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Tuition > $40K. Dorm/housing-separate category of $13K.Academics is VERY POOR, acphs got probation for poor academics. As tuition increases, quality & programs decrease. It canceled study abroad & BS Chem. Weekend classes & removal of any national days-off are starting in 2018. It has a small gym. In case of snow days, it does a very poor job cleaning the roads for students, probs it doesn't care about them since they signed release form not to sue acphs for any reason. Profs don't know anything. You pay tuition to study on your own, profs are there to give you exams & papers. Food is AWFUL, in orientation acphs orders food from stores. In dining hall, food is very poor & expensive-$12/meal. God is your only safety, the public "safety" staff are scary & unfriendly. No security, all doors are opened 24/7 for the "safety of students." On the bright side you will experience some stress in your life. Good luck for choosing a pharmacy school. Go to St Johns, MCPHS, Lecom, Howard…
ACP is great for a student who is career driven and education focused. If you are into pharmacy, this is a great school to help you follow your dream. If you are into partying, you should probably apply to SUNY Albany instead. The academics are great, and most professors wan to see you succeed, however the social aspect could use some work.
This is a great school for students who are enrolled in the pharm D program. Otherwise they tend to overlook the BS students
Review Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
If you are in the PharmD program you have to do rotations (kind of like an unpaid internship) for 4 weeks each summer after your first professional year. Your 6th year is made up of 6-6 week rotations at a variety of different pharmacy locations. Many students have jobs before graduation.
You don't really get a variety of courses. There are very specific classes you must take for your program and you are only allowed to choose a few electives. You may not even get the elective you want as the registration process is horrible. You have to log in at exactly the right time and hope that the class is still available. They let a lot of people who do sports and are in specific programs register ahead of time so there aren't a lot of open seats left. Class sized are generally around 20-25 people for labs, electives, humanities and english classes. For science lectures they will contain your whole class so somewhere around 150 people. Professors are ok, sometimes you have to teach yourself. This college if an ok college but just be prepared to totally devote your whole life to school work. Very demanding and fast paced.
There are little to no campus crimes or sexual assaults on this campus. Public safety is always available if you call them but sometimes it can take a little for them to get to you. There are little blue lights that you can press if you feel unsafe and public safety will speak to you over the speaker there and come to you to walk you home.
The housing is OK at ACPHS. Freshman year I would say has the best housing believe it or not. The room I had in South Hall was pretty big and we had our own bathroom. Which is a big deal because most schools only have a bathroom that the whole hallway shares. Sophomore year housing lottery is SO bad. It is completely based on GPA so it can be difficult to get what you want. They fill up each suite which is 7 people with 2 toilets and 2 showers; or 5 people and an RA living with you with 2 toilets and 2 showers. Junior year you can choose to live in Holland/Princeton housing "on-campus", or move to UH College Suites which is technically off campus but it is the closest housing to the Student Center. You can also choose to get an apartment off campus.
We don't have Greek Life!!! We have one Fraternity that is barely even noticed and no one wants to join. There is a professional fraternity but you are only allowed in if you have a great GPA; probably above a 3.5.
Athletics isn't super popular at this school. The sports that are available are Men's and Women's Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field. Cross country is also available too. The gym is very small and is probably the size of a small highschool. The workout facility is VERY VERY small and can get busy making it hard to get your workout in as there isn't enough equipment.
This school is so different then what it is made out to be! A lot more challenging with little to no time for extra activities. Upon arriving at this school make sure to stay focused and devote your entire life to school. It's extremely expensive and getting any help from financial aid is difficult. The school is very small with about 200 kids per class year but I actually like that. It makes approaching teachers a lot easier.
Don't Attend, This school hasn't taught me a thing. I don't know how I plan to become a pharmacist one day or how I passed.
I have no complaints about health or safety on campus
The course load is heavy, the professors know this. The majority of courses are well set up.
I am not interested in Greek Life myself, but there are a couple of fraternities and sororities on campus
The school does not really emphasize sports, though it makes sense since this is a very science oriented school
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a very science oriented school. It is a small campus with exceptional facilities and staff. Though the food is sub-par.
Public safety is always roaming
Review Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Easy to get to know the professors
Pretty easy to get an internship
Lots of space and a bathroom in every room
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