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I have really enjoyed my experience so far with Aims Community College. As I am a new student I have appreciated the help I have received in beginning my education through Aims. My advisor was very helpful and assisted me in getting started.
When ever I am confused or need help, there are multiple people around who are more than willing to help. They make College life a breeze.
Aims Community college is a great school on a beautiful campus. I love that the class sizes are small and personal. I always felt like the instructors cared about my success in their classes. Instructors were always willing to meet outside of class to discuss concerns or give further instruction. I would like to see Aims offer a sign language degree program, if they did I wouldn't have had to transfer to another school. I also felt that sometimes getting registered for classes was challenging because of the restrictions Aims places on your account for a variety of reasons.
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My experience at Aims Community College has always been a pleasant experience. This my first college I enrolled in after completing high school. It has several campuses to accommodate students. I have also attended other colleges along the front range and other states. Aims is still my favorite, you feel safe, everyone is friendly and the teachers are great.
Aims Community College is a well rounded college. All the Professors care about their students and their education.
Aims Community College is a great college for people desiring to move forward in their academic future. It offers a variety of majors and accommodates a diversity of people. I would highly recommend this school for anyone desiring to take their academics to the next step.
Its a very affordable good school. I appreciate the teachers and the price. I like that and how it is to commute to and get too. I love the school and how its working out!
They were awesome, kind, and understanding. I am a single mother. I had just recieved my GED at the Colorado Department of Corrections. I was concerned about my past and nervous about my age. But they were very accepting and encouraged me to follow my dreams.
What I like about Aims Community College is that it's a great place to go if you do not not have the necessary financials to go to a 4 year college. Aims classes are smaller then university class give students a better chance to get to know there professors better and to not be shy of going in and getting help. It is a great small campus to go to. They offer a lot of different opportunities. They have workshops almost everyday to help teach students ways to over come obstacles in there life or to help them de-stress. All faculty members are amazing and very helpful. Everyone at Aims is always willing to lend a hand when you need it. Professors always push there students to do better and to never give up.
I loved it! The teachers and staff want you to succeed. Great programs and classes. They work with veterans and their GI beanafits.
So far it's been great with how the teachers are helpful and willing to go that extra mile to express the meaning of the topic; which then eventually make natural sense. Honestly, Aims promotes learning and following at your own pace throughout your whole experience. It's been an even keel defiantly, I'm glad I chose this community college.
Aims is a really good school for the money that you pay to go there. Most of the professors are super helpful, and even if I was having trouble I could always ask my peers or a tutor for help. All of my classes were super fun and I really enjoyed the experience of taking them. The campus is also very clean and the facilities are nice. The only trouble I ever had with this school was in my math classes, but that was mainly because of the professor. Other than that, I really have no complaints!
It was affordable and offered a lot of class options that would fit a younger to older person's life style. I was a working student and there were always options for me on classes no matter what. The campus was always clean and I felt safe.
I loved the way teachers actually cared and fit the needs of their students. Teachers I had made accommodations and changed paces so all their students were successful. I feel the courses prepared me for a four-year college and the education provided there was as good as a university.
The classes are small so there is one on one time with the professors, the professors are very good and care about their jobs.
It has been a long time since I've been to College and the staff and facility are so helpful and encouraging. They made the process of enrolling and starting back so easy.
I loved that aims provides a emerging scholars program that helps you in your first year with a counselor to help you and guide you throughout the way in my first year while I learn how to navigate the college on my own.
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I started Aims in the Fall and have had an enriching positive experience in all aspects of this college this first semester.
I studied at Aims my Junior year of high school. I loved it, the classes are challenging but rewarding, and the teachers are exceptional!
Could not have picked a better College to go to! The professors are great and smart. Aims offers plenty of jobs for their students making a cheap college even more affordable.
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