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While it is a rigorous program (PharmD), at the end of the day I know I am getting a very high-level education, and all the campus resources make it manageable. I chose this school for its close-knit feeling, and the connections made through this school can't be beat.
Overall, I have enjoyed going to school. I like the small school feel and the accessibility of professors. However, like many schools, some professors are terrible. Another pro is that it is easy to get involved in clubs and research on campus. I do wish that the administration was more open to change and to student opinion into consideration more often.
Overall my experience here at ACPHS has been very good. The classes for the most part take place in a lecture hall, but aren't too big. The professors always have office hours and want to help each and every student to succeed. One big positive about ACPHS is that everyone at the school are taking the same classes, and all want to pursue a medical-field related career. If you're interested in pursuing a career in the medical-field, I would definitely consider ACPHS and attend one of the open houses to get a feel for what the college has to offer and all the programs.
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Very good school- academically challenging, but when you graduate with a pharmacy degree, you get a doctorate in six years and are immediately prepared to be working efficiently in your field. Totally worth it in my book!
My experience at ACPHS has been very good overall. This college is very small which allows you to have more personal connections with other students and professors. The bachelor of science students have more research opportunities and the pharmacy students have more opportunity to talk to different professors who are pharmacists in different fields. Every one is very friendly and helpful because every one is here to reach the same goal which is to help people. This is not an easy school but if you feel you are up for a challenge this is a good school for you!
I am currently a junior at ACPHS and have had an amazing few years here at the college. I am enrolled in the PharmD program and am currently in my P1 year. I love the school because the attention you get from professors because of the smaller class size is extremely helpful and has completely altered my learning experience. Professors at the college are proactive in helping their students when you seek help. It's also so easy to get involved on campus and find things to do outside of the classroom. Everyone is there to help one another and there are wide array of resources on campus to help any individual that is struggling or needs extra guidance. I'm really excited for my next four years with ACPHS and for the location, program and campus this school was perfect for me.
Overall, I feel like I've learned so much at this school. It can be quite stressful and frustrating at times, but I think it has given me a good education and has set me up for a successful future.
I love that ACPHS is a small campus. Even though we are small, there are so many resources for us students (Writing center, Science Assistance Center, tutoring services, etc). Furthermore, all the faculty are super helpful and accessible. I know I can turn to them if I have any questions/concerns with the course material. Lastly, the small campus feel allows students to form personal bonds with each other.
ACPHS is a wonderful school that has really developed into my home; the small school makes for a great sense of community, the rigorous course work challenges us every day, and the people you meet and the friendships you make here are so amazing. The student to faculty ratio makes it so easy to get help whenever needed; the professors here really seem to care about their students and want to see every student succeed. Although small, the campus is beautiful, especially at this time of year! The surrounding Albany area has tons to do- there are great restaurants, places to shop, festivals, and more. The food on campus could use some work, but since there are so many restaurants in the area, it's easy to get a break from "cafeteria food" and get something different. The dorms here are very spacious and far above the average dorm at a typical college. Overall, if you're looking for a small school with specialized, rigorous science and health programs , ACPHS is the school for you.
I have had a great experience thus far at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. It is very easy to get involved, and there is a good balance between academic and social life.
I'm a commuter, and plan on transferring out at the end of the semester. I want to change my major and eventually go to a college where I can live on campus. It's okay here, nothing really special about it.
I'm a second year international student at ACPHS, there is always something fun going on campus. The professors are super friendly and have flexible office hours for students to pass by and ask questions. Try to be involved in clubs/ sports on campus in order to make friends and get involved. Being an international student far away from home, I was very glad that I picked ACPHS, a school that is diverse ,and welcomes students to their next 4/6 years of your life with open arms.
The reason I chose ACPHS was for the research opportunities. I was able to work in a lab with material I was interested in. Not only did the professor provide me with the procedure, but also explained the importance and function of each element. Everything was explained in an applicable way and I was able to work around my class schedule. Working in a lab gave me the basic entry level I needed to start applying to internships and to further my career. (Pharmaceutical Sciences major)
In the first week school my roommate dropped out it's that bad here. Classes are insanely hard, I haven't eaten in days due to the food being so bad, there is nothing to do on campus (even though you'll never have free time), and no one in the area is competent; especially at the medical center near by. They also tell you the wrong books to buy, then when class comes you have to buy a whole new set. Also the busses WILL hit you while crossing the street. Flex dollars are BS as well.
The academics taught by ACPHS are a solid return on investment because the teachers at the college are, for the most part, from my experience--amazing. There are issues with the campus food and college administration/politics influencing the students negatively. Upper administration will make decisions at the college without asking the opinion of the students or SGA then students will hear the news. It makes for a rather negative opinion of the leaders of the college. It can create a negative atmosphere at times. To reiterate, the professors are very supportive of student's careers, especially if you find one that you connect with and to be your mentor. It is just an issue of college politics.
ACP is great for a student who is career driven and education focused. If you are into pharmacy, this is a great school to help you follow your dream. If you are into partying, you should probably apply to SUNY Albany instead. The academics are great, and most professors wan to see you succeed, however the social aspect could use some work.
This is a great school for students who are enrolled in the pharm D program. Otherwise they tend to overlook the BS students
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If you are in the PharmD program you have to do rotations (kind of like an unpaid internship) for 4 weeks each summer after your first professional year. Your 6th year is made up of 6-6 week rotations at a variety of different pharmacy locations. Many students have jobs before graduation.
You don't really get a variety of courses. There are very specific classes you must take for your program and you are only allowed to choose a few electives. You may not even get the elective you want as the registration process is horrible. You have to log in at exactly the right time and hope that the class is still available. They let a lot of people who do sports and are in specific programs register ahead of time so there aren't a lot of open seats left. Class sized are generally around 20-25 people for labs, electives, humanities and english classes. For science lectures they will contain your whole class so somewhere around 150 people. Professors are ok, sometimes you have to teach yourself. This college if an ok college but just be prepared to totally devote your whole life to school work. Very demanding and fast paced.
There are little to no campus crimes or sexual assaults on this campus. Public safety is always available if you call them but sometimes it can take a little for them to get to you. There are little blue lights that you can press if you feel unsafe and public safety will speak to you over the speaker there and come to you to walk you home.