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They always change requirements to graduate but other than that, they are pretty nice. The campus is nice and all the staff, for the most part, are nice and easy going.
The online teacher I currently have isn't very flexible. She gives no extensions no matter the issue. And rarely has time to meet with us.
My overall experience with the Aims Community College has been easy with a lot of resources for me to utilize.
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My online experience with Aims Community College has been fantastic. The online resources available have made it easy to be an online student and work.
My professors were very understanding and lenient when I was unable to turn in assignments on time. It is very easy to communicate with professors and other students through the course shell when in need of some help.
All the professors I have come in contact with so far have helped me succeed. Everyone is there to help you. There are extracurricular activities you can join to help you make new friendships and new beginnings. Aims is a home away from home. Everyone is friendly and help is given to you when asked for it.
The software Aims uses for online classes works great and helped me be successful in my online classes. The teachers were also very helpful and great in these classes.
The teachers were awesome. They helped me be successful and have prepared me for a 4-year university.
Aims is a great choice if you are looking for a place to complete an associates degree or transfer to your dream university. Smaller class sizes create an optimal learning environment where you can connect on a personal level with your professor and other faculty members!
Aims Community College is a great school. They love to get everyone involved and the people are there are great. They also have a bunch of different clubs that people can get involved in. All the professors are very understanding and also love to have everyone involved. The advisers are a great help to me and everyone else. They help us through hard times and new classes that would help us with our degree. Overall, it is a great school and a great community.
I have only just started my college journey, and Aims is my first step. So far everyone I have met at Aims is nice and outgoing. The community strives to see you grow and move on to bigger and better things. Helping you in any way possible!
I Love Aims they create a great community for the students to succeed. The staff is friendly and helpful. Even as a student work-study I find all the staff is happy about their jobs and its a great place to work and learn. Aims like to give you tools to succeed during and after college. I find that Aims really cares about their students and finds ways to always give back to the students and the community. The TRIO program is a great resource for 1st generation students.
I am a returning student here at aims with the intent of graduating 2022 with a Liberal Arts Major. Once I returned, the whole staff at Aims helped me without judgement to get back on track and discover new paths I could take and consider. This devoted community college made it easy to come communicate with them with which ever roadblock I came across. I continue to complete my journey with ease, dedication, and with Aims Community College by my side!
Aims is a great college simple but full of life first a great campus everything is close. They have very great academics especially the media department one of my favorite parts of aims. They also have a gym which is free if your a student and a tennis court so if you have time to kill head there or the college center. With a bistro, cafe, and lounge area tit can be a great place to sit back and relax. The diversity is there with may ethic groups coming in safety is very strong with many security guards and cameras.So in all Aims communty college is a great college that be purfect for you.
This community college was a great first college experience for me. The prices are very reasonable and the classes are high quality.
So far it has been amazing. I have enjoyed walking around campus and talking to everyone. The advisors have been very helpful as well as the instructors. I can’t wait for the next semester to begin!!
I was a student at aims community college for 3 years. The class sizes are fairly small which helps improve the student to professor relationships and helps if you have any questions or need help in our outside of the classroom. The campus is smaller but it also helps being so close-knit that you have classes with the same students through the semesters which helps build friendships and make good friends to study with.
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Very good, educated staff. Worked to make their students happy, educated, and supported. There are lots of resources, amazing study help, and an open campus for many lifestyles.
I have been attending Aims Community College for now 2 semesters. So far I have had a great experience.
I liked that Aims was in my hometown and it wasn't expensive to go to. I started going to Aims when I was in high school and getting dual enrollment. I would like to see change is adding sports teams or aGreeley is growing so fast.
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