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My experience here as a freshman was challenging but the staff were very helpful and encouraging. My RA became my mentor.
First off, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for your college scholarship. My name is KarLee Turner. I am a freshman at Alabama State University majoring in Business.

My experience here at ASU have been phenomenal. The instructors are great and I have been doing well in my classes. My decision to go to college has been the best choice I have made thus far. My goal is to graduate and open my own business. However, right now I am having a hard time paying for college and really need help with my tuition.

Please consider me as your recipient and I will make sure I represent your establishment with dignity and honor.
Alabama State is a very diverse place . I do enjoy going to school here. I believe college is what you make it. Going to Alabama State was a different environment for me. The campus is okay . They have different events that happens on campus .
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I think that Alabama State University is great I can tell along with my peers that my knowledge has expanded tremendously. That has much to do with my professors here at Alabama State. This is only my second semester here. I feel as if I have made the best decision.
This University will teach it's students a lot about resilience, due to the fact that there is always something wrong, that students have to overcome and make the best of! Students will graduate in 4 years with the strength to overcome any obstacles thrown their way. In addition, The instructors are mostly lenient, so the course load is not very heavy.
I really am glad that I made the choice to attend ASU! The school has been nothing but great since move in day back in August. From student life to the actual academic life, everything is great.
I love the diversity what I would like to see change is the attitude of some of the people that suppose to help the students but don't
My experience at ASU has been an overall eye opening one. ASU has opened my eyes to life as an full time college student, the culture of African Americans and how we can live, study, learn, and have fun together. I like ASU because it feels like home although there is some changes I would like to see happen which are the female dorms, more workers for a cleaner campus, and more chicken in the cafe!
Overall, I just like the whole environment because you will never feel left out no matter where you are. It's an easy place to make friends and maybe find your true love, if you're patient. one thing that can be changed is the café food. We don't like to eat the same stuff once and a week or eating pizza that has thick cheese.
Alabama State University is a great school for the overall HBCU experience, this school is best known academically for education, history, and criminal justice majors. I see a lot of potential and most professors in that field, but as far as my field I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in computer science, I just wish the school had better professors who wouldn't just write notes and expect you to learn that way. I wish we could have done more with applications and new era computer skills. Also just needs a more exciting view on computers science. Overall ASU is a great spirited school with the best band in the land! I loved president Boyd! She was like no other president I seen, actually seeing a university president care for the students like she did was amazing.
The only thing i would like to see change is the cafeteria food. Besides that there isnt much else to change about this college. Student life here is awesome once you find the right people to hangout with and the right professors to take for courses, its full of great history and wisdom and some of the parties here make it that much better. Other resturants in and around campus makes up for the food in the college cafe but overall any student will really enjoy the student life experience at Alabama State University.
My experience at Alabama State University is great 👍🏽 I'm not finish but so far it's been treating me well.. Being on the football team seeing how that life is and also having the wonderful experience of running track as well.. Just the whole vibe and just being at a HBCU is priceless..
I love Alabama State university for many of reasons. One would be because it's an HBCU school & you'll learn things that you've never knew before. Also, I like the food choices in the cafe and on campus. I love how there's always something to do on campus no matter what day it is so you're never bored.
the band is amazing and needs a lot more recognition than it gets a lot of people are sleep on the marching hornets when they really have a lot of potential
So far I like attending ASU. The professors I have are welcoming with open arms. They are always willing to help you with any problems you may have. The only thing I would like to see changed is renovating the buildings. Some of these buildings are so old and run down. Overall ASU to me is I good school to go to.
As a Student at Alabama A&M University I have had a wonderful experience throughout my 3 years attending the school. The school has provided a excellent academic program and opportunities for me. also this school has helped me grow as an individual by allowing me to network with others.
My experience has been bad the dorms are really dirty the class rooms as well and i haven't really learn anything here, admissions is very unorganized and rude many people are leaving here.
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I love my HBCU. Students on this campus really have school spirit. Everyone looks out for everyone. It's no problem asking anyone for help, if needed. The staff here are really nice and understanding. They make sure that everything is with the students no matter what.
Honestly the most our campus police are worried about is giving boots for not having a parking decal! The community around our school isn't the best but we deal!
Alumni network is pretty big they support a lot of different things on campus.
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