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I visited the college at an Open House. I really enjoyed the visit and how well organized and planned it was. Also, the choices the college gave the student such as creating your own schedule for the mini sessions which included all the programs. Besides the programs, there was mini information sessions that were helpful such as the "Admissions and Financial Aid", which gave an idea to the students and the parents about the cost.
Coming to ACPHS may be one of the best decisions I've ever made. The quality instruction, helpful professors and great campus atmosphere motivate me to succeed. Academically, socially and professionally, I feel confident that amazing things are on the horizon. I encourage all prospective students to check out the campus.
This college has lots of academic and research opportunities as well as tons of resources to help you succeed. However the college can be a bit boring as it is very small and is in the middle of Albany.
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ACPHS is a great college with an even better community of professors and students. The professors truly want you to succeed and are always willing to help a student who asks. The dorms are really nice and modern which make for a very comfortable living environment. I never feel unsafe on campus because everywhere you look there is a public safety officer. The food on campus is very diverse and even includes an ice cream and topping bar. The class sizes are small which makes it really easy to ask questions and get help from professors. The small class sizes also make it easy to make connections with professors and faculty that will help advance your career in the future. We don’t really have huge athletic events on campus due to our focus on education and career preparation. Overall, ACPHS has been an amazing place to spend the last two years of my life and I look forward to many more.
Best decision I've made to further my education in medicine. As a student in the Biomed Tech B.S./AMCs PA Program, I’m appreciative for the focus of classes. If I'd chosen Pre-Med elsewhere, I wouldn't be exposed to as many health sciences so early. Coursework is rigorous. Professors are passionate/knowledgeable. There are many resources to succeed at the difficult courses including office hours, review sessions, peer tutoring, writing center, the Science Assistance Center, and the Center for Student Success. They have various duel degree programs with direct entry into various programs. Including PA school at AMC, JD at Albany Law, DO/MD schools, and the MS/PharmD here. Res life is supportive, and dorms have AC and private bathrooms! 2nd year most students have private bedrooms. Food's been steadily improving. The cafe on campus is unique and popular. The dining hall is receptive to critiques/change. I highly recommend to anyone seeking a rigorous and well-known degree in health.
I enjoy the close-knit community on campus and the accessibility of professors here. The early assurance program takes a lot of pressure off about entry into the professional pharmacy program and creates a less negative competitive environment. The college directors have some room for improvement in gathering student input before making large decisions and being more in touch with our needs and wants.
ACPHS prepares students not only academically, but also personally and professionally. This school provides that knowledge that you need to succeed in any future career. Although the workload is rigorous, we are taught to manage our time to finish everything and still have room to enjoy college. Because it is a small school, the student-to-faculty ratio is perfect and allows students to reach out for help whenever it is needed. Everyone is extremely friendly and it is overall, a great community to be in.
ACPHS has always been my dream school since I was young. Although I started college as an engineering student I quickly saw that my passion lies within science and pharmacy was the path I took. ACPHS has opened many doors of opportunity for me to become the pharmacist I will one day be. As you have probably read the curriculum is intensive and time demanding but that doesn't mean you can't do it, it just means you have to put in the work and the effort to achieve your goal. The professors are very helpful most of them have open door policy they are always ready to help. We also have peer tutoring and professional tutoring so you can always get help via any of these avenues. In terms of activities outside of campus that solely depend on what your interest lies. There are off campus community activities that students are involve in but you have to look into it. I love ACPHS and I believe I choose the right school for me because ACPHS education will get me to where I want to be
The atmosphere here at ACPHS is truly inspiring. The faculty and staff are always willing to accommodate students in whatever ways they can. The on-campus environment is safe and comfortable. A great school for a health care major!
I chose to attend Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences more for the potential benefit the school offers, and I can definitely say I am not let down. This school has it's ups and downs, but it is golden for the focused students who attend. The school provides everything for it's students to ensure success, and it's up to the students to utilize it's full capabilities. Other than education, the campus is small so attention is individualized and everybody can receive the help they deserve. On the downside however, extracurricular activities such as sports and parties aren't ACPHS's strong suit. If you aren't doing work or studying, there isn't much else left for students to do on campus to entertain themselves. Overall the school is definitely worth it and the connections you can make are definitely helpful to the students and their respective career paths and futures.
A prospective incoming freshman, I applied for the early action because I was interested in becoming a pharmacy technician. I got the enrolled information right after Christmas, and they contacted me through texts, emails, and facebook group. Because I was in California, I couldn't make it to the virtual tour, so they were generous enough to schedule a time to have a FaceTiming communication.
Very hard courses so you have to be determined and dedicated. The campus its self is kind of blah. The amount of money that has to be paid for tuition is not shown anywhere in the campus. It is clear they are taking pure profit from us students. This is not the campus of choice if you are someone who likes to do fun activities. The activities they offer are usually geared towards an elementary student, not an adult. This school is is really only for people who want to study and that's about it.
I think that the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is the type of college where you can find a home and a strong academic community to support you throughout your years. While the college course work is very difficult and lacks in certain areas of student engagement, there is an effort to connect the members of the community in all programs. The college does encourage students to be engaged they lack in understanding the course load that students are under and their inability to participate in such activities. Should the college change the way students and faculty interact with equal communication between the two groups, there would be a better understanding for the students' needs and the faculty's expectations.
PROS: I chose to attend ACPHS because of the genuine passion amongst the colleges’ professors & advisors. Two years ago, during a program for incoming freshmen, I had the opportunity to speak with the professors & the way they deeply valued teaching and facilitated learning endeavors inspired my decision to come here. I felt (and still feel) that students can receive a well-rounded education with a supportive & enjoyable learning environment at ACPHS.

CONS: If the Pharmacy or healthcare field is not a passion of yours, I would advise you to not attend the school. If you leave, it may be difficult to transfer credits into other institutions. ACPHS is not a very diverse institution. Although it is trying to improve on diversity & multiculturalism, if you are a person of color you'll definitely experience some culture shock when you arrive on campus. Lastly, receiving sufficient financial aid from the school can be difficult, so you need to be persistent when discussing your aid.
It's always what you make of it. Professors are always willing to meet if you ask because they want you to do well, but you have to take the initiative. Being such a small school doesn't afford a lot of sports but the ones that are established do very well. This past fall both the cross country team and the women's soccer team went to nationals. As a rigorous school, there aren't as many parties but there are neighboring colleges that have more. As a community, it's very close and when you're in clubs and teams it makes it all better. Making ties with upperclassmen is nice because they are always willing to lend a helping hand with adjustments or academics. There is always something going on, on or off campus, so you're never bored.
ACPHS is a good college. The administration is pro-student, they are always available to help and answer any questions. I think the administrative employees in financial aid, admission, are amazing. They always tried to help me when I had issues. In a great extent, I am studying here because of them, they were so nice to me and helped me so much during my application process and that's something I did not find in any other college. The classes can be hard, according to the rigor that any professional program have. SOME classes are recorded and that's a great tool to go over the material again. Also, there are a lot of professional organizations and clubs so If you are a person that like to be involved in several extracurricular activities that might be a good option for you. Overall, ACPHS is an excellent college that prepare their student properly to practice their profession correctly with integrity and responsibility. It was the best choice for me, and I don't regret it at all!
As much as it may be stated in other reviews, I really admire the small size of the school - it is an advantage when getting to know faculty and making friends. I am very close with my academic advisors, and the department that oversees my program has been very helpful in guiding me academically. Academic rigor varies with each program, but overall, it is very difficult. A majority of students are focused and driven, and the environment can be very competitive at times. Although coursework is challenging, it is for a reason: ACPHS seeks to prepare students to become future healthcare professionals. That being said, there are student-run tutoring programs that offer to help students with coursework, and the faculty is very welcoming and open to offering help if you just ask! Overall, as a student who knows they want to develop a career as a healthcare professional, I believe attending ACPHS was one of the best decisions I could have made.
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ACPHS is a great college choice if you're ready to work hard to achieve your goals and step out of your comfort zone. The academics are extremely challenging, but the support you get from students and faculty around campus make it worth while. At ACPHS you're not just a student in a lecture hall, faculty will get to know you if you put in the effort to get to know them too. I did have a difficult time adjusting from a high school learning/study to the rigorous course-load that ACPHS has to offer, but the experience has been proven worth it through all of the leadership experience, the professional experience, and the volunteer experiences I've had at ACPHS thus far.
Great people, everyone is willing to help. Awesome food and fantastic programs. I enjoyed my time visiting and can't wait to attend. Their programs are really great and the scene is wonderful. The location is very nice and the dorms are absolutely perfect. The campus is small, which is perfect for easily getting around. I felt very safe while visiting and it is a very friendly neighborhood. I definitely recommend checking it out, the advisors are great to talk with and work hard to help with the application process.
ACPHS is academically challenging and I feel that I am being well prepared for my future as a pharmacist. I hope to see an improvement in professors.