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small classes close to home
There are no athletics at career training academy. The library is great and filled with many medical books cncidering that the schools focus is the medical field. There is only one computer in the library which is sometimes a pain but very managable. The print cost is free which is a huge plus.
There is a library but in the library there is only one computer. They have a computer lab but that is all the way up stairs and only a few have the internet. The Speed is alright though and nothing has messed up for me yet.
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This is for Career Training Academy in new Kensington Pa. My school has very small class sizes and depending on if you stay for an associates degree by the last few months of your program you could be one on one with the teacher.
Its ok I mainly pick the school cause of its flexible hours I have 3 little kids so is not easy going back to school.
They all are great people most of them work that's why we are in that school but it wouldn't be our first choice.
the school is crapy looking the facilities are horrible I don't like it at all and all of my friends think the same.
The teachers are great in what they do. They have a lot of experience. The director of the school will help you find ways to help with tuition. They also help you find jobs in the field you study.
We are a very mixed bunch from black to white to hispanic. we have a mix of lesbians and gay men and a diversity of religiouse beliefs. one thing we all have in common though is that we are all poor and we dont judge one another. i have a very loving and exepting class and for that i feel very proud.
It truly was a blessing, the school was a reasonable price and they help you as much as they can to get you started
They are very flexible with their hours and classes. they have helped me look for ways to pay for my schooling and the teachers are very dedicated, compassionate teachers who transparently care about the well being of all of the students. A big plus is that all the students, includuing myself live withing 15min of the campus. what a blessing!!!!
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