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The classes are small so there is one on one time with the professors, the professors are very good and care about their jobs.
It has been a long time since I've been to College and the staff and facility are so helpful and encouraging. They made the process of enrolling and starting back so easy.
I loved that aims provides a emerging scholars program that helps you in your first year with a counselor to help you and guide you throughout the way in my first year while I learn how to navigate the college on my own.
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I started Aims in the Fall and have had an enriching positive experience in all aspects of this college this first semester.
I studied at Aims my Junior year of high school. I loved it, the classes are challenging but rewarding, and the teachers are exceptional!
Could not have picked a better College to go to! The professors are great and smart. Aims offers plenty of jobs for their students making a cheap college even more affordable.
I have liked the atmosphere and the inclusivity of it. I have also liked getting to know my professors and peers.
I attended a small high school across the streets from Aims Community College. Moving from a small environment to a huge college sort of scared me, but Aims was a comfortable fit for me. The class sizes are not too big and the campus is easy to get around on. The professors at the college whether online or on campus have all been very professional and have taught me a lot. I would highly recommend their Health professional classes and certificate classes. The instructors are amazing and care about your future.
so far the teachers have been great at taking the time to teach and help. the class sizes are small which is extremely beneficial.
Most of the instructors I had were very helpful and caring towards students individually. It made my first college experiences great and I would highly recommend taking classes at AIMS.
A 2 year college that focuses on their students and their academic needs. Aims shows the students care and really tries to create a welcoming environment on campus and in the classroom. There are no dorms, but that's expected from a 2 year college.
The staff is very helpful. The VA rep was kind and insightful. The school has ATMs on campus that allow for quick refunds.
I have had an amazing experience at Aims Community College. The professors are very knowledgeable and go out of their way to make every student successful.
I really enjoyed taking classes at Aim community college. They have a large range of class choices and opportunities for all kinds of students.
Aims offers a good learning environment for everyone and gives the students resources to succeed. The teachers are committed to the students success and provide excellent classroom experiences.
I love the campus because Its close to home but Its like any other 2 year school Everybody here is on a tight schedule and nobody talks to each other outside of class. This definitely isnt a party school so when you hear of a party you better get on it! Im literally only at AIMS because of their badass welding program and to get cash from Scholarahips. Not a bad school if you have no expectations!
This is my first semester at Aims Community College and it has been very positive so far! Meeting with advisers is so easy and my professors have all been very kind and helpful. The campus is really easy to get around, but it's not too small. Very good community college!
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Aims is a great school. I never enjoyed school and wasn't a great student. When I started Aims I instantly loved it. I get great grades, love the small classes and all the teachers and staff are so helpful and friendly! This is right where I need to be!
Aims Community College offers a variety of programs that makes it easy and affordable for everyone. It offers numerous scholarships and help you with tutoring, and any additional services. This is the best college ever!
The staff was always very friendly. the buildings were also maintained and cleaned regularly. The bathrooms however were not always the cleanest rooms in the world
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