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My son loves the small class sizes. As a parent, I feel like he is safe and the teachers really care about my child succeeding!
Did not have an online learning experience with Adrian, were most likely not learning online, so far in person.
I haven’t had much of an experience yet since this year will be my first year. However, meeting with my counselor and coach a few times, they’ve made me feel comfortable with the campus and meeting other oncoming freshmen.
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I did not take classes online until March of 2020 when the COVID pandemic forced the school to convert to a completely online format. Professors generally did an amazing job switching to an online format. Most professors were very organized in their online format and made the transition smooth.
The small campus allows students to get to know one another very easily. Professors truly care about the success of their students. Dorms are very old and in generally poor condition.
Adrian did not traditionally have online courses. It was not until Covid-19 that the campus had to figure out how to provide online instruction.
My experience was good. The staff are friendly and the institute provides a quality education. Their mental health services are lacking and they recently began outsourcing their counseling services.
Adrian has a lot to offer for their students; with the ability to have access to teachers in their off hours, the Ice Rink for students to skate on, the gym, and a wonderful library perfect for studying or doing homework.
Adrian did a lot for students to get the access we needed when we switch to online for COVID-19. I was able to talk with my professors when and if I had a problem or did not understand the material. I was able to work on my own time and get all my work done.
The college gives a warm and good feeling all around the school in the classes are top of the line for being a small college.
The college offers a lot of different ways of learning. Still, one thing I love the most is that Adrian makes sure every student will know enough that they will be well off in any averment they find themself in. Along with criminal justice, the course is the best so far. They make sure every student gets hands-on experience in each part of law enforcement, along with how law enforcement affects all walks of life.
The atmosphere of Adrian College is very alive and welcoming for a small school. The campus is beautiful and well kept and the students and staff there are always there to show the way.
What I liked about Adrian College is how safe the campus makes me feel. There is so much security and they are very kind. My car's battery died and I called the twice to jump start my car and they did it quickly and they were really nice about it. The professors are very helpful and are always kind when asking for help.
I love it. It’s a small school that makes everyone feel welcome and important. You’ll never be forgotten or overlooked at Adrian. They are remodeling the last four buildings in campus within the next two years to have all new facilities. Whenever we have a complaint it is easy to get it resolved because we ca speak directly to the dean or president. It’s great to be able to have such a big voice.
I visited adrian in early october and i absolutely loved it the campus was beautiful. The college facilty was amazing and they have very good sports programs there that are ranked in the nation.
From the college adviser that visted my school from Adrian college changed my thinking about the college and gave me the thought about considering to apply and see if i get a chance on being accepted.But from what i heard and seen its a pretty school that has many opportunities for you to take advantage of while being their.Along with the support everyone gives you on making sure your doing good and enjoying every little bit of it to make sure your doing something your wanting.After all I've heard a good summary of this school.So from my point of view nothing should be changed.Like everything is nice!!
This school has changed my life. I absolutely love every aspect of the campus, the professors, the staff. Everyone is so friendly, and nothing but helpful. The price hurts your wallet but the benefits that you get from attending a school like this, you can never put a price on.
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Adrian is a very close knit community. When I visited, the professors and students were ready and willing to help me, and seemed very passionate about their school.
I haven't been a student here for long, but so far there are a lot of things that you can do, many clubs to join, and all around fun. The teachers are all great.
i love this school the people here are nice and everyone's willing to take time out of there day to help you or ask hows your day going.
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