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ATC is by far my top pick for technical schools in the CSRA. There courses and programs of study are relevant, up to date, and affordable. The staff and faculty have been attentive and helpful since my first encounter with the school three years ago, and they seem to genuinely want students to succeed. They're dedicated to promoting critical thinking in all areas of study, and are currently in the process of ensuring that all of their courses are fully accessible, both online and in the classroom. There are student organizations that promote campus activities but many of the students have jobs and families that pull them away, so only a portion of the students really participate in campus life. I would recommend Aiken Tech to students needing anything from a certification in a technical field to an Associate in Arts with plans to transfer. The affordability and high standard makes this school really stand out above the rest.
My experience with Aiken Technical College overall has been good! All of my teachers have truly wanted to help me succeed and I have enjoyed my time here.
They have many online classes that really help me be able to get school completed and be home with my children.
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They have a great setup with there online program. It is easy to us and is very streamline.
They really help with finding a job after completion of the program. They have many connections to help the students.
My class size is going to be less then 20 and I will get plenty of hands on time in my classes for my program.
When working with the campus employees while enrolling they where very helpful with the paperwork and explaining how everything worked at the school.
My teacher has been amazingly helpful getting me into classes. I love the fact we have small class sizes and lot of hands on work and one on one time with the teacher.
I have loved working with all the staff at ATC. They helped me figure out my program and get started.
Very friendly, and willing to answer any and all questions
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There are a few a year. Usually in spring semester.
Some teachers teach better than others but all available to help.
You'll meet some very good teachers.
It's a good choice for high school students that aren't ready to move away or not ready for a university.
This is not the first college I have attended. It is the first technical college for me. Comparing the two schools would be like comparing apples and oranges. Aiken Tech is a very professional school, a great stepping stone school for anyone who is not ready for a major university straight out of high school.
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Aiken tech is a really good school. The only thing that I would change is when they do all of the activities because I can not be involved in them because I am always in some type of class. They have a really good success center to help everyone that needs it/wants it.
Its a good school but to me it seems that they focus to much on grades and not enough on the students.
My specific program is what my school is known for, so they have all sorts of resources and things to help me.. But what concerns me is that other people with different majors might not have the samr opportunities as me.
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