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A great value to further your education quickly and effectively and get the job you want without wasting time, money and energy.
Absolutely WOULD NOT have wasted my money at this institution if I’d known what I know now.
While half of the instructors actually teach / lecture, half treat your class time as a self-study. This is my second degree. I can tell you that IS NOT the norm for college courses. Now, while I've completed all requirements, have my diploma, have my IV certification, and even have letters of recommendation in hand from the program itself, I’m still not authorized to sit for my NCLEX exam. Why? Because, even after you've completed your coursework successfully, and even walked for your graduation, the program has a "predictor exam", which you must pass. I received a 90% on said exam. A 90% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first try. “Passing", right? WRONG. If you don't pass the "predictor" with a 94%, (a 94% chance of passing the NCLEX on your first try) the school refuses to send your transcript to the Board of Nursing. Then, you spend months taking an ATI review course (another $475).
Well, being that the school is a state school i expected the cost to be in the range of 12000,
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haven only done 2weeks, i cant say much, however, from what I have seen so far, the program is designed to prepare future nurses who would add value to the nursing community, depending on the willingness to study and the ability to PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS especially in the TF courses. The work load is very OK for the non working students but somewhat tense on those working full time, but i believe it will fall into place as time goes on, the curriculum is OK, and the facilities need to be upgraded a bit technology-wise. The lab could use some modern equipment
The teachers know their stuff well, in the classroom, the registration process is fine, extra class hours are set aside to teach those with questions.
The student body comprise of a mix of African-american, native American, some Africans, a Caribbean, and a somewhat closed(christain) religious group, mainly of lower class income.
A lot of outside work, even though you are in classes 8hrs a day. Extras on top of classes that no one tells you about until they have your money. Lab hours, online courses and online homework.
Some teachers have favorites and it is very apparent. Others just read from the book or study guide. Most of the students are disrespectful to other students and the teachers. I have never heard or seen such whining from adults as I have in this school. The favoritism is out of control.
Disrespectful to instructors. Constantly interrupting. Bad talk quite a lot. Want everything hand fed to them. This does not apply to ALL students yet there are 30-45% of our class that would be put in this category in my opinion.
Not a lot of available but what is available gets the job done
Small school, limited areas. Small labs but they get the job done.
Nursing is a professional career and I am leaning different techniques of how to apply things in real life rather than just book or theory.
Easy to understand. And questions are answered quickly.
The tuition is lower than most schools in the area. There is a downside to that, which is the equipment we have to practice with is outdated. Not enough equipment for class sizes. Small lab rooms to practice in.
The class sizes are average for this type of school.
Fast track is not an easy way to obtain ones education, yet I do find the instructors really do care about the success of their class.
online courses gives you the opportunity to put more thought and effort into the work that you are completing. I prefer online courses over in class courses, plus it's much more convenient.
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I'm happy that the school offers an IV therapy class in the course. I was worried that we wouldn't get the necessary experience.
im a lpn major and i enjoy learning so i put forth the effort to learn the material and understand. my experience is positive because the individuals that i have interacted with thus far seem very willing to help and eager to teach.
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