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This is not an online school but they have made every effort to give online classes during Covid. The professors are very respectful and knowledgeable.
Massage therapy schools are closing all-over Florida. Acupuncture and Massage College is one of the last few massage schools in Miami that actually CARES about its students! The professors are great, staff is wonderful, and classmates are friendly. I wish the clinics were more modern, but we don't get paid anyways, so I guess it doesn't matter much. This is by far, the best massage therapy school in Miami! Esta es la mejor escuela de masaje en Miami!
Let start by saying that most of the older reviews were written when the college was under a different owner and management. Since then, AMC has upgrade it's facilities, expanded offerings, and is much more involved with the Kendall/Miami community.

Everyone understands the difficulty of high-tuition prices, but it's actually the most affordable acupuncture school in Florida. Part of the reason many choose to go here is because they accept transfer credits (saves time and money!) and because the clinic hours are flexible (unlike at other schools, where they're predetermined ahead of time), so you can still work while you study.

The school is far from perfect, but given the vast improvements made over the last 2 years, I only see good things happening here.
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Very friendly staff. Knowledgeable teachers and the schedule is incredibly flexible. I love this school
The internet consistently goes out. There are no computer labs.
It's exceedingly expensive and they make no effort to get financial aid checks out on time. In fact, if asked, they will tell you to, "budget better." If the students didn't need the financial assistance, they wouldn't be taking the financial aid out in the first place. Stay far away.
There's a lot of cheating going on, and everyone knows it, but the administration will deny it.
The school is in a shopping complex. The treatment "rooms" consist of a curtain between "rooms." There is no privacy whatsoever.
Registration includes signing a piece of paper. That's it. This school has a terrible reputation in the acupuncture community.
There's only one major available. Everyone takes the same curriculum. There's no chance to take different classes, so if somehow, you've managed to get transfer credits accepted, you're SOL for full-time status that semester.
There's a library. But it's extremely small. Oh, and it's not open every day that there are classes. And the hours that it is open are very limited.
Career services are basically non-existent. They periodically put up ads on a bulletin boards... ads that were found on Craigslist.
This school is awful and keeps getting worse. I would NEVER come here again. In fact, I've told many of the first year students to transfer. The administration is rude and treats students with no respect whatsoever. The owner is a senile asshole who needs to keep his nose out of day-to-day runnings because his ideas are ludicrous. The "dean" is beyond useless. She doesn't know a thing about acupuncture, or even how to deal with students on a daily basis.
Wireless network cuts out fairly often. Many students brings computers to class, but it's not necessary.
The course is set, there's not a whole lot of variation (the only variation in the courses is if you've had one of them and the credits are accepted), otherwise everyone takes the same classes. There's only one major offered-- it's a specialty school. Registration involves signing a piece of paper agreeing to the classes and choosing a clinic day.
It's a very intense program. Second and third year students must maintain a B average or better.
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