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Agnes is a really nice place. It's a small and cozy campus and everyone really about each other especially your professors and advisers. They will always go out of their way to ensure that you are happy and comfortable. The classes are really rigorous and you have to study a lot including during the weekends to get good grades. I wish Agnes Scott had a larger international student body.
Agnes Scott is the ideal school for a student who wants an immersive liberal arts education in a small learning environment
Agnes makes me have hope for the future, so many people from different backgrounds, places and lives, there not only to learn but educate one another and make an impact on the world around them.
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This school is so remarkable! There is so much you can learn about yourself from enrolling into a liberal arts college. The professors and classes are challenging. There is so much room for academic fluidity in the college with respect to courses.
I am an incoming freshman but the student life is very interactive and the professors nurture you as an individual.
Agnes Scott make sure to include everyone in all situations. The school and people are very welcoming and I have already recommended this school to rising seniors.
I LOVE my school!! Agnes is one of the best if not the best school ever. I love that my professors genuinely want me to succeed and they're geniuses. The students are lovely and I've met so many wonderful people there. The campus is breathtaking. I couldn't have picked a better place to spent my undergrad years!!!
Agnes has been the most amazing thing to happen to me. Each and every day of class is a blessing. The professors really care about you and they are amazing with financial aid.
As a private liberal arts women's college, Agnes Scott strives to empower and educate women to "think deeply and live honorably and engage in the social and intellectual challenges of our time." As a sophomore, I will have to say that Agnes does live up to this mission statement. My experience so far at Agnes Scott has been extraordinary. It allowed me to think deeper about social issues such as women's rights. At Agnes, I was able to make unique friendships and bonds with my peers. The environment, campus, faculty, and students are all extremely welcoming and will help you do your best not just academically, but will also make sure you are growing and fostering into a strong woman who defeats every challenge and battles that might come through her way. I am able to reach out to my professors with every little concern that I have. The professors really do make sure that your experience at Agnes is life-changing.
Agnes Scott has the Summit program which is valuable because it not only provides ample opportunities to travel abroad but also it values leadership development and global learning. These things create a well-rounded graduate ready for the working world.
Agnes Scott is a great place for young thinkers to grow their mind, their confidence, and their strengths as a young leader. The close knit community offers unparalleled attention and opportunity for students to achieve their educational and career goals. I was so happy here, and even sent my sister!
Agnes Scott College is an institution that inspires women to conquer every obstacle, work hard to obtain every opportunity, and strive not only for our own success but to reach back and support and uplift our communities.
Agnes Scott is a great academic environment. Most of my professors are Ivy League scholars and have high expectations for their students. The campus is a very safe space and is quite accepting.
I'm not sure that I fully appreciated my ASC education at the time, but 15 years later I can see with 20/20 hindsight. That liberal arts foundation has made me successful and adaptable in the working world, with strong written communication skills (more rare than I would have suspected). The courage of my diverse peers continues to inspire me and give me strength through life's challenges. I now know I had 4 glorious years of a glimpse at a more ideal world, one which I now work to create in the spaces around me.
The campus is absolutely beautiful, as well as the many friendly faces you'll encounter. Its like walking into a movie scene every time you scroll campus. Grab a cup of coffee and a good book to sit out on the grass, you'll leave very well studied and relaxed. Honestly like heaven on Earth for me.
Agnes Scott has great professors who really want to engage with their students and make sure they succeed. Everyone I have worked with has done their best to make sure I learn to the best of my ability.
This is a great school! The professors really do care about each individual student. Since class sizes are much smaller, professors are able to have a one on one experience with students and they are able to get better help. Everyone at the school is so friendly and welcoming and allows everyone to be themselves without being judged. We all work together to fight issues, whether they be on campus or out in the world. It is right next to downtown Decatur, which is a great place for college students to hang out or to study. There are very few parties on campus so you have to go off campus to get to any, but this is helpful for anyone who is not looking for the party scene.
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Agnes Scott College has become my second home. The people here are exceptional and I have no doubt that every single student that comes here will be able to find their niche. The SUMMIT experience has allowed me to view the world from a different angle as well as see the world through my own eyes on my Journey's experience. The faculty are so caring and really want every student to succeed. Every professor I have has known me by name and has put individual attention towards me and my education.
I loved the atmosphere of Agnes, it was the reason I chose to go in the first place. But while I was there, no one prepared us for what would come after and that's been a real struggle.
I love all the professors here at Agnes. It’s a great tight knit community and the professors actually care about you and your progress in their class. I would like to see more exclusion with sports because not many people go to the events.