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Alamance CC is a great school! The campus is beautiful! It looks big enough to be a university. They have great teachers and very active student life.
ACC is a great school. The faculty and staff really care about the students. I have visited many of my instructors during their office hours to ask a question or work through a problem I had. They have always been more than willing to help me understand the material. I also love the diversity of students, especially the large range in ages of students in my classes. I think it makes class discussion much more interesting!
The staff at ACC are very supportive of their students and help them succeed. If you don't understand something they are more than happy to assist you. The teachers are amazing and I haven't had a negative experience with one during my two years there.
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Alamance Community College is a growing school. I am enjoying my classes and nursing teachers. My nursing teachers and understanding and knowledgeable since they have worked in the field. There is a lot of hands on learning for the nurses courses. I have not experienced any issues with safety or an issue with campus food. I put 1 star for local area because the campus is next to a high way and there is not a lot that surrounds the campus. This school is not known for parties and there is no dorms/housing areas. We do not receive emails about people bringing weapons to campus or hear about sexual assaults. I feel like this school is safe. I am eager to learn more and continue my education.
Like i mentioned in the online classes review, ACC made it easy to get classes to fit m schedule. However I must say it got harder as I was finishing my associates degree, because there were fewer classes I could take, or would be interested in taking.
I loved taking classes online! I was able to do all sorts of things and keep my own schedule while completing tons of courses I otherwise would have had to sit through. It made having a job so much easier. You just need to be motivated.
From what I understand ACC does not have that great of a graduation percentage. The classes are good if you apply yourself.

A degree is a degree though, it should get you somewhere, however, you can only do so much with just an associates degree these days. On the other hand, if you are looking to get your four year degree but don;t want to spend a fortune and take out all sorts of loans, then ACC is the place to go to get through all of your general education courses. Just make sure you focus the general education courses and electives towards your intended major to help yourself out.
  • Mar 9 2016
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ACC is a good place to begin and with so much to offer students.
There were lots of resources to access.
I went as a CCP student. I loved my experience and the resources that were made available to me.
Transferring credits were a piece of cake. My classes are very flexible
At first I thought online classes were a nightmare due to the fact that I've always been in a classroom setting. After the first two weeks you get into the swing of things fairly easy and learn how to manage your time according to your lifestyle. Registration was very easy, thanks to my advisor. Professor and student relationship is very poor , I'm into my 4th week , I emailed my teacher on our noodle website the second week of class and she still hasn't responded so I let it go. That's the only reason I rated it okay. Lastly, you can't make your classmates reply to your feedback so it's best to keep commenting to your other peers and wait for a response.
Just getting started but I know the career center is very helpful and welcoming .
  • Feb 4 2016
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Class size is small or the average size of a high school classroom making it a more personal setting for students.
They have writing centers on campus and online . You can call and set up a scheduled appointment by phone after you've emailed your paper for revision. They make sure your taking the right classes to lead you in the right path of your goals.
  • Feb 4 2016
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Workload is fair , I've mastered time management and everything is going smoothly. We got straight into the curriculum, I loved that.
The classrooms are small so there's more interaction with the teachers. The professors I've come in contact with so far are very friendly and understanding. Admissions process was fast and easy. My advisor is excellent , she managed my classes so I can balance work and taking care of my son. Overall great experience so far!
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I took five online courses in my high school year and it was great. The information was easy and I can turn the assignments whenever I want as long as it is before the due date. I can even work ahead. When I started an online course in college I realized it wasn't that easy. For one, the timing. In high school, I was in a classroom and was able to do my work during that time period. In college, there isn't a classroom. You work on it on your own which made it a bit difficult. I didn't have a lot of assignments to turn it, but we did have to read on our own and the powerpoint of the notes were not helpful in my opinion. Overall, it was not a very good experience for me and I dropped the course. Some courses are better off learning in a classroom.
At the moment, I do not have a specific major at my school. I am under the university transfer program. I will be majoring in psychology, so at the moment I am taking psychology. I took sociology last semester. I am taking biology as well. I feel like the classes I am currently taking will help me with my major.
What I like about my school is that the classes are smaller, so the students are able to connect with the teachers in a more personal level. Most teachers are understanding when something comes up. If I need help, it is easier to go to my teacher and ask for it than a classroom full with 30+ students. My school has a writing center and a skills lab for free help if needed.
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