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Adelphi has a safe campus, though I commute so I'm unsure if the dynamic changes at night. Most of the courses/professors I have had so far are very good. The food in the dining halls could be better. Overall, it's a commuter school so it's get the job done for regular daily life: class, part-time job, clubs, and then home.
The campus is a beautiful garden and during the warmer months it's nearly impossible to not get caught off guard by it.

The food could be a little bit better however it is currently the school's focus at the time to create wider options.

The social life is meh at best...Really nothing to do unless you're in a frat or sorority. Sometimes the Athletes throw parties but nothing too exciting. If you're looking for a more alternative scene then forget about it. Not a basement show in sight.

The classes are great. While nightlife and food is mediocre I have to say the educational experience is amazing. The professors really try and look out for you and they care an awful lot. I've never felt such a radiance of passion vibrating from teachers other than here. They truly love learning and it shows.
Very nice campus, small classes, has a community feel about it. It is quite expensive though. The food is pretty good and professors are very understanding .
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The professors are absolutely amazing, they really do care about what they are teaching and are willing to help as much as they can. However, the student life here could be a little better. Not as diverse as I would like, but clubs such as the BSU and Latino Association do a good job at trying to bring everyone together. Greek life is definitely a huge factor in this school, which can get annoying at times.
Great school environment. Great professors, nice respectful, and care for their students success. The campus is beautiful, with a very diverse crowd of talented students
Adelphi has small class sizes, which I believe is a major strength of the university. It allows for more intimate relationships between professor and student which can enhance the overall learning experience.
However, I find many things disappointing as well, like the events planned on campus, the food choices, and the lack of school spirit throughout the student body (probably due to the lack of sport promotion/excitement often seen at larger universities).
Adelphi University is a small campus school not too far from New York City. It is beautifully designed and has a wide range of extra curricular activities. If you don't like the activities already in place,you can easily form your own club along with 13 other students and receive funding from the school. Adelphi students receive student discounts to concerts even to see Beyonce perform. The campus is very nature friendly. It is common to come across bunnies. For someone interested in nursing, Adelphi is perfect. There is state off the art medical equipment and even a simulated dummy that gives birth. As soon as you step on campus, you'll be sure to leave with a warm tingly feeling.
It was a good atmosphere and had great courses to take and lovely professors to teach it. Also my advisor was the best!!!!!
I absolutely love this school! I have loved this university for so long but when picking a college I really favored in the small sized class which is here at Adelphi. Being in a small environment leads to better communication and understanding. This school has so much to get involved with that there is really no way to be bored! I really wouldn't change much about this school but the price of tuition, being less would make it a lot easier but overall this is a 5 star school!
I decided to go to college after I raised my children. I enrolled in University College. It was an awesome program. Designed for working adults with families. I graduated with my bachelors degree and immediately enrolled in the grad program. I have had an amazing experience here and would recommend it to anyone serious about their education. Adelphi was well worth my wait.
Adelphi provides students with a lot of support and one on one focused attention. The professors are are helpful and available to answer any questions
It is a very nice campus. The class sizes are small so you can connect with professors. There is always something going on on campus.
Overall, Adelphi is a great school especially for Nursing Majors which I am. As an Black student, I can clearly see how Adelphi lacks diversity although there have been few changes to improve diversity within my time at the University. The professors are also very helpful and will help you strive within your program as needed. Most of the students are very kind as well as the small campus it is easy to see the same people pretty much every day. Even with the cost being extremely high, I know Adelphi will help me get my Nursing degree at a faster pace.
Adelphi University is a small familial feel university. I have no complaints except the amount of parking spaces that make it quite difficult to find parking.
As a Finance Major, Adelphi University has given me great opportunities in their school of business. There is a helpful internship program that helps students gain internship experience.
I am a transfer student and so far I have no complaints about the school. So many activities to do, the people here are friendly and everyone simply minds their own business which is my cup of tea. The campus is gorgeous and so much parking space.
When choosing Adelphi University a year ago I wasn't expecting to be as happy as I am today with my decision. This University has given me countless opportunities for growth and friendships that will last a life time. I started off as a commuter student and soon enough I found myself living on campus the following semester.

I have gone through quite a few majors already being that I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I can honestly say that every department I have been a part of has done more than exceed my expectations. Every faculty member and professor I have had the opportunity to speak with have really gone above and beyond to show me that they are here to support me.

I have truly found my home away from home and I couldn't be any happier. I know that no matter what major I finally end up in or what career I decide to pursue that Adelphi University will provide me with the resources to get me there.
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Throughout the four years at this school, Adelphi has given me a life-changing experience. The professors here will know your name, what you're interested in, and will help you succeed. I decided to pursue something that Adelphi doesn't necessarily have a major in, however, the school was willing to work with me to turn my education into something that worked for me. That's what this school is all about -- as long as you utilize its resources, the people at Adelphi will make sure you see success.

The friends I have made here will be cherished forever, since everyone here is a support system, and everyone here is willing to help you succeed. Getting involved here is also something you need to do, because you will learn so much about yourself and how you can become a leader.

This place is truly an amazing one, and I cannot imagine having spent these past four years at any other school.
Adelphi is an extremely friendly place especially the professors on campus. Most professors are very kind and will do anything they can to help you out with coursework during their office hours. Student Life is awesome on campus since there are many things to do during each week. The only thing is that you have to make time for things like this since classes can get quite overbearing.
Beautiful campus. Amazing nursing program. Professors are very willing to help you learn and want you to pass. there is also so many opportunities to get involved at Adelphi. There is a club for everyone.