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I absolutely love Adrian. This college is blessed with amazing professors and staff in general. I fell in love with the campus as soon as I stepped foot on here. I enjoy that they have the Scholarship Day, which I got to meet with some of the staff that I will be working with in the future.
The faculty of Adrian is what really sets us apart from other schools. We have a great staff of professors that really want you to succeed.
Adrian is a fine university. I feel I was prepared almost too well for college, as Adrian seems to be a breeze to me. I do not feel very challenged and do not have to spend much time outside of class on homework or reading, to do well in the classes.
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It feels like coming home and being a part of a community that truly cares about the individual. Adrain has so many great opportunities for the students to learn about what the world is like and all of the experiences that you will need to be successful.
The professors are what make Adrian College special. Although there are definitely bad professors, the vast majority are sincerely interested in their students and want to be great teachers. The rest of the school is pretty average. the majority of students play sports and the administration put sports above academics. You're required to live on campus all four years and have a meal plan. The food is terrible and you'll quickly get tired of living in the dorms. Many students go home on the weekend and there's not a lot to do.
Adrian college is a very well-developed college that has many opportunities for their students. The teaching staff at Adrian College is very helpful and help their students strive to become their best.
I would like the cost to be reduced and some improvement in the quality of professors. Also the some of the offices need to be user friendly and help when students are confused.
Do not be fooled! This IS NOT a Christian university. They may 'sell' it to you that way, but it is far, far from the reality of campus life. There is no effort by any staff, coach, professor that cares about the spiritual nature of it's students. Partying is the main activity past sports, an atheist teaches religion and is not respectful to those who speak of God, and it is not neccessarily a safe place for women. If you are looking for a place to grow and be supported in faith...look elsewhere. Notice in this search that Olivet (MI), Alma, etc are included and are very much NOT Christian either. Being founded by a denomination means nothing about the spiritual strength or weakness of a school.
Overall my experience with Adrian College has been a good one. I am currently half way through my second semester as a freshmen. The campus is extremely beautiful and they take pride in keeping it this way. The professors are some of the best and care about what they are teaching and there are a wide variety of classes to choose from. Adrian has multiple athletics taking place year round. There are also plenty of activities or different clubs to get involved with on campus.
Adrian College is a small liberal arts school in southern Michigan. The main campus sits on a one square mile block with additional buildings surrounding. Adrian College hosts over 40 sports teams participating in both NCAA DIII and Club. Adrian has a wide range of academic programs including business, athletic training, exercise science, sports management, and many more.
This is a great school. It's beautiful, small, and has some amazing people. There is a small staff to student ratio, so you'll definitely be able to have one on one help from your professors. Something that could be improved is the safety of the campus, as it's typical to have a break-in.
Good because of the small school size, but they take you for every penny you have and don't make it easy on international students.
My experience at Adrian College is nothing like I would've expected. For this campus being a small school I expected it to be a very judgmental environment because everyone knows you and your business but everyone is very welcoming and nice. It is a home away from a home.
Adrian College is great. It helps to be on a sports team and just have a go to group whenever you need something. Being on a team creates a special bond. Also the school is a perfect size it is small but it allows us students to really be involved with school and with our professors and on campus activities.
Living on campus is alright, there isn't a whole lot to offer when it comes to expenses which can get a little frustrating. The maintenance tries their best to keep everything up to date which is encouraging
The sports teams here are really close and their are a lot of them here. Each team is like a family and we all support each other which makes the campus a really great atmosphere.
I am not involved but it is very popular and really accepting to anyone who wants to find some kind of Greek life.
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The campus safety on campus great. They are always available in someone needs something, they are also well aware of everything that is going around campus and aren't afraid to step in when something isn't going the way it is supposed to.
Adrian College had an excellent program for athletic training. They introduced a program that is called a "four plus one" which allows students to complete their bachelors degree in the normal four years and then proceed to get their masters degree here at the college in one year. Since it is a smaller school it allows the students to get closer with the staff and really get that one on one aspect.
Adrian College is surrounded with welcoming and motivated students. It may be small but everyone is connected which makes it a fun environment to go to school in. The academics are great and the teachers are very engaged and care about all of their students. I cannot see myself at any other college. There are always different activities going on such as one of my favorites, C.A.N. movie night in the student center. All together an amazing college to attend.
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