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The staff are extremely helpful and always there to guide you in your path. Professors are always available to help you succeed in your class. Campus is nice and pretty.
I took some classes online and my professors are always available to assist me and help me better understand the material. I email them frequently and they respond that same day.
I took all of my classes online. Most of the professors were very organized and let me know about my assignments ahead of time. They gave me enough time to complete assignments and study for tests.
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I like that a lot of their classes are online and allow me to work while attending school. I wish more of their degree programs were online.
Had a great time here. Returned to school after 30 years. Had a hard time adjusting, but the teachers were understanding and helped me out a lot
Took one online course and because of the pandemic, spring and summer turned to online. It was difficult because it was a culinary program, but they made it work
I have been able to take a majority of my classes online.All of my professors have been helpful and friendly. My professors answer my questions in a timely manner. The tuition is decent considering the education I am getting.
My online learning experience with Alamance has been good. All of my classwork has been completely online. I have been able to take a majority of my course classes online. My professors are helpful and friendly. They respond to my emails in a timely manner. I am given adequate time for all of my assignments.
Great college with various opportunities to improve and get connected with your choice of major and many job opportunities
The online experience was new but It can be adjusted to in ways if your professors are great at doing things online
It hasn’t been a very interesting experience but it’s not that bad in fact its like way simple then you would think
I had one online class and it was very interesting but sometimes communication can be hard when professors are sick
I got my GED here and have taken some continuing ed classes over the years. I am extremely excited about starting in the fall.
Looks good. Easy to navigate the site. Have never experienced any technical issues such as lag time or problems signing on. It is the up most perfect online experience if you love learning in the comfort of ones home.
ACC is a good 2 year college. It has some staffing issues, I think. Some of the instructors could definitely be better as far as teaching and listening to their students. However, there are also some wonderful teachers there as well. The campus is lovely and there are a wide array of students. Old, young, different ethnicities, and backgrounds. All in all, it was a good learning environment.
I love the teachers and the classes I am taking. As a transfer student I'll be transfering to Appalachian State University. Community college was definitely the way to go for me it helped me adjust to becoming an adult and honestly it also is saving me money.
The teachers are all very invested in student improvement. There are always security and safety officers patrolling and open to help anyone if there are any concerns about personal safety.
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Very good teachers overall, with passion for their feilds. Good explanation of course material and plenty of resources for many different types of situations (eg. Veterans, Financial Aid, Tutoring, Work-Study).
My experience at Alamance Community College has been great. The faculty and staff go out of their way to make sure students are getting the education they need to meet certain degree requirements.
I am working on my last semester at Alamance Community College. At first I wasn't thrilled to be going to a Community College, but I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The education here is much more rigorous than I thought and the college provides tons of programs and degrees, focusing on transfers and higher education. The campus also provides a lot of student activities, clubs, and honors societies. I also saved a ton of money. Overall, very pleasant experience.
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