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Alabama State University is a great HBCU. The atmosphere there is wonderful. You get meet different from all over the United States and other foreign countries. The people are friendly and kind.
Great HBCU. Campus life needs improvement but a lot of great people come from this school. The history there is rich and the culture and love here is amazing. An experience I will never forget.
I have been with Alabama State University for several years and I love that it has come from behind to be one of the best looking HBCU's campus-wide. its rich heritage has to be one of the richest heritage hence-forth. I believe if Alabama State University works on its turnaround time with students paperwork it will be more efficient to the University and most of all the students and parents. i enjoy being part of the Alabama State University and it Academic environment that it provides.
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Going to Alabama State University is a great experience I love everyone school spirit there. And most of everyone is like family.
My experience at Alabama State University was one to remember. Since the school is located in the heart of Montgomery, AL. the rich history of the Civil Rights Movement impacted a lot of students. This institution is a historically black college who's motto is "Opportunity Is Here". Depending on the type of student you are, opportunities are accessible, but if you decide to wait until the last minute the opportunity will be gone. Recently, the university switched to a new program for Campus food, so the change should bring a different outlook for students. The teachers at Alabama State University genuinely care about their students as well as their job performance! If students contact their teachers on a regular basis even if it is for tutoring or talking about future careers, the teachers are open to have the conversation. Alabama State University is in the process of expanding their new Hornets Stadium and enhancing the student life, it's a great time to be a Hornet!
I attend Alabama State University and it is a wonderful experience. I do not live on campus and I have heard the dorms aren't that great but I can tell you that the professors that I have had were very good and they really cared about what they were teaching
The few years being at Alabama State University have been truly a life changing experience for me. From being out on my own I find it easier here at ASU as in if you need help with anything many professors are willing to help. In addition there are numerous opportunities here at ASU for anyone of every race, religion, and background. Remember at Alabama State University, 'Opportunity is Here'!
My experience at ASU was amazing . The people there are really nice. And the school is really want you make it to be. If you go in with a negative mind set that is what you'll get. But if you go in with a positive one... you'll definitely have an amazing time. <3
I attended ASU for only one semester before leaving. A lot of people were dissatisfied with having chosen the university and were transferring.

The condition of the dorms were terrible. It was something you would expect from a third-world country. There was dirt on the floors and walls, and the elevator was full of dirt, and always broken down. It was very common to find trays of food sitting in the hallways or stairwells. Also, the university's cafe was not sanitary due to students leaving their plates on the table. I often had to push plates of food out of my way, in order to have space to dine.

The university's staff, especially financial aid, was disorganized and generally disinterested in assisting students. They were very dismissive, slow-moving, and lacked a sense of urgency.

In fact, this university almost destroyed my education. Before attending this place, look at all other options! You will thank me for the sound advice later!
Really enjoy going here. Great teachers, fun activities, and cool people. Although, better lunch would be preferred, lol.
Alabama State University is an amazing university. The university has great teachers who are concerned about the whole student. The campus is beautiful with great parking areas. I have no problems calling the head people of any department talking to them about the concerns of my child who is a student there. It is so wonderful to have a school that is only a phone call away for parents. ASU also took care of all my needs when I was a student there. Go Hornets!!
My experience here as a freshman was challenging but the staff were very helpful and encouraging. My RA became my mentor.
First off, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for your college scholarship. My name is KarLee Turner. I am a freshman at Alabama State University majoring in Business.

My experience here at ASU have been phenomenal. The instructors are great and I have been doing well in my classes. My decision to go to college has been the best choice I have made thus far. My goal is to graduate and open my own business. However, right now I am having a hard time paying for college and really need help with my tuition.

Please consider me as your recipient and I will make sure I represent your establishment with dignity and honor.
Alabama State is a very diverse place . I do enjoy going to school here. I believe college is what you make it. Going to Alabama State was a different environment for me. The campus is okay . They have different events that happens on campus .
I think that Alabama State University is great I can tell along with my peers that my knowledge has expanded tremendously. That has much to do with my professors here at Alabama State. This is only my second semester here. I feel as if I have made the best decision.
This University will teach it's students a lot about resilience, due to the fact that there is always something wrong, that students have to overcome and make the best of! Students will graduate in 4 years with the strength to overcome any obstacles thrown their way. In addition, The instructors are mostly lenient, so the course load is not very heavy.
I really am glad that I made the choice to attend ASU! The school has been nothing but great since move in day back in August. From student life to the actual academic life, everything is great.
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I love the diversity what I would like to see change is the attitude of some of the people that suppose to help the students but don't
My experience at ASU has been an overall eye opening one. ASU has opened my eyes to life as an full time college student, the culture of African Americans and how we can live, study, learn, and have fun together. I like ASU because it feels like home although there is some changes I would like to see happen which are the female dorms, more workers for a cleaner campus, and more chicken in the cafe!
Overall, I just like the whole environment because you will never feel left out no matter where you are. It's an easy place to make friends and maybe find your true love, if you're patient. one thing that can be changed is the café food. We don't like to eat the same stuff once and a week or eating pizza that has thick cheese.
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