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Amazing staff, the teachers care for you and make sure you understand each concept. As well as your advisor they check-in regularly with you and make sure you have everything you need. The campus is beautiful and always are hosting activities for the students to attend.
Very easy system, they use canvas which I was already familiar with because of High School. All teachers are clear with assignments and what you need to have done by each due date. Clear instructions are also provided
So far, this school is wonderful. The school and professors have helped me open my eyes to Christianity. I feel welcome in all of my classes.
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The university uses Zoom classes in the replacement of didactic learning. It has been great so far. I am able to participate with everyone in my classes and collaborate in a different way.
The experience has been very good. I recommend this school to anyone who would like to work in the healthcare field.
The professors have been very supportive and understanding during this journey of online learning. Because of that and all the motivation received, I have been able to achieve my academic goals.
Overall, AHU is a wonderful University. All of the professors are very knowledgeable and willing to help when needed. The classes are engaging and the OTA program that I am in is constructed in a professional manner. The Financial Aid office can be hard to reach but overall, AHU is an all-inclusive diverse school.
Overall, doing college online is manageable. It gives me more freedom to space things out; however, it seems like I need to do twice the amount of work because Im not on campus and I have to make sure I am up to date with all of my assignments in canvas (sometimes I miss seeing them) Professors are always willing to help and the students are very encouraging and supportive.
My overall experience with AdventHealth University has been amazing. The moment I heard about the school,I wanted to attend. This university offers so much to every student and the faculty will do their very best to help you with anything you need.
Currently I am taking online classes due to COVID19 but I must say that it is going really well. The teachers have been doing a really good job with making it feel like we are in an actual class setting. Since it is online now, the professors make a lot of power points and lecture polls and my favorite, panopto recordings which are really helpful and nice to listen to.
Pretty costly, but very nice professors and students. The student involvement is high and it very evident in the events held. The campus is beautiful and the mission of the school is wholesome and inviting. There needs to be more scholarship opportunities.
Some professors are difficult (just as with any school). They start class with a devotion and are clear about their grading.
Campus is beautiful, and i love the location! Graduation rate is 27% and you will see why if you decide to go to this school. I been here 3 years and though i love the faculty, students, and quiet life; their policies/regulations are ridiculous. Without getting into much detail, i have to transfer schools on my junior year because they simply only care about money. Not our education/career. Food is horrible and expensive (expect $7 and up for even a side).
I have not begun my academic career at Adventhealth University. Since the global pandemic has begun I have spent much time away from, work and has left my time to think about my academic career, or lack of, and my future in general. So, two months ago I made the decision to go. back to school.
I absolutely love my university. If you choose to be involved and participate in university activities, you will build an amazing community in no time. The professor are loving, caring and kind. People care for you. Education is splendid and clinical experience is one of a kind. There is no doubt a student won't become a successful healthcare provider in this university. Housing may not be the best but there are always students willing to move out with. The only downfall in this university is the lack of athletics due to being very academic. Other than that, the diversity and the quality is 5/5. I highly recommend this school for everyone who is serious in healthcare career.
Adventhealth University is a great school, great environment and staff genuinely care about your education and your future career. The class sizes are a good size and the labs are updated and resemble Advent Health Hospital settings.
Advent Health is a little bit more expensive to attend, but the professors, chaplains and staff genuinely care about your education and your future career. The class sizes are a good size and the labs are updated and resemble Advent Health Hospital settings.
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I believe that AdventHealth University is a great school and that is why I decided to transfer there instead of going to a different institution. I love how I am able to attend a university that shares and respects the same religious beliefs as me. I know that the education that I am receiving will help me to develop the necessary skills to become a nurse. Overall AdventHealth University has a special place in my heart and I'm proud to be a student at this school!
What I most like about AdventHealth Univerity is the people in general. The professors and students are very welcoming and makes you feel like home. The campus is beautiful. It has a nice view ti a lake where it can be perfect to relax and study at times.
I can't say much about what i like. The only thing i can think of is that its a small personable campus.

For as expensive as tuition is I would like to see better housing, better library, on-campus parking, and maybe a gym or somewhere students can relieve stress in between classes. There is a-lot of things the school can do with all that money we pay its definitely not being put to good use.
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