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I would give this school a higher review, however between the cost and amount of time the school offers as for classes, make it rather difficult to continue studying here.
I felt the experience at Academy of Art University was good. However, the academic can be a bit challenging.
Fully online Degree in Animation. Advisors are helpful when setting up classes and so is your direct financial aid advisor. You have one module per week that include videos of how to do your work and examples of past students work. The instructors have worked in the industry and have a great amount of knowledge and share their experience with students.
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This school is amazing. I have not yet started my first year in college but i was introduced to their high school program and I was pleased with what I learned. The teachers are great. They are super helpful and friendly. the teachers definitely love what the do and are experienced. Also there are many benefits by being a college student here! I would definitely recommend this school. The only downside is how expensive the school is.
I am a new student and will begin classes in the Fall of 2017. I am excited to explore all that the Academy of Art in San Francisco has to offer. During that time, I know, that I will be exposed to many new subjects and am eager to learn! Once I complete my first year, I am confident that my mind will be hungry for more. I especially like that there are subjects in which I am able to physically create models so I can acquire a deeper understanding of all the steps that are necessary in actually making something work. I feel that the Academy of Art is a well-rounded school that will teach me how to use my mind and my hands so I can have a rewarding and fulfilling future.
I really enjoy being a student of this university. The professors have great value in their students and their work, and I find that they really want to give out as much information and guidance needed to prepare their students for their upcoming careers.
The Academy of art University (Online) is great. You really feel like your in a classroom, with the helpful instructors, and the students really participate in the class.
The academy of art university has created a gateway to my career and college choice. Their pre college program helped me realize what career I want. So I thank the academy and look forward to being a freshmen art student soon!
Me personally I'm just about to start school. what I have experienced so far that every one has been a tremendous help and leading me in the right direction. They also feel like they are always there to help you.
I have learned many new things and the curriculum is awesome. The teachers work in the industry and therefore have actual experience. My only complaint is that the school does not have an actual campus, all classrooms and dorms are spread throughout the city. The school cost is also a big issue as many students find it very difficult to pay as student loans only cover a small portion of total tuition, room & board.
So far I'm impressed.
My request for info was promptly answered.

In a week I have enrolled for the Graphic Design Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.

College seems organized and professional
I enjoyed the city and the friends I made. It's quite unique. They have classes others don't which are good, but some have BOGUS YOUTUBABLE curriculums and material that your advisor might recommend. I was told how to shake hands and greet someone, sew a straight 4 inch line on a standard machine, that BOGO is a great way to increase amount of units sold. Triple DUH! SO be absolutely skeptical of your admission/academic advisor. The 2 years I was told I'd finish in became 4. A professor thought I should learn to scrapbook the AAU way. It.was. ridiculous. A passionate teacher would've just helped me get on same pg and on w my life...I should've left but I'd moved to sf. There are countless shared stories similar to this amongst students across majors & have been lawsuits in the past...They're good at their PR. I wish I knew. Fashion students who want a free fashion show, you compete for this incentive and your designs are not completely up to you. Beware
Academy of Art University has very kind professors as well as counselors. Everyone is always happy to help. Academy of Art University is a very welcoming college. The professors have a true passion for what they teach and empower their students to follow their dreams.
The teachers at AAU demand the best out of their students. I am fortunate to be attending such an innovative and high quality university.
While taking classes online. I did take the oppertunity to visit the campus in San Francisco. I was impressed at the variety of information that the school has for incoming students and the resorces available to them
Graduated in 2013 with BFA in new Game Design Department with loads of student debt and inadequate game development preparation for ever changing game industry. Still no job in game design/development field to this day. Worst financial decision in my life and my parents'.
It is very challenging and sometimes can be frustrated. You learn a great deal, but you don't have that much time to process or work on your topic more than once. It's a task as an online student. The university needs to find another way to build the moral of the online students. Sometimes the University really needs to listen and hear our total concerns.
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AAU offers a wide range of classes for students to take. It is great for students who need online classes and work full time jobs. AAU is a little expensive but there are a few grants and scholarships offered
I really enjoying attending AAU and i have learned a lot and i am proud of beaning one of the AAU family.
I like the ability of teachers being able teach us more about how the draw and illustrate our images. It can be tough. However, I have gained more experience in drawing to the point where I can become very skillful in my own abilities.
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