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Agnes Scott is a beautiful, nurturing place that empowers global women leaders. The new program, SUMMIT, provides every first-year student with a trip abroad. Faculty are caring and brilliant, other students are smart and supportive, and overall, the college is an excellent place to grow into who you are meant to be. Agnes Scott College has been ranked the #1 Most Innovative College for the second consecutive year by U.S. News and World Report. Agnes Scott has also ranked #1 for First-Year Experience, #3 Learning Communities and is in the Top 5 for Best Undergraduate Teaching!
From my first experience at Agnes Scott, I immediately fell in love with it's campus and wonderful staff. I had already done a few college tours around the state, but none of them drew me in like Agnes. I had never considered going to an all women's college before visiting it's campus. I felt so welcome and empowered by it's environment. Everyone I had met was so kind and inviting; and even more so I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to have a conversation with the president of the school. I only hear good things about Agnes Scott, and I am so glad that I chose to attend.
Agnes Scott College is such a beautiful, small, and diverse school that empowers women of all backgrounds to find their own voice and succeed in any pathway.
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Agnes is great! They really personalize your learning experience and you never felt left behind by the community. Some teachers and classes are more difficult than your average class however, that just comes with the territory. It's truly a great place both academically and socially.
Agnes Scott College is a small but open-hearted school. There are several majors to choose from and the professors truly care about their students. We celebrate everything from pride to National Hijab Day to International Pancake Day! There are several clubs for student involvement as well, so you are sure to find something that piques your interest.
Agnes Scott College is such a different environment than anywhere else. The sisterhood we share is amazing and everywhere you look there is somewhere there to help you and understand. I absolutely love the teachers and the learning environment Agnes provides. All teachers are so easy to come talk to and always a short email away to answer or solve any questions/problems you have.
I believe that the college is too expensive and they do not provide what they promise. When I was at the college for my first month I was sick because of there being a black mold in my air vent. When I requested for a new air vent I never got it and ended up having to buy a makeshift AC unit.
Agnes Scott is such a fantastic college! Everyone is super nice and try their best to help you achieve the goals you have set forth for yourself. The only concern I have with Agnes is financial accessibility. The tuition is a lot to handle and since it is a private school, grants and aid are a little less than that for public schools.
The community and student life is incredible, but dining options aren’t the best and some housing could use some work.
Agnes is exactly what I dreamed it would be: small in size, welcoming environment, close to home and overall very cozy.
Agnes Scott offered the best all women opportunity that I have come to know. It has a fantastic campus and excellent dorms. All students take part in a foreign internship after their freshmen year at school. All departments are leading in educational curriculum and research opportunities are plentiful. Agnes Scott will offer you a degree that is respected throughout the country and the world.
Agnes is a community and a family. Once you enter, every resource is at your disposal. From the second you step foot onto campus as a student, you are guaranteed an education and an experience you will never forget. I have loved every minute here. I can't wait to continue in my Agnes Scott journey.
As a student from another country, I wish there were more diversity and opportunities for international students.
Agnes is a really nice place. It's a small and cozy campus and everyone really about each other especially your professors and advisers. They will always go out of their way to ensure that you are happy and comfortable. The classes are really rigorous and you have to study a lot including during the weekends to get good grades. I wish Agnes Scott had a larger international student body.
Agnes Scott is the ideal school for a student who wants an immersive liberal arts education in a small learning environment
Agnes makes me have hope for the future, so many people from different backgrounds, places and lives, there not only to learn but educate one another and make an impact on the world around them.
This school is so remarkable! There is so much you can learn about yourself from enrolling into a liberal arts college. The professors and classes are challenging. There is so much room for academic fluidity in the college with respect to courses.
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I am an incoming freshman but the student life is very interactive and the professors nurture you as an individual.
Agnes Scott make sure to include everyone in all situations. The school and people are very welcoming and I have already recommended this school to rising seniors.
I LOVE my school!! Agnes is one of the best if not the best school ever. I love that my professors genuinely want me to succeed and they're geniuses. The students are lovely and I've met so many wonderful people there. The campus is breathtaking. I couldn't have picked a better place to spent my undergrad years!!!