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I am so happy I chose to attend APU. I was a student at UAA before and didn't like it at all. The classes were too large and the teachers didn't make me feel cared about. UAA was expensive and had way too many fees for things that didn't even affect me like sports fees and arts fees. APU also offers more online classes than UAA and has a different class schedule that allows students to complete their classes faster (Modules, Blocks, and Sessions). I will continue my education through APU for my Bachelor’s degree and hope to earn my Associates in the spring of 2021.
Stay away--go to a real university! In my first year, fundamental classes were often cancelled by the professor. Course offerings are very limited. In pursuit of a proper education, I took the courses I needed at UAA, and found them to be more rigorous. The (too) well funded FAST lab generates some good scientists, but many of the students in this lab present thesis work that one would more likely find at the end of a 300 level science course term project. Staff and administration (especially IT) is quirky, but generally effective. Campus is nice.
Alaska Pacific University is an amazing school. It has a small amount of students so class sizes are smaller, meaning students get more one on one time with professors. It also has a unique learning style with the active learning program. This university is unique and has an amazing community.
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I really enjoy the on line collaborative learning available. Fits well working full time and going to school full time.
The availability of degrees is limited, with only a handful of majors available, but the variety of classes in those select programs are very good. There are certain issues with the buildings, staff, and faculty that the student body aren't happy about as a whole, but you'll find things like that at every school.
They provide internships which is a great way to find employment after graduating
There hasn't been much activity regarding safety
No experience in campus housing
Staff is really nice. Interview was great. Very good experience so far.
There is limited sports at this university
Classes are small and interesting. School offers excellent classes and majors in outdoor studies, sciences and psychology. Professors are intelligent and helpful. Academic advisors are helpful and interested in your success.
I feel very safe on campus. I have no knowledge or experience with crime on campus.
Small and interactive classroom settings with dedicated and caring professors make the learning process interesting and motivated.
APU does not have traditional varsity sports teams but has a very successful Ski team and prominent community in various other outdoor sports.
No one is peer pressured and it is not enlightened.
The party scenes are always positive and welcome the students.
The are always advertising the night life to students to go join.
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The diversity is great you see students from around the world and everyone is accepted.
They offer environmental science, marine biology, psychology and more. The registration process went easy and the professors welcome the students.
The safety and security is great they always aware awareness to the students.
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