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As an incoming freshman, Adams State has been so welcoming! I was able to complete the registration process so easily because of all the help that was offered. I highly recommend Adams State to anyone who wants a small school experience with the family feel.
I’m sorry to say that I was enrolled in and graduated from the Adams State University CRM MA program. My time spent in this program was nothing but a nightmare. The professors didn’t respond to emails or phone calls, they didn’t submit grades on time, and the course content was laughable. This entire program was a joke. The professors admitted that they didn’t have time to read the dissertations they were signing off on, and while serving on thesis committees they sometimes delayed scheduling student defenses for months on end. If you are thinking about enrolling in this program, DON’T! If you do, you will not be paying to further your education, you will be paying for a worthless piece of paper that you will have to fight to get. You will constantly be begging the professors to do their jobs. This degree WILL look like an academic blackeye on your resume.
Adams State University is a college that has so much to offer! Not only is this school located in one of the prettiest places in the state, but the school itself will set anyone up for success! Adams offers almost every major one can think of, the class sizes are small allowing for students to make personal connections with professors and peers, and there are so many campus clubs and organizations to Vern involved with!
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Adams State University is a great school. The campus is medium sized, not to large or to small and also clean kept. Classrooms are usually filled with 20-25 students, so each student can have a fairly good relationship with their professor. Faculty and staff are active with their students academically and athletically, really big on supporting each other. Alamosa is the town where Adams State is located, the town is family oriented hardly ever any problems and students are welcomed wherever.
I met so many incredible people at Adams State. I had the opportunity to form wonderful relationships with my professors and peers alike. As a huge sport's fan, I would have loved to have seen a larger excitement around the athletics, although National Champs in track and cross-country are an amazing accomplishment!
i like that Adams state is very close and you don't really have to walk so much. other thing that i like about the college is that it don't have so much people its a small college.
My experience at Adams State University so far is excellent. I love the small class sizes since I come from a small town. I would like to see a change in how the professors are involved, I would like them to become more involved with their students so we don't feel like we are doing everything wrong.
Everyone I have communicated with at Adams State has been unbelievably helpful! They are very considerate of the fact that I haven't been in college in almost 15 years. I am very excited to continue my education with Adams State in counseling.
I love the small class sizes at Adams State University. Because of how small it is, there is a sense of community that I wouldn't imagine you'd find at a very large school. It is very easy to receive help from professors one-on-one.
I like the people not only of Adams State, but all of the people of Alamosa. Being a small town really helped me to connect with a lot of different people. I also enjoy the athletics here, although we are not the best at every sport, all athletes support one another and keep striving to better themselves individually and as a team. The academics here are also challenging which is good because some universities you pay for a degree, but don't learn much. At Adams, there is always something you learn everyday while preparing you for your future career. I've been to three different universities in three years, and I can proudly say Adams State is the best all around with respect to diversity, student life, athletics, and academics. It gets cold in the city of Alamosa, but it's a small price to pay for what this town has to offer.
I like Adams State because the academics better then I thought. Most of the professors will give up most of their time to the students when they ask. Campus is very easy to get around plus there is map if you truly need it.
Coming to Adams State University was the best choice I think I could have ever made. I have so many wonderful friends, and many great professors who really take the time to know who I am. Here, I know everyone is here to support me and help to achieve my collegiate goals!
The school is great. They have a great teacher student ratio. Some teachers want to get to know you one one one.
Adams State is a great university to continue your sports career; where most of the students are athletes. Friendly staff, students, and people in general.
My experience with Adams State was outstanding! They helped me with anything and answered any of my questions
I am pursuing a masters in school counseling at Adams. This is an online program that is CACREP accredited and fits my lifestyle.
Adams State University is an extremely well-balanced school that attracts students from around the world. The diversity is excellent and makes for a nice school. The professors are always willing to help considering the class sizes are small and there are not a lot of kids. I would definitely recommend Adams State University as a nice place to further one's education.
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So far my experience at adams state is positive. All the teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. There are endless campus activities groups and clubs. Most classes are 25 students or less, which allows for more one on one time with professors. Plus its surrounded by mountains in every direction so its absolutely beautiful.
I like how involved the students are in the school, but I dislike the food options. As a pescatarian there really isn't much for me to eat on a daily basis. The main meal courses here are chicken and beef, leaving me to eat the sides such as the vegetables, rice, etc. Unfortunately when I only eat the sides I become hungry after about an hour.
I like that everyone here is so nice, they will help you with anything you need. The things I would like to see change is the food.
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