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Alabama A&M offers the classes I need for my career goal. The professors and staff are helpful and knowledgeable in getting you on the right path. I would like see more organizations for students support and services.
What I like about my HBCU is the staff is really out to help you be successful. Alabama A&M has so many resources available to ensure your ready to enter the rising job market . Things I would like to see change at Alabama A&M the overall school spirit and protecting the A&M brand. Overall I LOVE MY HBCU!
This is a beautiful campus, with amazing people! It's a great school to learn! All schools have their moments with issues but in all this school is amazing
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Overall it is a good school and family oriented place. The one change that I would like to see implemented is the sometimes slow wifi signals.
I LOVE my school! The weather is nice, the campus is beautiful, and the people are so friendly! When I first came to Alabama A&M I only knew one person, now I have so many friends. It is so easy to get involved and meet people here.
My experience at this school has been nothing but a positive, productive one. The classes are great, my teachers are great, and so is my living arrangements. This school has allowed me to make many friends, join an organization, and still manage to get my work done & have fun. It is a quiet, yet exciting environment .
The university is not very hbcu like. The people who work there are not very friendly and the student services are poor for the price of tuition to be so high.
Well I am a 2 semester freshman. So far Alabama A&M is the dream HBCU school I imagine going to. I experience so much these 2 semester and hope to continue to experience more things. I love A&M and love being apart if the bulldog family!
Alabama A&M University has it's ups and downs. it could use a lot of improvement; the buildings to the food selections. Alabama A&M is an beautiful campus and there are plenty of activities that occur on campus to have an good time. Overall, i love my HBCU. Go Bulldogs
My experience at Alabama A&M University has been good so far. The people are wonderful and the professors teach and gain my attention easily.
Alabama A&M University is an overall adequate institution with a satisfactory academics program. The majority of the faculty is friendly and try to assist in any way they can. There are many different clubs and organizations to join and the campus is absolutely beautiful and historic. Many different events take place on campus in order to enhance the overall student experience and encourage the students to get involved. There are also many parties locally, a nice shopping mall not too far from the campus, and a park that is walking distance from the school. There are many things, however, that need to be changed in regards to the quality of the dormitories and the overall safety of the students. The dorms are not in the best shape, and most of the time it is because of the negligence of the students. Also, with it being an open campus, anyone is able to drive and/or walk onto campus without being suspicious. The only advice that can be given is to make the best of it and excel.
Enjoyed the professors and the education I received from AAMU. Without them, I would not be where I am today.
My first year was amazing. The teachers are very encouraging and very dedicated. There is a large diversity of students and culture there.
I enjoyed my first semester. It was very fun and I met a lot of new people. What I didn't like was the dorms , we went almost 3-4 weeks without heat and it waa very cold .. I'm hoping next semester they'll do better but that!
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I currently attend Alabama A&M university overall, I really enjoy going there. However, there is room for much improvement .
I really love the school during it 16' homecoming. They had good people at campus showing me around especially with all the sorority and fatuousness at the school.
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College is whatever you wish to make it, however this school can be a hit or miss and oftentimes something of unnecessary stress. If you're wanting to focus solely on academics and fell supported by the various colleges the consistency is lackadaisical. The major that I was in was one of the hardest to complete, yet the staff was not the most supportive, lacked passion, unenthusiastic, unprofessional, and late. The technology was outdate, the building we were in was renovated on one side, but completely outdate on the other. It wasn't until graduating that there was an update to our curriculum, dropping unnecessary courses, but we were still working with outdate tools. Unless your family's history with this school runs deep, I would suggest going to University of Ala. Huntsville where you're given more programs and opportunities.
We've had a few recent bumps in the security of the students
Do not get me started on housing.
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