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My experience is good. What i like about Alabama A&M University is how they are eager for you to stay in school and graduate.
I love that there are many different organizations on campus and they all treat you like family. The only thing I would like to see change is more opportunities for non STEM majors.
I like some of the great people I met and the ROTC Program but what I would like to see change is the staffs way of communicating better and financial aid to better organize themselves, more appropriate attitude lunch staff as well as food and better dorms and directors.
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I am enjoying my experience with AAMU so far. The campus is very large but transportation is provided. A&M makes sure that students are given the opportunity to continue they’re education whether it be financial issues or academic.
When I was a Junior in high school my teachers encouraged me to go and research my college choice and once I did, I knew this was the school for me. Alabama A&M came to my school for a college fair and that's when I met and introduced myself. That was the greatest thing that I have ever did. Once that was over and I realized how nice they were I wanted to attend. Now in my 12th grade year I have to make a choice and by far I know this is the school for me.
Alabama A&M University is a great college to attend. I recommend people to attend the college. It's a nice environment and it's a safe campus to live on.
Coming to Alabama A&M University there is so much things to like. You can always catch the shuttle to take you around campus to either your dorm or classes. Alabama A&M University has so much to offer. The one little thing I would change about the University is the speed bumps. Don’t get me wrong I know speed bumps are to keep cars for speeding but there is absolutely too many on campus. All I’m saying is we can limit the speed bumps around camps.
I like that Alabama A&M University focuses on the future of the student. They see many people struggling throughout their college experience whether it is socially, academically or psychically but they are always available to help.
I would like students can drive to there classes without been late with the shuttle bus and have time to get there students does not stay on campus should not pay for anything that people stay on campus.
I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Communicative Disorders at Alabama A & M University. I am a college Sophomore and must say that I am highly impressed with this educational institution. In my experience, everyone is involved in the success of the student whether it is a professor, or a tutor; everyone offers some type of assistance to aide in your success. The tuition is affordable and you can start here and go anywhere.
I loved being on the hill! I made a lot of good friends while i attended there. This school is not only a HBCU but it has a lot of historical facts regarding the school.
Although this college is an HBCU it's still very diverse. This place is such a friendly environment and staff and students welcome you with open arms. The food is great as well as the living arrangements. The campus is on a big hill but it makes it a no excuse to work out.
Alabama A&M University was overall an okay school. I went there my freshman year, and I can honestly say that I didn't really get the college feel that I was expecting. The cafeteria food was not good, and that is really the only food place on campus. Almost all of the dorms were run-down, which made me not want to stay on campus. Most of the teachers were okay, but a lot of them that I had didn't really teach; they mostly expected us to know everything that they knew. The classrooms in a lot of their buildings are old and lack air conditioning, which made going to class dreadful from the Alabama heat. I believe that they need to work on making the campus more presentable and tolerable, and I think that that can be done by renovating a lot of their buildings, and also by incorporating more places to eat on campus.
Alabama a&m is great hbcu filled with history and excitement. The school has a great engineering program but the school lacks in updating the dorm life and giving a students a reason to come back to live on campus
The experience here is great and worth the trip. This is my third year here and i love it. The band is the livest people on campus. The school shows so much school pride. The campus is beautiful especially at night up from the president house
Alabama A&M is the one of the most opportune HBCU's in the country. With companies such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and the Redstone Arsenal, STEM students should not be able to graduate without a job.
The most beautiful HBCU campus in the south!!! Professors care about their students and want them to succeed. The Huntsville area is a very nice place to live. The alumni is very supportive of the school. The band is EXCELLENT!!!
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Alabama A&M is a very nice college with a beautiful campus. However they need some updating on some of the buildings.
My first year at Alabama A&M was fun. I was in a new environment and meet a lot of new people. I would like for t to be more diverse and for the food then be better but over all it was a great experience.
I love so how everyone was so welcoming and willing to help. It's was truly a wonderful experience. I would have liked to have seen more organization while we were there but it's a low con compared to all the great pros.
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