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Alabama Southern Community College Reviews

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Alabama Southern Community College offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations to become involved in student activities. By becoming involved, students are able to create relationships with fellow classmates and professors. I would recommend more advertisement for the organizations so new students are aware of them. However, other than the lack of advertisement, once students become involved, it makes their college experience more enjoyable.
I go to Alabama Southern, well the new name Coastal Alabama Monroeville campus and I find it pretty interesting. My professors from last semester we very good and helped me when need.
Alabama southern was a good school. I enjoyed the time I spent here, and learned a lot. The school really helped with the first two years of getting my prerequisites.
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Alabama Southern is a great college to come to. It has low tuition prices. If you prefer going to a small school instead of a large school. Alabama Southern would be great for you.
Alabama Southern Community College has really great professors. I enjoy their lectures and am able to learn from them easily. This college is a little crazy at the moment because of its merger with Faulkner. This has brought up many uncertainties with transfer students and course credits.
My experience at Alabama southern is great . A great college of choice, the professors will help any way they can to help you pass. They prepare you to be ready for the future.
Students are friendly and able to point you in the right direction as well as instructors and staff.
The instructors are there for your every need.
The staff makes sure that each student is heading in the right direction for their career choice.
These program directors and teachers have the best knowledge and have many connections.
Alabama Southern made my transfer process very easy and smooth. They also gave me any info I needed for my field of study.
Currently I am only taking basic courses that will go toward my degree. My degree is Elementary Education. All of my teachers help me with any questions I have, and are always very understandable. The class sizes are small, which allows more understanding to the students.
At this school one can express who they really are.
so far my experience with my school has been excellent. the teachers are very caring and the faculty in admissions are great and so helpful
It's okay. There isn't really anything too special, but the career center helps out students a lot.
It's okay. I have pretty flexible classes, and once I get a job, the teachers are able to work around it.
It's very diverse, with age, race, gender, and also religion. Everyone is pretty nice and are very helpful. There aren't any challenges, from what I can see, with any levels of acceptance.
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It was alright. I didn't interact with any other student in my class. I just had communication with the teacher. It was different because I am so use to having a teacher in front of me.
The process of getting into class can be a little hectic because the servers can get backed up with everyone registering for classes. The class sizes, professors, things like that are great. There are many teachers and staff there to help out whenever students need the help.
It's fine. I am taking the necessary classes I have to take for my Liberal Arts major. I also take classes so I can easily transfer to a 4 year college. once I graduate.
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