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The campus is simply beautiful. Everyone on campus is very friendly. This school is in fact a HBCU, a lot of school spirit, a lot of great vibes. Overall a great school very affordable.
So far my first year has been a great experience, as far as the teachers, students, and the activities A&M has put together for us. If you are an incoming student they will make you feel very welcomed and you will be well taken care of especially due to safety. The dormitory areas could be a little more intact but they are still good for living.
I love my school but here are 3 things that need paying attention to..
I would like to see more transit buses operating on campus.
I would like for the A.C. And heat units to work properly in my dorm.
I would like to see better cafeteria food choices.
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At Alabama A&M University I have experienced an amazing HBCU lifestyle. I am currently enrolled in my school for a 4 year B.S. degree. Throughout my first 2 years, I have gotten help by the teachers, tutors, and writing center. The only thing i would change is better career fairs with internships, for students like me.
My Experience Here Was Really Good. I Made Friends Really Easy And They helped make the transition smoother. The teachers I’ve had has been great, And very Understanding at times. Campus life is exciting. I’m really Glad I Came To This School.
When I visited Alabama A&M University last year in November for high school kids it was an amazing experience for me. Their academic programs are astounding and the professors will work with you and help you succeed in life. My favorite part was when I seen their band and their amazing dancers!
The school can be very unorganized. If you want something done you have to take matters into your own hands. There aren't any distractions , so it is very possible to make good grades here.
Excellent faculty staffs and students, instructors are always ready to assist in one way or the other, academically sound.
My experience at Alabama A&M has been wonderful so far the teachers are fair and are very helping. The scenery is beautiful and the people are very nice. I wouldn’t change anything about Alabama A&M I like it just the way it is.
Alabama A&M has a very beautiful campus. I would like for the buildings that are being shut down to possibly be restored and put to use in a more resourceful way.
It's overall I good school. I really like the professors I've had so education experience has been very good.
I love the hospitality that they bring once you step foot on the campus. You can feel the love away from home. But I would like to see the financial aid invest more time with the students who needs help knowing how to apply for loans and having their money awarded
one thing I like about Alabama A&M University is its a black historical college. i know history about the school is that Dr. William Hooper Councill, founder and first president as born a slave Fayetteville, North Carolina. his father escaped Canada d tried to purchase his family's freedom. however, Councill, his mother d two brothers were sold to judge D.C. Humphreys who took them Stevenson,Al.
It’s an HBCU. I’ve always wanted to attend and I know I will continue to learn and enjoy the experience.
What I Like About Alabama A&M Is The Atmosphere Of The College; It Is Very Peaceful And Calm. As Of Right Now, Im Still Learning To Become A Better Student And Young Man. Hopefully, Alabama A&M Can Teach Me.
Everything so far is all good.I love the fact of our housing manger.There always helpful and show concerns.I feel really safe being away from home with there present.For my work study I'm gonna apply for this position to help also pay for my tuition.
My experience at Alabama A&M, I can't say too much because my experience is still in process but I can say it's the best ever. When I came to college I became more confident in myself and I found friends that became family. What I like about A&M is the fun environment and the diversity. But what I dislike about it is the food in the cafeteria I wish there was a change. But for the most part Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University is a great HBCU to attend and I hope many more people attend here.
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It’s one of the best HBCU’s to attend. It’s really what you make it and as long as you get involved and stay focused you will do great! I don’t recommend if you want to be there for everything except school!
Very fun, everyone accepts you for who you are, definitely a place to be if you want to get a very high quality education
The University is well versed with opportunities for everyone. The options available to incoming freshman clearly message to students that you can be successful.
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