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Alabama State University has a lot of great things to offer like the gorgeous campus and amazing student life. The campus is surrounded by almost everything you need within walking distance.
Thee Alabama State University is amazing. Campus is beautiful and historic. However , it is in montgomery.
I am a freshman here at Alabama State and I can honestly say I am enjoying my experience here so far. I wasn't sure what to expect when coming here but my expectations have been somewhat exceeded now that I've been here for 2 semesters. I would recommend ASU to any high school students, transfer students and anyone else looking to attend an HBCU!
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Alabama State University has a wonderful student body. However, we happen to be lead by people who earned degrees for a paycheck. The faculty and staff could care less if we make it to be successful or not. Financial and and the cafeteria have to be the biggest flaws of the university. As much as we complain as students, no one hears us.
Alabama State University has a variety of enthusiastic students, staff, and professors. Everyone on campus is always eager to help you in your time of need. Since I have been on campus I have had many great experiences, especially during football season where all students get together as a family to have a celebration. Alabama State is one of the greatest Historically Black Colleges in the state of Alabama.
Hi my name is Tarif Grace, I am a Finance major at Alabama State University. I feel as though the school itself has more hype than necessary. Yes we have good professors but not all put forth their jobs to the full aspect of teaching. However, it’s not all bad believe it or not. We have amazing Greek life, food, and school spirit on campus. A life long term of throwing get togethers as a collegic whole. Some dorms facilities are better than others, weather it has smaller spacing inside rooms or either a better cleaning staff. I feel as if being from out of state like myself that we deserve better. Such as housing quality, better meal plans, more washing machines/dryers, more parking spots, better staff, and goals as far as academics. Although it’s probably not what u expected to hear, college is still what you make it. Yes it has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day I still love my home at ASU.
Great school for those seeking a great HBCU experience. Many opportunities to be involved on campus and join organizations. Need to work on having better choices for food. Definitely need to work on the financial aid department.
It is very diverse and it feels like I'm back at home. Alabama State University brings out the best in you. The teachers push you past your comfort zone.
For the time I spent at Alabama State University I can truly say that it was a very humbling experience. I had the chance to be apart of the world famed Mighty Marching Hornet band. I'm glad I was able to do what I love with some swell individuals. My bandmates were like my second family so that helped me get through the semester.
The campus always has something going on. And the teachers will always try to help on your assignments as much as they can. But overall my experience at Alabama State University has been fun
So far my experience attending this college has truly been an experience. Overall I have enjoyed my time as a student here, there a lot of things I wish would be improved such as the upkeep and renovations of our dorms and facilities. Attending a Historically Black College has made being here worth wild, I've learned to appreciate my education and work hard to achieve excellence and networking with my fellow classmates. I truly love learning and delving into my Major as a Social Worker and the faculty actually care about us and our learning.
I loved the HBCU experience ASU gave me, although some things could've been better such as showing more concern for the safety of the students and certain professors, although if you're willing to learn then you definitely can get educated here.
When I first got to Alabama State University I was in a total amazement. I just loved everything about the southern culture by me coming from Indianapolis. Also, my roomate was awesome and we just so happen to both share the same major and interests. The althletic teams were always fun to attend. When it came to football and basketball games everyone was always in. In addition, after the games they would always finish out the night with a celebration. Eveything about ASU, whether it be academics,staff,students,etc.I always got the best experience. However, there are somethings I feel could be changed and made better. For instance, some of the dorms are in desperate need of remodeling. I say this because there is mold in peoples bathrooms, problems with elevators constantly, plumbing issues,etc. I could go on and on all day about the living situations in some of the dorms. Overall, I have had a pretty good experience but there is definitely some room for improvement.
I love the school and it’s lit asf! Long as you stay on top of your stuff you can will be fine. Greek life lit too !
I love the Alabama State University. I like the people and the feeling the school brings to you. The problems I have are minor but I think they still should be taking care of. I believe we need more housing and the roads need to be fixed and we could use better staff members in the offices and some professors as well. The cafe food could be better and the current housing we have needs fixing but only in most bathrooms. But overall despite these problems I still take pride in my school and I still love them.
Going to Thee Alabama State University is the best decision I’ve made. It put me in a place where , I could be comfortable in the skin I’m in. It made me realize it’s more to life. Also, it built up my character to be a over achiever; to give it my all no matter how little or big. The faculty Further more, If there’s anything you want it life, work towards it with a 100 percent effort. The professors are willing to help you through any and everything. Moreover, everyone tends to uplift each other, so everyone will succeed. Alabama State taught me to never doubt myself because, “if it is to be it’s to be me”.
My experience attending Alabama State University has been amazing thus far. Transitioning from Southern California to Montgomery, AL was indeed a large change in pace but it was not difficult. I felt at home once I walked on campus. I had no problem in transitioning from what people call "city life" to "country life". The hospitality there is beyond amazing and a friendly environment. Here at ASU, professors care about there students, it is not just another pay check to them. Professors are able to get give and receive that 'one on one' connection with their students because classes are 20:1 and they are willing to work with you in order to not only pass classes but to obtain your degree.I am so grateful that I was not only able to attend this university but I am grateful for everything it has provided for me thus far.
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This will be my first year at Alabama State University as a freshman. I received a scholarship so I know that they university will offer challenging course work for me.
Alabama State University is good school you will meet plenty of friends,you will have fun just being around on the campus, the teachers understand where you are coming from and are very reasonable, the food is average. The faculty/staff are unprofessional at times. One day they will answer the phone or be in their office another day they aren't.
I would like the deadlines to be extended. I believe that the students who were late to apply should be able to still apply for scholarships and housing. This would allow more studetns to apply here if it was their last option.
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