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I started going to this school about 3 months ago and I really enjoy the classes. I feel I am getting the education needed for my career choice.
Vocational nursing mostly but also massage therapy
Almost everyone is there for the same degree so it's easy to feel comfortable with other students.
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Internships are included as well as career placement.
I've just recently enrolled and am scheduled to start courses in September but my overall experience with staff so far has been really great and everyone is very helpful.
I understand there isa Carr placement center although I have not personally used it yet
I have just started so I haven't really gotten to know anyone yet
The staff is very informed and helpful to prospective students and really helps to ensure you are ready for the courses before you even enroll.
the schedule they have was convenient for me
The overall experience was okay. Chose the school because it was close to my house and the schedule fit with mine.
they don't have an athletic center or any campus activities
have to computer labs and print out your assignments and they make copies for you
love the internship experience at St. Francis hospital
they give you a lot of HESI
they give you a set amount you have to pay out of your pocket before term 4 mines was around $6000.00 hard to come up with that kind of money when you don't work.
they don't have a career center they just have flyers of job openings
they work on your weakness to prepare you for NCLEX
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they are ok I prefer to be in a classroom setting
Good Resources – The computer system is really good. The staff is helpful.
Not Horrible but Bad – I have seen quite of few instructors come and go. The turnover rate is a little too high for me. There is constant change in scheduling at the VERY last minute, leaving little to no room in planning/keeping Dr. appts, etc. The education (minus the good instructors) involves a lot of "self-teaching". And lastly, there was a "miscalculation" with my financial aid, and in addition to receiving the highest award possible I was told I have to pay over $2500 half way into the program. Our entire class has been harrassed repeatedly for the remaining out of pocket expense and we still had four out of twelve months left in the program. I would not recommend this school.
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