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Albany College of Pharmacy has really been beneficial for me. Some courses may be hard, but professors are always open to meet with you to discuss material outside of class. The campus is beautiful and the people are really nice. There are also a number of resources at the school such as the peer tutoring program as well as the writing center both of which are made by appointment and helped me boost my grades last year.
This semester all of my classes are online. Some professors have made the material and exams harder because of it to avoid cheating, however, it has not made the class itself easier either. Other professors understand how online learning shouldn't change the difficulty of the class and have kept the level the same. Labs have been easier than they would be in-person, however, because it is online, the individual labs that take place each week is worth a lot more than it would be in-person.
Some classes are made to be more difficult online and it costs your GPA, but professors are easy to contact.
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Prepares you for the future and gives a lot of opportunities for work, internships, and involvement.
Luckily, before the pandemic hit and everything was virtual, ACPHS was already using the Zoom platform to record lectures and other videos. I believe this really helped the transition from in person instruction to online instruction go so much smoother. While being online isn't ideal for anyone, ACPHS professors and staff have handled it really well and managed to stay organized and on-task.
Before coming to ACPHS I was initially worried that I would not enjoy my experience here as much as my other friends who were going to various liberal arts schools. Now three years in I'm so glad this is the decision I made. ACPHS's tight-knit community, dedicated professors & staff, and overall values have far exceeded my expectations. Everything here is very student-oriented, and even though the curriculum is tough, they make it so you have plenty of opportunities to find help and succeed. I've made so many friends in the various clubs and organizations available on campus, and between these and other events held, I never felt like I was missing out on the traditional "college experience". It is an amazing school and I would highly recommend any student looking into a healthcare career look at ACPHS.
Due to moving online, all of my professors have been very good at reminding students of deadlines, sending out the zoom links on time, and are understanding if a technical difficulty occurs.
Overall ACP is a great place to be at. All of the students here are driven like me and care about their academics. The professors are all very willing to help if needed and ACP has a lot to offer.
ACPHS is a small college that gives me so many great opportunities. I made real connections with my peers and college staff as well. I love being involved on campus and staying active throughout the day. Since ACPHS has 40 clubs and professional organizations, there is always an opportunity for students to get involved. As the ACPHS community grows, the college grows as well. Planning multiple college renovations makes ACPHS look very modern and more interesting for incoming students. Throughout my struggles during the first year I was never afraid to ask for help from peer tutors and my peer mentor. So many helpful resources made me successfully progress into second year of pre-PharmD program and now I can help students be successful as well.
I am currently during hybrid (On campus with couple online lectures) and I really like this new set up. It puts more responsibility on me for staying on top of my work but it makes it safer for everyone on campus. I rely on my time management a lot as well as on my Outlook calendar to stay active and not miss any classes/meetings
The online learning experience is not the same as the in person learning experience, but it is still better than expected. The professors have weekly office hours via zoom and open discussion boards to encourage participation and questions.
I am a current student at ACPHS and I am grateful for the attentive staff and learning experiences that I have had. The campus is beautiful and there are so many clubs and activities on a weekly basis that it helps to ease the feeling of homesickness that students often get in the first few weeks away from home. Amazing professors and an overall great college experience.
I don't have any online experience with them. As far as I know, they only offer a handful of online classes.
A small, tight-knit school. Very rigorous programs with tons of opportunities for growth and professional and academic advancement. If you're looking for a rigorous school that's not impossible to get into, ACPHS is for you. Most well known for the accelerated pharmacy program, they also offer degrees like MIcrobiology and Public Health. I was a Micro student. They have a good library, decent parking, great campus housing (especially for upperclassmen) and I always felt safe on campus. Lots of opportunities for lab work. Overall good professors, especially for freshmen. Food is pretty good, lots of options and lots of places to get food nearby. Not a party school. Like any college, there is a little partying (mostly after finals), people on the whole take their college experience here very seriously. So it's good if you're a no-nonsense student.
I like that I am challenged by the classes I take and the people I meet. The students there are friendly to a degree, and it can get a little cliquish. The school itself does provide great opportunities for its students as well.
This school is perfect for me! Very small and focused on their students and always doing what is in their students best interest! I feel right at home.
Its a good school. The teachers are kid and proficient in their subjects and there is a lot of emphasis put on being focused on school and studying. As well, the students are, in general, cool and kind. There is not really anything I'd change regarding the school.
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When I first visited ACPHS, I did not care for the university at all. I disliked the campus, the rooms, the laboratories, and the academics. However, ever since I matured and became more serious about my medical career, ACPHS was the first place I turned to. I figured out ACPHS has an extensive six-year pharmacy program with several out of state universities like Castleton University in Vermont. It also has various duel degree programs with direct entry into various programs. Including PA school at AMC, JD at Albany Law, DO/MD schools, and the MS/PharmD here. Best of all, the small size of the school - it is an advantage when getting to know faculty and making friends. I think a student looking to pursue a healthcare profession should really consider making a trip to this top-notch university
I love the academics and staff here, but I don’t feel like I fit in with others students. The classes can be a little much at times, but it is definitely worth it to get your doctor of pharmacy degree in 5-6 years.
The education is top notch but there is no messing around at this school. You have to be driven to succeed and thus not let any common distraction get in the way or else you won't keep up.
The school is a very small community where you will be welcomed immediately and its quite easy to make friends on campus. Located in the middle of Albany, there is plenty to do such as go to the mall or go to the many parks or eat at one of many restaurants.
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