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I currently take most of my classes online. My instructors provide me with the correct information in order for me to be successful. Although I have to take a little more initiative, it is preparing me for bigger things. I enjoy online classes for the most part, but I would rather be able to interact with others.
Alabama state is truly a great school to attend. There are many fun and exciting activities to do on campus. The instructors are simple to get along with and very understanding. You are sure to be prepared when you leave.
I have never been to Alabama State University, but I have been researching about it since my junior year and every since then I couldn't stop thinking about attending The Alabama State University. This is my dream school !
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I have never been to Alabama State University, but I have been researching about it since my junior year and every since then I couldn't stop thinking about attending The Alabama State University. This is my dream school !
So far I would not recommend this university to anyone else. The customer service at this school is extremely poor and a handful of the faculty/staff that works here has terrible attitudes towards the student body.
I am taking all my classes online. So far I would rate the schools technology and apps provided to students for learning as between poor and average. Also, the students are teaching themselves for the most part without the teachers due to the fact that the professors are very hard to reach.
Alabama State is a very outgoing place there's room for everybody to be who they really are. We put education first here at Alabama State but there's also time to bond. Professors are very understanding and are willing to help any student. At Alabama State everybody is somebody.
Alabama State University has opened my eyes and has been a wonderful help now that I have stepped into the real world. The academics have already proven to be challenging but extremely relevant and helpful as I continue through each semester. The school had the perfect hospitable invitation for me and that is why I have had a great experience being in attendance here thus far. Lastly, the staff has always been full of teachers that have had the will, the confidence, and the availability to help me with all the challenges I have experienced. Therefore, this all has made me highly optimistic of my prolonged enrollment at Alabama State University.
My experience at Alabama State University was wonderful. The staff and professors are very friendly and helpful. They ensure that you business is taken care of.
No, I didnt take any online courses. But if I do I hope that the communicate skills be the same as in the classroom.
Online Learning was a struggle for me. Teachers tried to help but there's only so much they can help you with. If you are better working solo than this is perfect for you, just not for me.
Alabama State University was like a second home to me. The students are always lively and volunteering to help each other. I'd love to see bigger and bolder titles on the buildings so newer students can know if they're going in the right direction.
Being at Alabama State University for my first year of college was amazing! I met some of the most genuine and kind people and had some awesome professors throughout my year! I do plan on attending for the rest of college and high hopes of graduating in 2023 and also returning for grad school! It is such an amazing environment and very hands on! I appreciate everyone who helped me get through my first year of college, they truly made it a breeze!
All of my online classes were hands on! If something was misunderstood they would be more than happy to meet up with you either in a library or even emailing back and forth was worth it! None of my online professors made me wait for a response if I had questions about any assignments!
My online experiences have been pretty good. My class material was easy to access and most of my professors provide timely feedback.
I love the school pride. I have enjoyed being a part of the hornet family. I have had a pretty good experience overall.
The education I found at the Alabama State University was delivered by a host of accomplished and caring professors and faculty. Our professors knew our names and wanted us to succeed. Many HBCU offered classes and extracurricular activities that could be harder to come by at other schools. The courses offered at Alabama State University give me a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore African American history and experiences.
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Professors unload assignments and power points on time every week. If I didn't understand any of the assignments. I could set up a meeting with my professor or attend one of their classes the next day.
Alabama State, in my opinion is a great HBCU! The student body and staff act as a family. We have great staff members that really show a great amount of support to students. There are minor things about the school such as how they choose to spend the money around campus and with financial aid. We need another dormitory because we have so many students that attend! When it is time to apply for housing it is complete war! Once housing runs out there is always a long waiting list to see who ends up not showing up to their room when school starts back. My experience freshman year with housing was that the online portal to housing had crashed and my friend called me and told me there was no more housing within the first 5 minutes it had open. They hosted an apartment fair! I couldn't afford that. I went all summer applying to other schools to transfer. Thankfully last minute I got housing two weeks into the school year! One thing about this school you have to be quick to get a room!
I am an Art major so I don't have much to say about any art classes online. Pretty simple just take a picture of your work and submit it on Blackboard. We only did that due to Covid-19. Otherwise, Art classes are not online! I have taken Voice and Diction online and it went pretty smooth. It depends on the Teacher you have as well. Every teacher is different. My teacher took it nice and easy for us. We had weekly assignments and they were always due Friday by 11:59 pm. Due to the Coronavirus I ended up finishing my World History class online as well and it was not bad! He posted the study guide and the study guide was basically the test and you were good to go if you did the study guide. If you take any online classes and you never did it before, I recommend you set an alarm throughout the week to make time to do your work for the class. Just do not forget you have an online class to take care of as well. I made that mistake in my first online class.
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