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The academy of art university Is a Great school for Student that know what they want to do. its a great place to get a good understanding of different art majors and being in the city of San Francisco with the huge artistic population only makes your experience better.
This is my first year in Academy of Art University, I am a full time online student although in a year or so I do plan to move and become a local student! The professors are wonderful, my adviser is on top of her job and always giving me helpful information. My fellow classmates are charming, I already joined a club for local and online students. I don't feel like an outsider at all which is wonderful and makes me want to transfer to a local student asap!
The school is great, its a 100% a art school for artist . the teachers are people that work in their profession at compaines like Disney, Blizzar, etc.and they treat (as well as teach) the students just like a actual day at art studio job under your major would feel like. You meet all types of people from all over the world, and even have roomates that are different from your major. the campus is spread throughout the city, but luckily there are complentary shuttles that are schuduled every hour to get you to your classes on time. This school is very unqiue, the city is your campus -as well as your teacher- and it will help prepare your for the future However it is VERY exspensive. If you plan on lving in San fransico it would be wise to save money, have a side job, and/or get tons of finacial aid/scholarships. there are time were art supplies will cost you a arm and a leg. ( even with student discounts)
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There's a lot of networking possibilities here, and the staff is very helpful. There's also workshops, meet and greets, events, and tutoring sessions you can attend to, but how far you go with your education depends on your budget and how much knowledge you are able to obtain as you progress.
The Academy of Art University is a very prestigious school. The curriculum is intended to be intense and thorough. The teachers and faculty are a wonderful help.
It is an excellent school full of people that will push you to your limit in terms of your skill and full of professionals who know how the industry works. If you're passionate, you will learn and take advantage of the area and equipment.
Academy of Art University is a really good school for international students, and it located in wonderful SF. Although there is high tax in SF, weather is very comfort for everyone. In my opinion, professors are really professional in their fields, and all of them are still work vivid in business.
Pretty good classes. as an online student however I do not think I get the best education for the price that I am paying. It is a pretty expensive school, and they are pretty aggressive when it comes to payments. Be prepared for that, because there will be times that they will block you from your classes causing you to miss due dates. this will cause your grades to suffer, and they will not be sympathetic. The choice of classes is very good. I enjoy the variety, and also having teachers that are working professionals is a plus.
Well organized and helpful. Once you're in it, they're helpful along the way. There's a very open and accepting community. It's hard work but well worth the time.
I love how they provide free shuttles for students who need to go from point A to point B. I feel really safe here. The staff truly cares about your future. What makes this school so amazing is the fact that it’s more hands on training then textbooks and computer screens.
I liked AAU a lot. I really liked the instructors because they were kind and helpful. Truthful as well. The one issue I had and still have with the school is the advisors. They become quite busy which means they don't have time for their students. That and the fact that your advisor will probably change three times before your term is up. The school is also really expensive so keep that in mind.
I'm currently a student and I must admit that at first I wasn't a huge fan of the program. I signed up for the Animation (Modeling) path and for the first year I felt like I was lost. But being so close to graduation I understand why I had to take so many fundamental classes and advanced modeling ones later. If you're looking for something easy, this industry isn't for you. I have learned a lot from so many talented artists in the past years and I say the money is worth it, only if you plan to work harder than anyone else. I say the only downfall is that some instructors aren't as experienced and it may affect your passion for your chosen career path, but it is just about knowing who to take certain classes with and talking to the student reps. Everyone says that there are better schools, but I say it's not about the name of the school is what you make out of it. I have seen people succeed, peers, friends, etc. It is possible, just work hard.
I love this school! The experience and education I've gained is great. The teachers are awesome. I personally take online classes and it's really easy to navigate.
The person that I have to speak wit make you feel so at home and will make sure that you are good academically and personally in your life
I love that the teachers in the online community are very interactive and quick to help you when you have personal issues that are interfering with class. The work and exercises that they have help me progress tremendously.
Very creative and talented school. Full of energy and fun people. Extremely talented people. Majority of teachers are very skillful. During my time, they got rid of the career department, so that big disappointment. School admin department and student services not so great. Cost of tuition is expensive. Expensive location. Finding a good paying job after graduation is a challenge. Like the workshops. Getting a mentor - sometimes not. Too many students, chances of being left out is high. Risky degree.
The school is very expensive, and in studying Web & New Media you soon realize that you can learn much of the material online for far less or for free. That being said, if you do decide to go, it's up to you to make the experience worth while. I recommend talking with other students and finding out what teachers are best within your major. This can make your experience at AAU worth the heavy price tag. Like any school good instructors are what make them great in my opinion.
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I have not offically started yet, but I am enrolled for this fall. Their staff and admissions department is amazing! They are so friendly and helpful.
We had people come in to our school from different kinds of colleges and universities and Academy of Art University was one of them I found really interesting. The university has different kinds of arts and I want to learn what other things I can do with art. I find Academy of Art University a great way for me to find my passion in the art industry. Since I have never been on the campus from my research and reviews it seems like a really good school.
My experience so far has been pretty good. The course material is very informative and professors are very helpful. One problem I've had lately is with my financial aid adviser. I would prefer if the financial aid adviser's called students within a week after they register for the following semester instead of a month before the semester starts and actually walks the student through their award offerings and what they all mean.