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Adrian's College of Beauty - Modesto Reviews

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My school isn't about a brand name or how is call a branch of someone important. Our school is simply Adrian and everything the staff does is to help the students become successful. Classes are encouraging and full of helpful techniques. They give us the keys to success.
They say they have job placement here...but they can't guarantee a job!! if I pay this much money you better work your butt of to get me a job after I graduate. Here is the thing.

If you do actually graduate. And you do actually pass state will be waiting months and months to recieve your liscense from the state because North Adrian's will keep on forgetting to send your proof of training to the state. So by the time all that finally does get done. You are so fed up with the school that you go out and find yourself a job and don't mess with the school ever again. Thats how they don't have to deal with helping students get jobs. They aslo post up notes from companies around the area that are hiring. So you are the one still doing to the foot work and calling and going to these places...not them.

So if you want a job after school. You are the one who will be doing the work. Not them. Dont count on the school to help you.
Experience at North Adrian's – The experience SUCKS! The classes are a joke. The teachers are a joke! The whole school is a JOKE! How this school is even still around and functioning with students I do not know.

This place is so un organized. They lose paper work. They don't know where students are supposed to be. They push you along to the next class even if you are way behind and have no idea as to what you are doing. They don't care if you are behind in your tests. They don't test you out to see if you know anything before they send you to the floor...where you are supposed to be working on actual clients.

The teachers don't care about anyone but themselves. None of them actually know how to teach. They are just liscensed cosmetologists. They still cut hair or used to cut hair. None of them have gone through any teacher training. So they do not know how to handle students. They treat everyone like they are a child. Which is very frustrating for those of us who actually want to learn and are trying our hardest to be the best and do our best. But when you are in a class that is full of people who don't care. Who make up things to put on their time card and mess around all don't even want to go to school anymore.

If you are serious about becoming a cosmetologist. DO NOT GO HERE!! This place will crush your dreams! This place will make you go crazy!! You will become depressed and completely question your motivation and drive and your desire to become a cosmetologist. And you will eventually just give up!
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The tuition cost for North Adrian's Beauty College is outragious. The cost is very expensive and if you can't recieve and financial wont be able to go there. The financial aid office does there best to help you get any financial aid they can find. At least thats what I am told. I was not found any financial aid. I had to take out student loans from the government and will now have to pay back all the money plus interest to the government. I am not sure if they worked really hard to help me or not. But I wanted to go to school so I took the loans.

I think that the way the school runs and how they teach...the money you pay for school here is not worth it. Just because they lure you in with Pivot!! Run the other way and go to a different school. Until they get teachers in here who know Pivot Point and want to train you with it and actually care about the students and know how to handle the students and keep the class in is a waste of your time and your money. Dont go to this school!!
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