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i love this school the people here are nice and everyone's willing to take time out of there day to help you or ask hows your day going.
I have had a blast at Adrian College so far! There isn't much more that I could ask for in a college. The people here are kind, outgoing, and friendly. Because of the size, you can have more interactions with teachers, and you can't go anywhere without recognizing someone. The school is all about making sure that it's students are getting what they need and everyone wants you to succeed. My only wish is that there was a sustainable agriculture program--or any ag program for that matter.
Adrian college destroyed my freshman college experience, as a student and an athlete. It also wasn't very diverse.
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The food services are fairly poor and not healthy at all. The higher-ups tend to not care about stuendts opinions and spend money on useless things.
I love this school. This college has allowed me to grow into the adult I am today. I have a real relationship with my professors and mentors. The administration cares about growing students into functioning members of society.
There is very high envolvment from student in clubs and sports. The small school atmosphere is everything I ever hoped it would be. My biggest problem is with the food. Food options are poor at best.
Adrian College has been a rather interesting experience. Yes it is fairly diverse, and the people on campus are amazing. My only confusion comes from the fact that we pay such a significant amount of money for a school that has dorms that barely have working bathrooms. In the hall that I live in, the bathrooms are closed at least 2 times a week. The school ends up accepting more students that what they can house so some people end up in the worst situations, and many end up leaving. There is not much to do on campus, but we all find something to do. I think renovations are in order for many of the dorms. They focused on remodeling the premium housing so people would spend more money to live there.
Everything is close classrooms to rooms and sports facilities, teachers are understanding and know what they are teaching, small campus but they keep it clean
I enjoyed the people there. I enjoyed the support of the people there and the facility. The coaches pushed me to be not only a better person but a better player. The school was super supportive in everything I did and I can't wait to attend there next fall again.
My experience and visiting at Adrian College was amazing. At Adrian they had nice facilities and dorms. Also they have 40 different sports they have.
Adrian College is very small, which give the students to know their professors at a unique level. Class sizes are small, usually around 30 people. This gives students a prime opportunity to find research options and get recommendation letters from their professors.
I really like the fact that both the campus and class sizes are relatively small. It gives me the opportunity to get to know my professors and reach out for help when I need it.
The professors are good and the school has a lot of good things about it. Such as the party scene, 1 on 1 interactions with teachers, food, and lots of clubs. However, if you don’t party or do any sports you are a nobody.
Adrian College has wonderful faculty and an amazing variety of opportunities for study. The only issue with the college is funding for theatre and financial aid. It’s difficult to be able to afford attending Adrian, so many of us are struggling to find ways to pay. The education is a must and the people you meet are a must, but the finances themselves are a struggle.
As far as I know Adrian College is a very good school to attend, it has good teachers and staff, a good environment, and lots of options open to you. I know they have a good teaching program and child development program. I hear they have a pretty good sports program and open to recruiting kids for different sports.
I have been at Adrian college for my first semester of college and honestly it has been one of the best times of my life! While there, I felt this energy from other students that you can't find in high school, Adrian college felt more like a community than a college. Every student there helps one another, you'll never be alone either because you'll make so many friends while on campus. Now, if you are the type of person that likes to focus on your academics and don't like to socialize a lot, then you're out of luck because people here are so nice and kind. The food here is also really good, the staff there always makes sure there is different flavors everyday. I love this college and I hope I described my emotions in this essay to you.
I love it! Its small and feels like home and i hope that i get to go there for college! Maddie my college adviser is an amazing person and such a sweetheart with a heart of gold.She tried to make me and my mom feel at home when we went to go check out the campus on one of their bulldog days.She is very intuitive and a great listener and if you text her she texts back immediately! Any one who wants a small college and a place to call home.Chose ADRIAN!!!!!!!!!!
the bowling team is a very good team to be on. the school is very nice inside and out. very nice people around the campus. campus have a lot of resources. teachers are very nice to students. ready to work a student job on campus.
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All-inclusive and the staff is amazing! If you want to work up to your goals, everyone is there to encourage you. The campus is beautiful and everyone has so many opportunities, no matter their background.
Adrian College focuses heavily on athletics so if you're wanting to play a sport this is the place for you. The campus is beautiful and very well taken care. The professors are always willing to help one-on-one and you will build wonderful relationships with them as mentors. Most of the buildings and dorms need renovated but these are being done on a cycle if you can stand a couple months of being less than comfortable from no AC in some of the dorms then you'll be just fine.
I live Adrian College as a whole, I love the small community and the teacher to student ratio. I wish there was more drainage system on campus as we walk everywhere. I think as a whole its an awesome school to attend but very expensive.
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