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Aims is a very nice college in general because they offer classes as you are in high school and that allows for getting early college credits before you even graduate high school.
I have taken several classes at Aims and while I liked some classes better than others the one thing that stands out is that all of Aims professors' want to help student succeed. The other thing I like is that Aims has a small student to teacher ratio.
Aims Community College is best because of the professors that work there. They are very helpful and you are able to talk to them easy. The EMS program at Aims has taught me so much! The professors there really push you to your limits and are there to hold your hand if you need them. The Public Safety building at Aims is so welcoming. I come in to school on days that I am off to hang out and study with my peers.
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Aims is a great place with awesome teachers. The culture is also really diverse and friendly, making it easy to meet all kinds of new people
I like Aims because it's very affordable and the classes are small. The professors care about your academic success.
I like the small classroom sizes! Most classes are under 25 students so you really get more attention from teachers as opposed to universities where there are 100+ students in some classes. What I would like to see improved is more quiet spaces to study in the library and commons area.
I think it s a nice little place and i think its a great place for people who don't want to go to a big school
I have never been someone with school spirit, but Aims quickly changed that. Their security and Title IX team was more than supportive in my time of need, my professors were involved and fun, and it really helped me achieve my goals as I go on to a University. I will totally recommend this college to anyone.
It is a good school to go to, get your degree and leave. It is very focused on academics and does a good job with them. The class sizes and most of the teachers are very good. There is little-to-no community and I rarely heard of any school activities that weren't for the entire area. Flexible scheduling and a variety of community college courses. Rarely did anyone know anyone else in their classes unless it was from a work or previous schooling experience however.
Aims is very welcoming and the teachers really do care about you and you really are or not just another number. I really like this school and it bums me out that I’m going to have to transfer soon.
The class sizes are small and the instructors are very helpful when asking questions and they make sure you really understand the material.
The campus is beautiful and everybody is so friendly and accepting. The office staff are all approachable and helpful.
I have really enjoyed my experience so far with Aims Community College. As I am a new student I have appreciated the help I have received in beginning my education through Aims. My advisor was very helpful and assisted me in getting started.
When ever I am confused or need help, there are multiple people around who are more than willing to help. They make College life a breeze.
Aims Community college is a great school on a beautiful campus. I love that the class sizes are small and personal. I always felt like the instructors cared about my success in their classes. Instructors were always willing to meet outside of class to discuss concerns or give further instruction. I would like to see Aims offer a sign language degree program, if they did I wouldn't have had to transfer to another school. I also felt that sometimes getting registered for classes was challenging because of the restrictions Aims places on your account for a variety of reasons.
My experience at Aims Community College has always been a pleasant experience. This my first college I enrolled in after completing high school. It has several campuses to accommodate students. I have also attended other colleges along the front range and other states. Aims is still my favorite, you feel safe, everyone is friendly and the teachers are great.
Aims Community College is a well rounded college. All the Professors care about their students and their education.
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Aims Community College is a great college for people desiring to move forward in their academic future. It offers a variety of majors and accommodates a diversity of people. I would highly recommend this school for anyone desiring to take their academics to the next step.
Its a very affordable good school. I appreciate the teachers and the price. I like that and how it is to commute to and get too. I love the school and how its working out!
They were awesome, kind, and understanding. I am a single mother. I had just recieved my GED at the Colorado Department of Corrections. I was concerned about my past and nervous about my age. But they were very accepting and encouraged me to follow my dreams.
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