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Adelphi is an extremely friendly place especially the professors on campus. Most professors are very kind and will do anything they can to help you out with coursework during their office hours. Student Life is awesome on campus since there are many things to do during each week. The only thing is that you have to make time for things like this since classes can get quite overbearing.
Beautiful campus. Amazing nursing program. Professors are very willing to help you learn and want you to pass. there is also so many opportunities to get involved at Adelphi. There is a club for everyone.
Honestly, I live very close to Adelphi and thought I was going to be miserable. I actually dormed my first year and loved it. I'm now in my second year, in a sorority and I do have to say I think I like college more than most of my other friends. Low key party school.
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Adelphi is a very inclusive campus! There is always something going on and something to do. Campus is well kept and very beautiful. If I'm ever confused about anything there is always someone who I can turn to for help and people are willing to answer questions!
From the tour visit I had from Adelphi University's student facility members, this University is a great University to attend to especially if you're Social Work major.
I love attending Adelphi as an art student. The campus is beautiful and so close to home. There is nothing I would change about Adelphi because I love it just the way it is.
the students and teachers makes the experience seem less scary and more comforting . the activities are amazing , the professors care about the students and there well being .
Overall, Adelphi is a great university! The classes are challenging but not impossible and the professors want to see you do well. The only thing that isn't great is the food, but they are working on improving it.
I am a transfer student at Adelphi University. I originally attended University at Buffalo but decided that I wanted to be closer to home. I really love how the courses are very hands on. The classes are smaller, so participation is easier. The professors at Adelphi are so kind and helpful. Dr. Thornberg and Professor Lavery made me enjoy my major a lot more than I expected by being enthusiastic about teaching and showing interest in their students. The campus is also gorgeous, especially because of the cute bunnies that hop around the landscape. The recreation center is stunning. The building itself is aesthetically pleasing and the equipment in the gym is state of the art. That gym has become my new favorite place on campus. It's the perfect place to blow off some steam and get fit. Overall transferring to Adelphi University has proven to be a good decision.
The students really make the institution. They are all heavily involved. The professors always there to help
I love my experience at Adelphi University so far. Most of my professors are good and are helpful outside of class. They are very accommodating outside of office hours too which is great. Steer clear of certain professors by looking at before registration. The campus is small, but it always looks so nice. The party scene for freshmen commuters solely consists of going to Bangers on Thursdays. Overall, I think Adelphi is a great choice.
Adelphi University has a beautiful campus that they take a lot of pride in taking care of. While you will find people of all races and ethnicities, one race dominates the campus and the others in total probably don't even collectively make up half of the student body. All in all, the school seems to care and are constantly trying to improve things that are lacking.
Adelphi University is a welcoming school full of diversity. The classes are interesting and challenging, without being totally overwhelming or overburdening. The school is equipt to help the students in all areas and has many services such as; Financial Aid and Health Services. I personally have used these services and was met with professionalism and respect and received the help I needed. Overall the professors are experienced and understanding towards their students. I would recommend Adelphi University to anyone looking for a good school to attend.
When I visited Adelphi, it was an incredible experience. The campus was beautiful and gives you a view of what a college is. The staff members are kind and helpful. The classroom sizes are small and perfect for students. The academic programs are suited to what you want to do.
Adelphi University is a small campus that is quiet with a decent student activity. The facilities look modern. The tour was really impressive. The cafeteria was modern with standard fare. Security didn't seem an issue with people evident on campus. The faculty went above & beyond to show us a personal tour.
I have never been a victim of sexual assaults.
When I got admitted to Adelphi; it was the perfect moment through my whole life.
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I believe it great for students who actually live there. I don't live on campus.
Even though I never participate in any sports at Adelphi; I walk around and checked the sport facilities. They are awesome.
One of the most important things about Adelphi University it is very unique. I would choose my school again in the future if I have to continue with my master. I love the staff professors and students. They are very helpful and understandable.