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The transition from high school to college is not easy, but Adelphi University has a pretty good academic environment.
Adelphi has a diverse and vast amount of student activities from Karaoke to Stress Management sessions. The university cares about the students and their input. As programs go on, they will change if something is not working and create an outlet for student input. Facilities are clean, faculty and staff care about the students. The campus is a beautiful place with plenty of dining options and places to study. Not far from the mall or food options and getting to and from campus without a car is not hard. Parking is plentiful.
As a freshman, I have quickly accepted Adelphi as my second home. I truly benefit from all of the opportunities the campus has to offer, and when thinking about the college selection process, I would pick Adelphi again in a heartbeat.
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its a small campus and needs more of a community feel. the surrounding town can be boring its hard to fin freinds
It is an okay experience if you like to keep to yourself. It's hard meeting new people. Classes are often large and impersonal.
I really like everything about this school! It is so diverse, the campus is beautiful, the food is good, the professors really want to help you, and there are many campus events.
I am a junior in high school and I recently took a trip to this college with my class. It was a great experience getting to know more about the campus and the different opportunities Adelphi has to offer everyone.
Adelphi has been amazing so far as I am only a freshman. Before starting college, I was very nervous to make the transition from high school, but Adelphi has made the transition very easy. From orientation to your actual first day of classes, they truly illustrate that they care about your future here. They have small class sizes where the most I have seen which is 50 due to the class being my lecture class. The professors show that they really care because they do not care about the amount of questions you ask them, and they have multiple office hours to go over material with you that you are confused about. They constantly have events going on to make sure that your stay at Adelphi is not just work. Right now, they have commuter student appreciation week. The campus is beautiful and you can see the workers try very hard to make it look this way. During the summer, the grass is a beautiful green color, and rabbits running around campus. I have really loved my experience here
Adelphi University is still one my great choices. Despite getting rejected to the acting program , l learned how much this school can benefit others. The education is intellectually stimulating. Professors are tough but that’s needed in the acting department to build you for the career. The campus is beautiful and is in a beautiful part of Long Island. Athletics are good but no football kinda disappointing but they still have lots of teams I’d play for and enjoy. Student life is such a great opportunity..there are ways for students to engage all over campus. I will be applying for Adelphi University next year again and i will be ready for the acting program. I will never give up hope. Adelphi University is one of the best schools in Long Island and you won’t regret attending this school
Every time I have visited, I have liked the school more and more. Every guide has been very friendly, personable, and informative, the clubs and student activities have been interesting, and the professors have been very approachable.
My experience at Adelphi has been good. Before starting my first semester at college they help to make the transformation very easily. There were different opportunities during and during the first semester to get involved and meet new people. There's always an event going on on campus. There's also a lot of clubs that do different events and help make campus life fun for all not just for people doing. They try to make everything available and equal for everyone. Adelphi is very welcoming and loves to give back.So far its been nothing but good despite some of the classes being hard, its part of college. The professor is also available to help students understand what they are learning so that we can succeed in our major and graduate on time. In addition, they are looking out for us to make sure all our questions get answered so we arent confuse and fail there class.
The campus tour was very nice, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Campus is nice too! There are a lot of commuter students but also there are people who dorm.
Adelphi provides many opportunities for students both in the classroom and outside of it. There is something for everyone at Adelphi University.
Adelphi University is a very modern, diverse and welcoming to all the students. Doesn't matter you belong to which community if you are here, means that you belong here!
It's a great small school with a community environment. The professors are knowledgeable and interested in their students. There are plenty of activities and clubs to be involved in. The campus is beautiful and has lovely pieces of art spread throughout.
My experience at Adelphi was pretty decent. Sometimes there are fun events. The food may not be the best but the environment is pretty friendly. Like any school, there are professors that are really good and some that aren’t so great, but overall interacting with the professors at their office hours helps a lot. The campus isn’t the biggest but that makes it easier to navigate. Getting involved in clubs makes the experience at Adelphi more enjoyable for me.
The classes are small, and very comfortable. However, registration is a hassle because not enough classes are offered. Teachers are caring and kind, and know you by name!
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At Adelphi University, I was very happy during the first few months. I lived in the dorms at school and they were pretty alright. It seemed was overpriced for what they had to offer. People at the school are very friendly but it can feel overwhelming when you are a minority. The classes were small and everything one would expect from a small private institution but the food there could have definitely been better for a tuition that was almost 60 grand every year.
My experience at Adelphi has been very interesting. The school is academically challenging and always pushing you to do your best. Professors are always available to help and guide you along the way.
Making friends can be tough if you are not involved in greek life or came to the school with a group of friends