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Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College - Berkeley Reviews

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There's no sport department on campus.
Designated parking lot for AIMC students down the street from campus. Student parking permit is required and easily obtainable from the admissions office. Parking permit is FREE!!! There's also 2 hour free street parking near campus.
Free wifi access to students.
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AIMC is a two-story building with the bottom story dedicated to clinic and the top story for classrooms.
Library is spacious and can accommodate many students.
Made life long friends at AIMC and the professors are willing to share their knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine with all the students. Great learning environment!
There's no security guards at AIMC. Students and professors look out for each other.
Housing around Berkeley is EXPENSIVE!!! For affordable housing, its best to find housing in nearby towns, such as Oakland, Albany and Richmond.
Didn't have any issues applying and receiving my financial aid funds.
There isn't any dining hall at AIMC but a grad kitchen/lounge instead. There's a stove, oven, microwaves, toaster oven and refrigerator for grad students to use. Luckily, if you forgot to bring your lunch, AIMC is right in the heart of Berkeley and there are tons of affordable restaurants to try!
The weather in Berkeley varies and I always have to dress layered up just in case it gets too cold on campus. If it gets too warm on campus then I can simply take off some layers.
There is NO drug scene on campus. The graduate students are very serious about their studies.
Mixture of different races with different beliefs all have a common goal, which is to help one another learn the material & become successful students. What I've noticed about my peers at Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College is that everyone is always willing to help one another when it comes to studying & learning the material.
The Berkeley scene is excellent for a person looking to find themselves in something they might not be anticipating. Berkeley is known for is kooks and "gutter punks." people milling the streets singing songs and swapping stories. international food stops up and down Shattuck and Telegraph near UC Berkeley campus. Many main buses run past the front of the school and the location of AIMC is between Ashby and Downtown Berkeley BART stations. the 18 bus line runs past the front along with the 1 and 1R. The night life is fun. Dance it up at the Shattuck Down Low or Drink up a "Thirsty Thursday" at Jupiter's. BART takes you straight to San Francisco so the party can continue in The City. Make sure to be on that last train for midnight though!!
AIMC has an interesting mix of people from all over the world. It's a school for health and wellness so you find people in very comfortable clothing coming from meridian theory classes and also white lab coats as other along students pass too their next clinic study. The age group averages 25 - 40+ mostly an adult crowd. Strong early twenties crowd with many conversations of Qi and Yi Yang theory. The students work mostly in small groups because the information is dense and thousands of years of refining has made for a driven group of individuals. The people are thought provoking and into many different subjects so its always exciting to come to school because its bound to be interesting one way or another.
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