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This is a money hungry school, they don't care if their students do well. Also this school is not CACREP accredited be very mindful of that if you plan to use your degree in another state.
We have a library and a couple student programs.
All off-campus housing. No on-campus housing.
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The registration process is awful because the class sizes are small so it is hard to get into classes you want. Professors are okay. Like any school there are so really bad ones and then some really good ones. Workload is a lot!
It is very diverse. All different types of looks, interests, dress style, social life, and relationships.
My overall experience is okay. Teachers do not have a specific grading criteria which is hard. There are also many changes to our program so teachers seem to be uncertain of their curriculum.
My school's main major is Clinical Psychology which is what my major is as well. Having the same major that the school started with is very helpful because a lot of the professors have the same major.
There is a place to sit down and eat but there are not places to get food at. You therefore have to go off campus to obtain food.
There is no Greek life at my school.
There is only one computer lab with printers and the printers are broke most of the time. The network is very annoying because you have to log in every time you go to a new page.
There is not a drug scene at my school. The most you hear about drugs or alcohol is when people are leaving classes at the end of the week and want to get some drinks.
My current graduate school does not have sports. My undergraduate school where I obtained my bachelors degree is what I based my above answers on.
I am very happy with my program. Adler makes graduate school very manageable with how it is organized. Students take one class every five weeks. Therefore students can focus on one class for a shortened, intense period of time. My career goal is to become a School Counselor at the high school level. I am concerned about the job market for counselors in the elementary and middle school levels, but not at the high school level.
The school is small and intimate. If students have an issue they can easily find the answer by speaking with the staff. The teachers are helpful and make time for the students.
The curriculum at Adler Graduate School is challenging but interesting. Professors are more than willing to help. 30 hours of Special Project Time are utilized instead of all lecture/class time.
This school does not have a dining hall on campus but there are several places close by.
The Clinical Counseling program is excellent. Staff members are always willing to go above and beyond in order to help students get a good grasp on the material being presented.
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It's a very small campus with no athletic events, student center, etc. It's focused on academics in one area.
Sometimes printing/copying can take quite a bit of time.
Parts of the parking lot are a little dark to be walking into when classes get out so late.
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