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My experience so far has been pretty good. The course material is very informative and professors are very helpful. One problem I've had lately is with my financial aid adviser. I would prefer if the financial aid adviser's called students within a week after they register for the following semester instead of a month before the semester starts and actually walks the student through their award offerings and what they all mean.
I have ben very pleased with my interaction with Academy of Art University online! The Bachelor of Science degree consists of the course I am taking and includes much of my interests and I still have time for my busy schedule. Enrollment was very easy and my Admissions counselor and Financial Aid have been amazing!!! Definitely recommend!
So far I'll put it at a three only because I've only just begun my journey. So, not sure yet; but so far I like what I see
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First and for most they put the student first! That feeling of being first and not your money is quite a different but good feeling to have. Unlike other colleges that just want your money and sort of help you along Academy of Art University genuinely puts there students education first! An adviser is appointed to you immediately and they stay in contact with you ever week and are always available to talk and answer any questions. They are great at helping with needs and dilemmas one might have. 10 out of 10 I highly recommend this college for anyone perusing a degree in the art industry!
From day one, you will be able to learn much more than you already knew about your career choices. The instructors are professionals and teachers within their specialized areas.
I am a photography major. Getting my BFA. I can not express to others how much attending the Academy of Arts has changed my life. The school, the instrustors, are just simply put excellent. I love this school and each semester I attend I grow and learn
The tuition is a bit pricey, but the teachers are all industry professionals who know what they're doing and are eager to teach others what they know and how to improve their student's abilities. I'm an online student, and I can tell you that the online set up is great and easy to use. You can access everything right from your computer, and getting a hold of your teachers and classmates is right at your fingertips. Sometimes I wish I could access my classes a bit faster after logging in, but I understand why the site is set up the way it is.
I love how the college puts education before conformity. It inspires creativity and allows each individual student to flourish in their own unique way. Creating an environment for ideas that in any other way would not have been achieved.
The dorms are a little rough, and they're super strict. My classes and professors really teach and seem to care about the students. I've enjoyed the time I've had here and the athletic program is remarkable as well, with many of the teams being nationally ranked! They're a lot of fun to watch.
The staff is nice and very helpful. The facilities are very well spread out and accessible. The props and stages for the acting students are absolutely amazing. The students in general, attending the college, are all very nice and dedicated like myself.
I chose this school due to my area of study. But after being a student there for 4 years - it really needs better communication between students & school professionals. The employee turnover rate is high giving the impression that people don't want to be there.
I'm currently studying to get a BFA in Animation & VFX. I've liked the experience so far, I wish the class were a little more demanding and that the campus wasn't spread all over the city.
I have talked to different instructors from Academy of Art University, they are wonderful and very helpful for those students who are interested in getting to their school. The instructors make sure that, they are giving the right information to the newcomers before they make any decision.
Academy of Art University is a very good school especially because they make sure that you understand everything and are prepared for anything.
I'm only in my third semester but so far everything at the academy is amazing. All my instructors and peers are super kind and supportive in every assignment/project and even personal work. My skills as an artist are certainly improving ever since I started attending.
Don’t take courses online. It’s way too expensive especially since most of this stuff (if not everything) can be taught through YouTube for free or you can use for free if you have a library card. Plus your teachers take a really long time to grade your homework. I’ve completed the homework for the current week and have already posted it and the teacher will critique after the fact.

The tuition is way too high for this school. Next semester will be close to $1000 per credit. That’s ridiculous if I’m literally teaching myself to do everything with little critique from professors. You might be better off going to a community college that offers the degree of your choice.

I honestly feel like I put myself in debt for no reason. This is a school for profit, education is secondary to them. Don’t believe the fake reviews on here. Look on a bunch of other college review sites and they’ll tell you the same.
The instructors are passionate and the courses are helpful. Besides the classes, we can ask for help outside the class and finish our works.
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I’m a fully online Student at the academy. I’ve been in school for a short time there but so far I love it. I love being able to learn around my schedule. And the entire process was quick applying and then getting started. The professors are knowledgeable. And it’s and interesting environment learning with people all over the country.
I like how important students success is to the admission process. They truly are there for the student to get started on their life's goals and dreams, and they make sure the student is prepared to begin this Journey by having an excellent orientation process.
I am in my 3rd semester and I am excited to currently be at a school to pursue a degree that may help me become of what I love most, Movies! So far with all the information given of film history and techniques of production design have open my eyes and my love for film even more.