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Alabama A&M is treating me good so far. I’m a guy and I’m in a dorm with community bathrooms, me and my roommate are basically always looking at each other.
My Experience was great. They made me feel if i was a Bulldog already. The quality of the campus is wonderful. It is always clean, safe, and friendly vibes.
I love how they're improving the campus. It is a large and beautiful campus. Even though it is an HBCU the buildings still look nice as if they are pressure washed. There are buses that run during the day for students to get to their classes if they don't want to walk. A bus comes on Fridays to take students to the mall.
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A&M is a real good school some of the teachers real care about the students success. They urge you to great if you fall behind they push you. I love the Financial aid staff are amazing. The lady who works the cafe store in the library is wonderful. During fall wake up Wednesday’s be jumping am glad I attended A&M. The few problems I had a teacher I had fall 2018 she just talked and I feel like I was not really learn nun. Some teachers on there test have stuff they don’t go over. Half of the bathrooms are nasty not tissue no paper towels just nasty like they don’t do they job.
Alabama A&M isn't what I expected it to be. The school is slightly unorganized, and under funded. It has been said that the sports teams have been with held from the finals for letting unqualified members play.
Im looking forward to starting in the fall of 2019. Speaking with my admissions counselor I was told about the campus, classes and professors.
My experience at Alabama A&M University has taught me some of the most important lessons of life: struggle, self-love, and budgeting. This institution is a gold mine for STEM majors. The resources for STEM are bountiful especially when the career fair rolls around. On the other hand, I'd suggest that this institution have equal resources for all majors on campus. It is unlikely that a Graphic Design major like myself value resources in the same way.
Alabama A&M University is a safe,educational,friendly, and fun environment first years for me was hard but the teacher were helpful to make sure students understand what they are teaching
It’s a good school, only problem I have is that the lunchroom close to early. Other then that it’s a great college.
Alabama A and M is a great university for Agricultural majors. They do not have many career options and have a limited amount of good teachers. Once you enter everything seems perfect but it changes as time moves on.
I'm proud to say this is my HBCU. I have made some unbreakable friendships with other students and professors. Something I would like to see changed is a better variety in the food served in the cafe.
This school definitely opened me up as a person. This school made me want to do more things get out more and make more friends. I’m an introvert so I didn’t really talk to people or anything. Once you really get in you major you start making tons of friends because you have most of the same classes together. I also joined an organization. Being apart of clubs and orgs can open you up a lot and is a great way to meet new friends, and their are tons of clubs to join in campus. We have a variety of food in the cafeteria and it isn’t the same thing everyday. We also have a subway and a convient store. We also are starting to be more diverse, when I first started there was mostly black people which I expected becuase were an hbcu, but as I went on we have more international student and just other student of different races and ethnicities. I don’t really pay attention to the sports by our student no matter how we play will always go and support.
I am currently attending Alabama A&M University, and I am experiencing great obstacles. I will continue to work hard to achieve success. Professors are very helpful and wants every student to be successful. The cafeteria has a lot of options such as pizza, burger/hotdogs, desserts, and daily meals for the students. We also have Subway and Chic Fil-A. I would recommend this college to anyone because it is great!
From the atmosphere of the people you meet to the activities that are being planned for more people to get involved. I’m so glad I chose my HBCU to be AAMU. I love the classes I’m in because the teachers are determined that we get that A and have a high GPA. I can’t take the wheather out here some days but everything is great with the dorm experience and meeting new friends. I’ve made a great choice and not long before I graduate and I can’t wait to say that I graduated from Alabama A&M University.
Classes needed not offered in Summer semester for Computer Science. If you want to fast track your graduation some courses have to be taken at other schools during the summer and transferred in.
At Alabama A&M University you can soar just as high as you'd like. You can get a great experience with lots of diversity. You can be all you would like to be at Alabama A&M. An experience of a lifetime.
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I love my HBCU overall but like any university they have some loose ends, there response time is never on point, and a lacks a bit of mentorship for the students meaning you really have to use your voice and speak up to get where you want to be because no one will come and tell you, the people are friendly and professors are all for the most part understanding and willing to help.
This is school is all that i dreamed of and more. Some might say differently but this was my number one choice of school and I’ve been satisfied with my choice ever since my first day of freshman year. I am currently a Junior Computer Science Major. Not saying this University is perfect because all schools have problems. I love the campus, atmosphere, friendliness, most of all the academic programs. This would be a great choice if you are leaning towards an Technology field, but plenty more programs are offered. I love it and i pretty sure others would also.
Alabama A&M University is a good college to instead it has its ups and downs when it comes to academics but overall a good school.
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