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I am at adelphi for the dance program and absolutely love it, tons of opportunities to perform and tons of time to work on technique with amazing teachers. I am also a part of the schools honors college and love my professors in those classes as well. The only two complaints i have is that the school gives out number scholarships like 10k instead of percentile scholarships like 80% so when tuition goes up with every year you are paying more and more instead of the percent that you paid the first year. Also while giving out a lot of scholarships Adelphi does not offer cheap enough housing, so while your tuition costs will be low over 4 years room and board are incredibly expensive for communal bathrooms and below average overpriced food.
Overall a very good school. Underrated. There are still areas that are lacking, including developing certain clubs and activities, registration, and dining.
Pretty solid school. Nothing special, some professors are not that great but others are. Definitely get involved. Easy to have relationships with professors but have to go to office hours and join clubs and stuff to make your time here worth it
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I enjoyed most of my classes and I have made friends that I couldn't think of parting with. I even have a work study job through the university that I adore. The only downside to the university is that it's expensive so I use all the money I have towards my tuition.
Adelphi University has become my favorite place to be. It has become my home and I recommend this school to anyone who has a major that they offer. The school has changed my life and made my path to a career so much easier, while I feel the support from staff, professors and my peers. I don’t think anything could change to make this school better than it already is.
Adelphi University offers various opportunities for students to get involved in campus activities. I am part of the Derner School of Psychology at the university and the professors are more than qualified to teach. They are also extremely helpful and dedicated to the students. The social life on campus is calm and quiet, but also very present and welcoming.
Adelphi offers amazing experiences for academic learning and opportunities for careers and internships, as well as offering many organizations to get involved with on campus. The campus is always bright, friendly, and inviting and it was a pleasurable experience to learn in the school’s environment.
my first year at adelphi wasn't so good. This college brags about how good their diversity is, however it really isn't diverse at all. parking is terrible especially if you leave a decent amount of time before home to get to class. I've had terrible experiences in the parking lots, and watch out for aggressive drivers there, they're everywhere. Some people gave me the oddest looks as if I don't belong here and mean girls are a thing at this college. Acceptance is a thing they also brag about here but people don't accept EVERYONE who they really are. Commuter students have it the worst, only because most clubs and organizations are for residents students, and are late at night. the only thing i enjoy the most at this college is the campus, and the professors are so far decent and nice.
Adelphi is a scam! The team in financial aid are horrible, This school is very expensive overall, so i don't understand why the lack of help & information provided for financial aid for freshman students is so vague. The school is completely boring on the weekends. The food selection is horrible. The school is very clique, so if you did not attend HS in a neighboring town most likely you will feel out of place. The obvious plus are the safety of the campus, the beautiful inviting campus, the modernized buildings, the school generally is a well respected school because its a school located in the heart of Long Island NY where you don't have to travel 3-4 hours away from NY to attend an Great University but overall, in my opinion is a great COMMUTERS SCHOOL!
The small classroom setting has been the most beneficial aspect of my college experience. The connections I have been able to make with my professors has made me love school. I know that this school has definitely been the best choice for me
What I like most about Adelphi is that their staff is very friendly. All of the professors are ready to help students in any way that they can. The campus is beautiful, it has a lot of art displayed all over.
Amazing college! Graduating next year, the journey is great and I recommend every other student to be part of this college. you will learn so much, you will have so many opportunities.
Everything about Adelphi is great. However with the 2018(Fall) Semester, the biggest enrollment of freshman to the college, more than double the size of the previous class, there is no more parking. The library is filled to the brim. The campus cannot contain this many people. I hope next year they don't try to enroll even more students, because it would be beyond unpleasant. Security around campus should be enhanced with the light of events happening in the USA.
I am absolutely in love with Adelphi and its campus. It is a sociable and comfortable environment, with very many pleasant and devoted professors. The academics and programs are astounding, making learning entertaining. Adelphi is not a campus that I would consider a "party school," which I actually prefer. Despite this, There are many events and little parties held on campus by clubs and organizations, which are very enjoyable.
Speaking as an English/Communications major classes are usually small and professors are always open to help so as long as you are on their good side. Services at Adelphi are decent for the most part, as are the resources given for the classes (books, equipment, etc.). Campus is beautiful to walk around in, and has a decent size of around 8 different schools in total, though Adelphi's efforts are mostly focused on the medical sciences such as Nursing. Despite it's great amount of cliques, if you look around enough you'll find the right people, though since it is greatly a commuter school it'll take time to make some worthwhile friends here. Connections and the job opportunities Adelphi offers are also decent, even for students in it's lesser known Arts & Sciences school. Would recommend as a choice, but ONLY if they offer you an excellent scholarship and a great amount of financial aid.
I love Adelphi university. Although I have only finished my first year I think it is amazing. They have tons of clubs for everyone to be involved in. creating a club is also very simple incase people have other interest. It is a small school but such a close knit community. There are tons of amazing community service opportunities as well. The professors are amazing and really care for the students. The only down fall to Adelphi is the high cost and would love to see it go down but I love it regardless. Adelphi truly wants all its students to succeed and would highly recommend the school to others.
I really love Adelphi, and I really think this school fits me like a glove. I really excelled in academics, on campus involvement, and I really came out of my shell. I'm not a party person, but this school isn't known for its party scene (which I love). I have met so many different people, it's crazy. The campus is very safe, and the area surrounding it is beautiful. The food isn't the best, but you can't expect much from college food. Look into this college!
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Adelphi University is a university that I'm glad to call my home. The small classroom sizes make it really easy for me to get the attention I want in a class in order to help me succeed. The campus is somewhat diverse and the student life there is very much alive because of all the organizations available on campus. Overall, Adelphi is wonderful.
Adelphi has given me the opportunity to start my journey to becoming a nurse, all the professors and faculty are welcoming and organized. the campus is clean, safe, and always having activities. there is much to choose from when it comes to events, clubs, studying and eating. its nearby other businesses as well and the commute is not bad at all. Adelphi is modernized and is always communicating with students about what goes on each day. i would absolutely recommend this school.
I would like to see a change In the involvement for commuter students. There is a lot offered but sometimes a lack of involvement and encouragement.