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Acadiana Technical College - Lafayette Reviews

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Very Nice – Counsler is very nice but difficult to to get in touch with. Our tutition is doubling due to meger and it is going to be much harder to pay.
Not knowing about scheduling this sememster due to LOLA.
Not what I thought – Before I started school here I checked at all the possible LPN schools. People said this one was the best in the area. I did not think that because they were older that the school would have changed since them but it did. The staff is unprofessional and nasty and joke about things that they shouldn't talk about at all. The kids act like the things you see on tv and think aren't real in class. I would tell anyone, don't go here. It might take longer, but drive to a better school.
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Very Disfunctional and Disrespectful Highschool Grads Who Act Like Children. You can get away with just about anything. Almost all rules are allowed to be broken. If you want to come to class and do whatever you want to do, this is the school to attend.
Family Oriented – most students are working class with spouses and/or children. everyone basically has the same goal: a better life for their family.
Not really up to date with technology, but a great school if you really like small class sizes and easy teacher avaiability.
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