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Alaska Career College is an amazing place, the professors there are all about you and the classes are small so you have a better chance of asking questions and understanding better.
Alaska Career College is one of the most helpful and kind places I've been. They really aim for your success and assist with finding a job after graduation.
The school is great. The teacher are awesome. The education I'm receiving is amazing. I'm very happy with my choice to attend Alaska Career College. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Review Alaska Career College
I really enjoyed my experience at ACC. At the start, we were presented with laptops which, 4 years later are still functioning well. I liked the instructors. Most, if not all of the business instructors had either owned a business or currently own a business. They were open-minded, intelligent, patient, and always presented a great attitude towards the students. My favorite instructor was Bobette Stubblefield. She was sweet, had patience for days and was an amazing accounting instructor. I do have to say that I watched as more than one student wasted their opportunity at a great future. But, at the same time, I saw the staff and faculty pull more than one student out of a deep, dark hole. Overall, the staff at Alaska Career College work hard to make sure that every student that passes through their halls has more than ample opportunity to complete their program. I've never seen a group of people care about strangers the way that they do at ACC.
I haven't personally transferred any credits, but I know of some other students that have. They had no problems at all. As far as flexibility, the class I chose was a weekend class and that's why I chose it.
Everyone is willing to give a helping hand. If there's something you don't understand the staff will go out of their way to find you and answer.
I pretty confident that once I graduate I will definitely have a career in my field of study. The two week externship is basically a two week interview. I feel really good about my prospects.
The classes fly by fast and the workload can be a bit overwhelming, but the teachers are always there to help you succeed.
The instructors here are the best and their only agenda is for the students to succeed. There's more of a friendship than a student teacher relationship and I think that's awesome!!!
As long as you communicate with the school faculty, everything can be sorted out and settled.
I personally don't have any knowledge about online courses, but we do have online assignments, along with a good majority of our testing occurs online as well.
At the end of our program, we have the chance to have an externship in the environment we want, and it can even be an out-of-state location.
Many people interact with each other, despite program differences. We also do an additional class called "Thought Patterns" that provides us the tools to mentally cope with the stress during our schooling along with our careers
MUCH BETTER than the other university I has originally applied for and much more goal- and student-oriented, where everything is to have future successful business associates, CMAs, phlebotomists, etc.
Overall it's just cool and mind-boggling at both how fast the programs past by, along with how close you end up with the classmates you entered with. Everything that on the curriculum, is related to actual skills in our field.
It's amazing all-around! The staff and instructors have the intention for ALL their students to succeed in their field. Offers free tutoring, free transportation, school laptop, and much more. Very fast-paced and flexible in class availability or scheduling.
I don't have online classes.
Review Alaska Career College
they have an amazing career services group.
Teachers have experience in the career field they are teaching in. They have real life experiences and advise.
I love that the school helps place me in a program that I love and help me find an externship and a job after graduation.
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