to give their all and take pride in their academics. Albany State University promotes a positive atmosphere and provides students with a safe environment to focus on their studies. Not only is Albany State University a Safe and motivating college, it’s a college built on the foundation’s of unity, perseverance and respect.
Albany is nice and quiet place,but the Albany state campus is always busy.The parties are amazing,the food selection is great,the teachers are so helping and the dorms are like hotels!!
I love the atmosphere at the unsinkable Albany State University. I've learned so much from everyone and everything in my first semester. Getting to know the campus, professors and students will help you a long way here. Since I've been here, I have learned the importance of time and how valuable it is. Time management and responsibility are the main lessons you learn in college that will last you a lifetime. I love my HBCU!
I like the family and friendly feeling that the school has. I felt very welcomed when I first came here.
Amazing Campus!! I recently just got accepted here and I took a lovely tour around the campuses It is really a site to see!!
Financial Aid lacks quality costumer service, the campus is too open, food is not good. They need to work on renovating the dorms as well as the older buildings. The professors are either a hit or miss, you could get a great professor or a professor that doesn't care about your education.
Albany has a wide range of academic courses to choose from along with athletics. The walk around campus was warm and friendly and the diversity blew me away! The only change I want to experience at Albany would be to see me attending classes in the Fall of 2018!
i like how the campus is and like the people around. they are really friendly and all of them get along with each other
I have had a lot of trouble with this school. They lost my social security number costing me two sets of class credit and a lot a stress. As well they rarely are able to answer questions in a timely manor.
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As a dual enrollment student taking a hybrid class I spent little time on Darton's campus, however the experience I had at Darton was a great experience.
I am a freshman at Albany state university ! I am enjoying my time so far! The school is work friendly , and I also feel really Safe while traveling from class to class! Albany state is a great learning place and has amazing academics choice for students such as myself ! I a looking forward to fragyating from Albany state in 2021 , with my bachelors degree! The only thing that could be better is the timing for the transportation bus. I have overheard students complaining about how late the bus can be sometimes ; which causes them to be a bit late to class.
I love that Albany state is so big and open. You can literally make friends with anyone because most people are so nice. The housing is great and so it the food.
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