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My experience was awesome!!!! It was so fun to hang out with my friends all the time!! And have a really fun time with all of my professors and be able to complete all of my assignments on time!! It was great!!!
I like the school overall along with the facilities. I like the school systems and one of the greatest positives would be the service that the school advisors provide. I've had amazing experiences with the advisors. They've been helpful and the most patient people I've ever met. The professors are great too. However, there could be one or 2 out of 5 classes professors who can be an ass.
I am an online student at Academy of Art University what I like about this school is that even though I am not on campus the school has a Facebook page that others who aren't attending onsite classes can join. This gives me an opportunity to interact with others who are working, living with their families, and also getting their education. There are also people who have gone from going to online classes to attending onsite, I can ask a question and I know that someone has an answer for me. The teachers are there if you have a question and everybody has their opinions you learn from each other too even though you aren't in person with your classmates.
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It's a great location. San Francisco, what more could you ask for? In the city, everything is close to each other. The classes are great, you become close with others. It's just, a great school.
So far, the teachers are passionate, they strive for students to go above and beyond their capabilities, and they push students past the limit of their boundaries. Since I'm an online student, the modules are easy to understand, and the videos are somewhat engaging. Each and every single homework and discussion shows some kind of significance and isn't completely pointless. Class discussions are engaging; it's nice to be able to communicate and debate with other students who will open up my mind even further.
Overall my experience at Academy of arts university has been phenomenal. If you are a student who loves and has a passion for any kind of art it. It can be music, acting, designing. Anything you can think of involving art, this school is for you. Not only do they focus only on arts. They encourage collaboration between fields. As you get through your degree courses you will get the opportunity to collaborate if your an audio designer, you will collaborate with the animations and film department.
They have very well run online courses and services, and offer an actual degree for online students as opposed to an online degree. Advisers are with you every step of the way.
I've been enrolled for one semester, and the school seems to be very good. As an online student, I've had some issues with the website which sometimes makes me question the value of their Web Design and New Media program, which I am enrolled in. I hope my fears are unfounded.
I did the online academics program. So many great classes and the online professors are very helpful and knowledgeable. Most of my teachers gave well thought out critics, which helped me improve my art and techniques. Online student community was great.
It's a little unconventional compared to other schools because the campus is actually a bunch of random buildings all over San Francisco, but overall, this school has great programs and teachers.
Though I'm consider to be a freshman after transferring credits. The process of applying to the school and transferring credits was fairly simple. The majority of the instructors are well informed, professional, and thorough with the lessons. They go above and beyond to make sure that students are comprehending the material. The financial aid department can be a little troublesome if you speak with multiple advisors that give conflicting information. Other than that I think it's a great school.
I think that it is a great idea that everyone can be artists etc, but with a 100% acceptance rate, the student body is at very different levels when starting at AAU. I think language and placement tests would be a great thing for AAU to start with.
The Animation program is fun. You actually get to do hands on things outside of the school because the school makes sure that its students has outside experience. It's in the beautiful city of San Francisco so there is always something to do. The weather is nice and the people are friendly
I love how you right away jump into what you are majoring in. Get right to the point. The teachers and faculty are amazing. They are extremely helpful and genuinely want you see you succeed.
The instructors are very knowledgeable, but unfortunately due to it being a for profit, it is very expensive, the acclimation are poor quality, and given the money your providing, you could get more out of your education experience. Over the the school is good, but not great. Fashion classes are incredibly informative and great.
I liked that they still do traditional photography. The department is not as big as it use to be, but at least they still give everyone the option of pursuing traditional methods.
The instructors are inspiring, they work in the field, and you learn a lot in a short time. It's a very competitive school, but you learn from it which is good. Overall I think it's a good university. The class size and talent varies, but you can take classes whether you are a newbie or have some previous experience.
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I am a returning student, and am enrolled in the Fashion Journalism program online. So far it has been a great experience. At first, I was concerned on how a fashion program would be laid out through the online medium, but it has been wonderful. I am excited for my next classes to start.
I am an Information Technology Manager I, however, I started in this field through illustration, back in the 1990's. I gave up art so long ago, I never thought I could recapture or relearn. The more years that went by, the more I felt that I would not be capable of catching up.

However, after a serious hospitalization where I was critical, I decided to take the leap. I switched my degree program over to a BFA and attended the Academy of Art University, for 2D Animation w/ a slant on Illustration.

The courses challenged me and brought out the creative I thought was long gone. What I learned and the instructor's feedback, renewed my interest and love of this field.

I did run out of financial aid and working on scholarships/grants so I can get back to classes. I cannot tell you how this has changed my life.

Is it hard work? Yes. But I loved every moment and learned so much.

Online Student - BFA
I would give this school a higher review, however between the cost and amount of time the school offers as for classes, make it rather difficult to continue studying here.