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I love the outdoors and the atmosphere on campus. The campus and faculty work well with students, making sure they are successful. There is tutoring, professors', writing studio, and study groups on campus if you need helpful with your work. The campus is a quiet environment and it is great for students who love the outdoors.
Adams State University is a forward-thinking and progressive institution placed in a family-friendly neighborhood. The people that inhabit Adams are very warm beings and the professors are truly helpful and compassionate. As an athlete, the school does a good job of taking good care of us but not placing us above the other students. Though based in a small town, Adams is a great institution for any student looking to further the progression of their dreams and goals for numerous reasons!
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Great school,really love it. g g g g g g g gg g g gg g g g g gg g g g gg g g g g gg gg g gg g gg g gg g g g g gg g g gg gg g gg ggg g gg g g g gg g gg g gg g g gg g g gg g g g gg g g gg gg gg gg g g g gg gg
Adams State is a college is where students can have a wonderful student life. The teachers are willing and helpful to help students with their classes. Beautiful scenery!
The school goes all out for freshman orientation making a huge effort to include all newcomers! I feel like I belong, and have been looking to get here my whole life.
Adams State University, is a big college in the San Luis Valley. Great place to go to college, friendly. The view is amazing, the education is very good, and professional. Great programs, housing is perfect. A lot of scholarships they offer, for different types of students.
I really enjoyed how they offered my major and that they offer high school students the opportunity to attend their school while doing high school classes. The campus isnt the best i seen but it consists of many things to do, such as, the rec center, indoor track, work study, and many other things that can help you become a better student and or athlete.
I do like that it is a smaller university. I like that I can actually feel like I can connect to the professor in some way. I prefer smaller classes. It's a pretty campus, and it was very convenient for me. However, in my opinion the university seems disorganized, both with the in person classes and the online classes. I took a history class that I thought was a GED but it wasn't, and didn't find that out until I was almost done with the class. So now I have a history credit that I probably won't need. It was hard getting a solid answer from the professors or the people working at the student union building. The professors I had were all good though. I didn't have one that I necessarily didn't like.
I believe the programs offered by adams state allow a student to reach their potential only if the student pursues their studies wholeheartedly. The School has a very open and friendly campus that allows people to grow to their fullest potential.
I really enjoyed attending their "Discovery Day". I felt welcome and it gave me a sense of what going to school there would be like. I applied and received a quick response, so I've been accepted!! The only part that has been difficult so far is being able to speak to someone by phone after calling their Student One Stop. I received a voice message the few times I've called during business hours.
On February 25th of 2017, I went down for a campus tour at Adams State University. It was a very exciting, fulfilling, and joyful tour. The student environment was nothing but excellent. The campus is very nice, the dorms are very clean, and overall the campus is nothing but a solid 10 out of 10.
it has a great campus and very friendly but no Greek life definitely recommened someone here affordable nursing is a little trick but I'm sure you will pass
I love there campus it gets cold especial in winter average summer high is 75-80 degrees but in winter it gets really cold. small class sizes and you get to know your professor if you want the work a lot with you and offer a lot of school scholar ships.
I am a student doing extended studies. Everyone has been most helpful with anything I may need. Really looking forward to this semester and my college career at Adams State.
Adams state University is very good for people who like small town environments. The professors make time to get to know you because of the small classroom settings and they are readily available when you need them. The winters are brutal in Alamosa, but having good,clean facilities make it easier to attend class. With such successful sports teams at Adams State University there is also a lot of team spirit that makes it enjoyable when attending games.
The science department needs more funding and better professors. The business department is amazing, but professors on tenure still should be motivated. Funding should be more accessible, even though tuition is low.
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I haven't really experienced much drug use on campus, and I am aware of how important it is to not have drugs on campus.
The value of a degree at this school is important and many different classes are offered to help you find out which is the best for you.
My overall experiences with the courses and professors at this school is great because I get along with all of my professors and I learn something new in my classes everyday. I also really like that the classes aren't very big this helps me get connected with the professor.
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