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I love all the professors here at Agnes. It’s a great tight knit community and the professors actually care about you and your progress in their class. I would like to see more exclusion with sports because not many people go to the events.
Agnes Scott College is a lovely college residing in beautiful downtown Decatur, Georgia. The sports program is great and competitive; I was a former basketball player there. The academics are good as well. Overall, Agnes Scott College encourages women to strive to be the best that they can be.
Agnes Scott is a really tradition school that everyone is together. The school reached out to the students which allow students to feel like home at a new campus. Agnes Scott has it so the staff is really welcoming, and makes the campus feel alive. The students all seem to be involved, and they also have a lot of good connections which allows their students to succeed to the next step of their life.
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Great college the application process was very easy and every admissions councelor greets you with excitement. The teachers are all very educated and willing to help their students with certain issues. The food on campus is really great I highly reccomend eating at Evan's.
A women's college that will nurture you into becoming the determined, strong, poised, well-rounded, smart, kind and community-oriented woman you want to be. Scottie women are known to do incredible things for the transformation of society and for the betterment of the world!
Agnes Scott had such a beautiful campus! It was very clean and well kept. It was a very welcoming environment and made you feel very comfortable. Just walking around with our tour guide showed us how well connected everyone was with each other. Since it is such a small intimate campus everyone is pretty much a familiar face.
I love how close I've gotten to some of my professors. It's a small campus, so you actually get the opportunity to know them as more than a face by the board. On the other hand, it's a small school, which means a small faculty and smaller selection of courses. Many departments are working to expand their programs and offer a broader range of courses, and we partner with other colleges to allow students to take classes Agnes Scott doesn't offer.
Agnes Scott College is a welcoming school filled with professors that care how their students and want them to succeed in their goals.
I attended Agnes Scott College for one academic year, 2014-2015. It was easily, undoubtedly, the best year of my life. The academics are top notch, but not intimidatingly so. The professors, adjuncts included, are very knowledgeable. They make themselves accessible by their students and really care to help how they can, so long as you are willing to put in effort. Overall, Agnes Scott places high value on their students, and all faculty and staff exemplify that. The sense of community throughout the campus is strong, and one of the most significant reasons it hurt me so deeply to leave. I had an unforeseen financial burden come up and had to transfer out of Agnes Scott because of it. If I had the financial means, I would transfer back to Agnes Scott without a second thought.
I toured Agnes Scott because I am considering applying there. I want to play soccer at ASC, but I also want that academic vigor. Agnes Scott has both! The academic side is what really attracted me, it had so many opportunities to explore studies outside of my comfort tone. I was blown away by the vast amount of options to choose from. The only downside was the party scene. Which I don't care for, but I understand that it is a factor for some people when they are deciding if they should go to that college or not. Overall, I give Agnes Scott College a 5 out of 5 stars. Beautiful campus, great diversity in people, rigorous academic load, and a well maintained athletic program!
My time at Agnes Scott College was brief yet challenging. Some professors go out of their way to help you understand the material. Other professors, not so much. The campus is VERY diverse. There are a lot of International students and student of different backgrounds. The college campus is beautiful and kept up-to-par. However, while attending, I felt like I did not belong there. Most times I did not feel welcomed. When considering Agnes, understand that you have to reach out in order to receive. Find the right group of friends and you should be fine. P.S. Agnes is EXPENSIVE! But, it is a challenging school academically and is globally recognized.
some buildings are very old, have no air conditioning
it's not very big here
very diverse, lots of clubs, not many parties, don't really like most of the housing options
Plenty of connections with alumni.
Professors are friendly and are excited to teach
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Awesome atmosphere. Very friendly. They really want you to succeed:)
Networking is a huge aspect in campus life. Alumnis are usually very outgoing, friendly, and helpful.
Overall, it's a good experience. I love my professors and advisers and I never have to worry about the grass becoming uncontrollably high or dead-looking.
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