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I started attending ASU Fall 2016 and my overall experience was one to remember. When I made it there, my family and I, attended convocation and all other meetings before school. These meetings were for freshmen entering the school year. The S.O.S. Team welcomed evrryone, answered all questions needed, and made sure all freshmen knew where everything was and what resources we may need in the future. Alabama State offers many activities and has several organizations for students to join throughout the four years such as: ASU Street Team, S.O.S Team, SGA, and many others. The teachers, throughout the year, make sure ALL students are staying on task and making sure each student had all the needed materials to excel for the semester.
Its a good college to experience, learn and have a good time. Its an HBCU, which means its a "Historical Black College University". The cultural is very open and freely and every person that attends, enjoy themselves. They are known for their great athletics. I personally want to become a dancer for their football team which are called "Stingettes". The mascot for Alabama state is hornets and that's the football team name.
My Alabama State University visit went very well. I was introduce to man well-mannered individuals and escorted around campus.
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I like the overall feel when i was on the tour i automatically felt like i was at home and they all care for each other like a family and the teachers really want to see you make it so when i graduate in two years i will attend Alabama State University to become a social worker and i will graduate
Alabama State University is a classic college for young adults. Its campus is really amazing and large. The band there is simply great and the academics are fairly good. I feel like the university could use better dorms. It's spirit and school pride is very high which makes it feel like a second home to me. It's a great school to go to overall.
Small campus . That's is the only thing I like about the campus . If thing I would more things to do IN Montgomery Alabama.
I love the culture and the classroom sizes here at Alabama State. The professors and other staff help me a lot when it comes to my career.
At first sight the school seemed to be stunning, but after attend the experienced decreased gradually. The dorms were not up to code and lost communication between students and staff.
I love Alabama State University, this is the best school ever! I love my HBCU. This is my second semester at this school and i love it so much.
I'm only a freshman at Alabama State but I can honestly say that my experience has been fun so far. I got here not knowing about the college life at all, but the friends I gained and the many other students surrounding me helped make it all easy.
very nice school with friendly students and staff campus life is very fun and easy to get into and also school spirit are off the charts, class sizes are not too big so teachers can actually help you one on one.
At The Alabama State University i am learning the many different cultural ways of the school learning many things such as how to interact with others in my Field. Everything is very hands on working with the teachers to ensure you get the education you need is key at Alabama State University.
As a freshman, I did not get out much and the school was pretty average to me. However, for my sophomore year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I LOVE it here.
I love Alabama State University. I am a transfer student from a community college and i am a College Junior seeking my Bachelor's of Science in Physical Education: Teaching & Coaching.
At Alabama State University, all of the staff were helpful and welcoming & made my first college experience very comfortable. They gave me a very detailed campus tour and made sure that I was aware of the location of all buildings to prevent me getting lost. I met students who participated in a little bit of everything such as athletics, theater department, campus ambassadors, honors college and Greek life- and they all gave high regards of the school. I can't wait to attend this fall!
What I like About asu it is a very good school that anybody should attend. Asu is a good hbcu it has its pros and cons but it is a good university.
As a first time freshman, being at Alabama State University in the rough city of Montgomery, Alabama was a culture shock. It was a complete change of, not only scenery, but human life as well. The students and faculty were feisty but were also very warm and inviting at times. I thoroughly enjoyed going to the different sporting events and going to the different production; I'm a theatre major. However, as much as ASU appears to be full of great individuals, many of the students and faculty seemed to have been in competition with each other. As far as the students, more events should be held to enable the students to gain a sort of bond with one another. The faculty could be a lot of greater if more people were hired to actually do their jobs, not just collect a pay check. Overall, my first semester at Alabama State University was very interesting and I even made the Dean's list.
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At Alabama State, I became instantly in love with atmosphere. After touring the university, I knew it was the school for me.
I love Alabama State University. They have the best programs. I’m currently enrolled as a senior majoring in Criminal Justice. We have teachers there that care about us and want to see us succeed. Alabama State University needs to work on trustworthy faculty, better communication, students putting their work first, and continue to become one.
My experience at Alabama State University is wonderful. The professors and campus life is amazing. Alabama State University is the best college that I have seen. I recommend everyone to visit this college and take a tour of the school.
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