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Some decent teachers at this school but I would've rather have gone elsewhere. The Financial Aid department is horrendous. They do not let you takeout loans and if you're given a scholarship, do not be surprised if they revoke it for no reason or reduce the scholarship amount significantly. ACC has given a 1 cent scholarship before. Felt like the school didn't care about student success but rather only cared about money. I don't recommend this school
Financial Aid is very easy to communicate with. Advisors do everything they can to help. Classroom size is nice.
My admissions experience was excellent I was walked through every step that needed to be done to make sure my enrollment went smoothly. Everyone I have met so far a very kind and always willing to help.
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My experiences at Alamance Community College have been very positive. I first started out in a Nursing degree but ended up with an Early Childhood Education degree. My time here has been spent as an honors student and being active in my classes. The college has helped me get my footing in my future and has prepared me to be the best that I can be.
I have had an overall amazing expiernce with Alamance Community College. The advisors are of great help, the teachers seem to genuinely care and want to make sure you understand. They offer tutoring and a writing center to help with essays. The facility is overall good and they are adding on to improve it more.
I had excellent teachers and a range of difficulty in classes. There were so many resources offered to students; ACC was a great experience!
Alamance Community College provides a safe and home-like environment. ACC has many options for students to be able to interact with each other, that being if you are interested in clubs. Throughout the campus you are always able to find a place where you feel comfortable. Also, ACC has designated areas where you can sit and work on assignments without having disruptions, the main area for this would be the library. ACC has hard-working professors in each department that will take their time and work with each and every student that may need help. The professors never have trouble sitting down and focusing on each student and will make time with need of study sessions or simply extra help. Lastly, ACC is a great place for students looking for a safe and welcoming environment for students who are working on their future to pursue the career that they choose.
The resources available to help students are amazing. Nobody goes there without coming out a better person, and a graduate!
Hello, guys. If you are looking to attend a 2 yr college, Alamance Comm College is one of the best options for you. It is a really great and beautiful school with great and kind teachers who do their work thoroughly. It is a really nice environment.
The staff is friendly and welcoming. I like the way the online classes are organized. The staff is helpful. Emails are responded to fairly quickly.
The overall quality of learning, attention given by professors, and reasonable tuition have all contributed to making my experience at Alamance Community College extremely positive and educational. Having taken nearly two years of classes here, I feel completely prepared to transfer my credits to a 4-year university and succeed in my chosen major.
All of my teachers were great, and it was a good learning environment. It was easy to communicate with teachers, and they all had good teaching methods.
My experience has been great overall. I am close to finishing the college transfer program and have been accepted to Appalachian State University in the fall of 2018. Because of my experience, I was able to apply and be accepted by my first choice school. The college transfer program is highly appreciated.
Alamance Community college is a 2 year community college that does a great job with teaching. I personally have not had a teacher that i haven't liked, the its just a nice tight knit little environment. A few things to look at changing is really just the security there. Security is really slacking in my opinion, it would take too long for them to get to a fight or other problems that could pop up at a campus.
I love the professors. the counselors are available most of the time when you need them. Its a perfect opportunity for me to finish a degree so I can get into the nurse program.
Alamance Community college is a 2 year college which means it is not as big as a university. The classes are smaller than usual and that helps a lot with being able to actually know the professor and communicating with them. From my experience the professors are very kind and go out of their way to make sure their students understand the material and are passing the class.
I like that You get the help you need and they are willing to go above and beyond to get you to where you want/need to be.
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Overall I enjoyed my time at ACC. My teacher was excellent and always willing to help! The only thing I didn't like was at night when when some of the street lights weren't working, I would walk to my car without much light. Other than that, I have no complaints.
My experience at Alamance Community College wasn't like many other college students experience. I wasn't able to experience college like I wanted to because I had to focus on not just school, but work as well. I decided to start working two jobs so I could transfer in January of 2018. I have been working so hard to get into a good school and if I wanted that, I needed to work for it. I did work most of the time I was at Alamance Community College, but the little free time I had I decided to get involved as much as I could. I really liked that the Criminal Justice club gave me the opportunity to get inside a prison. I wouldn't really change much about ACC, I have learned so much and got to work with many police officers. My teacher, Ms. Holt, was one of the best professors there. I got to see if the career I had chosen was for me, and her class, Investigative Principles, made me realize I didn't want to become a crime scene investigator.
Pretty good for a community college. I've liked all my professors so far. There is a fairly large selection of classes to take.
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