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Although, I would like to see more activities on campus rather then off campus the overall experience is pretty good.
The staff at Alabama State University is so nice and everyone likes to make you a main priority. The campus is beautiful as well,
it is a up and down university, it has its good times and bad times. our security isnt the best here at the school.
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Alabama State University is a historic university. It has many well credited programs to offer such as College of Education, College of Business, College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Along with its educational benefits, the University, offers a great deal of history for its location in Montgomery, Alabama.
I like the campus, the student interaction. I took my daughter yesterday she had a great time. She got to view the campus as well as see the dorm room, student center, stadium, also the area around the school. She was very excited and really wants to go there. We look forward to going there. We also got to see the cheerleaders and i think the hype squad. We meet the VP learned about financial aid and different scholarship opportunities. Also talked with other departments and was giving information for the students and the parents benefits. We also viewed the academe. The student union and the eating area. Very nice campus. My daughter cannot wait to get get started I have never seen her so excited about anything like this before. This is going to be a great experience for her. We are just waiting on her school to submit her test results. She is sweet bright young lady.
I enjoy the band most of all. But this semester I was enjoying my classes, the assignment s and the teachers. My schedule allowed me the opportunity to finish homework assignments before going to practice. What I dont like is the environment and the dorms. I believe that money should be put in the dorms to make them look nice.
Alabama State is an amazing HBCU! They care a ton about our culture and the people who attend. The dorm rooms should be fixed up, but for the most part, they're decent living spaces. I love the interactions between the whole Alabama State community!
In college, we expect a lot of things our first year: new friends, new life, new experiences. While ASU met my expectations, there are a few flaws about the school that could be fixed, but no one seems to care about most flaws. But overall, my experience at ASU has been nice thus far. Go Hornets.
I don't go to Alabama State, but after the tour of the school, Its almost impossible to say I don't want to go. The campus is very calm and put together well. Coming to a new part of the country was really nerve racking, but the students here made me feel as if I was family.
This university cares about us as a mass, as a collective group, because that is where your numbers, money, and other necessities are based on. But when it comes to an individual student, no one tries hard, no one asks questions, no one CARES. I promise I will let the WORLD know how you operate as a business, school, and as a family, and it is not pleasant. Not even to mention the shootings that they NEVER talk about. They try to cover up the bad to get more students but its dangerous here and your students WIL NOT be taken care of.People have died trying to attend an ASU party and its just not worth it for me. I am SOOO done with this school and I cannot wait til I leave here. It is has been absolutely the WORST experience of my life.
Good HBCU but the dorm room could be a lot better .Party college must stay focus need to remember what you came to college for
My experience has not been the best at Alabama State. The staff is not attentive as they should be, they had a very high turnover within the past year that has made financial aid hectic and enrollment decrease. One thing I can honestly say that I like about Alabama State is that it's an HBCU. One thing I'll like to see change at the university is more attentive staff, better communication when it comes to students and staff, just a better overall experience.
Very great experience so far with student government and meeting great staff. On the other hand my mother has ran into some faculty being not organize in the financial aid office since the end of may and different discrepancies going on with my financial aid to where it look likes I owe some money then turn around and a loan that I never received then look it back off then told my mother it was a mistake.
My experience at Alabama state so far has been great! I love my hbcu. Of course there are some things that could be better for instance the organization when it comes to money and fees the school could definitely be better at Ive had some hard experiences from being bombarded with thousands of dollars having to be paid within a week of my classes and dorm would be dropped while not knowing in advanced and being told that I’ve paid everything it can sometimes be frustrating and very hard to watch my mom (a single mother) go through it by herself . Other than that I love my Hbcu
The school is very friendly and active with student life. The staff is welcoming and make sure that your okay before you go there.
I love the family atmosphere and the student camadarie. Most of the staff is helpful, just good southern hospitality. I just wish the university had more housing for the students.
Always something to do. Met really great people. Learned a lot. Had lots of fun. Great balance. Challenges were overcame. Definitely would recommend.
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Being at Alabama State brings out peoples true characters. The overall school is fantastic & i love it !
The overall campus and living is excellent a very suitable community and the location of the university is great, i say the campus could expand a little more and add more ways and degree options for many more students. Alabama state has many excellent choices given to you and it up to you, i would also like to see more students success graduating rate go up and students real get into making Alabama state look how it’s intended for everyone to come see a great university that we can be proud to say Alabama state is one of the most greatest Hbcu’s around the globe.
Alabama State University is a great college to attend. The professors are great and very understanding. The Campus needs a lot of improvement such as the dorms but besides, the food is great with great dining hours.
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