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Choosing Adelphi is one of the best decisions I have ever made! The only negative feedback I have for this school is that the food is bad, it is honestly better to bring your own lunch. And also some buildings need renovation but everything else is great! You have numerous selections of classes, the campus is beautiful, you are offered discounts at many local areas, teachers are understanding, the student involvement is skyrocketing, and overall the opportunities this school provides you both during and after your time here is exceptional.
-My advisor genuinely cares for my well being
-I feel welcomed in my desired Major.
-I do not feel like an outcast
-This university caters to my needs.
-Many resources
I enjoy the scenery of the campus and the facility to commute to the NYC metro area. It is a school that offers a variety of fields of study so there's something for everyone. One major downside is the food.
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Dont enroll here. Please trust me. Cuny schools are better. Overpriced shitty school that offers mediocre education. The school culture sucks too as it is unfortunately located in wrong guy land(long island). People from wrong island are horrible hostile creatures. Save yourself and your sanity and go to a real college somewhere. Please
I love how everyone is very helpful and how professors always have their doors open. Also, Adelphi needs to change their food quality and their pricings for students that are in debt from college tuition.
Adelphi was so welcoming and everyone on campus is always willing to help. The university presents many opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community. The academics are challenging but the professors and Adelphi community is so supportive! I have loved my time so far at Adelphi!
It is a very nice campus and everyone is so nice. They should offer people more money to stay in their school.
It seems like all they care about is taking your money and it is always impossible to get through to financial aid. They also allow professors who have no idea what their doing to teach nursing level courses, which results in a lot of failures
Very beautiful campus with relatively huge amount of students. Very good facilities. Very pleasant professors. I wish we had more staff in Math and Computer Science department, since there is always shortage of professors.
So far, my experience at Adelphi University has been very well and exciting. I am happy that I have been offered so many opportunities and experiences and only within my first year at Adelphi. In total, the professors and staff have been very kind, helpful and are intelligent enough to teach me things and further my education and knowledge of my field.
The campus is beautiful, and the academics portion is excellent. It is not as diverse as I expected it to be
If you dont have a car or someone to pick and drop you off everyday dont go. If youre not majoring in nursing, business, or psychology dont waste your money. If you're not enrolled in a a speacial program such as honors college or an accerlated MA/BA program it's not worth the money. Very overpriced mediocre school if i'm being honest. Working and going to school here is almost impossible if you don't work on campus. If you want a social life you really really REALLY have to get involved, dorm, have a car, or know people already.
There is an extensive amount of available help with studies and tools to help manage student life. The classes are a smaller setting and there is a personal experience when interacting with professors. There is an abundance of extracurricular activities to do around campus and the night life in Garden City provides an assortment of fun activities. The location also offers close access to New York City which is a hub for opportunity, and fun.
I love how small and intimate the campus is. It's in a beautiful neighborhood. The overall appearance and atmosphere is very lively. Everyone is very friendly. Due to the campus' small size, it is very easy to navigate. There are many programs of study. Adelphi has a very broad athletic center and is very keen on sports.
I am very pleased with the school my experience went well. the tuition is alittle expensive struggling to pay for student loan
Everyone in Adelphi goes out of their way to be kind and helpful. The resources here are amazing for studying for exams and improving on papers. The campus is beautiful and welcoming. The only thing I would want improved is that I’d like a little more diversity. I do see people of color in the university and my year is the most diverse year yet but I know it can still be more diverse.
They are currently doing renovations to expand and better the dining halls, including other things, so obviously utilizing our funds. The dorms are quite spacious compared to other campus. Campus is a nice size, so you don't have to walk far to get to class.
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I'm an incoming freshman, the first though when I walked on campus was how gorgeous it was. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone looked like they were having so much fun and wanted to be there, not like other schools.
I like Adelphi because the campus itself is so beautiful. Something I would like to change is the diversity in the students and in the greek life. I wish there was more student pride in the school.
I had a great time here, I made many friends. I took off one star because some of the advisors are not helpful, but other than that great school.