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The ATC Nursing Program was a negative experience for me. The program is much more concerned with weeding out than helping students succeed. If you have previous medical knowledge/experience, then you may do well; however, if you are new to the medical field, then you face a tough, uphill battle. Not all professors are created equal and some classes feel like you must teach yourself, as the support just is not there. The grading scale is much tougher than the standard college grading scale and many mandatory assignments/projects do not count toward final grade until AFTER your test scores have been calculated and average 79.5 up. The workload and schedule is grueling and the attendance policy is stringent. I would not trust nor recommend this college for the guidance and support needed to ultimately obtain a nursing degree. Close to 50% of beginning students in my cohort did not make it to the end.
My online, prerequisite courses went great. My prerequisite professors were friendly, supportive, and went above and beyond to assist and support me.
It’s an amazing and socially interactive environment. All I can say is thus far, I’ve experienced sincere and rewarding learning!
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Though there are some instructors that have a passion for teaching, others don't. There are many resources to succeed and many people to help you along the way. I love the knowledge of some of the instructors.
I like Aiken Tech because you are able to have lots of flexibility with balancing your classes and your job/life. The classes are easy, and most professors and teachers are super easy. the only complaint i have is that the advisors don't seem to care much and don't help out as much as they should.
The advisers and staff are always so helpful and always there for you. The learning setting is focused as well.
The ATC Nursing program was the worst college experience of my life! Soo many details I want to share, but this website character limit WAY too small! Just trust me- don’t do it!!
My experience at Aiken Technical college is overall good. The professors seemed friendly and easily accessible. My counselor is very helpful in designing my schedule and picking classes that will be helpful for later life decisions. I'm not too sure if the college has any athletics but the gym is free for student use as well as the weight room. The college itself is meant for locals and many people are very familiar with the area. The classes are fairly small with many thirty max in each room.
Aiken technical college was a good college to get my prerequisites at. I enjoyed my brief time there and it was very affordable. I wish they offered more classes though as there are many that they show they have but no teacher to teach the class so they are unavailable to take.
Academic office could use more training. Admissions advisors could be more polite and helpful instead of dismissive
I have overall had a very good experience. However the employees at the front desk in the admissions office are lacking. Advisement is overall okay, however I must have just gotten assigned to a lackluster advisor.
They are nice and very understanding and certain things. They have plenty of parking areas and the place is always clean and set up nicely. They always listen to your needs and help with whatever it is you need help with. If I had to recommend a college I would choose Aiken Tech !!!!!
I do like the environment at Aiden Tech but when you go to the enrollment center you don't get much help.
My experience at Aiken Tech has been a outstanding. The diversity of the school is amazing and I love the classroom environment at Aiken Tech. I wish the administrative department at Aiken Tech was a little more organized and a little more focused on the task of helping us navigate our college experience.
Transferred here from USC Aiken and absolutely love this school! Small classes and awesome teachers who make learning fun.
No athletics of any kind. No housing. No cafeteria, bookstore brings in subway/chickfila. Very few student organizations. Nursing professors disorganized/not very good lecturers.
ATC is by far my top pick for technical schools in the CSRA. There courses and programs of study are relevant, up to date, and affordable. The staff and faculty have been attentive and helpful since my first encounter with the school three years ago, and they seem to genuinely want students to succeed. They're dedicated to promoting critical thinking in all areas of study, and are currently in the process of ensuring that all of their courses are fully accessible, both online and in the classroom. There are student organizations that promote campus activities but many of the students have jobs and families that pull them away, so only a portion of the students really participate in campus life. I would recommend Aiken Tech to students needing anything from a certification in a technical field to an Associate in Arts with plans to transfer. The affordability and high standard makes this school really stand out above the rest.
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My experience with Aiken Technical College overall has been good! All of my teachers have truly wanted to help me succeed and I have enjoyed my time here.
They have many online classes that really help me be able to get school completed and be home with my children.
They have a great setup with there online program. It is easy to us and is very streamline.
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