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Best School I could've asked for! As someone who transferred from UCF to a smaller more healthcare focused university it was definitely a great decision and has left me with very memorable experiences
ADU is a very well faith based college. The staff and teachers are friendly and caring and want the best for the students. It is well kept meaning very clean and beautiful inside and out the school.
So far the experience had been exhilarating. I'm excited to become a student and also complete this program so I May continue to soar
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This school has a staff that promotes Christian values. The academics are great and they have free tutoring for the classes you need help with. There is not much of a party scene but there is a lot to do in the Orlando area. And if you are into community service there is an annual mission trip that is planned.
Christian University whos purpose is to emphasize the inner persona of oneself as well as teaching to spread Christian ethnics, but without pressuring one to do so. I would love if they would incorporate sports (band, orchestra) into the school. They also need to improve on the housing, as it is old and they overprice it. Its more expensive than UCF housing, which are newer.
I am a first-year nursing student, and I am very impressed with the quality of the professors and classes offered here. In addition, almost every student here is highly dedicated to their studies, so class morale is very high. While the university is affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, it is not cliquey at all, and there are students from just about every faith. Classes are not easy, but the tutoring center is excellent, and I am very grateful for the opportunities we students are given here.
What I like about ADU is the small classes and no matter what you are going through there is always someone on campus to listen to you and try to help you it may not always be your professor or adviser but with God in the picture he shows someone there that you need an ear to borrow. The students and Faculty are also friendly.
It is a great college overall. The professors are welcoming s well as other staff and faculty. There is a spirit of unity on campus that I loved. The only thing I don't like is that they don't have many scholarships to help students pay for college, especially siblings. The financial aid office needs to actually try to help students in need.
When I went to Adventist for a tour it felt so amazing. Its a small school with so many benefits. They give real life experience and help in many ways. From one on one tutoring, help in your writing and being able to have communication with your teacher and academic advisor. The staff was very kind and respectful. Out of any school I have toured, ADU caught my eyes.
I absolutely love this school. I've been to other universities before and none have cared about me the way that the employees here do. Everyone is very nice and helpful and they are always available
This school features both pros and cons. The school may be challenging to pay for, as scholarships and financial aid are very scarce. It is a great school for those who are committed towards pursuing a career in the medical field, as the school is connected with Florida Hospital.
I received a stellar education that prepared me to get A's at the very beginning of my Masters degree pursuit. The instructors took the time to correct my mistakes, guide me to be a better professional writer, and pushed me to evaluate the integrity of both research studies and peer-reviewed articles.
There are no sports teams affiliated with the school. However there are various items to utilize from the library (kickball, football, etc.) in the grassy areas.
Adventist University of Health Sciences fosters positivity in every aspect. Faculty and staff genuinely care about each student's well-being and success throughout each course. I feel nurtured and successful with the school on my side. There are numerous volunteer opportunities and organizations to join in order to become more knowledgeable and well rounded.
They take our safety very serious.
I am like the program that I am in now.
Guards are visibly and actively present every time I go outside
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Truly an incredible school with great friendly atmosphere
I believe this school is perfect perfect for my future job
This school was everything I ever wanted. Exceeded all expectations!
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