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I love it they are really there for you even though it is not a large school the teachers are very good with knowing you as the individual your are. Remembering a persons name seems like a must for them and their is nothing better than a professor knowing you by your name. It’s also prepares you for the true professional field of study that you will be entering once you complete the course and pass your exit exam. I am so excited about this journey with ANHO and I can’t wait to finish and say I graduated from ANHO!!!
Great enrollment experience! Wonderful professional professors . Superior administrative staff and knowledgeable nurse staff . Uptodate books and hands on technology. Go for it!
The class schedule is a set schedule every week. I was able to get my job to give me a set schedule too. So I am able to do both. I did not need to transfer my credits for my program but they will do it for other programs.
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The professor is very understanding and easy to go to if you are having troubles. They make sure you are understanding the material before moving on.
Most students get a job on the field right away. Also students have returned to the school to further their education. A few students who have graduated would come back to visit and let us know our teacher is the best.
The workload is manageable to work with your everyday life. The facility is nicely cleaned and always stocked with health materials to use for practice. The school follows you for three years after graduating to make sure you've found a job in your related field. They also help with finding you a job.
They make sure you are prepared for state testing and for all the hands on skills. They also repeat lessons for practice and allow you to practice with other students.
I have not started yet but so far, I have had no problems with this school. They are friendly, helpful and approachable. Everything that I needed to know I was able to source on my first appointment with them. I have been to others where you only get the information that you really require after your third or fourth appointment. More than anything I really wanted to know the schedule of the classes as I also work and wanted to make sure it was feasible for me.
My overall experience has been okay. The program is rigorous as most nursing programs are. Most teachers are very kind and will help you anytime you need it, a select few are not. The ADN bridge program is fairly new still at this school, so my class has endured many last minute changes. This can really through off your course of study. But that's all part of nursing, you never know what your going to get that day or shift. I enjoy nursing very much and this school will help reach your goal of being a great nurse.
I can access a computer whenever I feel the need for study, etc. Teachers are also available for any questions of concern. Every Friday the Academy has Tutor sessions open to all students to help with any specific complications.
A majority of the students in my class are hard working individuals. Many also having children which was amazing to me as they had the ability to balance out their lives to accommodate school. Every classroom of students has their ups and downs, but we became a family and always stick together in our studies and motivate each other to get through.
The school continues to strive in finding students jobs after graduation. They constantly call to see if you have been hired anywhere and if not they give a list of places where our skills are needed. Also, my school will provide letters of recommendation. I believe the school truly cares about the students success.
I used my computer home , never used the computer at school.
I agree with the sample review. If this was explained before hand, that I would have to pay some money out of pocket to enter the program. Then I would have done otherwise. For example work some more and put the money aside or start at a later date.
The main reason why i choose this school is the flexible class schedule. I am able to work a 7-3 or a 11-7 shift when available and would still have time to study and rest. I have satisfactorily complete my first three months. Now I am not able to continue in january due to the money that I must first pay. My credits are not transferable, which make me very disappointed. Therefore I am seeking all the help I can get to make my dream come through. Thanks inadvance for your thoughtfulness.
My school is very diverse as far as ethnic backgrounds. Everyone in the program has to be employed as an LPN which is one of the requirements for the program, so everyone in my class was working and had families they were juggling. We all worked together and were very courteous and respectful to one another.
I previously attended this school to complete my LPN program and I was successful. The staff is willing to work with you though school work and personal problems. They offer a retake for each exam which is a great help since you get a second chance to pass your exams if needed. The RN program is in the evening which isn't a big problem for me. With financial aid, they help as much as they can but I have to come up with almost $3000 by the beginning of January before I start the RN program. They don't allow payment plans for the tuition which puts my in a rough position because I'm not sure if I can come up with it. I am trying my hardest to apply for several scholarships to come up with my tuition. Overall, the school is a very good school. They try to accommodate everyone.
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The cost for the program that I am in is rather high, at $23,000. I was able to apply for financial aid to help pay for it. The process was easy at the school.
The Road to a Career as a Practical Nurse – I am an ASPN (Associate of Science in Practical Nursing) student. The class that I am in is rather large; we are around 85 students. It may seems like it is virtually impossible to complete the program, which is 16 months, due to all the work you will be hit with. There is a lot of reading and a lot of knowledge to be interpreted. My advise would be to be sure to leave yourself enough time to study. I cannot stress this enough. As long as you do not allow yourself to fall behind, you will be successful as a nursing student at the Academy.
Very Important – The tuition is very reasonable in my school however there are more student loans than grants used, if there is left over money in your account you do not receive it until you pass all of your classes which is almost at the end. For this school it is good to have a plan while you are going to school because there will be no extra money available for you to live off of
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