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The atmosphere at AdventHealth University is one that promotes success, through thorough professors who work towards achievement in tandem with students to extracurricular options such as tutoring that are offered. This college cultivates a mindset that is so necessary to success in the healthcare field.
I love advent health. The school’s made me want to work harder and become a better version of myself. The only thing is that I wish financial aid here worked differently. It’s complicated and the advisors think they’re helping you but no ones really helping you. The school’s expensive as it is and they don’t make it easier.
Students, professors, and faculty at Advent Health University are a family. Being a small campus with small class sizes really gives one the opportunity to create great friends and student partners, along with very motivational professors. Over the course of a trimester, one feels well-understood and accounted for at this school. Being a Seventh-Day Adventist school, no religious pressure is put upon their students. Although, it is encouraged, no student is forced to make any religious decision while at this school. The students and staff really demonstrate a caring atmosphere, that makes you feel welcomed.
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AdventHealth University is a school for the most determined students. Every student has one, same goal- to work in the health field. The campus and class sizes are very small, which promotes strong relationships between students, professors, faculty, and peers. AdventHealth is also a faith-based school. It will not force faith upon anyone and AdventHealth is open to all faiths. This school helps connect you to your faith, only if you would like to include your faith in your studies. I have never been to a school that cares for you as much as this one does. Everyone here truly wants you to succeed. Here, you will always have help and a bright future ahead!
I love AdventHealth University. I think its the best nursing school in Florida. They are a hands-on school and you can learn a lot from your peers and your teachers. Their class sizes are amazing and I wouldn't change anything about them.
This is a "Christian school,” which is why I choose to come here, & I was the class chaplain for the ultrasound prog. AHU is far from mercy or grace. I made 2 C's and have been dismissed from their prog. forever.
My family and 3 children are worst off from AHU. I had to deal with major health issues (and marital) that are now reasonably stable and have one required class remaining to be registered as a sonographer. We may seek legal action against them.
There was over a 50% fail/drop rate for the class of 2019 and I'm talking about nearly straight-A students that were hand-selected for a program with this high fail rate, which is a testament of this program. We are not dealing with students that don't know how to study or manage themselves.
I've attended multiple colleges: ERAU, Stetson, DSC and Asbury Seminary. AHU is my worst experience by far. Mind you, I'm a middle-aged adult with a BS and a Masters with 4 classes remaining to complete my second Masters degree.
I love that it is a smaller college, faith based, and how personable the professors are. I haven’t encountered a bad situation yet. Everyone is there to help eachother out. The technology and equipment is up to date and extremely helpful. It’s very hands on and you get the best of the best.
If you are interested in attending a college that has small classes, then this is the place for you. The professors are dedicated to helping their students succeed. Anther great thing about this school is, it is a Christian college, so if are interested in expressing your faith this is a great university.
Private, small classes, teachers are professionals and dedicated to students success, latest lab equipment, great security and transportation. Safe environment on campus and dorms.
I would like to see the prices of the classes go down. Overall, I have had a decent experience with the school. I wish they were a little more military friendly. I simply can not afford to go to this school.
They have a good curriculum but there teachers and availability is poor. I am a Denver campus student and we miss so many opportunities for communication. We have to learn over broadcast and we feel cut off from the class. We need more opportunities for communication and hands on learning. The teachers in Orlando do not take us seriously and do not spend as much time to make sure we understand the materials as they do for the Orlando students.
I love that this college is small and christian based. The teachers are amazing and are always available to help. The teachers really care about your success in their classes. They offer tutoring services for free and your able to make appointments when you're struggling in certain classes. The only thing I would change is the parking because taking a shuttle becomes a problem at times.
This college is a very good close nit school. Adventist university student to teacher ratios are very good due to the fact that you can have a one on one with your teacher to further understand the lesson, not just that there is free tutoring to help you further understand everything learned. They want you to succeed as a person but also in the medical field.
I really enjoy this school. It is smaller but the education you are receiving is top of the line. You get that one on one with all of your teachers when needed. All of the clinical sites for any health science program is through Florida Hospital. Therefore you are offered exceptional education from the colleges there. All around this school is a great atmosphere that any student should be apart of.
I liked that they answered all questions I had. I liked that the advisor helped me decided what I need to do. They do give second chances.
Adventist University of Health Sciences genuinely cares for their students. I started attending ADU in 2016. The online classrooms are very easy to navigate, the professors are easy to get in touch with, and the student advisors are prompt and helpful. I recommend ADU to anyone who is looking to further their education with an online degree.
I like the professional atmosphere of the college. There is free tutoring. The school adequately prepares you for your career. There are limited sport activities, however.
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As a transfer student from a large university student to this college my transition has been remarkable. They met all of my needs and made me feel right at home. All of the professors are beyond qualified to do their job and make learning an enjoyable experience. I never thought I would end up at a Adventist university obtaining a degree in health sciences, yet here I am and it feels like a perfect fit.
Everyone is so incredibly nice and helpful! They make sure that you are taken care of! This is my first semester here and feel very welcomed. I am excited for all of the hands on experience that they are going to be giving us. As well as making sure everyone is always included as well. You feel welcomed right when you first get there. And all of the other students are glad to be there as well.
My experience with the Adventist University of Health Sciences was spectacular. Here on this campus, you meet new people in which you learn new perspective that can be used in overall life. The staff and administration alone create an atmosphere so welcoming that you will feel right at home.
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