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Online learning has it's own challenges, but Academy of Art does a good job of providing information in a clear and concise manner.
My experience is going well, so far. The classes aren’t as difficult as they may seem, but your passion in whatever you major in will overcome the amount of work you are given. I haven’t really been to a party, but people have told me that the parties are nice! We have food around each building, so it’s different options to choose from. Some of the buildings are super far apart, so catching the shuttle is really a important. The professors are great though! It’s a great school!
All they need and do care about is money. What they do is just stealing people’s money and time. They dont care about educate students. All they do care about is money, money, money,
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Everyone one at the Academy of Art University have became like family. They would very helpful, supportive with all that myself and my mother and father need when enrolling into school. They help me with everything and the overwhelming support for me when my dad losted his job just be for it started my class was great. They help me so much I was still able to to start classes. They were great thank you to my family at the Academy of Art University.
This is my first year in college and everyone who works here has done everything in their power to help make it feel natural and fitting for me. They supported me and walked me through everything I needed to know. I couldn't be more happy that how I am right now with this university.
so far i like it it can get hard but it stays fun. plus the staff as been awesome so far. My only issue is having to buy supplies every week because something was not on my list.
For almost 2 years I've been enrolled in the Academy of Art University, and yes the classes, the meal plan and dorms are expensive. In general living in San Francisco is expensive, but the only way to get through it is making the most out of it. Along with the tuition, be sure to understand that taking four classes can be a hassle and even more difficult for me when I was as well working a job through semesters. My advice for students is go to the workshops, go to tutoring even just for one on one time to improve on assignments. Make the most out of what you're paying and connect and networking is key to today. Our teachers have been working in the industry for many years and are experience and ready to help us improve and give us opportunities to grow.
The scenery is amazing. Housing and meals are excellent. China town is nearby, and it makes for excellent sight seeing, photo taking and experience. The school is great, classes are new, faculty is very helpful, friendly, and easy to get along with.
Very poor treatment for the international students. No grants, no scholarship, but you're forced to buy the insurance if you are in F-1 visa or domestic student but athletics. The tuition goes up every single year while nothing getting better.
I'm currently in my first year of my Animation degree, and I'm taking my classes online. It's really great to have a large number of resources, even for online students. I enjoy the curriculum and what I'm learning.
I am an online student, so far very satisfied with what I am getting out of going there for. I hope to graduate soon.
I Love the fact that all the proffers working in the fashion have really worked in the industry,the teachers make you feel welcomed and are opened to answer any questions you have. If you don't want to go on campus they have accommodation for you too.
My experience was awesome!!!! It was so fun to hang out with my friends all the time!! And have a really fun time with all of my professors and be able to complete all of my assignments on time!! It was great!!!
I like the school overall along with the facilities. I like the school systems and one of the greatest positives would be the service that the school advisors provide. I've had amazing experiences with the advisors. They've been helpful and the most patient people I've ever met. The professors are great too. However, there could be one or 2 out of 5 classes professors who can be an ass.
I am an online student at Academy of Art University what I like about this school is that even though I am not on campus the school has a Facebook page that others who aren't attending onsite classes can join. This gives me an opportunity to interact with others who are working, living with their families, and also getting their education. There are also people who have gone from going to online classes to attending onsite, I can ask a question and I know that someone has an answer for me. The teachers are there if you have a question and everybody has their opinions you learn from each other too even though you aren't in person with your classmates.
It's a great location. San Francisco, what more could you ask for? In the city, everything is close to each other. The classes are great, you become close with others. It's just, a great school.
So far, the teachers are passionate, they strive for students to go above and beyond their capabilities, and they push students past the limit of their boundaries. Since I'm an online student, the modules are easy to understand, and the videos are somewhat engaging. Each and every single homework and discussion shows some kind of significance and isn't completely pointless. Class discussions are engaging; it's nice to be able to communicate and debate with other students who will open up my mind even further.
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Overall my experience at Academy of arts university has been phenomenal. If you are a student who loves and has a passion for any kind of art it. It can be music, acting, designing. Anything you can think of involving art, this school is for you. Not only do they focus only on arts. They encourage collaboration between fields. As you get through your degree courses you will get the opportunity to collaborate if your an audio designer, you will collaborate with the animations and film department.
They have very well run online courses and services, and offer an actual degree for online students as opposed to an online degree. Advisers are with you every step of the way.
I've been enrolled for one semester, and the school seems to be very good. As an online student, I've had some issues with the website which sometimes makes me question the value of their Web Design and New Media program, which I am enrolled in. I hope my fears are unfounded.