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I really like the professors at Herzing they really care about their students! They are great at helping you achieve your goals. I would like to see a couple things change about the school. Like me for instance I applied for a work-study and have always made the president's list or the Dean's List and got overlooked! They told me I was a great candidate and they was proud of me but rejected me because I I am going out on an externship in 2 months
I love Akron Institute of Herzing University. This college is an amazing university. You have very many resources that are available for you. You can get help as much as needed and the teachers are always willing to help you out when you need it! Herzing University is everything I ever looked for in a college and I am glad to be part of the student population there!
They cater to Adult Students
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Online classes were very convenient
Very Helpful with job placement
Great Placement Rating for after graduation
Smaller classes more hands on.
This is an accelerated Nursing Program.
From the very beginning I felt that Herzing wanted me to succeed.
I believe all the glasses I am taking will ultimately be useful once I have completed school, and start working on my career field.
Herzing is al really good school. They actually care if you succeed, and they do anything in their power to assist you along the way. I wish I would have attended Herzing when first attempting school, because I believe I would have accomplished my goals a long time ago.
The Instructors and staff are there to help you succeed. If you need help all you have to do is ask. The courses are challenging, but you will learn everything you need to get your degree. They also have tutors to help you if you need them. Herzing University is a great college and I would recommend this college to everyone who is determined to get there degree.
I thought more credits would have transferred.
So far everything is okay
I think that employers like students attending Herzing University.
I love online classes, because I can pursue my goals and spend time with family.
Some of the students cannot really read or comprehend.
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It is okay because it was a change and someone did not tell me about it until I started.
I like it because the Professors are nice and helpful.
I think that I am getting my money worth because of the Professors.
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