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I enrolled full time into the Nursing program, where originally all classes were supposed to be on campus. Then Covid happened, and half my courses/professors changed to online, so I now have half my classes on campus and half online. I still receive the BEST education regardless!
Im a freshman here at Adelphi, a 4 year undergraduate and my major is Nursing. I'm a commuter student. Although I cannot spend much time on campus due to the Covid epidemic, the time I do go for in house class, I LOVE it! The diverse athmosphere, the amazing welcoming environment from faculty and professors and from other students makes me feel comfortable and eager to be here! I wish all my classes were on campus, but right now half is online. I'm still receiving the same enriched education though. I highly recommend Adelphi! I received full scholarships to all 7 of my college choices and I comitted to Adelphi and their Nursing Program because of the excellent campus, curriculum, and how easy it is to commute if you choose not to dorm!
There is nothing that sets Adelphi a part from the rest of the colleges. they are average in every aspect and the professors are hard to connect with as they are all about teaching and not trying to relate it back to life.
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In my major, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. In my first semester, there is not one class I look forward to taking. My professors are very smart but steer off topic often and like to go on rants that aren't relivent to the topic.
This college is very friendly to autistic people with their Bridges to Adelphi program. It isn't a very big college either and there is plenty of space to go around.
The university is very welcoming and there are many professors to the number of students, with small class sizes. It is also located in a fun suburban area that makes it stand out and it is very interesting.
Remote learning at the school is quite average, due to low upload speeds causing the meetings to freeze.
Adelphi is great. As a commuter, there are actually many ways to be involved, as the majority of Adelphi students are commuters.
My online experience as an Adelphi student was great. Professors are understanding and thoughtful and understand that remote learning is an obstacle for us, yet the academics are mostly at the same level of rigor as they were before the switch.
I love Adelphi University. I think everyone is very welcoming and kind. I just think that we should get more printing credits because I learn best by printing my notes and it is difficult to when I dont have enough credits.
Online learning went surprisingly well last semester. I feel like we didnt skip a beat with learning.
I like that adelphi is best at liberal arts and professional training. I also like where the college is located which really make college to stands out. In this college different races and culture people are united together and seems happy. I also heard that in classes there are at least 20 students. So, I think this will really help me to understand things faster.
I had learn a lots about adelphi college from my friend who had always genuinely been recommending this college because also of the online works are wonderful.
Overall Adelphi is a good school with good professors, but I can be getting the same exact education elsewhere for a MUCH lower price. The school has made the decision to go back in August until November with some hybrid classes but they increased the tuition. How am I paying more for online classes? it makes absolutely no sense.
The transition into online learning was done well. Most of the inconsistencies came from the professors themselves, not the school. Students did not get any refund even though we did half the semester online.
The online experience is highly dependent on your professors and their level of involvement. Some professors are amazing and are willing to put in extra time and effort. Others simply post the information and leave the learning up to the students with poor instruction and poor communication.
Overall, attending Adelphi ha been a positive experience. Academically, as a nursing major classes have been challenging but, beneficial and rewarding. The majority of my professors have been highly involved and helpful. Aside from academics, living on campus can be quiet at times. It's important to get involved on campus to have a positive experience.
While Adelphi has many great opportunities for it's students, a lot of majors do not really benefit from them. If you are a nursing student or a business student you are more likely to start your career immediately as those are the top departments in the school.
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Taking online classes can be a pain because if the professors don't get back to you you are screwed. However during this pandemic, a lot of professors were able to get back really quickly.
The online learning portion of the semester was very easy to manage. I had no issue contacting my professors. The convenience of learning from home was great. But the downside my experience around my peers, getting to interact with friends was tough.
Adelphi has been a great experience for me. From the environment being very minimal, which makes you value the small things that most don't think about when commiting to a school. From the people and professors you met, the large quantity of clubs and activities that are available to you is amazing.
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