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I'm only in my third semester but so far everything at the academy is amazing. All my instructors and peers are super kind and supportive in every assignment/project and even personal work. My skills as an artist are certainly improving ever since I started attending.
Don’t take courses online. It’s way too expensive especially since most of this stuff (if not everything) can be taught through YouTube for free or you can use for free if you have a library card. Plus your teachers take a really long time to grade your homework. I’ve completed the homework for the current week and have already posted it and the teacher will critique after the fact.

The tuition is way too high for this school. Next semester will be close to $1000 per credit. That’s ridiculous if I’m literally teaching myself to do everything with little critique from professors. You might be better off going to a community college that offers the degree of your choice.

I honestly feel like I put myself in debt for no reason. This is a school for profit, education is secondary to them. Don’t believe the fake reviews on here. Look on a bunch of other college review sites and they’ll tell you the same.
The instructors are passionate and the courses are helpful. Besides the classes, we can ask for help outside the class and finish our works.
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I’m a fully online Student at the academy. I’ve been in school for a short time there but so far I love it. I love being able to learn around my schedule. And the entire process was quick applying and then getting started. The professors are knowledgeable. And it’s and interesting environment learning with people all over the country.
I like how important students success is to the admission process. They truly are there for the student to get started on their life's goals and dreams, and they make sure the student is prepared to begin this Journey by having an excellent orientation process.
I am in my 3rd semester and I am excited to currently be at a school to pursue a degree that may help me become of what I love most, Movies! So far with all the information given of film history and techniques of production design have open my eyes and my love for film even more.
The enrollment process for online is time consuming with all the information that's needed. There is a non refundable enrollment and application fee. I'm excited to start class, I have to purchase art supplies out of pocket. I will receive a refund two weeks after my start date.
I have only just started my degree but the online faculty has been more than helpful. The way they go about helping everyone really shows how much they care. They want you to get the best education possible and they will go above and beyond to help you meet your goals.
Just starting but the support team was the best at getting me enrolled in the classes. They also cover every career that's involved with the art world. You can choose online if you don't live in California
I am currently attending this school and I love it! I am an online student and full time employee. The system for online is simple to use and very helpful. It guides me to my assignments, but also assist with research and websites for outside assistance. My Professors have been amazing taking the time to actually assist me or directing me to the OWL's. The OWL"s assist like an online tutor answering any questions or corrections for those not asked. I am comfortable with AAU.
I study online only. The instructors are great a provide lots of feedback. I've had some issues getting a hold of the financial aid department but once I got a hold of them they were very helpful.
Attending Academy of Art University, albeit very expensive, was a great decision. I have only gone for one semester so far, but it was the best four months of my life. Living on campus was such a fun, new experience and the people I met there were all unique and kind. Living and studying with all art students helps keep me focused and confident. It also makes it easier to make friends and start conversations. The classes I took were also very fun but challenging. I did have to pull a few all-nighters, but in the end it was to create a piece of art that I can truly be proud of. Professors seem intimidating at first, but you come to find that they’re just as tired and talkative as everyone else. They’re easy to get along with and give helpful, not personal, criticism on work. The only thing I really would like to see change is the price. Tuition and housing are very high and is usually what keeps students from staying all four years.
My experience has been incredibly eye opening towards the art world. Before I started I thought it'd be easy to be an artist but It certainly takes some thinking when planning a successful piece. Classes have been very fun and interesting and I'm definitely learning some greats tips and techniques from my instructors. I can't really think of any changes and I'm pretty happy with the way the academy is already.
First of all my opinion of Academy of Art University. This is the best 2017 university in America. At my fabulous age of 60 this year. This year has been the best teaching through high quality talented instructors. A direct interacting with the instructors on a weekly basic was superior. The best high-production-value on line materials and media. What's very impressive was listen to past Academy of Art student to now successful senior directors and movie produces come back with valuable knowledge, which causes my motivation and persistence to rise to a higher level to be the best in my field no matter what's my age. I am very grateful for my experience being a part of a university that's not asking the question what could we do that would help the world around us to think more successfully. But keeps generating new energy producing and creating successful people all over the world.
Good school, they do invest in equipment every year. Some mandatory classes they have are unnecessary or not helpful for the specific major.
I am currently attending the Academy as an online student in the Game Development Program with a focus on 3D Art. I have really enjoyed this past - my first - semester and learned quite a bit. I am very excited to start Spring semester and looking forward to the rest of my time at the Academy.
I am a grandmother who after being displaced from my job decided on college. Sewing has always been an integral part of my life. Learning to sew as a child was such a positive influence. In researching institutions the Academy of Art University seemed to be a great fit. Upon my enrollment a major medical issues arose. Throughout my recovery which is still ongoing the University has ,at every level, given tremendous support and encouragement. The curriculum excels in my expectations and constantly pushes my abilities to perform at my best. I would love to pay my education forward and teach others to sew and create for themselves.
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The school is some of the hardest work I’ve ever had to do in my life and it’s crushing at times. After every semester I can see my progress but it’s cut throat and if you see yourself as an average artist or feel yourself to be even slightly sensitive about your abilities you will break a lot. Your teachers are industry professionals who are in no way shape or form dishonest and are as blunt as can be with critique. You will be tossed into classes with a mix of either people who are prodiges or have 5+ years of experience on you. The work is brutal and requires the utmost dedication or you will fall below satisfactory expectations. I’ve struggled since my second semester and every semester just gets harder and harder.
I love academy of art university! They are an incredible school in terms of keeping me on track with my education. I am an acting major who travels a very far distance to get to my classes. My counselor works very hard to make sure I get the classes I need and to keep me staying on track. The only thing I would love more of is communication between the student and finical department.
Online learning has it's own challenges, but Academy of Art does a good job of providing information in a clear and concise manner.