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Aerosim Flight Academy Reviews

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The BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME in aviation schools there is. A totally corrupt internal system where "Jimy" the former Chief Pilot manages at his will the entire training outcome for those students that do not fall under him. He will make sure those students are failed only because he doesn't get to make money via bonuses from each of them. A COMPLETE CHAOS AND CORRUPT SYSTEM

Management looks the other way as they are all involved or part of it. Scheduling is the worst nightmare and another political game..Overall this flight academy needs to get reported to the Department of Education and to their new owners L3 Communications ASAP!

They act like they are doing you a favor and customer skills are completely absent
Their airplanes are extremely old, maintenance is poor and yet they charge thru the roof for each hour of flight. You will also get billed for Pre-Flight briefings and Post Flight Briefings and never receive them. A Total Rip Off..Stay AWAY
everyone just care about their own business , do not really care about what others do or what their race.
it is always good experience to learn new stuff in your life, to meet and make new friends. To depend on your self and ask about what you need help with.
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i am doing business now at UCONN but that not what i want to be i want to be a pilot so i am transferring to Aerosim Flight Academy to be who i want to be.
99% of the people are nice especially my professors, they never mind about helping us anytime .
my school does not have campus so it is like housing or apartments so it depends on everyone.
tuition cost like 80,000 and fafsa gave me 4k only
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