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ACPHS is academically challenging and I feel that I am being well prepared for my future as a pharmacist. I hope to see an improvement in professors.
I like most of the professors at the college and I love the small campus. Being so close to almost everyone at the school is very comforting and the professors really take time out of their days to help you. They all truly want to see you succeed.
I am a third year (P1) student at ACPHS and have been attending since first year, straight out of high school. I have seen many of my fellow classmates come and go throughout my time here and have contemplated leaving myself. Before attending school here there are a lot of things that you must know. First of all, if you do not know 100% that you want to be a pharmacist, do not go here. I repeat, if you don't know 100% that you want to be a pharmacist, go to a different school. If you come here and decide that this is not for you, chances are that none of your credits will transfer. This has happened to multiple people that I know and it is one of the reasons that I have decided to stay. The other thing to note is that the retention/graduation rate here is actually much lower than what they report. At the start of my first year we had around 200 students in our class and by the time that I got to P1 half of them had either dropped out voluntarily or failed out.
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Though I have just visited ACPHS, the small and interconnected campus makes any student feel as if they fit right in the community. The faculty and staff are always willing to answer any question an individual may have, and remain connected with the student through personal emails and discussions.
I am in my fourth year here at ACPHS and I have enjoyed my entire experience since being here. The school is small, which is nice because professors know who you are. It is easy to get involved and there is a great professional scene.
This school is amazing for anyone interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. It has a very tight-knit community.
I think that the atmosphere at the school is good and the people around me are very helpful and willing to support you
I am a first-year student here at Albany College of Pharmacy. Originally, I did not like it here and I was extremely homesick. However, as the year progressed I became very good friends with all of the other students. All of the staff and students here are so friendly. The campus is such a positive and welcoming environment.
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is an academic heavy school. It prides itself on preparing students for furthering their education and being successful. The faculty is great and everyone wants you to suceed. Although it is not easy, it is worth it!
I have attended ACPHS for almost four years and have enjoyed most aspects of the college. The dorms are above average, food quality and options have been improving, and there are a lot of tutoring and academic services. There are a lot of sport teams, clubs, and activities, as well as a lot of supportive professors. Academics can be challenging and expectations are not always fair, but for students struggling, there are a lot of options for assistance.
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a great school for a prospective pharmacy student to look at. The community is supportive, and small enough to allow you to get to know everyone. There are plenty of opportunities on campus, and a challenging, yet engaging class structure.
ACPHS is a great place for students passionate about a future in healthcare, especially in pharmacy. Academics are rigorous, but there are plenty of resources available for students to succeed. Campus community is very tight-knit and professors are always looking out for their students.
I like that its close to home and the teachers are very nice. As long as you keep up with the work although sometimes highly demanding it is possible. Some things i would like to see change is more sports available and more clubs. The food in the dining hall could improve as well.
ACPHS is a small college with a lot to offer students. The professors are very helpful and available outside of class time. The workload is difficult, but definitely manageable. It is easy to get involved on campus, and there are plenty of events and activities to do around Albany, NY.
I am pre-med student in the Bachelors of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) program. Despite being a science-heavy school, I believe that I have been well prepared in both the sciences and humanities, which have and will continue to become increasingly important in the medical field. I have had the freedom to choose from a variety of different courses to suit my interests and passions. The small class size has allowed me to form relationships with my professors, which would have been much more difficult for me personally I feel on a larger campus.
I can honestly say there is no other school for me. ACPHS is a family. Do we hate it sometimes? Of course, but there is a love for it too. The college is extremely difficult, but the student body is extremely supportive. It is awesome to have faculty recognize my face and know my name. You are not a number here. If you want a leadership opportunity this is a place for you! All you have to do is reach out to faculty and they will help you become a campus leader. It is easy to see why this place has a good reputation in the community. Just be warned, your experience here will not be like your friends. We do not have a big college campus, there are not a million clubs or even a ton of Greek Life. You will have to study often and hard. Not going to sugar coat it, academics are tough. However, you are given opportunities to succeed so take advantage of all resources and you will be fine!
ACPHS is a great school for students who are goal-oriented and who are willing to work hard to reach their their goal. The school provides many resources/services to help students succeed, and professors are very helpful and always willing to take the time to meet with students outside of the designated class time to provide them with the help needed. Despite the rigorous program(s), the school provides many opportunities to stay involved and maintain a balanced student life!
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ACPHS is a great school when it comes to preparation for your future with regard to the Pharmaceutical/ Health Sciences field. While ACP does have a rigorous program, if one has the heart and dedication to apply themselves in addition to finding enjoyment in the field of health sciences, this school is definitely the right spot to be. Nestled right next to Albany Medical Center, ACPHS has a great networking capabilities and, through the use of the right resources, amazing opportunities both while attending and after graduation. Having such a small size, the school has a tight-knit community and a smaller campus as well. If smallness doesn't bother you and you are content with building life-long relationships with your peers who all have the same interests as you, then ACPHS is definitely the right choice.
Albany college of pharmacy (ACPHS) is a great place to achieve your goal as becoming a pharmacist. ACPHS has a small community which allows for personalized connection among students and with the professors. All the students from ACPHS share a similar goal in working in Health care community in the future. We all major in either doctor of pharmacy, or other health care related topics. This allows the students to work together and build stronger relationships as many of us share the same classes. Because there is a lower ratio of students to Professors compared to bigger schools, it is easy to set up a meeting with the professors to ask any question regarding lecture materials and get to know them on a personal level.
If you are looking for a place to further your education in health sciences/ pharmacy, ACPHS is a good place to be.
ACPHS is definitely a great school of choice if you are dead-set on a career in pharmacy or health sciences. While the education is rigorous and challenging, it's the sort of challenging that has you feeling accomplished after you do well on a difficult assignment--stressful, but overall worthwhile. The food does get old after a few weeks, but it's by no means bad. It's just the frequency of eating the same things over and over, due to the little variety. But overall, picking this school is a decision I do not regret and I look forward to continuing my education throughout the next few years.