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I am currently doing online classes since I did not have the financial support to do on site, the university did not offer financial assistance compared to the city college I was previously attending in my state. The classes are simple and are lessons that can be learned through videos online.I honestly do not enjoy the idea of paying for expensive classes that teaches a skill that can easily be learned for free.
All the teachers are talented and professional. Students receive honest and helpful feedback on work.
Academy advisors are so helpful and always there for you. You always constantly feel up-to-date with the latest information. They offer amazing online courses as well as on-campus.
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As an online student, one of my main concerns was to make sure I still have hands-on experience at school. The curriculum at the Academy of Art has a strong online community and the assignments allow students to venture out into the world to do your classwork.
I love this school. Since I started attending five years ago, it has opened my eyes to all sorts of knowledge about not only art fundamentals (form, perspective, shape, shading, etc.), but also about my specified field in illustration (focused on digital painting). I would not be the artists I am today without this experience. It is expensive, but so worth it. I have poured over YouTube tutorials and Udemy courses for years and none of them hold a candle to the insight and training I obtained at AAU. If you really want to be at the top of your game and be trained by real artists in the industry (some of my professors were Alumni from Pixar and gaming companies), then you should really consider going here. I recommend it, unreservedly.
I like the teachers and the location of the school, however it is very expensive to live/commute here. There isn't enough financial assistance.
Academy of Art University in San Fransisco is a traditional, supportive school. They welcome all types of students with open arms and offer manyh different programs to fit these students as well. They also offer a "Study Abroad" program for online students and once a year these students have the opportunity to apply and travel overseas to study in the most beautiful cities. This is highly recommended for Art and Architecture students.
I love living in the city there is so many interesting things to do and see. I would however like better options for food at the cafe or more access to a kitchen.
This school has presented me with the best challenge while attending school. I have received an incredible education thus far and am learning more than I have from my last school. I am challenged every step of the way, not only to challenge my photographic knowledge but to find my photographic style.
Excellent on-line learning experience, the instructors are surprisingly devoted to making sure the students excel. My only complaint would be the discussion boards, as they can lead to some confusion if not lead properly, but usually the instructor is very attentive and able to answer any questions as they arrive.
I feel like attending this academy was more a waste of money (financial aid) rather than a waste of time. I have attended this "university" for 5 years and have a total of 132 (82 hours with AAU) and I still do not have my BFA and was told I still wouldn't have this for 3 more years. I have learned a lot from classes at this school but I feel like a lot of classes were bogus and just there to be a charge for financial aid. On top of that I was paying out-of-pocket and again, still got no where. Now that I want to finish my degree at another school, I am out of financial aid.
A bit on the pricey side, but since I'm an online student I can't complain about city costs. I love the online school, and being able to go to school in my own home. The classes are engaging and you learn something new every time you log on. The instructors are here to teach you about the industry and to help you succeed however they can.
I am an online student however the courses provided are very well put together and helpful. I am planning to receive my BFA in motion pictures and television. I would like to attend on campus in the next year or two.
I find their online work space to be easy to use and full of helpful information. Having professors that are able to really interact makes the online classes much more interactive and I feel like I am getting a lot more out of the classes than I did from other online programs.
Attending AAU was ok first my first year. However, It unfortunately it wasn’t the college for me. The instructors were knowledgeable and well versed in my field. I met a lot of cool friends as well. I just don’t think this school can give me the tools I need to be successful in my field of study therefore I am transferring to another college.
My experience at the academy has been wonderful so far! I am enjoying my professors and the other staff members have been extremely helpful, with my career path.
This school provides its online students with a great staff of student advisors and teachers, and an incredible variety of classes to choose from. I would highly recommend it for students who are interested in using their artistic abilities to develop a career.
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overall a great school very helpful advisors. Financial Aide advisor is very helpful explaining everything in detail from the first to the last dollar. How it is used and where and if I need anymore to make sure i get to graduation.
Academy of Art University is a very unique college experience, one of the most unique experiences you will get to experience. The campus is an urban campus, so you are really immersed into the city culture and get to know your way around fairly quickly.

The university itself has had a very impactful role in my education, in that it focuses directly on the particular major you wish to pursue. From day one, I was immersed into architecture, building models and learning the proper techniques to draft as well as the needed information to fully understand the role an architect plays.

Along with school I also got the opportunity to play Softball for the school. This gave me a completely different view of the school and gave me the liberty to get to know other athletes who were taking some very interesting majors different from my own.
As a freshman at Academy of Art University, it's been good experience. I really like how you can choose online or on-site classes that fit accordingly to your schedule. The instructors and advisors are really caring and supportive in helping you develop the skills necessary for your major through the whole process.