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Adelphi provides many opportunities for students both in the classroom and outside of it. There is something for everyone at Adelphi University.
Adelphi University is a very modern, diverse and welcoming to all the students. Doesn't matter you belong to which community if you are here, means that you belong here!
It's a great small school with a community environment. The professors are knowledgeable and interested in their students. There are plenty of activities and clubs to be involved in. The campus is beautiful and has lovely pieces of art spread throughout.
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My experience at Adelphi was pretty decent. Sometimes there are fun events. The food may not be the best but the environment is pretty friendly. Like any school, there are professors that are really good and some that aren’t so great, but overall interacting with the professors at their office hours helps a lot. The campus isn’t the biggest but that makes it easier to navigate. Getting involved in clubs makes the experience at Adelphi more enjoyable for me.
The classes are small, and very comfortable. However, registration is a hassle because not enough classes are offered. Teachers are caring and kind, and know you by name!
At Adelphi University, I was very happy during the first few months. I lived in the dorms at school and they were pretty alright. It seemed was overpriced for what they had to offer. People at the school are very friendly but it can feel overwhelming when you are a minority. The classes were small and everything one would expect from a small private institution but the food there could have definitely been better for a tuition that was almost 60 grand every year.
My experience at Adelphi has been very interesting. The school is academically challenging and always pushing you to do your best. Professors are always available to help and guide you along the way.
Making friends can be tough if you are not involved in greek life or came to the school with a group of friends
Adelphi is good if you want to focus on your future career path. When it comes to meet new people it can be a hit or miss but you make at least one new friend.
The classroom sizes are perfect. Maximum sizes are up to 35 students. This school allows you to build a relationship with your professor. Dorms are okay. Parties seems hard to find. Not a lot of multicultural fraternities and or sororities
The first impression Adelphi makes is incredible, but once you're an actual student there, the "magic" is lost. Classes are pretty good and the professors that I've had are always willing to help (which is important to be honest), but as a commuter, there's not much to do on campus during the day. Most events and clubs are aimed towards the residents, as they are at night which is something that I found very disappointing. Not really getting your money's worth in my opinion.
I think Adelphi University provides you with many things that is worth your money depending on what your major is. This university is very favorable for nursing majors so I highly suggest that if you're interested in nursing, this is the school for you. The campus has a very great aesthetic and people might not favor on how small it is but makes it very comfortable to walk around from class to class in the shortest amount of time. The only downside about Adelphi is that there isn't a wide range of clubs and organizations and it's hard to have a good student life if you're not involved on campus.
Adelphi is an amazing school the faculty and staff care about safety and making sure each and every student succeeds. The campus is clean and constantly improving. The one thing as a commuter I would change is the parking situation, it is extremely hard to find parking to where professors are late and it affects your schooling and is stressful to worry about. The student life is amazing once you get involved there are so many opportunities and is constantly improving. I recommend Adelphi to anyone looking for a small welcoming college.
My first semester at Adelphi was not what I expected. It was a little hard to adjust and make new friends at first. Then my classmates started to talk to me so I opened up little by little. All my professors were very nice and they knew what they were teaching. Later in the semester, I joined the fencing club and went to some of the school performances. It was fun doing them and I'm going to become morr involved next semester. I learned in Adelphi some things I didn't knkw about myself and it really opened my eyes to all the new skills I've developed throughout a short period of time. Overall, my experience here was great!
It is diverse and offers a lot of opportunities to the students there. There is a program that perfectly matched me and that was the Levermore Global Scholars. I want to major in Human Rights so this was the perfect program for me. It allowed students like me to prepare for the future and the career we were interested in. I wished to learn more about global issues such as climate change, poverty, human trafficking, and etc in order to help out in the near future.
Very expensive but very good school. The teach you a lot, including responsibility. The staff members are excellent, very helpful, and collaborate with each other in teaching all the students. The goal at this school is success, and you can feel it where ever you go in this school.
The school has a very nice campus atmosphere. The most of the professor are very good. The nursing program is very good you learn a lot and develop critical thinking skills. I would like to see change is the ATI policy that was recently changed. The new ATI policy affects 10% of our final grade which has a huge impact due to ATI is a very difficult exam to pass.
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Wonderful! Attentive faculty and staff, informative classes, many clubs, many internship opportunities.
Parent of prospective student. Observed a lot of motivated students studying, practicing for a performance, leaving a class excitedly debating about literature(!), and working on a group TV project.
Good location, seemed safe, academic support especially strong, cafeterias great.
Ugly part: many neglected buildings. Dorm awful!! Library seriously outdated, small, and crowded. Offices cramped. Other schools blew this place out of the water with regard to facilities and equipment.
One of the best possible locations in metropolis with corporations, tourism, nature, history, jobs, etc.
Discrepancy between the kind of school it could be and the kind of place it is. Hints of a lack of leadership, fighting between factions, pigeonholing, long-term complacency. Core values unclear.
Our Uber driver was an alumnus, a banker driving on the weekends. He loved the school but hadn’t been back since he graduated 10 years before, said he never got a call or an invitation.
Adelphi has a safe campus, though I commute so I'm unsure if the dynamic changes at night. Most of the courses/professors I have had so far are very good. The food in the dining halls could be better. Overall, it's a commuter school so it's get the job done for regular daily life: class, part-time job, clubs, and then home.