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I loved my classes online, the professors were very accommodating. I was so happy that my advisor was also there to help me too. As I mentioned, I was very happy that everyone was so supportive and accommodating.
What I like about Agnes Scott was the fact that we have a very tight-knit community and that everyone is so caring and nice. I really enjoyed my first year on campus. However, I did wish there were more diversity when it came to food. Sometimes, I would eat out in Decatur Square if it was getting too repetitive. I do like how we are nearby to the MARTA station (train). Makes it easier to get to shopping malls or around the city.

The first year dorm rooms were quite nice. Very spacious and cozy; however, the lift (elevator) would need some work. Sometimes it wouldn’t work, and it was a bit of a hassle, especially during move in day when I had to bring everything up the stairs onto the third floor.

Other than that, I do enjoy my academics. The professors are kind and understanding and also very supportive, especially when everything moved online. My professors were willing to give extensions when I was struggling, which is a plus

Overall, a great experience, despite COVID.
In the admissions process this school acts like it is inclusive and supportive of all walks of life but in reality they are supportive of gay and African American students. They marginalize all others and are particularly discriminative towards non-traditional students. Very few classes are available and you will end up taking classes elsewhere. Transfers can't bring their GPAs. If you are not a young African American or LGBTQ, go someplace that will accept you as you are and save yourself a ton of money in the process.
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All of my classes were transferred online due to coronavirus. While a few of my professors were understanding of current circumstances and the state of the world, many were non-lenient and unforgiving with grading.
As a rising sophomore at Agnes Scott, my experience has been bittersweet. The overall campus culture is warm. The location is nice and many of the students are too. That being said, Agnes Scott is a PWI and can sometimes be an uncomfortable place for students of color like myself. In addition to this, the dorms, food, and housing are definitely not up to par with the college's tuition rates.
Agnes made a lot of effort in order to facilitate online learning. They really did the best they could with the time they had. It wasn't perfect but it was a very good way of transitioning. They reached out and communicated a lot.
I love Agnes Scott College! It has an amazing community. It truly feels like a safe campus and space. There are real bonds between the students that attend Agnes Scott and the experiences at Agnes are unrivaled.
I have to be fair, I am quite biased because of the virus shutting down school earlier that I had teachers that had never taught a school before trying to teach online schooling.
The sense of community at Agnes Scoitt is honestly one of the best aspects of the school. Trust me if you have never attended a college a university before this little small detail is important or else you may feel as though you are being washed out in a see of your peers.
Agnes Scott College recently accepted me into their Post-Bacc Pre-Med Program silver cohort! They've been so helpful, encouraging, and supportive during this transition. I can't wait to meet these people in person and build life-long relationships.
Incredibly warm and a unique place. Interdisciplinary studies are suggested if not required for each major.
It is a very good campus with an amazing environment. They are very friendly and very open but if you are going to go here, you need to bank on scholarships, your parent's pockets and other forms of money because its very expensive to live on campus. $13,000+ to live on campus.
I did an college tour there it was a wonderful experience I recommend anyone to go there. They gave valuable information about there academic life , clubs and organizations and special help such as tutoring on campus. The people was very polite and respectful towards staff and students body. I love the school and I hope I get accepted.
I absolutely loved Agnes Scott College! This college is located in Decatur, Georgia and downtown Decatur is only a short walk away! The observatory was my favorite building on campus.
Overall, My daughter likes the class sizes and instructors. Her biggest complaint is the lack of access to food. Board is supposed to include 3 meals each day. Yet the cafeteria is frequently closed, as is the only other option for food, Molly's. My daughter has recently started working. Much of her income goes toward fast food. Since August, she has lost 9lbs, she wasn't trying to lose. This is very concerning for me as a parent.
My favorite part of Agnes Scott, and why I chose to go there, is the people. It wasn't hard at all to find friends, not to mention the extremely helpful, kind and friendly professors. Everyone makes an effort to make you feel included and you make personal and professional connections for life.
I'm only a freshman going into my second semester and I think my experience so far has been pretty decent. I think the school choice was best for my personality and interest which is can be best described as interdisciplinary. The people here are eclectic and the staff/ faculty are relatively nice. Only short coming so far would be the difficulty to change dissatisfactory conditions/policies and some overselling of accommodations advertised to incoming students.
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I wouldn't recommend going to Agnes Scott College. When you go on the campus for a tour, they make the school seem better than what it is and it's not. This school has a lot of underlying issues that need to be fixed. I thought when I got to school, ALL the professors would want their students to succeed. If you get a bad professor, you're guaranteed to get a C or below in the course. I had problems with my financial aid and the financial aid office told me to "reconsider my options or drop out". The athletic department couldn't help me as their best athlete either. My advisor tried to change my major because she believed I needed to change my career from medicine to "something else". I ended up leaving ASC because the school couldn't help me with my financial aid. If your parents have money, then you will succeed in this university. If not, please reconsider a cheaper and better school.
Agnes is a very tight knit community when it comes to the student life. Which is really wonderful as sometimes the campus it self can be very isolating from the outside world as it truly is an academics first type school. The cafeteria/food options in general need a LOT of work. And so do the dorms. Many people dont always feel like theyre getting what theyre paying for
Agnes Scott is a good school, but many facilities are outdated and could use repair.
Although the education you will receive at Agnes is amazing and it does set you up well for life experiences, the actual fact of living on campus is difficult.
The expenses of housing are great, the facilities are sub par, and the food is somewhat edible on a good day.
At Agnes, you'll likely have classes you love in a room with no A/C.
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