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The owner of the school pulled out all of the stops when I thought I was going to have to quit school for awhile for financial reasons. She lowered my class load, gave me a job at the school, and worked with me on how to keep my hours up enough to keep receiving what little financial aid I had been given by the government.
Financial aid seems to be impossible to get and I am working multiple jobs as a single female just to stay just under the kind of income I need to pay my bills. The school is small and just doesn't have the resources to help students find the aid they really need. This, however, is not for lack of trying. The staff really wants to get as much money as they can for you, resources are limited.

Tuition is high when you look at it from just the monetary stand point, but it is worth your education because classes and books are included.
Our school has career placement assistance, and will even keep our resumes on file to update them as needed when searching for new jobs. I am looking forward to having this as an option after I graduate. Our school mentor also posts new job openings every week to keep us encouraged that there are jobs out there waiting for us. Also, because the classes are fairly small, we have good relationships with upper and lower classmen. Some graduates will visit and offer advice, and some even become instructors themselves at the school.
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