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Don't come here. It used to be a decent school, but no longer is. The photography department is a joke. They got rid of most of the full time faculty that actually knew what they were doing and have hired techs and alumni as instructors. So the people teaching you are people with no teaching experience and minimal real world photography experience. The education is non-existent. You'd spend less and learn more going to real photography workshops and watching online tutorials. If I wasn't already invested more than half way through the BFA program I'd leave. But trust me when I say it's bad. Enrollment is so low they are cancelling classes that don't meet a minimum of ten students registered which is very difficult. That means there are very few options of available onsite classes for third year and upper level students. Save yourself the cash and headache and avoid AAU at all costs.
Great School but to expensive for me to attend. Its the only school i found that has actual Online Cinematography classes. Every other school offers "Film" studies but you dont create anything, you just critique and watch films. With AAU you are tasked to create things regardless if you are a resident or Online student. But i had to drop out because the cost is too much.
Learning to innovatively inspire with mediums of graphic design. Has reserved its placement. And willfully undoubted continue, to lead within this forefronted technological aged yet, advance industry of fine arts and multimedia. As well as primitive accumulations of creativity too. The Academy of Art university has without vexed question acquired a five star rating. Due to it's outstanding performance of hosting artist like myself. The allowed expansions and excelling experience with tactical advantage. In my opinion this university is highly regarded as one of the elitist educational institutions in the United States of America. Just imagine the attended thoughtsfulness of developing your professionalism all while making orginal productions and portfolios. Completely taken out of the superb and increadable possessions of engaging cruriccums. This has surprisingly surpassed gaining accesses to well established companies. Not only within the fine arts standards but more!
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It’s a little too expensive. I think that they could definitely make it more cost effective for the student. A lot of the extras aren’t covered by financial aid, it would be nice to see that fixed. A lot of my forms for sculpting weren’t covered.
This school gives every student a real opportunity in world of art. No portfolio was needed to get in. Academy of Art runs a strong campaign for high school students who have interest in art but don’t know much about it. They offer to lead and help you take your first steps in the world of art. A lot of students drop out and express feeling as if they were robbed. I could see where they’re coming from but I disagree. As a student, responsibility should be taken for big decisions like enrolling into a school. There is no false advertising with this school. They offer what they say they offer and then some. I believe that as long as you have real interest & want to learn more, the Academy helps you start your journey. There is no sense of puffed up pride or exclusivity that comes with the school, they are willing to start you from the ground up and work with you.
What I liked about my college is that they kept on calling and calling me which was what prompted me to get started with school this year. Also, one thing they should change is that advisors should keep in touch with you before school begins.
The instructors are at the top of their game. There are instructors here that have won Academy Awards for their work. If you want to learn from the best, come here.
I've attended other public colleges before, but at Academy of Art I feel like the staff and faculty members actually care about their education being the best and also want to help see students succeed.
My professors were incredibly helpful and I learned a lot of new techniques to apply towards my illustration career. It was also a privilege to be able to learn and get in contact with other talented artists. It was a fun, friendly, competitive, and supportive learning environment.
Attending Academy of Art University has been one of my enjoyable college experiences thus far. The course load is rigorous and requires diligence, perseverance and willingness to succeed. But this is not impossible. There are a wealth of resources available to students, a supportive atmosphere and instructors that are passionate about the subject matter, which aids in overall student success.
So far my brief time with Academy of Art has been excellent. They have worked with me and helped me to get stuff done and ready to start college on time and the people are very caring and supportive. So far there is nothing I would want to change about this school, I like it just the way it is.
Being at the academy was good overall but it lacked its own campus which i was highly disappointed because you had to travel distances to get to another building located around the busy streets of san francisco bumping into many homeless and people.
So far I've only attended The Academy of Arts University online classes for about 2 months now and I honestly only have nice things. The instructors are very attentive making sure you understand the curriculum and will keep you updated on all assignments and events.
The experience was amazing, to be in SF and having experienced instructors to teach is great! I've learned so much and have improved drastically from knowing nothing to making something decent with my skill sets. It definitely helps to have someone guide you and tell you what you need to know instead of trying to find the answer(s) SOMEHOW by yourself with self-help youtube tutorials.
I like that they are very helpful of getting into my classes and let use most of my transfer credits to fully complete my degree which will be recived this fall. They have very great core classes and instrutors who are very helpful. There are a couple of things I would complain is that the school charges extra to use the classroom but the tuition would not cover which is reason I decided to do online courses which is more cheaper. Secondly, I wish they would more scholarships for currents students to get rewarded for having good grades. Overall, the school have very great resources for students to use.
The academy of art university Is a Great school for Student that know what they want to do. its a great place to get a good understanding of different art majors and being in the city of San Francisco with the huge artistic population only makes your experience better.
This is my first year in Academy of Art University, I am a full time online student although in a year or so I do plan to move and become a local student! The professors are wonderful, my adviser is on top of her job and always giving me helpful information. My fellow classmates are charming, I already joined a club for local and online students. I don't feel like an outsider at all which is wonderful and makes me want to transfer to a local student asap!
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The school is great, its a 100% a art school for artist . the teachers are people that work in their profession at compaines like Disney, Blizzar, etc.and they treat (as well as teach) the students just like a actual day at art studio job under your major would feel like. You meet all types of people from all over the world, and even have roomates that are different from your major. the campus is spread throughout the city, but luckily there are complentary shuttles that are schuduled every hour to get you to your classes on time. This school is very unqiue, the city is your campus -as well as your teacher- and it will help prepare your for the future However it is VERY exspensive. If you plan on lving in San fransico it would be wise to save money, have a side job, and/or get tons of finacial aid/scholarships. there are time were art supplies will cost you a arm and a leg. ( even with student discounts)
There's a lot of networking possibilities here, and the staff is very helpful. There's also workshops, meet and greets, events, and tutoring sessions you can attend to, but how far you go with your education depends on your budget and how much knowledge you are able to obtain as you progress.
The Academy of Art University is a very prestigious school. The curriculum is intended to be intense and thorough. The teachers and faculty are a wonderful help.