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What I would tell others about A&M is the teachers really care about their students education and future. At least for my previous semester. My advice is work hard in the classes and the teachers would at least pass you with a descent grade.
Alabama A&M overall is a good school. The academics are great and so are the professors. Just like any other school some professors are better than others . The atmosphere of the school is great. The only real flaw is how disorganized they are with everything and the living conditions aren’t the best . Especially for the prices . For one semester you could pay up to 2,000 to 6,000 dollars for housing . The students at the school are very loving and kindhearted people . Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Which is something one would need if they are just starting out . Also for it to be a HBCU it very diverse when it comes to the students and faculty. Although there have been some bad experiences, this school is awesome.
I have enjoyed the experience that I have had at Alabama A&M so far. As far as academics go I am int he Honors Program. Being in this organization has allowed me to be in smaller classroom setting, and even more one on one time with my professors even though regular students also get one one time. We are also a school that is continuously getting bigger so a lot of renovations, and new dorm buildings are being modified and built up. Our dorms are coed for upperclassman only. Incoming freshman are separated. Night life on "the hill" is also fun. Not only are there always activities being held on campus, but there are many opportunities off campus. One being exploring the museum and park in downtown Huntsville.
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Alabama A&M University prepares you for life. Not by just throwing you to the wolves, but by guiding you being your conscious. They're not just going to hand feed you. They want you to be able to find things out for yourself and not rely on your back support all the time.
Alabama a&m was my dream school to attend and i absolutely love it. I love my HBCU and their dedication towards helping me succeed is great i'm glad i chose to go there.
Alabama A&M University is a great school , the professors are very hands on especially during office hours . The parties are RAD!! . and the security is top flight
My overall experience at Alabama A&M University has been everything I thought an HBCU was going to be. I learned you have to make the best of where you are. Being at Alabama A&M I have learned so much about myself and also what I want to do with my life. Alabama A&M is the school where you can there and go anywhere and I believe that is a true statement.
My experience at Alabama A&M University was pretty good overall. I have much school spirit, but sometimes the process to get my academic schedule together is more complicated than it should be. Also, housing is another issue. It’s great that we have more students here , but I wish that there was more avaibnle living spaces for students who prefer to live on- campus.
My experience is that I like Alabama A&m university is the academic for my major .the school is safe for me to go to school . The dorm are great . The professor can teach me what I need to know about my major and can help me succeed.
This is the best university in the land. The faculty and staff give students every opportunity to excel in all areas. The campus has a welcoming atmosphere and is a place that you can call home.
i loved it ! everybody treats each other like family. The parties on the campus are really fun. its just warming its just like your home away from home. southern food is just amazing. its a well-rounded school.
Alabama A&M University is the best HBCU in Alabama! The environment and cultur surround the school makes you feel welcome and appreciated. The only thing I would change would be to hire admin who take the time to help, instead to giving you the runaround.
My biased opinion: A&M is one of the worst schools anyone could attend. The campuses outside view is beautiful, however; the insides are grotesque and unsafe actually. The dorms are molded and dated, just as everything else on the campus. Moving on, because the school is small, one would believe professors are available, but they are usually not. If you choose to enroll and graduate from this school, your degree will have no value. Additionally, the campus is not safe as previously stated and is notorious for rape and aids. Another thing, If you order a package and it is sent to the mailroom, they will never notify you. The Normal area is a hood, so it would behoove you to not hang out in that area. Conversely, Huntsville is beautiful and is so fun! It is a very hostile environment and the study body is rather "sassy."
The campus is simply beautiful. Everyone on campus is very friendly. This school is in fact a HBCU, a lot of school spirit, a lot of great vibes. Overall a great school very affordable.
So far my first year has been a great experience, as far as the teachers, students, and the activities A&M has put together for us. If you are an incoming student they will make you feel very welcomed and you will be well taken care of especially due to safety. The dormitory areas could be a little more intact but they are still good for living.
I love my school but here are 3 things that need paying attention to..
I would like to see more transit buses operating on campus.
I would like for the A.C. And heat units to work properly in my dorm.
I would like to see better cafeteria food choices.
At Alabama A&M University I have experienced an amazing HBCU lifestyle. I am currently enrolled in my school for a 4 year B.S. degree. Throughout my first 2 years, I have gotten help by the teachers, tutors, and writing center. The only thing i would change is better career fairs with internships, for students like me.
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My Experience Here Was Really Good. I Made Friends Really Easy And They helped make the transition smoother. The teachers I’ve had has been great, And very Understanding at times. Campus life is exciting. I’m really Glad I Came To This School.
When I visited Alabama A&M University last year in November for high school kids it was an amazing experience for me. Their academic programs are astounding and the professors will work with you and help you succeed in life. My favorite part was when I seen their band and their amazing dancers!
The school can be very unorganized. If you want something done you have to take matters into your own hands. There aren't any distractions , so it is very possible to make good grades here.
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