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It's a great HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). I plan to go there in the Fall 2020.
I love the experience I had there. The students were very helpful when I asked questions. On campus was beautiful, inside of the dorms was nice and well put together. I felt safe on campus it.
Overall, its a great school that I would recommend to others but some things could be better such as the food the food and certain offices do not answer the phone.
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I love Alabama A&M University! I transferred here in 2016 and have been very pleased with my experience overall. My first year at this school, I noticed the many positive differences A&M had compared to my previous university. One thing that I noticed right away about this university is how caring the staff was. Professors and faculty at Alabama A&M are dedicated to the students and want nothing but success for us. They will go above and beyond to help their students achieve he best grades and opportunities possible. The campus life is very engaging as well. There is always an event to go to at Alabama A&M, and students are sure to show their school spirit at all times. Also, the campus itself is gorgeous. In fact, it wins an annual beautification award for its well groomed landscape. Students here are very friendly, no matter who you are you WILL find your people her. Attending Alabama A&M University was the best decision I have ever made. I love my HBCU!
My experience at Alabama A&M so far has been very nice. The student to professor ratio is not bad at all. I have really been enjoying my time here at Alabama A&M. The professors are very helpful and give it to you straight. I would recommend any high school senior to keep Alabama A&M on their college choice list.
I fought my mother tooth and nail about attending AAMU. I wanted to go to Florida A&M so bad. One big problem, FAMU did not waive out of state fees to freshman. AAMU did. So I was kind of force to attend. Long story short, that was the best decision my mother ever made. I love this school. I wasn't even thinking about how far FAMU is away from St. Louis or all the things AAMU offered. I was just thinking about beaches and sunshine.

AAMU has really shocked me in their academic offerings. I have changed my major a few times and academic adviser has been very patience with me. I haven't had any financial aid issues, as of yet and I'm looking forward to my last two years. Their food is pretty good and I love staying in the new residence dorm. It's really nice. My only complaint is how the Cafe's are.
Im a single parent and the class schedules let me go to school and work at night. The teachers take the time to actually get to know you. I feel like we have a good relationship
I am a prospective transfer Student. they made the process for my application very smooth. The track coach was really helpful he ask for information about track eligibility and other school grant. The registrar office house was really responsible and they help take me step by step guide towards my admission.
A&M is a great school to grow and achieve goals. They have excellent teachers who provide extra help. It’s also a lot of fun!
What i love about Alabama A&M is that there students and staff are vert friendly.They don't mind showing you around or helping you with classes.I prefer anyone to this amazing school.
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The campus is outstanding, as well as, the academic programs. They are there to make the students feel comfortable in their environment. They prepare the students for a bright future ahead.
Alabama A&M is honestly the best HBCU in America. The experience is worth while and the connections with other people are outstanding. Almost every student is involved with a variety of activities and moving around to gain better connections to help them during their tenure here at Alabama A&M. Academics provide a challenge that help push students to become smarter and more alert with their school work.
Alabama A&M university was my first choices because of its history and its culture. I have had an overall great experience I have met alot of people from different areas and they have broaden my horizons of life. I have had many great memories and times so far at the university the dorms, cafe, sports, just getting to know new people. I have come to realize a lot about myself personally sense I have been at the university.
Overall Alabama A&M University is a good college choice. It’s very diverse and a good choice for anyone looking to attend college. We do have a few problems that could be fixed like dorms, and housing. They’re working on fixing up the campus right now now! We have various restaurants to chose from off campus, and a select few on campus. Which could use a little upgrade. Party life on the hill is great.. I’m sure you’ve heard. A&M comes with a lot of great experiences!
Alabama A&M is an amazing to attend. It's plenty of activity to do. A lot of chances to meat new people on campus. The bathrooms are kept very clean in the traditional dorms. The nickname of the school is ''The Hill'' , because it campus is on a hill. It has a good bus system to get around the campus. I truly believe that you will enjoy your time at this university.
It is one of the "Top STEM HBCUs" for a reason! I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty great professors and peers along the way. Some professors here really take the time to help you in weak areas and assist you in succeeding! I have joined many prestigious organizations on campus that has provided me many benefits such as traveling and scholarships. The campus is improving and it gives off a calm setting! I have enjoyed my time as a bulldog!
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Alabama A&M is a great school with great staff. They current staff at A&M are very helpful. The study body is also very helpful when it comes to making A&M a great experience.
The environment and community is extremely welcoming and the professors are passionate about teaching every student.
The great thing about Alabama A&M University is that its an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). The professors and students all work together as one family, no matter your race. I'm an electrical engineer major, learning alongside renowned intelligent engineers educators that want nothing but success for the students and me.
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