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Its good i just have an overage of 6000 dollars that needs to be paid because my dad was denied for a parent loan due to horrible credit.
The value of a degree is high because this is one of the best technical schools in the nation.
They offer morning afternoon and evening classes so it is easier to find and work a job
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The class is small so the instructor can easily work with each of their different classes easily, for example the fact that my major is automotive technologies with high performance engineering. The school has a separate teacher just for high performance.
Its ok, mostly because everyone that usually goes to technical colleges are kinetic learners.
We dont do many online courses but the ones we do are really good.
Though the campus is small it has everything i need to do my work.
They are very good and captivating.
i love the shorter weeks and the breaks every hour and five minutes during school. The teacher keeps my attention and the courses are solid and educational.
They not only help you find jobs, they actually set up the interviews and have personal connections with you and your employers.
The diversity in this school is amazing. We have students who just came from high school and students who are in their 30's. We also have both males and females. This diversity allows for a wide range of skills and knowledge to be utilized. Everyone seems to get along, even with all of our differences.
So far the professors are great. They are informative and stimulating at the same time. The curriculum starts a little slow but is necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page. The work load thus far is easily manageable and the study assistance is amazing.
A unique opportunity I have here at ATI is the chance to bring my own vehicle in to work on if it is related to the subject we are studying at the moment. Also the diverse ages of students makes it easy to find help in any are, because each generation has specific strengths and weaknesses.
Computer labs are great but they never seem to have quite enough computers and the speed of the networks aren't the easiest to work with. Printing on campus is usually very easy and cheap. I've never had a problem with the reliability of the networks, only the speed. Every school i've been to has had easy wireless access.
The student centers are great however a few more computers would be wonderful. The libraries are vast and if they don't have a book on something they have an online source ready. Campus activites are usually vast and have a diverse group of people. Most colleges i've gone to are very aesthetically pleasing on the outside as well on the inside.
The colleges are working really hard to get their names out there and enroll new students into their programs. They are very amicable and detailed about all the programs and opportunities they have through their college. I gave them an A+ because some schools even offer their services in researching and tracking down job opportunities for the students during their schooling and after they graduate.
any information can be obtained at most of the time. Libraries should contain more of subject matter for students in different fields.
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networking is very responsive. went from quick to lightning fast and that is a must when doing what is expected at a moments notice.
facilities adequately support the student body, café, library.
The instructors are very well rounded, and among the very smartest in their fields.
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