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I did take online classes for half of Spring 2020. The teachers were very clear and made sure we could hear and understand. The teachers asked the class if we had any questions to make sure we were not lost.
I liked the environment. The events are very fun and the other students are very nice. The faculty and staff were very clear for instructions and work we had to do so the class would ace the class.
Taking classes online were petty good. I personally prefer online classes, due to the convince of completing assignments on my own time other than beating the clock trying to find a parking spot, walking to class and, trying to finding a decent seat to sit. During my time as a student the professors were just getting the hang of transitioning to blackboard teaching. I'm pretty sure they are top notch compared to my freshman year in 2012. Some teachers were better than others, but the main thing you have to do is communicate with the professor so, they will have a better understanding on what the students needs from them to succeed in their class.
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Socializing is the best part of Alabama A&M University. It is a HBCU where diversity is key. And failure is not an option. No matter what hurdles you are faced with while attending Alabama A&M University, you will break through stronger as a student and as an individual. You'll think back saying "wow, it was tough but it made me who I am today and I am grateful."
Summer school is online and the professor real great! On zoom due to Covid-19, which has truly affected us all.
Alabama A&M, “The Hill” is a wonderful institution, where not only you learn from excellent professor but you find yourself, you find your friends and you reach your goals. A&M can have better housing & WiFi this has been an issue for years, but we still love “The Hill!”.
Grading based on videos and faculties are always not available for extra timing. Blackboard is rarely used.
Discrimination if you are not African American. Financial aid depends completely on who you knows in the administrations. Poor customer service and awful treatment.
My online class experience was very efficient and easy to use. I never had issues with using Blackboard but I would suggest getting the Blackboard app.
Great HBCU experience, cheap tuition price, and good professors! During my time at Alabama A&M my professors were extremely helpful and diligent. The only issue I had was a lack of professionalism from from some of the staff.
So far my experience has been pretty good. I think we need to continue to improve on housing and food.
I really have enjoyed the participation of the online professors! They were very helpful and prompt when needed. The Participation of other departments were prompt as well. I appreciate the immediate responses to this unknown epidemic and thanks for keeping us as safe as possible by being on top of what was going on! Also the knowledge of letting us know which direction to go and who to talk to dealing with refunds,housing,essentials and everything else. Go Bulldogs.
So far my experience on the Alabama A&M Campus has been great! I love the environment, faculty & staff, and my fellow school mates. I couldn’t have chosen a better school. I am happily an A&M bulldog and proud to be able to say “GO BULLDOGS!” as well.
The online class experience was tough at first but I adjusted to it very quickly. That says a lot especially since I am a STEM major and we are required to take all of our classes physically in class. My teachers were very calm and understanding during this adjustment and worked with us students with trying to figure out the online class world.
I love my hbcu. This school taught me so much and I value that. The teachers are amazing. Staff is great also.
Alabama A&M is an outstanding University. It has it's pros and cons whether it's the dorms to college campus life. Overall I believe the student body is the best because, we are highly motivated in what we do here in Normal, Alabama.
I love how they are interested and do everything to help their students. They have counseling on campus and really understand their students.
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The campus life could be better if they were more open minded to what the students want to do instead of assuming.
I got up bright and early to select the room I wanted when the housing application opened up. The next day, they COMPLETELY RESET all of the selections without warning, and so I ended up with left overs.
The main reason I enjoy Alabama A&M is because of how diverse the campus is, all the opportunities and help they provide the students such as many career fairs that happen on campus, help with financial aid, the many activities they provide for the students as well. I also appreciate the professors as they take their jobs serious and will provide the help you need.
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